FULL MATCH - Undertaker vs. Edge - Hell in a Cell Match: SummerSlam 2008

15 paź 2020
464 662 wyświetleń

Undertaker returns to conquer Edge inside Hell in a Cell in an instant classic main event from SummerSlam 2008: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • Undertaker certainly made people famous.. Not many bad rivalries either.

    Game OverGame OverGodzinę temu
  • A very amazing match

    Mr. and Mrs. Alessandro NardoMr. and Mrs. Alessandro Nardo6 godzin temu
  • Undertaker

    Aminu DanmusaAminu Danmusa7 godzin temu
  • Undertaker is the real devil 👿

    Dyelan DildyDyelan Dildy8 godzin temu
  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Alberto Acosta Rdz1Alberto Acosta Rdz110 godzin temu
  • Bravo 💪💪💪💪👍👍👏👏👏

    Lourdes LopesLourdes Lopes11 godzin temu
  • This match is a great match but if you going freeze the screen on head shot or anything like that and lose the magic of the match to a point I don't want to watch it just show normal 123 match and call it a day

    Dereal BrentDereal Brent16 godzin temu
  • Y'all were dead wrong for censoring

    Citizen BarlowCitizen BarlowDzień temu
  • Ohhh undertaker vs edge! Classic undertaker! 30:36 *Bong* EXPLOSION

    Alex NerfersbuckAlex NerfersbuckDzień temu
  • Edge is a nother Jeff hardy

    Jonathan HerreraJonathan HerreraDzień temu
  • 75% adge 25% under tacker But still undertacker the winner

    Mohd rahmat Mohd hanafiahMohd rahmat Mohd hanafiahDzień temu
  • I love watching these older matches way better than that new bs

    Rodney Lewis JrRodney Lewis Jr2 dni temu
  • My favorite hell in a cell match

    Rodney Lewis JrRodney Lewis Jr2 dni temu
  • Undertaker doing a Spear in this match was amazing he did a pretty good Spear like Bobby Lashley's Spear 15

    Zane ThindZane Thind2 dni temu
  • Since Edge is returning this year and maybe Taker hope they a have a Rivalry again because this Rivalry was just straight up the best

    Zane ThindZane Thind2 dni temu
  • Edge just thought he was in IKEA

    Nathan Van RooyenNathan Van Rooyen2 dni temu
  • The duo are good fighters

    Salawu EmmanuelSalawu Emmanuel2 dni temu
  • Why do they have to censor every headshot like wtf like what's the point it's wrestling

    Ahmed MahmoudAhmed Mahmoud2 dni temu
  • Randy wins the belt at HIAC ...then at TLC it's Edge vs Orton at TLC in a tlc match....even thought I want Drew to keep it

    Ahmed MahmoudAhmed Mahmoud2 dni temu
  • Egde vs undertaker well ok

    Pol BearPol Bear2 dni temu
  • She's not deserve to win it's just what we called jockpot....for sure...

    rodnie leysarodnie leysa3 dni temu
  • very nice

    Funny goat swifyFunny goat swify3 dni temu
  • Como lo pongo en español?

    naruto223 Arrenaruto223 Arre3 dni temu
  • The rivarly and legends that got me to like wrestling

    Mr AO31Mr AO313 dni temu
  • 30:32 when undertaker choke slam edge through the ring.

    Naiem KhanNaiem Khan3 dni temu
  • What?

    Brian AgadagaBrian Agadaga3 dni temu
  • I am speechless

    Brian AgadagaBrian Agadaga3 dni temu
  • What a amazing match!!🔥 Thanks for post this WWE! :)

    jonhyosbournejonhyosbourne3 dni temu
  • 26:05 Look at Edge’s back

    Mr. SuliManMr. SuliMan3 dni temu
  • Tremendous

    Dick FinoDick Fino4 dni temu
  • Nice

    trian Anugrahtrian Anugrah4 dni temu
  • Ya

    Kak DoKak Do4 dni temu
  • THANK YUO TAKER ⚱️⚰️⚱️

    اخو صبحا الحانوتياخو صبحا الحانوتي4 dni temu
  • Like if this was and will always be the best hell in a cell match

    Legendary 23Legendary 234 dni temu
  • Mírate canal dos ecuavisa programa en contacto guayaquil Ecuador

    Ezequiel Ortiz olavarriaEzequiel Ortiz olavarria4 dni temu
  • Edge wears black thong .

    Jamrat SJamrat S4 dni temu
  • this is a very underated cell match it's in my top 10 undertaker vs edge tore the place down to say the least classic cell match no doubt😤💯

    black knight30black knight304 dni temu
  • A woman died at this match due to a asma attack

    Katie 999Katie 9994 dni temu
  • Who winner

    Dean AmbroseDean Ambrose4 dni temu
  • Why in every chair shots, the video is stopped and not showing the chair shots?

    Raissha Fairuz A.K.A AchaRaissha Fairuz A.K.A Acha4 dni temu
  • i love you memek so much😘😘😘

    Riki SubagjaRiki Subagja5 dni temu
  • True legends indeed best matches and best vs match up

    DeadSilence5150DeadSilence51505 dni temu
  • Back when Summerslam was really mini Wrestlemania

  • 10 stars. One of the best matches ever and my favorite hell in a cell match.

  • Why you cut entrance I only watch videos with entrance

    waleed ashrafwaleed ashraf5 dni temu
  • The last non pg hiac match. a classic

    SmooveTYBSmooveTYB5 dni temu
  • I can’t believe this match was good during the PG era, this match didn’t feel PG felt like TV-14

    Ricardo SantiagoRicardo Santiago5 dni temu
  • The summerslam match between drew and randy should have been the second hell in a cell match at summerslam

    Bradley LambourneBradley Lambourne5 dni temu
  • didn't watch much after 2001 but it's cool seeing edge make it to the main card

    interedastinginteredasting5 dni temu
  • Prime WWE right here

    Jesse WilsonJesse Wilson5 dni temu
  • Mick Foley is VERY lucky it wasn't this cell he was thrown off/through. Look how high this cell is compared to the old ones.

    Truello GamingTruello Gaming5 dni temu
  • Alguém do Brasil

    DAVI hcr 2 lucasDAVI hcr 2 lucas5 dni temu
  • 🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰🛰👈🏟🏟

    Samuel ParkerSamuel Parker5 dni temu
  • Legends

    Cesar AlayoCesar Alayo5 dni temu
  • This was the match that made Edge an official legend.

    Comet67Comet675 dni temu
  • The censoring if headshots is the most annoying thing ever.

    teddysphotosteddysphotos5 dni temu
  • Undertaker and Edge Hall of famer the Best hell in a Cell

    imjust Akidimjust Akid6 dni temu
  • Did edge die ?

    Nebraska Police DepartmentNebraska Police Department6 dni temu
  • Give us Randy Orton vs Undertaker HIAC 2005 right now. Pull it out of the archive list right now. Pull it off the flash drive and upload it right now.

    Reese DixonReese Dixon6 dni temu
  • Perhaps, the greatest Hell In A Cell match imo. With the Undertaker vs Triple H as the second

    l Alize ll Alize l6 dni temu
  • Thanks all! Have a perfect day to all! 🙂😄

    Rich infinite magic fingerRich infinite magic finger6 dni temu
  • Man PG sucks

    Demetrius WilliamsDemetrius Williams6 dni temu
  • Amazing

    Carolyn FraustoCarolyn Frausto6 dni temu
  • Wow

    Carolyn FraustoCarolyn Frausto6 dni temu
  • I grew up watching this rivalry, I hated Edge so much.

    Erick ViniciusErick Vinicius6 dni temu
  • This match is legandry

    king heshamking hesham6 dni temu
  • Undertake tombstone edge

    khawm kiimkhawm kiim6 dni temu
  • The match ☺️ is gargus hell in cell undertaker always super 🌟🌟 hero not other choice ☺️💯♥️🌻🙏

    Kiru K.bKiru K.b6 dni temu
  • Before they ruined hell in a cell and made it a gimmick ppv

    Randy OkunguRandy Okungu6 dni temu
  • 25:08

    Simon Ghost RileySimon Ghost Riley6 dni temu
  • I cry when streak died and the undertaker retires 🔚

    Mark Lawrence CuevasMark Lawrence Cuevas6 dni temu
  • Upload undertaker vs shane wm 32

    Bradley LambourneBradley Lambourne6 dni temu
  • I know this is to promote the hell in a cell matches...but the edge head in me hopes this is a hint hes coming back...again

    That King From Jesus T.VThat King From Jesus T.V6 dni temu
  • 🧑💪💪

    نور المازمينور المازمي6 dni temu
  • I understand and completely support reducing the amount of head shots wrestlers take but censoring them is just dumb.

    thenumberthenumber6 dni temu
  • There will never be another taker

    Jaxon MoonJaxon Moon6 dni temu
  • I t’s cool

    Levy James HarkisoonLevy James Harkisoon6 dni temu
  • Rap viet

    k -icmk -icm6 dni temu
  • Edge The Legend

    DANNY DDANNY D6 dni temu
  • Easy 10/10 match.

    Staring ProblemStaring Problem6 dni temu
  • có ai từ rap việt nghe trấn thành nói xong qua đây ko

    Luan ThanhLuan Thanh6 dni temu
  • Undertaker sikee

    Redkon HDRedkon HD7 dni temu
  • Undertaker in has prime man those were the days 👍👍👍🙂😃

    DeadMan1010DeadMan10107 dni temu
  • FATALITY⚰️⚰️⚰️👎👎👎

    András szlivkaAndrás szlivka7 dni temu
  • Edge good❤️❤️❤️

    Saiful BahriSaiful Bahri7 dni temu
  • Thought my phone was lagging then I remembered it’s wwe channel 😂

    Christian KopecChristian Kopec7 dni temu
  • thought my pc was lagging. but they just lag it out during the chair shots lol

    CithrCithr7 dni temu
  • The Undertaker ha enviado a Edge directamente al infierno, en donde lo espera SATANÁS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marvin MoreMarvin More7 dni temu
  • I love you underaker

    Rivo JatraRivo Jatra7 dni temu
  • i was literally thinking about this match the other day

    Jake TJake T7 dni temu
  • I can't believe in his whole career edge have been in one hell in a cell match

    Kejuan McNeilKejuan McNeil7 dni temu
  • Back when hell in a cell meant something

    Sky Blaze21Sky Blaze217 dni temu
  • they show us kicks and hits to the head, chair shots on the back and censor head shots with a chair. thanks for that wwe

    ImNandoImNando7 dni temu
  • Hell in a Cell certainly rings a bell. From Undertaker to Randy Orton to Sasha Banks, that match could be brutal and devastated as we speak. What else is gonna happen for this year's pay-per-view event?

    Jonathan WinstonJonathan Winston7 dni temu
  • Back whem hell in a cell matches were actually good and not just a throw together match.

    Shade AssassinShade Assassin7 dni temu
  • My top 5 undertaker fueds are: 1.) Undertaker vs Kane 2.) Undertaker vs Edge 3.) Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals 4.) Undertaker vs Triple H 5.) Undertaker vs Batisa

    Shade AssassinShade Assassin7 dni temu
  • 🤘🤟🥳🤯🤬🤙Undertaker

    Markus ThomasMarkus Thomas7 dni temu
  • Undertaker vs Edge was an awesome fued!!

    Shade AssassinShade Assassin7 dni temu
  • Thank you WWE for ruining one of my favorite Cell matches ever, they are meant to be brutal not sanitized

    Brother NeroBrother Nero7 dni temu
  • هل يوجد عربي يضغط لايك

    AhmedAhmed7 dni temu