Checking out Crystal Caves HD! Apogee's 1991 DOS Classic Remade

9 paź 2020
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Check it out on Steam:
Apogee Software kindly sent over a preview code for the upcoming remaster of Crystal Caves, so let's take a look at it! New pixel art graphics, a fourth episode, a chiptune soundtrack, achievements, leaderboards, and even a fully-fledged level editor. It's come a ways since the MS-DOS original and I am utterly psyched!
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  • In the video I mentioned there were some slight changes and fixes to the gameplay, so here's a link to a selection of those. It's mostly things like altered item pickups, gameplay elements being rebalanced, and other little updates to make it a better overall game. Kind of like a patch that the original never got! There's already been a dozen patches to this version of CCHD since that list of changes was posted though, with lots of updates contained in each one, so yeah. It's only gonna get that much better by launch, what a treat for fans like myself :)

    LGRLGR11 dni temu
    • I remember that this exists now! What happy memories! You've made me so happy, how could I not subscribe?

      John YargusJohn Yargus3 dni temu
    • @LGR Thank you, sooo much, Clint, for showcasing Crystal Caves. I had no idea this game _even existed_ . It looks like a lot of tongue-in-cheek, platforming, hurdling, jumping, dodging, and blasting fun. It _somewhat_ reminds me of Commander Keen! I see that it's available on GOG for $6, and the HD version unlocks on Steam in 19 hours.

      AlexSchoolerAlexSchooler5 dni temu
    • @OM19 MO79 Agreed. Heck, I have trouble playing the original Cave Story because it feels too much like SNES graphics combined with NES sound, so I always play Cave Story+ with the original graphics and remastered music option so it feels like SNES+SNES. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem playing games like Odallus... but I want my music to match the rest of the experience.

      ssokolowssokolow6 dni temu
    • @DS9TREK It really is out of place. As I said elsewhere, it's like a period movie where the music is from the wrong era. Feels really off.

      Anime Steven SeagalAnime Steven Seagal8 dni temu
    • @Aaron Tillotson it's a HD remaster, not a slaveish recreation of the late 80s/early 90s PC experience. What they've done is fine.

      DS9TREKDS9TREK8 dni temu
  • VeeGer is a reference to V'Ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, while the Badlands Triangle is a reference to the Badlands, a region of space known for various plasma storms and is the hideout for the Maquis from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. 19:35 "Quadcorder" references the "tricorder", "turboelevator" is a reference to the "turbolift". 19:43 references Star Trek: Voyager. Yes, I'm THAT much of a Trekkie. 🤓🖖

    Kenneth RogersKenneth Rogers2 godzin temu
  • there're mixing of super mario 1, 2 and 3

    efhlxkvrm 3568efhlxkvrm 35684 godzin temu
  • A Potta Gee

    I Hate Living in ApartmentsI Hate Living in Apartments9 godzin temu
  • He is having such a blast, the only thing that would cause me the same reaction is a JJ2 remake with the same treatment (Alexander Brandon included)

    Pablo Salgado CastilloPablo Salgado Castillo20 godzin temu
  • Looka great, but the graphic is faaaaar too good:/

    KishonyPLKishonyPLDzień temu
  • Hey LGR. Please make new series 'best pc for gaming in 1998/2000/2002/2004/...'. I have many cd's with old games (like Baldur's Gate 1), I am not able to run them on W10 and I don't remember what old pc should I look for that. The best idea is to make videos about 'making windows 98/xp virtualized pc's for gaming on new pc's' but I know it's wide and complicated subject

    adam8804adam8804Dzień temu
  • maybe they should add an option to use the original sound effects

    TheYellowman2000TheYellowman2000Dzień temu
  • I remember the first game I ever played, I think it was Hard Hat Mack. That game sucked, but this game looks pretty good. I think I may just pick this one up. I bought both Jazz Jackrabbit games on a whim and I was surprised to find out how much I liked Jazz 1. Crystal Caves seems to hit all the right notes to what I'd like.

    sinnohensinnohenDzień temu
  • One of the first video games I ever played, aged 5 or something and forever stuck in my memory. The remake is superb, soundtrack is great addition and overall a faithful recreation

    Zdem0ZZdem0Z2 dni temu
  • I never played this but it just looks like a knockoff of Commander Keen 1-3. Same production house but the game looks almost exactly the same.

    Robert PowerRobert Power2 dni temu
  • "Dripping water that hurts you. Must be European."

    Tim McConnellTim McConnell2 dni temu
  • lol at the file sizes. the dos version if this game would haven been well under 500 KILO bytes.

    JRSJRS3 dni temu
  • Guess the manual for the original is a 300dpi scanned PDF with about 785 MB in size. :D

    gentuxablegentuxable3 dni temu
  • As a young....youngin'....the brilliant wordplay of LGR.

    vengeance1701vengeance17013 dni temu
  • It sounds like the devs could have used Sequencer Plus Gold to get that Sound Blaster/FM Synth feel for the music. To be fair though, these aren't exactly easy music formats especially FM Synth.

    DavtwanDavtwan3 dni temu
  • This was my second DOS game that I've ever played. My first was Bio Menace

    Ambrose HawthorneAmbrose Hawthorne4 dni temu
  • I played this game back then a lot too. \o/

    SysGhostSysGhost4 dni temu
  • I think they missed a chance there to call it '30th Anniversary Edition' if they just had waited a couple of months.

    Pops FreshenmeyerPops Freshenmeyer4 dni temu
  • Had the shareware on my win95 machine along with clydes adventure and rescue rover

    ViolentFrogViolentFrog4 dni temu
  • Just bought in on GOG and had a go but will stop for now to play it on my laptop, connected to my CRT monitor in 640x480 if possible.

    moo mähmoo mäh4 dni temu
  • @LGR Would you recommend this to someone who is new to Crystal Caves?

    Hopeful WarriorHopeful Warrior4 dni temu
  • Incredible! This was my second game I've ever played, the first one being Tank Wars. Predating this was a game I watched, which was Prehistorik 1

    ArrinaoArrinao4 dni temu
  • Ah, the Apogee logo. Guess it's time to play Wacky Wheels again. Also, here's a toast to the days when games could fit on a single piece of physical media...

    DJZephyrDJZephyr5 dni temu
  • Looks great. Love the fidelity to the DOS original. Cleaned up, 16x9, a few minor touch-ups, but really just like the old game. For those of you who'd prefer to get this game DRM-Free, it's also coming to GOG. Should be here by the time you read this. You touch upon something important when talking about the music. In the US especially, "retro," gaming is so intrinsically linked to the NES in people's minds that I don't think Apogee or the dev/composer even thought about another type of audio. I imagine a UK-developed Crystal Caves HD would have had something that sounds like the SID or Paula.

    Jesus ZamoraJesus Zamora5 dni temu
  • This is pretty amazing. Now give us a remake of Duke Nukem 1 and 2 in the same style, and Apogee can have all my money.

    Ed GarnotEd Garnot5 dni temu
  • Yeah. I was the same way with Battletech. Used to keep 10 blanks in my schoolbook, just makin mechs that didn't exist. Then I found MechWarrior....

    H\-/ LeathH\-/ Leath5 dni temu
  • As somebody whose 90s gaming was defined by shareware Secret Agent and Crystal Caves, this was just fun

    Sean SteinSean Stein5 dni temu
  • The urban-hermit nerd inside me would LOVE a proper remake of The Incredible Machine 1-2-3 With new levels of course

    FeelingShredFeelingShred5 dni temu
  • Being a freelancer worker myself, I have PTSD nightmare-inducing flashbacks everytime someone says "Hey, wanna make a partnership?" LOL It usually goes more like "Hey, do you wanna work for me for free, in exchange for your name in the credits and some... uhm... exposition?"

    FeelingShredFeelingShred5 dni temu
    • And the crazyness doesn't stop there. Imagine if all these PC speaker sounds were included as 48 kHz 320kbps MP3 or OGG files. Totally missing the mark of what the product needs or what the customers want even. That's why you have to hire people that know what they're doing, and not going full-on cheapskates.

      FeelingShredFeelingShred5 dni temu
    • But still better than paying and download 800 MB for a DOS game. He He He

      FeelingShredFeelingShred5 dni temu
    • Funnily enough, which might bring us exactly to the point he is making about the music in the video. The music sounds nothing like PCs sounded back in the day, and that may be precisely because the "project managers" decided to go for the lowest possible cost for subcontracting the music job. It's always the same: shoot for the bottom of the barrel, save every penny. Surely leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

      FeelingShredFeelingShred5 dni temu
  • i have waited 5 days to get internet and this is my first vid because i already know its gonna be great!...good afternoon!

    R.A.T.7R.A.T.75 dni temu
  • God I can't wait for this. I have such good memories with this and Secret Agent!

    Adrian NevilleAdrian Neville5 dni temu
  • Hey LGR I never got the chance to say this but your room or place you live in must smeel like a comic shop or that smell of a NES

    GuyWithAPotGuyWithAPot5 dni temu
  • When are we going to get more LGR and PUR plays? Death Road to Canada would be good. LGRPUR teamups are like my favorite videos on youtube. I miss you two weirdos.

    DuaterDuater6 dni temu
  • Next up THE DUKE

    Alex JacobsenAlex Jacobsen6 dni temu
  • p. s. all of the Ultima series before the Evil EA killed it off dam Richard Garriott was flying into space worth your beloved company?

    Norman OttlebenNorman Ottleben6 dni temu
  • Hey LGR Im an IT guy from the early 90s and just enjoy your videos the nastalgia that I get is awesome thank you my favorite games from the early 90s was Ultima and the console version were horrible comparitvly speaking.. Also you should review late 80s movies like one that sticks with me is Electric Dreams were a guy falls in love with his computer :) if you haven't seen it check it out released in 1984 and if you like it give me a shout out in one of your videos..

    Norman OttlebenNorman Ottleben6 dni temu
  • Awesome! Now of course we need remakes of Hocus Pocus, Halloween Harry, Commander Keen...Fire up the Bean with Bacon!

    TransfixedTransfixed6 dni temu
  • I swear that i remember seeing a Quake II review on the channel, what happened to it??

    Ryan_Ryan_6 dni temu
  • THAT'S how classic games should be remade.

    u ru r6 dni temu
  • I could really get behind the idea of remastering more old DOS games in HD.

    Caleb E.Caleb E.6 dni temu
  • 12:38 Agree 100%. The music should emulate the kind of music PCs were making at the time to provide a proper atmosphere, rather than something that might come out of an NES.

    Xeno426Xeno4266 dni temu
  • My Crystal Caves OG Steam folder is 15MB... not 800+ :-)

    sid3windrsid3windr6 dni temu
    • @LGR I see. Wonder what it's doing! I already had it installed so didn't notice that detail.

      sid3windrsid3windr6 dni temu
    • That’s the final install size, yes. I’m referring to the initial download size!

      LGRLGR6 dni temu
  • that the commander keen engine and sound effects, did apogee do this one first?

    Kieron WrayKieron Wray6 dni temu
  • Now this is a proper remastered/remade game

    Wakamoly-Alfred Plays-GoWakamoly-Alfred Plays-Go6 dni temu
  • Rick Dangerous 2 nostalgia! I do not play this one!

    Raul RamosRaul Ramos6 dni temu
  • I agree that having more of a AdLib sound would be more fitting. I also get a bit annoyed at details like that. But the mimicked PC speaker sound is really nice.

    CythilCythil6 dni temu
  • OMG Crystal Caves... THAT brings back memories. I still have a copy on my storage drive, and the folder is still misspelled "CCVAES" and shortened to conform with DOS 8 character requirement... And looking at timestamp, I zipped it up in 1998. THIS is how you bring back old games. Not 3d, not 4k. Turn EGA to VGA. Nothing more. BTW, PC speaker sound was not THAT bad. Remember Putt-Putt? That game had full-talking through PC speaker.

    MasterBataMasterBata6 dni temu
  • buena mierda

    LiaR N NLiaR N N6 dni temu
  • I've been subscribed to Clint since 2009 and I was a male, does that mean I've been virtually married to him or something

    Rachel TransGirlRachel TransGirl6 dni temu
  • I have to say, after you apologised for how you were playing due to recording, I felt a lot happier.. I can never quite tell with videos that are solely capture and voice as to whether the voice is just recorded after.. knowing it's at the same time, makes it feel a lot more.. intimate and I ended up enjoying it a lot more :) :)

    mrmattyboymrmattyboy6 dni temu
  • Proper nostalgia trip, this.

    Bob3D2000Bob3D20007 dni temu
  • I have fond memories of playing this on the drafting computer of the high school my dad taught (shop and drafting teacher) at on Sundays in the 90’s while he graded class projects. I think i will get this game for the memories.

    tsiefhtestsiefhtes7 dni temu
  • This is great - you said everything i was thinking moments after I thought it. Yes to secret agent!

    Timothy RitchieTimothy Ritchie7 dni temu
  • Fond, fond memories of playing this on my parents Hewlett Packard. The 'family computer'. I will definitely get this for steam. Also looks like there is a level maker tool that will be released. ... looks like he covered that at the end.

    Kyle ReganKyle Regan7 dni temu
  • 14:30 aaawwwk

    Gaming BlowsGaming Blows7 dni temu
  • Aw cool, a new LGR Plays, well technically!

    teh_supar_hackr 0010101teh_supar_hackr 00101017 dni temu
  • OMG this is my first game as well. Im buying this!

    Nerd RiderNerd Rider7 dni temu
  • ... miner tweaks...

    Gozewijn GoossensGozewijn Goossens7 dni temu
  • My mom loves this game! She's addicted to it way back when.

    byte.mebyte.me7 dni temu
  • Oh man, I used to play the shareware first episode a LOT as a kid back in the day. And I recently replayed it as an adult and I think it still holds up (especially the sound effects, that's some hardcore nostalgia fodder for me). I think I'll buy the HD remake if it's reasonably priced.

    Michael SporzynskiMichael Sporzynski7 dni temu
  • I love crystal caves!!!!!!!!!! Blows marijuana smoke on the screen!!! I have to wake up in 2 hours and I'm watching this video!!!!!!!!

    Sam EashSam Eash7 dni temu
  • Oooooh I remember Crystal Caves 😁

    Hans IsbrückerHans Isbrücker7 dni temu
  • I wish Doom and doom II (among other older DOS FPS games) could be ported to work on Windows 10.... I know you can run things like DOSBox to emulate an environment to run these games, but I remember back about 15 years ago or so there was a bundle that you could get (paid) that had both Doom and Doom II (reworked to run on Windows XP that also include a huge library of third-party and aftermarket mods and levels). Obviously, the biggest hurdle now I think is the processor speeds have gotten so fast that many older games cannot run properly and need some sort of environment (like DOS box) so they can run at least at a more manageable speed. But in reference to the Crystal Caves, I always sort of found these types of games to all be similar (secret agent man, crystal caves, and a few others--the 2D scrolling games), and sort of got boring after a while...

    Heelix RanierHeelix Ranier7 dni temu
  • This is cool, and the story behind it is cool! I hope they do the same with Commander Keen, I'd love for this type of remake

    Charlotte LCharlotte L7 dni temu
  • It looks like a gba game, I like it

    DrEsquizoideDrEsquizoide7 dni temu
  • This was always in the shareware catalogs but my computer didnt have the hardware to support it. I always wanted to play it but never got to!

    You're Perfect StudioYou're Perfect Studio7 dni temu
  • Ccave soundfx is very satisfying. Add to that the candy colored gfx, and you have an engrossing game. Ccave has that special feeling for me as well, it was a place i could go to as a child, and totally forget the real world

    Sarsaparilla SunsetSarsaparilla Sunset7 dni temu
  • Hey Clint, I 3d printed you something pretty sweet I'm pretty damn sure you will enjoy, I want to send it to you for you to unbox and check out. I tried tweeting it at you but even if you seen it I only have two tweets cause I friggin hate Twitter so you might have thought I was spam account lol. How do I do this?

    ThadThad7 dni temu
  • I am technically too young for this one (I was only two when it was released), but I did play it when I was 8-10ish and man was it difficult! I love the game though and I did play it just a couple years ago via dosbox. I'm super excited for this remaster and will definitely pick up a copy. Thanks for letting me know this exists!

    Clayton LaquerClayton Laquer7 dni temu
  • Haha! That's weird -- it looks just the way I remember it except it's actually completely different. Great job!

    Ditmar Van BelleDitmar Van Belle7 dni temu
  • The thumbnail... Instant nostalgia trip.

    N1GHT 2H4DEN1GHT 2H4DE7 dni temu
  • i loved this gem!

    Random GuyRandom Guy7 dni temu
  • Man i remember playing the original one on my grandpas computer when i went to visit his house. We didnt have a computer when i was growing up till later on so when i was there i was always on it. So much fun but i always would end up shooting the oxygen machines :(.

    BloodCzarBloodCzar7 dni temu
  • We had this, prehistoric 2, prince of persia 1, police quest 1, and my all time ultimate favourite, star control 2 but I was never allowed to play star control because I had an older sister and older brother and I was the stupid little kid. Thinking back, it's actually amazing how sharp kids are because we had one of those "main menu" programs that would start up and then you'd have a selection of things like F1 for games etc all the way to F12 for quit which would take you to dos. So my sister thought she was being super clever by hiding the cool games behind some sort of password but then I had to teach myself Dos just by looking what my brother does. I knew if I did F12 and type in cd\starcon2 and then starcon2 I would get to the most epic awesomest feast of visual and audio pleasure. Saturday morning cartoons... Pffft. I had my own spaceship and even though I couldn't even read yet I figured that game out up to the point where I could load one of my brother's saved games and cruise around. I used to watch them play and absorb everything so I can try and. I soon learned how to do "dir" and that cd\something else actually got me to other games. My uncle saw how smart I was and showed me a few tricks on his pc. He showed me that exe and com meant that that's what you have to type to open games up and by the age of 7 I knew about A: to run crap from disks and even how to md and copy *.* My friend's dad had an old 8086 IBM and we would just copy and md and dir till 2 in the morning trying to run things and find things and just keep myself busy with boring dos commands. I later realized that computers came in different speeds and capabilities and I'd never be able to do anything on that old clunker except for alley cat and sokoban. I peaked at the age of 9 and as a stupid adult I sometimes wish I could absorb knowledge as fast as I could then

    Robert KirstenRobert Kirsten7 dni temu
  • is this grandpa of Duke Nukem xd

    Vik TableVik Table7 dni temu
  • Too bad they didn't add parallax scrolling backgrounds.

    Mike WieringMike Wiering7 dni temu
  • Clint I used to draw Mario levels a kid and I wish Mario Maker was around back then!

    csward53csward537 dni temu
  • This was one of my favorite games growing up!

    XylotXylot7 dni temu
  • Soo.. With announcement like that, for when is the full let's play of Crystal Caves and Crystal Caves HD? :D

    KaneKane7 dni temu
  • Kinda of like Agent.

    Annelien KortlevenAnnelien Kortleven7 dni temu
  • The only thing I'm questioning is the font choice - I understand not wanting to use a pixel art graphic for the menus, for the ease of making translations where you can just retype the options menu text, but surely a font that looks more cleanly-pixellated would fit the rest of the game better! As it stands, the fonts and menus remind me a little too much of cheap XBLA games, rather than a game with a lot of effort put into its visual design.

    TangoBunnyTangoBunny7 dni temu
  • Lol, I still remember that the "danger" sign falls down when you walk under it. It was stoke of genius game design to put same sprite in the lobby where it doesn't do anything and then only use the trap in just one level. That makes it becomes the punchline of an elaborate a practical joke rather than just a trap-mechanic that they use over and over again.

    noxurenoxure7 dni temu
  • I also remember secret agent from apogee. It's so similar to Crystal Caves. Also the same sound effects.

    ChristophChristoph7 dni temu
  • I have never been close to interested in older computers and retro stuff until I found you on youtube, you have this uncanny ability to make literally ANYTHING legit entertaining, please keep being you.

    Foreskin ForestForeskin Forest7 dni temu
  • Wait i thought Apogee became 3d realms and then they closed, since when they're 2 different studios? Am i missing something?

    Ciccio ImberlicchioCiccio Imberlicchio7 dni temu
  • LOVED Crystal Caves as a kid. I remember it was one of the first games I played, probably around '93, on my dad's DOS setup.

    Dominic AsciotiDominic Ascioti7 dni temu
  • Yo, LGR, you can't really make a review of the original Crystal Caves without covering its sister game (Secret Agent) as well, can you? I hope to see you make a video about it some day.

    AlexeiVoroninAlexeiVoronin7 dni temu
  • I remember there was no sound when getting the candles on the original game (on the pc speaker anyway)

    Alonso VPRAlonso VPR7 dni temu
    • @Emberheart Games Ohh I sure will do taht sir :3

      Alonso VPRAlonso VPR7 dni temu
    • There wasn't, but it is now ;)

      Emberheart GamesEmberheart Games7 dni temu
  • I think i remember playing this ( the original ) when i was very small.

    Árkosi LauraÁrkosi Laura7 dni temu
  • Very cool. Crystal Caves was one of my first video game experiences of all time as well. Glad to see it getting some love in 2020!

    AnarchyAnarchy8 dni temu
  • As die-hard fans of the original game I can understand if you feel that the music would feel out of place at first, but I hope that once you get over the initial reaction you can find appreciation for the compositions as part of the whole creation :) /Ozzed

    Oskar HanbergOskar Hanberg8 dni temu
  • My first game on PC was Dangerous Dave.I like that one more.

    adam1984pladam1984pl8 dni temu
  • Oh my, the first game I played on PC I liked as much as I did like Mario. Then came commander keen!

    Ludolove_genkiLudolove_genki8 dni temu
  • LGR: Let’s Gently React

    Alexander CarrollAlexander Carroll8 dni temu
  • gateway returned with new 200 dollar computer

    Normal değil bu comicsNormal değil bu comics8 dni temu
  • There are loads games for old console and handheld systems that get remakes and remasters these days, but it's not that much of a thing for DOS games. For us who were PC gamers back in the day, these games are just as nostalgic as Zelda or Mario are for those who owned an NES or SNES. It seems strange to me that DOS games don't get near the same level of attention in terms of remakes and remasters. Some are still available in their original form as convenient packages on places like GoG or Steam, but actual remakes or remasters are pretty rare. I hope this'll start a trend of some kind. It's a very big surprise to see this come out.

    Rens WisseRens Wisse8 dni temu
  • Played earlier version earlier, that laser gun in first level is a pain.

    Gareth ParryGareth Parry8 dni temu
  • A HD remake I think was really well done was Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap. It had great new graphics and sound that could be toggled to the original retro versions with a keypress.

    Emotional Support SasquatchEmotional Support Sasquatch8 dni temu
    • Yeah but it's japanese and those pc gamers hate japanese stuff. Playing bad, dark, clunky games and finding reasons to love them is their hobby. At that time like today.

      YOUr zahnpastaTUBEYOUr zahnpastaTUBE4 dni temu
  • Don't you have your level designs anymore? It's be cool to see you realize your childhood designs in the level editor! :D

    Ceyhun PaşaoğluCeyhun Paşaoğlu8 dni temu