Opening My YouTube Play Buttons (and improving them)

22 lip 2019
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Confession time: I never really did anything with my PLworld subscriber rewards... time to change that. Let's open them out of their boxes, add better framing components, and mount them in the LGR office!
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  • What type of pen is Clint using?

    Hayden RobertsHayden Roberts8 dni temu
  • also how the hell was your silver play button boxed? and with the letter?

    Jake PJake P9 dni temu
  • that play button has real silver

    Jake PJake P9 dni temu
  • so you don't improve it with water-cooling and 256 colours ambient light? my man!

    gravenationgravenation11 dni temu
  • Well deserved.

    George OrwellGeorge OrwellMiesiąc temu
  • I really appreciate popular youtubers to have a nice profession before their online career. Hearing you say you were a good experienced frame maker before doing youtube makes me glad. Colin furze for example was a proper plumber before youtube!! What I’m trying to say is that I think people who know they are good and experienced and disciplined in one craft can more better adapt it to youtube. I also enjoy this kind of “thought trough” content over content which is just “pushed out”. Tl;dr: serious adult creators make better content, IMO!! Thank you lgr.

    LimerenceLimerence2 miesięcy temu
  • Whenever I see these stupid PLworld awards in peoples videos it makes me never want to watch their videos ever again.

    Corby ZiesmanCorby Ziesman4 miesięcy temu
  • who is phreakindee?

    netzeronetzero4 miesięcy temu
  • Thanks for your great videos. They really entertain and make me laugh. I wish I had the talent.

    ApplecompuserApplecompuser5 miesięcy temu
  • the old ones are better

    RT_ProductionsRT_Productions5 miesięcy temu
  • Im disappointed that you didn't make them wood grain

    Fox KnappFox Knapp5 miesięcy temu
  • It’s rather cathartic watching this. I did custom picture framing for a long time as well.

    UncleDeluxeUncleDeluxe6 miesięcy temu
  • Opening my PLworld Play Buttons - but can they run doom?

    Ahmetcan GuenesAhmetcan Guenes7 miesięcy temu
  • Been subbed to you for years and you've been my long-time chill bedtime PLworld. One of the things I like best about your channel is how unaffected you've been by external forces, growth, or offers from companies. Still LGR, like always, just refining and getting better over time. Here's to 10 more years!

    Cat VCat V7 miesięcy temu
  • How did I miss your channel in the past 10 years? Probably watching too much AVGN or Red Letter Media.

    Ben AlvarezBen Alvarez8 miesięcy temu
  • Hahaha gotta love this guy.

    Red Mustang 1976Red Mustang 19768 miesięcy temu
    • Red Mustang 1976 hi where are you from🙂

      Hasim KhanHasim Khan8 miesięcy temu
  • Interesting, that frame looks similar to what I used to use to make aluminium window frames, although on a smaller scale obviously.

    DJ98DJ988 miesięcy temu
  • 10:28 clint is too cute

    free slideshowsfree slideshows9 miesięcy temu
    • free slideshows hi where are you from🙂

      Hasim KhanHasim Khan8 miesięcy temu
  • I used to be a framer and I feel exactly the same way he does! Just natural at this point

    Andy GenAndy Gen9 miesięcy temu
  • The Joy of Framing with LGR

    Merijn PasschierMerijn Passchier10 miesięcy temu
  • Lazy Frame Reviews: Opening My PLworld Play Buttons (and improving them) | LFR

    Merijn PasschierMerijn Passchier10 miesięcy temu
  • I love your aesthetic and attention to detail

    Just A Zombie69Just A Zombie6911 miesięcy temu
  • number of my subscribers grows much slower ;p

    AmnesiacAmnesiac11 miesięcy temu
    • :D

      Enlil's sonEnlil's son11 miesięcy temu
  • That wire knot work is on FLEEK.

    Martin WesterstrandMartin Westerstrand11 miesięcy temu
  • Congrat!!!

    ApplecompuserApplecompuser11 miesięcy temu
  • Is the newer play button A4 size?

    Niall PattersonNiall Patterson11 miesięcy temu
  • I watched the “inside the PLworld play button factory” video and honestly imo it looks like it’s a glorified screen printing facility and the actual awards are just made in China or something

    MagentaApexMagentaApex11 miesięcy temu
  • Only Clint can make a video about PLworld play button awards entertaining and educational.

    LiKLiKRok temu
  • where's my 10 subscriber hotdog banner

    KeithKeithRok temu
  • You deserve every subscriber, Clint. Keep it up!

    Hein BeukesHein BeukesRok temu
  • Beautiful handwork you put on these frames!

    UrashimaStarUrashimaStarRok temu
  • As a picture framer myself it brought me great joy to see you fix that sloppy metal framing job. I could not have tolerated looking at that on my wall every day either! There is something very satisfying about a neatly wrapped wire even though no one will ever look at it.

    LightWorks Digital Imaging & PhotographyLightWorks Digital Imaging & PhotographyRok temu
  • You may be the first PLworldr to take their awards apart and fix/improve them

    phantumgreyphantumgreyRok temu
  • Well deserved awards. Please review Magnavox 286 running headstart environment :)

    Christopher GreenfieldChristopher GreenfieldRok temu
  • Comment on actual video content: Totally worth a 13 minute video on framing. That's awesome LGR content all around

    Chris PChris PRok temu
  • I have a major problem with this video before even watching it. Length is 13:34. 3 seconds from the proper time frame. Should've been extended with a 3s dark screen at the end.

    Chris PChris PRok temu
  • Man you earned it! Great job, G R E A T entertainment!

    SimonSimonRok temu
  • LGR, you should open a small custom button frame business. You could offer customized frames, both elegant and retro tech frames.

    B5429671 XJB5429671 XJRok temu
  • I always have subtitles on. Thank you for not only providing subtitles but also adding a little humor there too.

    Jesse WoodJesse WoodRok temu
  • Lol

    Austin PlayzAustin PlayzRok temu
  • Now i understand why you are somewhat more handy than the average youtube nerd!

    BeFsBeFsRok temu
  • Presented to LGR For passing countless subscribers edit: i tried

    beebeeRok temu
  • I love it that u also use metric system. Thank you!

    Dawid IrDawid IrRok temu
  • One hundred and ten thousand people subscribed to you every single year. How amazing!

    jezzermeiijezzermeiiRok temu
  • You should do a framing only video. Oh wait you did in this one. Very relaxing.

    Jonathan SilkJonathan SilkRok temu
  • 😂🙏

  • I find LGR's frame snobbishness rather adorable XD

    Gojiro7Gojiro7Rok temu
  • It amazes me how much passion You have for frames. 😁 Keep it up!

    Bálint SzabadosBálint SzabadosRok temu
  • Congrats on 10 years, sir! 🎉 Your videos are very satisfying 👍 7:27 "I do kinda miss the detail work on frames. I just don't miss like... everything else about it. [laughs in retrospect at awfulness]" I find 30% more satisfaction by watching with CC turned on. 😁 I love the humorous action discriptions "[unintentional ASMR-like sounds]"

    steve robertssteve robertsRok temu
  • So humble...Glad to be one of your 1 million+ subs!

    stormykeepstormykeepRok temu
  • other PLworldrs: "Susan, where's my Play Button?????" Clint: "Oh hey, i almost forgot i had these."

    Karl-Heinz ErlenhainKarl-Heinz ErlenhainRok temu
  • It's oddly typical that PC cases used to have sharp edges in the past, and PLworld frames went through the same evolution.

    Severity OneSeverity OneRok temu
  • The knot you used is called a Cow Hitch.

    The ReverendThe ReverendRok temu
  • Congrats hard work pays off

    Waqas NiazWaqas NiazRok temu
  • "So I could've have typed anything..." *vivid memories of RCT names and TTS inputs* "I just put LGR" are you even the real Clint? ;) Congratulations with brightening so many peoples lives with your cool video content!

    J  J  Rok temu
  • They should have sent it in woodgrain.

    SeanJTharpeSeanJTharpeRok temu
  • Now we need a Framing Fridays segment.

    irlGlitchesirlGlitchesRok temu
  • that was ridiculously funny to me and I don't fully understand why lol

    Lampshade DoggoLampshade DoggoRok temu
  • This was really interesting to see! Never heard of anyone making frames. Pretty cool! Late congrats on your 1M! I'm very curious for the future!

    DjendoDjendoRok temu
  • dude. nobody would have noticed. but if it helps you sleep

    Mike JohnsonMike JohnsonRok temu
  • Congrats Bro!

    Daniel MirkDaniel MirkRok temu
  • 100,000 Award: Build new retro case for Sinclair ZX81 with custom wireless keyboard. 1,000,000 Award: Build new wall mounted PC using a limited edition 40th Anniversary i7 8086K

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay OceansRok temu
  • EPIC Self Referencing Unboxing Meme ! ;-D

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay OceansRok temu
  • 12 minutes I realise iv watched a video on framing ...... Yeah it's still entertaining

    dfalconeriodfalconerioRok temu
  • I like the old ones better

    ElZamo92ElZamo92Rok temu
  • lmao loved the custom framers take on it! :D

    Nis 3rNis 3rRok temu
  • This was weirdly relaxing, like Bob Ross level relaxing to watch.

    McKayMcKayRok temu
  • I honestly love this content.

    Aramiro / HellYeahCorpAramiro / HellYeahCorpRok temu
  • Well, if you ever think of changing your channel name acronym, I think OCD would be appropriate...;)

    Joseph McIlvaineJoseph McIlvaineRok temu
  • Your voice is very Bob Ross in this video. Instead of painting happy trees your making happy frames.

    hippiechick7897hippiechick7897Rok temu
  • Some people shoot their play buttons or run over them with a truck or drop them off a cliff. LGR... fixes the frames.

    Mitch GrahamMitch GrahamRok temu
  • Skills!

    8-Bit Show And Tell8-Bit Show And TellRok temu
  • I thought he was going to make it functional somehow. Great video Clint keep making interesting stuff

    L5RocksL5RocksRok temu
  • And I thought AvE was the only one to take apart his play button lol

    Get creative with JoshGet creative with JoshRok temu
  • I KNEW it was a frame up! Why yes- that was a horrible pun. I'll get my hat.

    Brian MBrian MRok temu
  • I'm really sorry for all the people who don't activate captions on LGR... Coz they're missing the best part xDDDD

    Abraham LimpoAbraham LimpoRok temu
  • I put this video on to listen to while I played a game because I thought it wouldn't be too distracting. Midway through I had to pause my game to finish watching with my full attention. My husband walked by, patted me on the head and laughed at me. At this point I believe LGR could make a video about filling out his tax forms and I'd be enthralled.

    TempestPhaedraTempestPhaedraRok temu
  • i remember manually seraching for phreakindee in the olden days. might have to go watch your old stuff

    Clever name here.Clever name here.Rok temu
  • 3:39 - Should have asked for 'Farts'

    BaffleBaffleRok temu
  • LGR 1,000,000 Subscribers Play Button It's okay, but it's no IBM keyboard

    BaffleBaffleRok temu
  • This entite video was very relaxing and wholesome. Thank you LGR.

    Epoch PilotEpoch PilotRok temu
  • I agree with that though. It's like the guys at PLworld and the guys who receive then won't really care about the details. At least you care about it. People like you are getting rarer and rarer now. (Edit: Congratulations on 1.1M!)

    Rui KazaneRui KazaneRok temu
  • 4:12 Too bad it wasn't wood grain. :D 11:00 Now that's some fine craftsmanship Morris!

    AccountWasHackedAccountWasHackedRok temu
  • I never knew I needed videos about framing. Now I want more.

    JudasziegeJudasziegeRok temu
  • Enjoyed the ASMR aspects of the re-framing :)

    Kyle FrazerKyle FrazerRok temu
  • At 5 mil I hope you get a woodgrain button

    developr_X0developr_X0Rok temu
  • This way too much relaxing (*´∀`*)

    Huay UwUHuay UwURok temu
  • There is something very charming about this video. I learned quite a bit about framing technique.

    SolidSonicTHSolidSonicTHRok temu
  • i would watch you fix more picture frames

    ComicthaneComicthaneRok temu
  • LGR = Larry Gary Rosenburg?

    Marc MMarc MRok temu
  • Found this to be like completely adorable

    Lauren EvansLauren EvansRok temu
  • Lazy Frame Reviews

    TheOtherSteelTheOtherSteelRok temu
  • It's not chocolate?

    Matthew RossMatthew RossRok temu
  • @10:21, "snip!" indeed. that satisfying sound of a job well done.

    silpheedTandysilpheedTandyRok temu
  • nothing wrong with being meticulous bro

    PaperxMarioPaperxMarioRok temu
  • And thank you again for such a wonderful channel !!!

    Евгений ФедоровскийЕвгений ФедоровскийRok temu
  • More framing/frame repair videos would be popular.

    wafflelesswafflelessRok temu
  • Completely forgot your channel name was phreakindee

    girlcrazyrockstargirlcrazyrockstarRok temu
  • Did I just watch 13 minutes of framing? Man I love LGR.

    Tormod GuldvogTormod GuldvogRok temu
  • The Joy of Framing with Clint Basinger

    MegadyptesMegadyptesRok temu