WWE Raw Full Episode, 12 October 2020

13 paź 2020
312 509 wyświetleń

Final night of the 2020 WWE Draft!
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  • Alexa Bliss is cute and its broke the "the Fiend" atmosphere, can you give her mask too?

    FrillexFrillexDzień temu
  • Great work WWE uploading the full episode.

    Jafar AliJafar Ali2 dni temu
  • Stephanie 😱😍

  • Thanks WwE

    Za WarudoZa Warudo2 dni temu
  • They are so smart to let orton and drew fight over and over again ... coz wwe is so boring nowadays

    Mahdi ben rhoumaMahdi ben rhouma3 dni temu
  • Seth rollin, aj styles, jeff hardy best crossover match

    Prayogi 48Prayogi 483 dni temu
  • where's wwe underground??

    Yanhai is meYanhai is me3 dni temu
  • Seth rollins goooooo,l

    مسلم محمدمسلم محمد3 dni temu
  • i love nikke

    Surya SunarSurya Sunar3 dni temu
  • شني هاي

    قناة منوعاتقناة منوعات3 dni temu
  • if y2j was still in wwe i am sure he would make fun of dabba kato name hhh

    lahou salahou sa3 dni temu
  • 28.08 ziggler trying to hold his laugh hhh

    lahou salahou sa3 dni temu
  • 14.33 they still use this pic for bryan its from 2012

    lahou salahou sa3 dni temu
  • 28:00

    anthony okanthony ok3 dni temu
  • I wanna see Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus or All hail the King Corbin

    Tamboen SastraTamboen Sastra3 dni temu
  • the worst person in the WWE RKO

    Bimal ShresthaBimal Shrestha4 dni temu
  • Rollins - Styles - Hardy match was ace. I've waited so long to see Rollins in a match with new faces, it's good that he has something else to show from 2020 than just endless Mysterio family matches.

    God of CoochGod of Cooch4 dni temu
  • last time i watched raw was in 2016 now i really wanna know where's the original stars ? there's only seth rollins.

    kk4 dni temu
    • Still regular - Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre returned two years ago, Sheamus Cena, Taker (semi-retired), Goldberg, Lesnar are all part-time.

      Duncan W. LieviDuncan W. Lievi2 dni temu
  • استفني ماكمان دائما متالقه

    ابو رحمه سمسمابو رحمه سمسم4 dni temu
  • And I was waiting when Elias return

    Kon MoulasKon Moulas4 dni temu
  • Keith lee was in a movie

    Faisal HussamFaisal Hussam4 dni temu
    • Yea I know it was called the main event which also featured Sheamus Daba katto and the miz

      Hurr JafriHurr Jafri3 dni temu
  • Lana already elimanted. Her feet touched the floor, why is she still can be winning the match?? can anyone explain?

    Valentino SitumorangValentino Situmorang4 dni temu
    • Cause she wasn't thrown outside, she got herself out

      o oo o2 dni temu
    • Yeah i want someone to explain to me too

      Perihan MostafaPerihan Mostafa4 dni temu
  • 4:20خرعني الكلب😂

    M_Q 8M_Q 84 dni temu
  • Did every one forget the undertaker wtf

    Legolas 47 kpLegolas 47 kp4 dni temu
  • King Corban, Elias, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus (alcoholi) outside before TLC.

    Juri Veikko VirtanenJuri Veikko Virtanen4 dni temu
  • I want to see shield

    Md KhaleelMd Khaleel5 dni temu
  • Too much in raw?

    Kang PepKang Pep5 dni temu
  • 🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦

    خالد الاحمريخالد الاحمري5 dni temu
  • Drew mcintyre vs the fiend

    Fatima SouadkaFatima Souadka5 dni temu
  • I love xavier woods

    Prayogi 48Prayogi 485 dni temu
  • Drew mcinfireee

    Prayogi 48Prayogi 485 dni temu
  • Wow I hate you

    Rashid Khalid Al KubaisiRashid Khalid Al Kubaisi5 dni temu
  • wtf did they play when aliester black was drafted to smackdown? Hope they didn’t change his theme...

    Deady DeadSh0tDeady DeadSh0t5 dni temu
  • The king GOLDBERG VS the undertaker . REMATCH . rematch . REMATCH REMATCH . rematch . REMATCH REMATCH . rematch . REMATCH REMATCH . rematch . REMATCH REMATCH . rematch . REMATCH rematch . REMATCH . rematch rematch . REMATCH . rematch rematch . REMATCH . rematch rematch . REMATCH . rematch rematch . REMATCH . rematch NEXT. 2020 . 🙏🙏👨‍💼🙏🙏

    GBR 978GBR 9785 dni temu
  • 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😠😠😠😱😱😱

    rizal mandayrizal manday5 dni temu
  • Good drew makantair (klamooooooooor)

    Ilyas sportIlyas sport5 dni temu
  • I do think all of the 3 hours of the show drew and Orton are fighting 😂

  • legend has it that drew and randy are still fighting

    Lil HowndyLil Howndy5 dni temu
  • I really appreciate 🌲 Rande Orton king 👑 Kobra always Wwe super 🌟 🌟 star ⭐ golden history 🙏👍

    Kiru K.bKiru K.b5 dni temu
  • Randy orton.. We need that Viper 👌👌 The real viper

    AJ MEDIAAJ MEDIA5 dni temu
  • Drew M. And Sheamus rivalry would be nice

    RoCCo CarmeLLRoCCo CarmeLL5 dni temu
  • حكومتنا الألمانية المحترمة بدل ما تحظروا الناس بيومين الجمعة و السبت يوكين ربنا خلقهم الله عشان الناس تنفس عن حالها و تسببولهم أمراض نفسية وتلقوا القبض على من يقول (ربي الله )وبصلي.. اتفضلوا دوروا على البلطجية وأصحاب السوابق اللي بعيثوا في الأرض فسادا هؤلاء أخطر من مليون كورونا"بدل ما تنزلوا الجيش والأمن حتى ترصدو خارقين الحظر الفاشل"مش الشامل"بسميه وتحاربوا الناس على لقمة عيشهم نزلوا الامن والجيش بالشارع لهؤلاء السفلة اللي بفقأو عيون الناس"وبمثلوا فيهم دون حسيب ورقيب"حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    TAMIMI 96TAMIMI 965 dni temu
  • Randy orton,the Miz,morison and braun should be at Smackdown

    aldo tampubolonaldo tampubolon6 dni temu
  • Its not fair..WWE push raw not Smackdown..many superstar at raw..i don't like the Miz on raw..the Miz should be to Smackdown

    aldo tampubolonaldo tampubolon6 dni temu

    David LomberiusDavid Lomberius6 dni temu
  • LARS = The Next Goldberg

    Bobby Yusuf RBobby Yusuf R6 dni temu
  • روعه بس ياريت ترجمه

    محمد الدمراويمحمد الدمراوي6 dni temu
  • I have mixed feelings about Mustafa s heel turn

    Hurr JafriHurr Jafri6 dni temu
    • It already has, since retribution's attack

      Omnivora ManOmnivora Man2 dni temu
  • On this day I'm watching WWE for 7 years now

    Galang RestuGalang Restu6 dni temu
  • This is how many legends Randy Orton has killed 👇

    Hurr JafriHurr Jafri6 dni temu
  • 1 :01 :08.😂😂 scripted

    Khalid SyedKhalid Syed6 dni temu
  • Why do you push jeff hardy to much? Corbin isn't worse, he is strong it is more difficult to be strong than to jump

    Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
  • Some people appear on two brands but King Corbin wasn't on smack not on raw why??

    Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
  • What a win angio garza

  • Zelina on guest commentary was a great choice. Amazing job as a heel manager. She only needs a few words to make a point and sells that point really well

    Ditger PetersDitger Peters6 dni temu
  • Fairy Bedofull Mandy Rose 😍

    سيف ابوزيدسيف ابوزيد6 dni temu
  • I would have loved it if, underneath in the draft bar, they had individually shown names of Retribution members drafted to a different brand. "T-Bone - RAW" "Slapjack - Smackdown"

    Ditger PetersDitger Peters6 dni temu
  • LET'S GO KING CORBIN! !!!! We want Corbin on raw on smack at least somewhere...where is he

    Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
  • WHERE IS CORBIN? ???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME why he is on smack HE WASN'T ON SMACK!!!!!

    Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
  • Wait so samoa joe is done with in ring competition?

    Matic SvendaMatic Svenda6 dni temu
  • Drew's voice is like a british pirate

    Theocharis2 arkopelosTheocharis2 arkopelos6 dni temu
  • Yesss Alexa bliss 😍😍😍😍

    Sarkonah AbdulSarkonah Abdul6 dni temu
  • i think Ortons rematch this time may be his victory

    Theocharis2 arkopelosTheocharis2 arkopelos6 dni temu
  • Drafts.... /care. They're just gonna book the way they divide the titles on brands 50/50 anyways. And in two months time the brand split rule will be broken about four to five times just like last time. Now, if they have the balls to book all the titles on one show. Treat one brand as insuperior. Have this brand do a multiple massive tournaments to decide 4 contenders for each of the big titles on the other show. And then host one PPV where it's all about these four contenders being allowed to face the other brand for those titles. And for about five to six months no one - and I mean NO ONE! - is allowed on the other brand. Then and only then... it could quite possibly be.. something. And if you're worried it will make the other brand look bland.. (1)Hell, how about you actually start taking your tag teams more seriously, eh? Build them up a bit. Don't let hokey and gimmicky teams beat actual talented ones. Dont pass those titles around like cookies. (2)Add the women's tag team champions to that brand too. (3) add the women's champion to said brand too. And feature her as your top spot on the show. (4) but most of all... Just. Build. Up. Championships. You. Are. Now. Wasting.

    Ditger PetersDitger Peters6 dni temu
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    郭仲哲郭仲哲6 dni temu
  • درو ماكنتاير أنت الأقوى والأروع في الwwe

    Les deux pro gamer المحترفون الاثنانLes deux pro gamer المحترفون الاثنان6 dni temu
  • Lacey shouldve won that battle royal...when is her turn?

    aldrin royaldrin roy6 dni temu
  • Nice

    Arif Rizqi NurwidiyantoArif Rizqi Nurwidiyanto6 dni temu
  • That triple threat match was actually wrestlemania calibre....seth does it everytime!!

    aldrin royaldrin roy6 dni temu
  • Mandy 🌹,so Beautiful

    陳珍珍陳珍珍6 dni temu
  • Is that's becky lynch in those screens !? Has anyone seen her? Or I just imagine!

    Biboo YoussryBiboo Youssry6 dni temu
    • @Biboo Youssry 😆

      Нина БабакНина Бабак5 dni temu
    • @Нина Бабак ah ok 👍 thanks

      Biboo YoussryBiboo Youssry5 dni temu
    • Her fans who want to be like her

      Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
  • Braun vs keith vs dabba kato😍😍😍

    Kevin HalimKevin Halim6 dni temu
  • 41:29 I hope you will be a Seth Freakin Rollins again who beat the beast and the monster among man like past. And BURN IT DOWN 🔥

    AlfikriAlfikri6 dni temu
  • are those people fake or real? dont call me dumb cuase i really dont know

    ForzaForza6 dni temu
    • real audience

      aldrin royaldrin roy6 dni temu
  • wwe universe help me reach only 1000 sub thanks for all supporter

    mohamed alzaronimohamed alzaroni6 dni temu
  • Just bring Samoa joe to the ring please 🤷🤦

    Biboo YoussryBiboo Youssry6 dni temu
  • 😂😂😂Kyokka Seth we dnt like u gooooo to Smack

  • jeff is best !

    Γεώργιος ΚαρυωτάκηςΓεώργιος Καρυωτάκης6 dni temu
  • γαματο επεισοδιο πολυ καλο!

    Γεώργιος ΚαρυωτάκηςΓεώργιος Καρυωτάκης6 dni temu
    • Nai

      twitch lazaros21twitch lazaros216 dni temu
  • The fact that randy orton is allowed to name drop brock lesnar, means he’s signed or in the process of resigning his contract.

    Deady DeadSh0tDeady DeadSh0t6 dni temu
    • Brock is a WWE guy. They're allowed to say his name as long as he isn't working for other promotions.

      AlosAlos6 dni temu
  • Stephanie announcing drafts is best for business. If you know what I mean 😜

    • breast business

      Brahim UniqueBrahim UniqueDzień temu
    • You stupid

      Muhammad HamzahMuhammad HamzahDzień temu
    • 😄😄

      Salem bin shahdoorSalem bin shahdoor2 dni temu
  • Stephanie: Raw remains limitless Me, after Raw drafting MVP stable and retribution in 2 picks: Well, yeah, I guess it is

    Edward N1gmaEdward N1gma6 dni temu
  • Finally Seth fighting other people , that triple threat was awesome ,they looked gooood🔥

    lynn ramadanlynn ramadan6 dni temu
  • I'm seeing Goldberg :/ just hope he will evolve his wrestling gear

    CxMCxM6 dni temu
  • brock lesner will return and become the 100000 times new raw and smack down univetrss

    alexpaul sharonalexpaul sharon6 dni temu
  • WWE please Give MVP General Manager of RAW Because that Fantastic hell Manager

    Bussines Marketing Dubli NetworkBussines Marketing Dubli Network6 dni temu
  • I like miz and morrison😂

    Ridho HaryadiRidho Haryadi6 dni temu

    bellbell6 dni temu
  • Trendy is raw

    rahendra lalmanrahendra lalman6 dni temu
  • Stephanie was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 that night.

    Rary GabrielRary Gabriel6 dni temu
    • ယသ8

      Smiling SmilingSmiling Smiling2 dni temu
  • They put Braun strawman to raw so that they can win raw vs smack at survivor series

    Shyam ThejwalShyam Thejwal6 dni temu
  • randy orton cannot beat brock lesnar

    Afrah AbdulhakimAfrah Abdulhakim6 dni temu
  • Rko win

    spiltters palakullamspiltters palakullam6 dni temu
  • John cena where

    Ikbal RamlansyahIkbal Ramlansyah6 dni temu
  • 1:11:48 did u see Becky lunch in the middle of the audience watching

    Safia AliSafia Ali6 dni temu
    • Becky lunch 😆😆😆😅

      Нина БабакНина Бабак6 dni temu
    • 21:15 nope

      CxMCxM6 dni temu
  • Roman and salam

    Makc MakcMakc Makc6 dni temu
  • Thank you for wasting 1 hour and 30 mins of my life WWE.

    TheUpliftingGuyTheUpliftingGuy6 dni temu
  • RAW def Smackdown on Survivor Series 2020

    Taufiq21 JackassTaufiq21 Jackass6 dni temu
  • Indonesia mana suaranya???

    yusri amiryusri amir6 dni temu
  • Me likes new Roman Reings, Drew, Sasha and litlle devil Alexa 😈🤜🤛

    Crni andjeoCrni andjeo6 dni temu