10 Roulette Games You Don't Want To Lose!

3 kwi 2020
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Hello friends! Join us today as we check out 10 of the most absurd roulette games that you wouldn't want to lose! We aren't sponsored by any of these companies or sellers BUT, if you are losing your mind and need new games to play with your family, you should buy these! We legit had so much fun messing around and playing these games, even if we lost, lol! We hope to bring you guys joy and laughter that can be shared with your family or friends by either watching this video together in your home or sharing the link! Please stay safe and continue to practice social distancing while keeping a positive mindset! Happy Friday errrbody!
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  • Tanner and Michel both had cool song on kazoo and Matt had let it go off Frozen 🤣🤣🤣

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  • At 3:38 them talking about sprite. Right after that a sprite ad comes

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  • awesome video.

    Noah RentzNoah RentzDzień temu
  • Hi

    Alex CastanedaAlex Castaneda3 dni temu
  • Another time my dad was snow blowing and his friends girlfriend was brining in Pepsi and almost ran her over Another thing our old house is haunted NO. JOKE cuz ma dad was Watch TV and he.herd a door slam 4 times go ahead believe it or not but that’s da truth

    Perry FisherPerry Fisher3 dni temu
  • Once I went to a random store for a bottle of Water and the person said WHAT THE HEK IS WATER???? So I came back with sparkling water ☹️

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  • Mat: whats the deal with airplane penuts Taner: what Michael: boo

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  • I wasn't sitting i was laying with a sleeping bunny on my back as i eat a burrito

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  • I hate let it go it suck

    Shockwave PrimeShockwave Prime8 dni temu
  • That's vodka I play Gta 5

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  • *Micheal be spitting bars tho*

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  • 98k shots tanner

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  • Danny:shut shut shut shut it

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  • This was the last OG DOPE OR NOPE episode... and we didn't even know it... 🥺😕❤

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  • I have a suspicion It isn't sprite!

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  • 12:54 THATS THE KID FROM THE MEME THAT WENT LIKE THIS "wait a minute who are you"

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  • It is vodka

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  • Mathias when he's rapping: alright you see my mustache it took some cash to get my mustache and if you gonna be looking at it your gonna get whiplash and maybe a little splash because I'm whipping my mustache around a water slide because I'm covering up a a rash blink those eyelashes

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  • 16:38 this seems super easy so I'm guessing the person who made just had really bad aim and though it was hard. Or their assuming that the people who are going to be playing the game are drunk

    Wobble-1-2Wobble-1-22 miesięcy temu
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  • I don’t see anyone drinking 95K shots hhhhmmmmm

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  • Bro i saw the title and i was like russain roulette is one you would not like to lose

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  • 19:37

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  • the uno dare could also be fun if you had no friends and you just played by yourself and just did all of the dares.

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  • #1 is Russian roulette

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    ʀᴏsʏ_ʀᴀʙʙɪᴛʀᴏsʏ_ʀᴀʙʙɪᴛ3 miesięcy temu
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