dream vs his cat (twitter)

19 mar 2021
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actually dream vs his cat (twitter)
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    • Ok boss.

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    • dream vs his cat vs twitter vs us

      Yuze KittyYuze Kitty25 dni temu
  • 0:12 5th huntet in dream manhunt

    Bull PhantomBull Phantom3 dni temu
  • can we just take a moment on dreams kitchen. like that's a beautiful kitchen

    Jacelyn BJacelyn B6 dni temu
  • Is her name by any chance ✨D r a t ✨ No, nvm it sound weird

    A d v a I t aA d v a I t a6 dni temu
  • wait.. that cat was 100% mine i dont have it rn because my skin goes red when a cat is next to me but you have my cat :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    William Gulklett 5A Måløvhøj SkoleWilliam Gulklett 5A Måløvhøj Skole9 dni temu
  • I thought she’s a girl

    Random GuyRandom Guy11 dni temu
  • Lucky cat the only person who knows dreams face

    GirlTommyinnitGirlTommyinnit13 dni temu
  • Plot Twist : Dream Is The Cat By Himself XD

    Kakashi Of The SharinganKakashi Of The Sharingan13 dni temu
  • Looks like dream lost his famousness to his own cat

    -•Darkness and Lilly•- On Break-•Darkness and Lilly•- On Break13 dni temu
  • Such a cute kitty here take my sub and like

    MouseBoizMouseBoiz15 dni temu
  • Elon musk?

    OtabotaOtabota16 dni temu
  • Oh that’s Unexpected

    What am I looking at?What am I looking at?16 dni temu
  • what is that music

    ApplePT1ApplePT116 dni temu
  • yes dream mask i want to see drista mask at cat

    john migullasjohn migullas16 dni temu
  • Every body else:aww cute Me:OMG dreams chairrrrr OMG dreams kitchennnn OMG dreams sofaaaaaa OMG dreams beddddd OMG dreams windowssss OMG dreams rooms cornorrrrr OMG dreams floorrrrrr And OMG dreams catttttttttttttttttttttttttt LOL

    Psychø LįstPsychø Lįst17 dni temu
  • Cat

    xd gacha gacha アモガスxd gacha gacha アモガス17 dni temu
  • I want to eat a toast for a cat

    ChrisTo ̶T̶oChrisTo ̶T̶o18 dni temu
  • So cute

    Heatblast GamingHeatblast Gaming18 dni temu
  • Dream sink revival?

    Ryker GurkowskiRyker Gurkowski19 dni temu
  • That is a literal loaf cat

    Milkshake DrawsMilkshake Draws19 dni temu
  • *mailcat will deliver your mail*

    •Shū••Shū•20 dni temu

  • The cat is a better dream than dream

    Doug LincicumDoug Lincicum20 dni temu
  • Its an inbred cat

    iam coolheroiam coolhero20 dni temu
  • 2020: Dream the speedrunner 2021: Cat the speedrunner

    Ukraine Countryball keryUkraine Countryball kery20 dni temu
  • Lucky cat, she can always see Dream's face-

    Sean_TheLazy01Sean_TheLazy0120 dni temu
  • Aww

    Watienla ImsongWatienla Imsong20 dni temu
  • Cutenes overload

    NicoPlayzNicoPlayz20 dni temu
  • 0:10 *just like dream*

    jesiccaRabbitYTjesiccaRabbitYT20 dni temu
  • pffffffffffffff

    Sayalee KekreSayalee Kekre20 dni temu
  • i'm love cats :)

    kalinakalina21 dzień temu
  • 0:05 Patches: why is my father and some color blind boi making out in here?

    Starry_AlienStarry_Alien21 dzień temu
  • Dream took Itsfunnehs drawing "Cat bread" to a whole nother level

  • Posting his cat photos is Dream vs His Cat

    RealfyRealfy21 dzień temu
  • 0:10 i didnt make the dinner.

    The Rap God123The Rap God12322 dni temu
  • CAT

    Pastel Diamond Studio'sPastel Diamond Studio's22 dni temu
  • amazing

    Lee Cheuk Wing Kesia 6D16Lee Cheuk Wing Kesia 6D1622 dni temu
  • *Cats are cute*

    -chocolate Cake--chocolate Cake-22 dni temu
  • cAT

    ShadowzgamingShadowzgaming22 dni temu
  • 0:12 this is the cutest thing i have ever seen

    xgalaxyxgalaxy23 dni temu
  • He do be loving his kitty

    קארין אברמוביץקארין אברמוביץ23 dni temu
  • Disguised Toast

    Rohith BaligaRohith Baliga23 dni temu
  • Patches is the main character of the dream SMP confirmed?!?!??1!!?1??!

    KathizzyKathizzy23 dni temu
  • 0:11 POV: Dreams Cat punching u

    Atahan ÇamAtahan Çam23 dni temu
  • sorry but this is the most useless youtube channel ever. you shouldnt be making money off this channel.

    AuthenticSpedAuthenticSped23 dni temu
  • Close yo 69k subs.

    YusufYusuf24 dni temu
  • CUTE

    DaraBear LifeDaraBear Life24 dni temu
  • In my opinion Dream cat is kinda better than him

    Magik FloppaMagik Floppa24 dni temu
  • DREAM SOMEONE IS ON TO U Your showing your inside house that the guy reconized PANIC

    Darkmat Soldier76Darkmat Soldier7624 dni temu
  • Is this finally dreams face reveal. And they just have a translator for them

    g mang man24 dni temu
  • Starbucks should give dream a cake pop with his face on it that resembled his mask

    NathaanNathaan25 dni temu
  • thats explains why my smaller brother call dream a demon; because few demons like adorable stuff

    CallMehDaisyCallMehDaisy25 dni temu

    spirit wolf and stuff • 200 years agospirit wolf and stuff • 200 years ago26 dni temu
  • 0:11 she gonna falcon punch your face if you dont like and sub XD

    Pat LiuPat Liu26 dni temu
  • dream is a cat

    mr,xeromr,xero26 dni temu
  • Since the cat gets a face reveal....... I think it’s only fair that Dream y’know.. gets one too?

    PollyPolly26 dni temu
  • Dreams A simp

    chugz Worldchugz World27 dni temu

    Cristian HerendiCristian Herendi27 dni temu
  • meow

    FrFr27 dni temu
  • I wonder can we use the reflection of his cat eyes to see how is dream look like

    vietviet27 dni temu
  • *sees this video* Me: * s m a c k * n o i c e

    Chipflake AnimationsChipflake Animations27 dni temu
  • Plot twist you use popular people for views

    2pro4u2pro4u27 dni temu
  • 0:01 Black bars top, bottom, left and right. White impact font, black outline, faint white outer glow. “Who did this”

    Garment BoiGarment Boi27 dni temu
  • Stan Patches

    furbyfurby27 dni temu
  • King Dee Dee song intensifies

    teardrop gaming teardrop893462teardrop gaming teardrop89346227 dni temu
  • 0:23 its not funny.. DONT EAT ME cidden komik değil BENİ YEME XD

    Selojan / SelinSelojan / Selin27 dni temu
  • The last frame is me when..

    N.A.R. animationN.A.R. animation27 dni temu
  • 0:24 Lmao i am from Turkey🤣🤣

  • I just try to finding dream face by looking at cat eye.

    Z0RIGAZ0RIGA27 dni temu
  • fact: im queued for casual in tf2 it's been hours

    RedRed27 dni temu
  • *Dream is a cat lover.*

    YourCatAlphaYourCatAlpha27 dni temu
  • *Me trying to see dreams face through cats eyes*

    ThE dIsOrIeNtEd NoObThE dIsOrIeNtEd NoOb27 dni temu
  • his cat face reveal earlier than dream

    Joshua Emmanuel MarceloJoshua Emmanuel Marcelo27 dni temu
  • Cat

    Insert NameInsert Name27 dni temu
  • The cat’s canonically dead in the DreamSMP just saying

    ShapooopieFour StudiosShapooopieFour Studios27 dni temu
  • Dog

    Sir. WyVornSir. WyVorn27 dni temu
  • when he drop the cup he thought he was falling and try to water bucket mlg

    zeanplay08zeanplay0827 dni temu
  • im realizing dreams cat is getting even more god like each second

    Christofer VanChristofer Van27 dni temu
  • How did this? Photoshop did

    Tendo GamesTendo Games28 dni temu

    why would i knowwhy would i know28 dni temu
  • did the cat can speed run or "can-t" speedrun i did pun

    Tricky the clownTricky the clown28 dni temu
  • I did it

    JS - 05BK 930536 Palgrave PSJS - 05BK 930536 Palgrave PS28 dni temu
  • Toast cat I think

    stanbooXDstanbooXD28 dni temu
  • I think i love this cat more than myself

    ManicCarrotManicCarrot28 dni temu
  • Great PLworldrs with a cat: -Dream -Vegetta777 Keep enlisting

    Trigger 211Trigger 21128 dni temu
  • Hello

    ChickenChicken28 dni temu
  • dude ur so late

    BearBear28 dni temu
  • Aww

    Nathan DesmondNathan Desmond28 dni temu
  • Anyone ever try looking into the cats eyes reflections to see dreams face?

    duel vexduel vex28 dni temu
  • wait is he fake dream?

  • Dream trained his cat to be a real life speed runner

    snakeshakersnakeshaker28 dni temu
  • 0:12 patches be takin dem selfies

    wil sootwil soot28 dni temu
  • Since Dream has ever stayed with SapNap in the same house...the cat has infected..

    MeowBeeMeowBee28 dni temu

    Raven AlmonteRaven Almonte28 dni temu
  • gonna speedrun cut you mannn

    S/v4thûn_7S/v4thûn_728 dni temu
  • Wait dream is that you 0:16

    Drew SiojoDrew Siojo28 dni temu
  • He do be bonkers

    Crawly BoiCrawly Boi28 dni temu
  • The last one is basically me when mom comes back with the food

    Sophia SeeSophia See28 dni temu
  • At 0:10 it looks like he gonna punch the camera

    Hotboi 28Hotboi 2828 dni temu
  • I'd love to see the last photo but I can't because of the giant evideo recomendation on top of it

    Alejandro OjedaAlejandro Ojeda28 dni temu