6 Products With Hidden Features You Wouldn’t Expect!

24 paź 2020
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Hey Guys! Today we are looking at a bunch of products that have hidden features you wouldn't expect! Which product was your favorite? Let us know in the comments down below!
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  • Download State of Survival for free here: app.adjust.com/icrdk7w_v9qf30f

    DOPE or NOPEDOPE or NOPEMiesiąc temu
    • Too late I already play ot for a while

      mlc ripmlc ripGodzinę temu
    • Why aren’t you verified

      TS-VerseTS-Verse2 dni temu
    • When is it Michael coming back

      Kermit The frogKermit The frog15 dni temu
    • What happen to Michael

      Kenji BaeKenji Bae15 dni temu
    • seems you have abandoned us, Unsubscribed

      Scott GordonScott Gordon16 dni temu
  • Okay sponsor is good. Pay to win but. You dont need to spend a single pence. I never did and I'm in to 10 alliances. Really friendly players (I suspect bunch of them spending fortune but it also benefits reat of us). Only thing I have to say. If you login few times a day. You'll enjoy game without spending a penny or cent. And not state of survival dont pay me for that. I used to play tribal wars. This is similar game in a nutshell. Or travian. Just different ui which is more fun. Yes theres downsides but still. Fro. What I played on this genre. Really good game. Try it. Reach level 10 or so at least before real fu starts tho (level 10 headquarters I mean).

    mlc ripmlc ripGodzinę temu
  • Did anyone else hear the cuts in between the talking

    Thousands of Role-plays_ Minecraft role-playThousands of Role-plays_ Minecraft role-play3 godzin temu
  • Sorry I haven't watched dope or nope in a while but what happend to Micheal?!?!

    SuperPantherBros SPBSuperPantherBros SPB4 godzin temu
  • The channel had a good run but there slowing crashing and coming to a end it’s been a good channel I’ll be sad when they go

    Kayden ChandlerKayden Chandler11 godzin temu
  • This comedy is Jim Carey worthy

    Friendly RhinoFriendly RhinoDzień temu
  • When they said drinkingbunderage is illegal Well in Wisconsin if your accompanied by your legal gardian on your private land you can drink underage Conclusion We alcoholics

    ItzRoomyItzRoomyDzień temu
  • Matt reviewing a product that's taller than him be like: O. ■ / | \ ■ / \ ■

    Whissa CWhissa C2 dni temu
  • Hagrid’s reaction to killed me

    Lil’ DonutLil’ Donut2 dni temu
  • Rate the channel: dope or nope (the correct rating is dope)

    Unikitty GamerUnikitty Gamer2 dni temu
  • OMG Tanner you are so funny 0:38

    Annalea DeanAnnalea Dean3 dni temu
  • 🤣😂🤣floating mechanism

    Ahmarie HallidayAhmarie Halliday3 dni temu
  • Hey make a short film with all these things Like if you agree

    Nathan DominicNathan Dominic4 dni temu
  • that hoodi shut come white a assassins creed logo on it it whut be lit

    Nakuro-sama TigerNakuro-sama Tiger4 dni temu
  • In the Humpty dumpty (icantspellsorry) rhyme... *it never said he was an egg.*

    Samantha HarrisonSamantha Harrison4 dni temu
  • $3 steak from where??!! Ima gobble gobble that up

    Crazyhogrider 98Crazyhogrider 985 dni temu
  • “Gosh the game sucks”... “But they pay us to advertise them” “yeah your right”

    Crazyhogrider 98Crazyhogrider 985 dni temu

    Zakir KhanZakir Khan5 dni temu
  • in south Africa we call a grill a braai

    TTV ALTRATTV ALTRA6 dni temu
  • I'm unsubing bc I loved the review vids and mega desk is stupid so I'm unsubing on all 10 of my device's

    Jayden BocklerJayden Bockler6 dni temu

    Hailey SellersHailey Sellers7 dni temu
  • The channel changed when it became a table presentation of products and not 3 dudes having fun in a mancave where products are a byproduct of mancave fun

    dirtstreetcrewdirtstreetcrew7 dni temu
  • I LOVE the vids keep it up

    Ari WarmzyaryAri Warmzyary7 dni temu
  • I love this. It’s soooooo much more like the old Matthias channel. I’m so happy

    Blanchard Production CompanyBlanchard Production Company7 dni temu
  • i miss 2018 dope or nope

    Tracy MillerTracy Miller8 dni temu

    Matte EdströmMatte Edström8 dni temu
  • Dope or Nope is dead 😞

    Southern SportsSouthern Sports8 dni temu
  • i came back after a year why is Matt bald and where is Michael

    CCCC9 dni temu
    • It's a looooooooong story

      Mr_InfintyMr_Infinty4 dni temu
  • Why is Matt bald?

    harnoor kalraharnoor kalra9 dni temu
  • Do you not do mega dopes because it takes 6 hours to clean

    Extrox ReaperExtrox Reaper9 dni temu
  • BBQ skills below zero lol love these vids tho

    Vincent VanderhovenVincent Vanderhoven9 dni temu
  • people complaining about dope or nope not doing anything anymore. like dude have you seen Matthias’s channel? and the newest video EXPLAINING whats going to happen to Dope or Nope? do your research

    Lesli MillerLesli Miller10 dni temu
  • matt geting to old for this

    Adonis BrownAdonis Brown10 dni temu
  • Matt you playin minecraft I like ya cut g

    Luca AscaniLuca Ascani12 dni temu
  • My mom calls you guys nope or dope

    JamesP GandolfiJamesP Gandolfi12 dni temu
  • The fact they forgot how to use charcoal is very sad

    Noah PalomarezNoah Palomarez13 dni temu
  • Hahaha pat holding the sign pretending he’s no there 😂

    Sarita PonceSarita Ponce13 dni temu
  • is neon not band

    jac gamerjac gamer13 dni temu
  • why did matt look like a school threat

    Golden BotGolden Bot14 dni temu
  • metro sexual people are people that act gay and also dress like gays but they r not gay

    Elwee ZantelElwee Zantel14 dni temu
  • Yeah you know this channel is dying if their doing ad reads.

    CokeInMyMouth -CokeInMyMouth -14 dni temu
  • I thought when taner said already a jacket he said already ejaculated

    ziyckziyck14 dni temu
  • Damn, if u think about it the last dope or nope video was a letdown. Rip

    Joseph CamposJoseph Campos14 dni temu
  • 3:20 Matthias and tanner: we got a paid from our favorite sponsor Other sponsors: so you won’t be needing us anymore

    GamerPandaProGamerPandaPro15 dni temu
  • The end of dope or nope goodbye

    Miguel Angel DianaMiguel Angel Diana15 dni temu
  • Last "Dope or Nope" video to exist

    mynameVortexmynameVortex15 dni temu
  • I really miss the regular videos... Not sure what I think of the whole conspiracy car break in stuff... I like the unscripted dope or nope product reviews...hope they keep going if only a little... Always made me smile

    Adam GibsonAdam Gibson15 dni temu
  • it made me sad how they grilled the stake, you don't cook it with fire, you cook it when the coal are lit with no fire :(

    viperviper15 dni temu
  • Where's dope week aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    The cod players codThe cod players cod15 dni temu
  • When you come back 1 year later what happen to this channel

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha15 dni temu
  • This might be the most craziest thing happened on dope or nope because in the customizable stuff video you guys customize yourself on a moon your face on the moon but they are no Michael aren't matthias's foreshadowing this is what actually happened with Michael

    Min Thee Myae MyaeMin Thee Myae Myae15 dni temu
  • Does anybody know when they are supposed to post again? Since they are having a knew set and Matt wants to call it overkill (I hate that idea, he needs to leave overkill on one channel and keep dope or nope the way it is), has anyone talked about when they would post next?

    jacqueline penningjacqueline penning15 dni temu
  • he is CLEARLY on drugs now...Like i knew from looking at thumbnails from now to sayyy idk few months back..you can clearly see his eyes have a wild look and changed his look alot and for the worse...Also the videos are clearly showing drug side effects.

    Vlog savageVlog savage15 dni temu
  • When are you going to upload

    Art worldArt world15 dni temu
  • Why you not doing anymore vids

    Axel YnostrosAxel Ynostros15 dni temu
  • ive forgot about this channel for 5 months now to binge watch th videos i missed

    RussicherRussicher16 dni temu
  • Friend: my Xbox controller batteries died Me: Mine will never die Friend: Why won’t that happen Me: BECAUSE...

    Jack-Naomi KruegerJack-Naomi Krueger16 dni temu
  • What happened to your videos I haven’t seen a new video in a few weeks,I’m kinda worried but never GIVE UP I saw your quitting video saying you haven’t been getting as many views I feel bad and will tell people about you guys

    Doggy MacAndChesYTDoggy MacAndChesYT16 dni temu
  • Is dope or nope cancled

    Zac 962Zac 96216 dni temu
  • Shout out please from Philippines DIANNA RHAIN SHORT FOR DRC.

    Dianna niahr Robiso. SocubacDianna niahr Robiso. Socubac16 dni temu
  • wheres micheal

    Dope Gaming 4 lifeDope Gaming 4 life16 dni temu
  • Why no new Dope or Nopes?

    Barnabus BlackoakBarnabus Blackoak16 dni temu
    • They are moving bases

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • E

    Laugh And Love AlwaysLaugh And Love Always16 dni temu
  • Where’s dope or nope at???

    Ian HarrisIan Harris16 dni temu
    • They are moving bases

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • where is Dope Or Nope? They have not posted in 3 weeks :(

    Red Rooster55Red Rooster5516 dni temu
    • They are moving bases

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • Why aren’t you guys posting 🤨

    Lil OwlLil Owl16 dni temu
    • @Derek Bordeaux oh ok thx

      Lil OwlLil Owl15 dni temu
    • They are moving bases

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • Tanner moved, so i guess the channel is on a brake waiting for him to finish with that.

    TENGILLTENGILL16 dni temu
  • So because they got big sponsor money they haven't made any vids in three weeks? Way to kill the channel guys

    ShyanneShyanne16 dni temu
    • They are moving bases

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • Hi my name is Felicia and this is my daughter Leah's account! I can't believe you haven't posted a video in so long!!!!!!

    BS_BloqBS_Bloq16 dni temu
  • i miss when it was 3 of them what ever happened to that

    Toad Hairy legsToad Hairy legs16 dni temu
  • I NEED MORE VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!😭😡

    bud 2412bud 241216 dni temu
  • Plz post more Dope or nope

    blade_635blade_63516 dni temu
    • They are moving bases, they should be back soon

      Derek BordeauxDerek Bordeaux16 dni temu
  • I’m finally not the only 1 with osgoodshalter

    N&A PlushesYTN&A PlushesYT16 dni temu
  • R.I.P Dope or Nope. It was good while it lasted. Went down hill after Michael left the show.

    Nicholas HardyNicholas Hardy16 dni temu
    • No it went down hill when bryan left

      Bxrnt ToastBxrnt Toast16 dni temu
    • No it went down hill when brain left

      Bxrnt ToastBxrnt Toast16 dni temu
  • .

    Sara BSara B16 dni temu
  • you should let robertidk in your vids

  • I miss you guys please make more vids soon

    Kristin FischerKristin Fischer16 dni temu
  • We just grew up

    Marcotheham 321Marcotheham 32116 dni temu
  • Petition to bring back the couches and make it a trio again | | |

    Wee WooWee Woo16 dni temu
  • Pat holding up the sign thinking "help they dont feed me" I dont need help I got youtube checked last time I said somthing like this

    toebear26 toebeartoebear26 toebear17 dni temu
  • Matthias looks like a kid friendly version of Walter white.

    i am spooni am spoon17 dni temu
    • I see exactly what you mean

      elephantfanelephantfan13 dni temu
  • dope or nope lives with rekt... in the trash can.

    Jackson EllerbuschJackson Ellerbusch17 dni temu
  • Dope or nope dead?

    Jason PadgettJason Padgett17 dni temu
  • I love ur special emojis

    Kayah WolochKayah Woloch17 dni temu
  • Is this the last vid of dope or nope altogether??

    Robin HughesRobin Hughes17 dni temu
  • hiii

    Luis MirandaLuis Miranda17 dni temu
  • 24:59 pat speaks pat gets?

    VDVMSKIVDVMSKI17 dni temu
  • Omg I would never grill it in the open fire xD it's burning not grilling

    DeleurDeleur17 dni temu
  • I cant wait untill OVERKILL takes over

    Wyatt MccoyWyatt Mccoy17 dni temu
    • yes

      Firespring TrapFirespring Trap16 dni temu
  • I think mat is gonna cancel dope or nope and just go on with his mystery stuff that’s happening on the matthias chanel

    Tri-JFreshTri-JFresh17 dni temu
  • Can I ask what happened to Michael

    Busterboy123Busterboy12317 dni temu
  • Now that Tanner is gone Matt better get after it or he's gonna end up losing this channel soon.

    Lars HebbLars Hebb17 dni temu
    • tanners gone?

      Madison GibbonsMadison Gibbons17 dni temu
  • what happened why are you guys not uploading is it because you have to decorate the new set or what

    ali ridaali rida17 dni temu
  • ALL GO ON THE MATTHIAS CHANNEL idk why i have a feeling the whole break in situation is taking up more of his time.

    haris bharis b17 dni temu
  • Wanted to eat ,no more meat

    Franklyn DiazFranklyn Diaz17 dni temu
  • Canceled

    MegaTime01MegaTime0117 dni temu
  • So.... it’s Been 3 weeks

    Mustang ManMustang Man17 dni temu
  • Wtf happened to his hair he used to have a head full of hair

    froggy manfroggy man17 dni temu
  • (Real Matthias Fans) would already know that he mentioned taking over dope or nope on his other channel “Matthias” featuring !!!MAGA Desk!!!. For the only “Dope or Nope” fans please go to the “Matthias” channel, and watch the video titled “This Took A Turn For The Worst!”, he mentions dope or nope around 1:25 in the vid.

    Tim HesseTim Hesse17 dni temu
  • Where the newest DOPE OR NOPE??????

    darcydarcy18 dni temu