10 Miniatures That Work Like The Real Thing!

9 cze 2020
2 301 240 wyświetleń

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Do you remember Stuart Little? That dude had the dopest little gadgets. A mini car, mini boat and a mini plane too, I think... anyways we found a bunch of DOPE miniatures that work just like the real thing! Now, we can all be stuart little.
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  • 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

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  • Dope

    brody Rimaybrody Rimay10 godzin temu
  • I love this Channel

    Brittney JohnsonBrittney Johnson12 godzin temu
  • your hair is........DOPE your sence of humor is.....NOPE

    Dave OakleyDave Oakley14 godzin temu
  • 3:30 thats what happens when I eat taco bell

    Jake KnappJake KnappDzień temu
  • +10 for the head

    James BridgewoodJames BridgewoodDzień temu
  • Matt looks so nice and I give him 1,000,000,000

    Pantaleao RebimbasPantaleao RebimbasDzień temu
  • I just realized that the last item uses co2, like my airsoft gunz

    Mr. AviatorMr. AviatorDzień temu
  • DOOOOOOPE berd

    Vdog BVdog B2 dni temu
  • ur bald head is 10/10

  • 20,000,000

    Ty RobbinsTy Robbins3 dni temu
  • " hi I'm dope in this is my friend nope " -Tan Man 😂

    Miss AmandaMiss Amanda3 dni temu
  • dope

    Liam McConnellLiam McConnell3 dni temu
  • You should put the rc car on a slip and slide

    Fail tropilis GodFail tropilis God3 dni temu
  • matt its a NOPE

  • Bald 1-10 100000000000000000000 love it man

    Jordan belcherJordan belcher4 dni temu
  • 123

    Aarav310 GamingAarav310 Gaming4 dni temu
  • i rate his hair -40

    Angus and Lachlan CampbellAngus and Lachlan Campbell4 dni temu
  • I wonder what they do with the products

    Kobe AKobe A4 dni temu
  • Dop

    Humberto RodriguezHumberto Rodriguez5 dni temu
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  • -100000000⁰000

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  • SO CLOSE TO 100k

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  • Matt bold= 200/10

    naufal gaming and musicnaufal gaming and music6 dni temu
  • 1000

    Mamba Forever271Mamba Forever2716 dni temu
  • Matt =100000000

    Alex PainterAlex Painter7 dni temu
  • 9:30 plworld.info/show/Z4etYai0q6XQq8o/wideo.html "That was ligitness"

    Nick jokumsenNick jokumsen7 dni temu
  • Matthew Looks good With no Hair 10000000000

    Harley brownHarley brown7 dni temu
  • I love how they feel that 9 mph is fast for an rc car. Where my neighbor and I both have rc cars that go north of 40 mph.

    firefox9256firefox92568 dni temu
  • 10

    sticker_animation1 tiktoksticker_animation1 tiktok8 dni temu
  • 100

    Jaxon MojicaJaxon Mojica8 dni temu

    TANVIR 2022TANVIR 20229 dni temu
  • They said out of my father mustang But what about mine?

    magic catmagic cat9 dni temu
  • 4.9

    Harrison GreggHarrison Gregg11 dni temu
  • 10

    Samuel French 22 (STUDENT)Samuel French 22 (STUDENT)11 dni temu
  • 22:38 Tanner: *goes to other side of room* Me: *throws phone across room* My head: omg we had the same reaction. ps my phone is fine I promise.

    Taya. just Taya.Taya. just Taya.11 dni temu
  • 7:11 Matt: "save 10 percent" Me: umm it says $10. My head: Thank you. That 'll be $5 please

    Taya. just Taya.Taya. just Taya.11 dni temu
  • 10000000000000000000000000. Dope👍🏻

    Ariah JadeAriah Jade11 dni temu
  • 5

    umbreon 0214umbreon 021412 dni temu
  • Was dat stay puff

    Mr pugTMMr pugTM12 dni temu
  • Dope I

  • It’s a 3

    Trav_killaboyTrav_killaboy13 dni temu
  • 10000000 percent on the hair

    pudg manpudg man13 dni temu
  • i give it a -9

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  • Dope

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  • i rate mats hair 11/10

    Timothy KoelschTimothy Koelsch15 dni temu
  • nope 1/10

    SAM MerzkeSAM Merzke15 dni temu
  • Mats head is a dope I really like it then him having hair

    Galaxy QueenGalaxy Queen15 dni temu
  • What happend to micheal he made it more funny i stoped watching for a while and now it sad that hes not here

    camo boycamo boy16 dni temu
  • 0000000

    Chenee WintersChenee Winters16 dni temu
  • @0 :17

  • I'm from the future mega desk isn't there yet blue base can't handle it right now

    Liam WilkinsLiam Wilkins17 dni temu
  • he looks like ragnar lothbrok without the horse tail hair

    Alexios KeskouAlexios Keskou17 dni temu
  • I rate Mathias's Bald Head 100-10

    Sylvia EspinozaSylvia Espinoza17 dni temu
  • 0

    Farrell KantsosFarrell Kantsos17 dni temu
  • Where’s Michael?

    Namaste AndSmokeNamaste AndSmoke17 dni temu
  • Supa dope I’d give to hair do a “I like ya cut g” (I give the hair do a 100000000000000)

    Armando MarquezArmando Marquez17 dni temu
  • I rate it a 9.5 because I’m not used to the new look but it looks good on you ☺️👍🏻

    Roblox Gamer Fox YTRoblox Gamer Fox YT18 dni temu
  • dope bald head

    ExtraSadExtraSad18 dni temu
  • 5

    Ivy MannixIvy Mannix18 dni temu
  • Matt’s haircut: 5/10 sorry

    Finnley ParsonsFinnley Parsons18 dni temu
  • group isn"t a word lol

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  • 10 on Matt’s bald head

    Dana JeffriesDana Jeffries20 dni temu
  • 20000

    Mason Stone-PartainMason Stone-Partain20 dni temu
  • 10

    sukhdeep sandhersukhdeep sandher20 dni temu
  • No son is not edible why would you think it is you probably don't live in the country

    Paxton JohnsonPaxton Johnson20 dni temu
  • This dude have a teleport machine to deliver their stuff..😶

    Amar IkhwanAmar Ikhwan21 dzień temu
  • I give a 3 for Matt's head.

    Personal GamingPersonal Gaming21 dzień temu
  • Matts hair is a zero lol but srsly

    AUTO BOY101AUTO BOY10121 dzień temu
  • 100

    Jeremiah SandersJeremiah Sanders21 dzień temu
  • 4/10 not shiny enough

    RC MadmanRC Madman22 dni temu
  • Mega dope

    starport controlstarport control22 dni temu
  • 10

    Tommy CTommy C22 dni temu
  • They could hwve put duct tape on mustangs rear wheels

    BrianLTUBrianLTU23 dni temu
  • 10

    Lisa AlvaradoLisa Alvarado23 dni temu
  • I’d give Matt’s bald head an 10000000/10

    MarioRLZMarioRLZ23 dni temu
  • 8/10 chrome dome looks good on matt

    JESTERJESTER23 dni temu
  • Groop there it is

    hunting boihunting boi23 dni temu
  • #1 fakin

    Kilian Löfstrand LundKilian Löfstrand Lund23 dni temu
  • Marshmello gang

    Cameron JonesCameron Jones23 dni temu
  • 5

    HelloHello24 dni temu
  • Yah I have an rc that does that but for real.

    Kenny McCormickKenny McCormick24 dni temu
  • 2:42 #TANNER FOX 🤣🤣

    Traniel Jun LegasteTraniel Jun Legaste24 dni temu
  • 6

    Call of Duty mobileCall of Duty mobile24 dni temu
  • Mellow game

    Kaio MacenaKaio Macena25 dni temu
  • Sorry

    max windmax wind25 dni temu
  • It is a 👎0/10 I like him with hair

    max windmax wind25 dni temu
  • 0

    LeAnn HillLeAnn Hill25 dni temu
  • 0

    Brayden wileyBrayden wiley26 dni temu
  • Can i have the mustang

  • head is 10 he looks good

    Alexander StratisAlexander Stratis26 dni temu
  • 2

    Derick VenterDerick Venter27 dni temu
  • "do you feel sad, are you depressed, That's right you better just get undressed cause we are doing tiny science today, go hug you friend and tell him he's really really gay cause you love him" -cuts off

    BuffaloBuffalo27 dni temu
  • just like your...................ARMS

    BuffaloBuffalo27 dni temu
  • At the end anyone notice tanner got the “copyright” tune perfect 😂😂 16:23

    Vincent GeorgeVincent George28 dni temu
  • 10

    mickie jacksonmickie jackson28 dni temu
  • Marshmallow gang

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