V12 BMW E38 750iL Restoration - Project Dubai: Home Stretch - Part 6

24 paź 2020
316 708 wyświetleń

Homestretch with this E38! In this one, we tie up loose ends and replace knock sensors, front brakes and fix pixels in the cluster. Then start with the makeover of the exterior by removing dents with PDR, touch up the paint, remove bumpers and side skirts to be repainted.
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  • За сколько продаст потом? Сколько сыл, сколько денег выложил.

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  • “Let’s see some valves fly out of the hood!” *sees piston shoot up to the moon 😂😂😂 much love brotha😎

    Justin KondratyukJustin Kondratyuk6 dni temu
  • WOW. You are a very competent technician....Excellent Video !

    Walter ThorneWalter Thorne6 dni temu
  • You can test the lcd and the flex with some voltage if it is worth the hassle. What camcorder do you use?

    H.Cavid ArabacıH.Cavid Arabacı7 dni temu
  • How said Germans didn't have a sense of humour 🤣🤣great watch

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  • Keep original paint, i agree with this man, excellent job..👍

    Eggie BudimanEggie Budiman12 dni temu
  • must be nice to be able to go fast in the left lane without some idiot blocking you like here in the states.

    Jesse MurrayJesse Murray14 dni temu
  • Hi Sreten, I watched all of your videos now and I must say, the work you deliver is amazing. Maybe a little point of improvement for the future. Perhaps you could check out Larry Kosilla of Ammo NYC's method for the stonechip repair. He mixes paint and clear coat beforehand, apply the paint with a toothpick and fill in the damage to thicker than the existing paintwork. Then wetsand everything flush and polish. But like I said, amazing job and detailed work done as always!

    Tim HaakmaTim Haakma14 dni temu
  • I love how the valve covers look like those of WW2 airplane engines.

    Marc WampachMarc Wampach16 dni temu
  • 3.5km per L? Thirsty old car.

    Ulf HofUlf Hof17 dni temu
  • It's weird that the max speed on that engine is only 210kph I think it can do way more.

    Ahmed AlhoraibiAhmed Alhoraibi24 dni temu
  • I think this gentleman has changed my views on cloning, were all mechanics to be this fastidious. I am a little surprised if not disappointed in that he didn't replace the knock sensors when he had the opportunity, for next time as he said.

    Anthony XuerebAnthony Xuereb25 dni temu
  • That’s the most expertly applied touch-up paint I’ve ever witnessed.

    Dallas BarryDallas Barry27 dni temu
  • That is a great price for that dent removal. If just those 2 doors on one side were to be painted, it would probably cost 400€. My dad is a car painter here in Slovakia and I help him sometimes at work doing all the preparations for the actual painting. God knows how much that would cost with the dents, because that price is solely for the paint job.

    Mário PodolanMário Podolan29 dni temu
  • Is the lug nut size 17 mm

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  • what is the paint correction called with the clear coat in 21:58

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  • 6:29 That's my motto when working on Cars

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  • watched every minute of total 6 episode of project Dubai in one stretch, (yeah I need help ;P) Immaculate and genius work. keep up the good work Good luck!

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  • So satisfying to watch - and that it's bringing back one of bmw's greatest is even better.

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  • Even the gauge cluster on a BMW leaks oil...

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  • Your work is amazing! P.S: Do you have unlimited budget?

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  • Nice job, keep going

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  • Damn that dent guy did a really good job! I feel like everyone should have someone do this before you paint a car because most of the body shops use fillers instead of actually fixing the metal.

    wrxsubaru02wrxsubaru02Miesiąc temu
  • Würdest du das Auto von jemand anderem genau so wie deins reparieren und reinigen? Would you do the same job on someone else's car just like you did with your car? Ofcourse you'll get paid very well for doing that!

    Максим 681Максим 681Miesiąc temu
  • There is still something missing from the acceleration part, it should go faster, had one, wasn't like that.

    Cammy GamingCammy GamingMiesiąc temu
    • @M539 Restorations oh, alright nevermind 😅 keep up the good work and your talented sarcasm 💪🏽😜

      Cammy GamingCammy GamingMiesiąc temu
    • There isn't, it's a Japan spec car with shorter gear ratio so it's slower at the top end and 5th gear.

      M539 RestorationsM539 RestorationsMiesiąc temu
  • expertly fixed at one point...so we have to fix it again lol!

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  • You are a hell of a mechanic. No words

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  • Are all E38 750iLmodels fitted with ODB system?

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  • Hi. I really like your videos. May I ask what diagnotics system/software do you use?

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  • Channel subbed. Love the structured and detailed explanations. That said with regards to paint corrections I think You might benefit from this one - A master car painter gives tips for a quick correction job: plworld.info/show/maamp8rSraqxrNo/wideo.html (if You can sweat trough the fact that the video is in polish...). check 59 sec vs 31:30 for before/after. Cheers

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  • I absolutely appreciate your work. But... I can´t understand how one can live with paint chip repairs done with a brush. These repairs can be done without any difference from the original paint if done by a pro. It just heart wrenching seeing you doing that since all the rest you do is.. well like a pro !

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  • There a great technique for scratch and chip repairs that requires adhesive tape to be applied around the border of the scratch or chip before applying touch up paint. Effectively forming a dam around the imperfection to retain the wet touch up paint above the finished surface level. When dry, a razor blade is used to carefully remove the excess paint, before removing the tape and finishing of with cutting compounds and polish. Its not perfect, but hard to see the imperfection from a couple of meters away. Really enjoy your channel and admire your breath of knowledge and talent.

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    • Ebay

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations2 miesięcy temu
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    • Gonna try by the end of the year but still need to finish other projects first.

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    • @M539 Restorations ok i wish it soon ,you are very good thanks

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    • It won't be. :)

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    • Okay, then you are on the wrong channel.

      M539 RestorationsM539 Restorations2 miesięcy temu
  • Hi Sreten. Just thought I would pass on some info you might be able to use. Like you I have worked in the IT/computer field since the mid 1970's. Started out with the "IBM 370s". Lately I work with Desktop PCs. Many times when I have found stuff going "Wonky", I usually first clean all of the "pertinent contacts", cable connections, etc. Something I have found that works real well is a non toxic cleaner called "TARN-X". It works well with various metals, especially, copper and even gold, and I use it for cleaning memory stick contacts whenever I have problems with memory banks. I just dip a Q-tip end in a small amount and gently clean the contact surfaces. It is nowhere near as toxic as Acetone. I sometimes use it to clean my copper pennies and they shine like new. Freaks the store people out as they think I am giving them new money!!. Anyway, I usually just wipe down the contact surfaces with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean all of the Tarn-X off the surfaces in case any remains behind. The TARN-X works really great for jewelry pieces also. Thought you may like to try it on some of your projects. Best continued success with all of your projects!!

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