Cat tries to sneak in and eat dog’s food, but is caught.

1 maj 2021
521 342 wyświetleń

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  • wow what a gently Dog....

    hugo maria kwartiandonohugo maria kwartiandono23 minut temu
  • I really laugh in a oversolid way. That was priceless.

    Delicashilous _Delicashilous _3 godzin temu
  • Dog be like you ate my treats? now you are my treat

    A MA M3 godzin temu
  • If only police could handle criminals like this

    Dont CareDont Care5 godzin temu
  • The cat knew this would happened; cat wanted attention.

    atrelopian678atrelopian6786 godzin temu
  • Dog knows how to squish that cat.

    Dodo EnthusiastDodo Enthusiast7 godzin temu
  • Stupid ass cat taking food from the dog smh

    PRXJEK JEKPRXJEK JEK7 godzin temu
  • The dog with that cat under him next to the food is like: "So i can either eat the food or i can eat you but either way I'm eating good tonight."

    moises rodriguezmoises rodriguez8 godzin temu
  • I had a border collie corgi mix growing up. loved that dog!

    JLNPropsJLNProps8 godzin temu
  • cat: try to eat food dog in the other room: *the audacity*

    do u want a cup of teado u want a cup of tea9 godzin temu
  • The cat is innocent.

    Sam SungSam Sung10 godzin temu
  • Lmao the way he dragged her away and put his legs over her

    KaisertreuKaisertreu10 godzin temu
  • 😂😂😂

    Adrianne HolyfieldAdrianne Holyfield10 godzin temu
  • The dog was saying. Well. You ate my food. Now I get to eat you.

    onlyfans lefiercephoenixonlyfans lefiercephoenix11 godzin temu
  • Hey I love you, you're my best friend, but that's my food.

    RosrychapletRosrychaplet13 godzin temu
  • Hilarious especially the cat seems to have had this done to him before.

    Don't CryDon't Cry13 godzin temu
  • Dog : if you eat my food I’ll just have to eat you as well as my food seeing as my food is inside you

    Rennie AshRennie Ash13 godzin temu

    Monroe45Monroe4514 godzin temu
  • The dog is like "STOP YOU VIOLATED THE LAW!"

    JointíkJointík15 godzin temu
  • I like how the dog put his 2 paws on cat so the Universe can stay in perfect order

    Rupa MukherjeeRupa Mukherjee15 godzin temu
  • Anyone else confused as to why the dog’s water had a weird brown tint to it? Was it the lighting or maybe an additive?

    weasel1822weasel182216 godzin temu
  • dog said you're under paw

    An NguyenAn Nguyen18 godzin temu
  • Frezee, you are under arrest, sir..😂

    Oak CitizenOak Citizen19 godzin temu
  • WHAT A DOG👍👍👍👍

    mario burcamario burca19 godzin temu
  • We still friends, but you know you're getting these paws for eating my food.

    chesh katchesh katDzień temu
  • Dog knows the secret: SQUISH THAT CAT 🍞

    ReasonReasonDzień temu
  • this is hilarious

    Nate oneNate oneDzień temu
  • 3rd cat they've had this month

    John KurtzJohn KurtzDzień temu
  • Placing the cat under citizen's arrest.

    Brian KliewerBrian KliewerDzień temu
  • You're eating my food? Don't forget I could eat you instead.

    Ryan AmbsdorfRyan AmbsdorfDzień temu
  • You eat my food, I chew on your back

    CbrF4i600CbrF4i600Dzień temu
  • Poor dog would've become the meal if that was my cat haha. Then my cat is built like a tank and has a full set of claws to go with severe food aggression.

    Cyrus SheetsCyrus SheetsDzień temu
  • Cuz Dogs are the superior animal.

    Joseph McCoyJoseph McCoyDzień temu

    2020Vision2020VisionDzień temu
  • Dog wins in Round 1 by submission

    VishnuVishnuDzień temu
  • apprehended at once!

    stsfctshnstsfctshnDzień temu
  • A circle of life is about to born ...

    Ptit MaxPtit MaxDzień temu
  • Gefahr erkannt Gefahr gebannt

    Inhale ExhaleInhale ExhaleDzień temu
  • It is clear ; dont eat my food man

    GIsele DutrocGIsele DutrocDzień temu
  • I don't trust the dog at all. The poor cat can end up in shreds one day. Feed the fkin cat!!

    TruthTruthDzień temu
  • Dog said, “4 dat u git tha punish. I lernd this wun from da humanz..... TIME OUT”

    Chris GodfreyChris GodfreyDzień temu
  • Very smart dog.

    Angel RiveraAngel RiveraDzień temu
  • I thought he was gonna try to eat the cat lol

    Alexandria KINGAlexandria KING2 dni temu
  • Cat got arrested by the POLICE DOG.

    soneelitasoneelita2 dni temu
  • Cat: it’s a fair cop.

    Tae Young AhnTae Young Ahn2 dni temu
  • Why you little 🐈 burglar lol gotcha now.

    Andre DuboseAndre Dubose2 dni temu
  • Squish that cat!

    PattyPatty2 dni temu
  • Squish that cat!

    silentchaos1silentchaos12 dni temu
  • I have to bat my cat away from my dogs food because my cats have trained my dogs

    Man DendonMan Dendon2 dni temu
  • Dog: Is that b*tch eating my food mom? Mom: yes Dog: I’ll handle it mom stay out 😌

    Pretty GunzPretty Gunz2 dni temu
  • He's like hell nah my food

    Lorisha MastaphaLorisha Mastapha2 dni temu
  • he squished dat cat

    superDEROBsuperDEROB2 dni temu
  • The dog set a trap for the cat

    Asare GeorginaAsare Georgina2 dni temu
  • Jesus Christ is the Christ

    Earthworm ChewerEarthworm Chewer2 dni temu
  • The cat's like "chill bro I'm testing it for poison"

    Dominguez ChristopherDominguez Christopher2 dni temu
  • More like, it snitched on

    kathrynvanwaartkathrynvanwaart2 dni temu
  • I thought it is 360° camera😐

    luvernie lululuvernie lulu2 dni temu
  • Feed your cat man!!

    Ma GMa G2 dni temu
  • Smart dog know that cats should not be eating dog food which is toxic to them

    Let ErLet Er2 dni temu
  • Dog “hey get ur cat” lol

    TrashCanWavesTrashCanWaves2 dni temu
  • Squish that cat

    joshua wojciechowskijoshua wojciechowski3 dni temu
  • 🤣🤣I was expecting that

    Demond KenemoreDemond Kenemore3 dni temu
  • Stupid animals

    amristaramristar3 dni temu
  • Good dog

    IneedpieIneedpie3 dni temu
  • “*either you do something about this or I will stand up and do it*”

    엄.엄.3 dni temu
  • 😲 WHAT???!!! This 'lil doggie has skills 🤣

    Genesis E.Genesis E.3 dni temu
  • Caught red-pawed😬

    Маша ПаракинаМаша Паракина3 dni temu
  • Busted, and situation HANDLED.

    marmitenotmarmitenot3 dni temu
  • Take that, you stupid cat!

    tudorjasontudorjason3 dni temu
  • Foiled again. One day, dog, one day your food will be mine. Do you hear me, MIIIINEEE!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Hear me laugh at your gullibility silently

    A KA K3 dni temu
  • Straight boss, pulled the cat literally by the hair lol

    Troy KitchensTroy Kitchens3 dni temu
  • And then squish the cat

    747RAWR747RAWR3 dni temu
  • This is just accually too funny

    Burken ProductionsBurken Productions3 dni temu
  • Well mannered dinosaur

    Super EffectiveSuper Effective3 dni temu
  • Squish the cat.

    HexHex3 dni temu
  • That's it squish him good 😂

    Tony BainTony Bain3 dni temu
  • You know the hooman is pointing to him in the background trying to start some shit between the two😅

    SirLinxSirLinx3 dni temu
  • huh....wasnt expecting the cat to literally be caught.....

    jamphel mutakajamphel mutaka3 dni temu
  • Bviral - stealing clips since it's last ban.

    MonkehMonkeh3 dni temu
  • Human : (to dog) pss hey Dog : What? The cat is at it again? Dog runs to cat Dog : Hey buddy I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be mean but you're on your diet. Please have self-control. Cat : ........

    Sarah MhSarah Mh3 dni temu
  • "oh darnit Bob, we had this talk" "I dont recall agreeing to your conclusion"

    fangorn23fangorn233 dni temu
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣absolute classic

    Elizabeth BrownElizabeth Brown3 dni temu
  • I own a lab, so the sight of a full bowl of food that isn't being devoured at warp speed is very disturbing to me

    Saturn666Saturn6663 dni temu
  • Dog: "SQUISH that cat"

    Việt AnViệt An3 dni temu
  • why is that dog not eating his food?

    RockSleeperRockSleeper3 dni temu
  • 0:16 dog: "dafuq?"

    SupernautiloidSupernautiloid3 dni temu
  • "Squish the cat!"

    JahagaJahaga3 dni temu
  • The funny part is, we know this has happened before but this is just the first time they got it on camera

    ISpyLexiISpyLexi3 dni temu
  • Cat roll her eyes 👀 you gonna die you wannnnnna die !!! 😂

    amrit samakamrit samak3 dni temu
  • good dog

    PharaohPharaoh3 dni temu
  • I imagen the dog saying this, this is mine now

    shayan gholamrezashayan gholamreza4 dni temu

    Liza FernandezLiza Fernandez4 dni temu

    Liza FernandezLiza Fernandez4 dni temu
  • Um, did that dog just squish dat cat?

    N HN H4 dni temu
  • I love the look on the cats face

    Johnny MJohnny M4 dni temu
  • Now that's how you dominate the p u s s y... 😺 Cat

    JoeJoe MoreChristJoeJoe MoreChrist4 dni temu
  • This is basically a roommate relationship lmao

    Josh VJosh V4 dni temu
  • Cat: I can't believe I'm actually about to eat dog food on my own free will. Nonm Wow, this actually isn't disgusting. I might have another- Dog: And you cats all act like your better than dogs yet you still ate my dog food. Cat: IT'S NOT WHAT UT LOOKS LIKE! Dog: Suuuure, riiiight.(squish) Cat: Help me 🐈🐕

    Tyler TichocTyler Tichoc4 dni temu
  • Ha! I have a cat that likes to take some tasty snacks from my dog’s bowl too. He can beat up my shih tzu, so all the dog can do is stare from a distance.

    Marilyn RussellMarilyn Russell4 dni temu
  • I was told there would be mass hysteria.

    cepsoncepson4 dni temu