10 DANGEROUS Products You Can Buy on Amazon!

21 lut 2020
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10 Products That Are Totally OVERKILL! ➡ plworld.info/show/g2WWo87erGmWZtI/wideo.html
10 Extreme Prank Products That Your Friends Won't Expect! ➡ plworld.info/show/h6hnbNOWqpqmlJM/wideo.html

You guys, grab your safety googles and an adult, unless you are one, because today we checking out 10 most the dangerous products you can buy from AMAZON!!! Keep in mind, today's video was made from an entertainment standpoint in which we tried to lightly pick fun at the fact that you can buy such dangerous and crazy products online. Do not buy or test out any of these products unless you have an adult with you!

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  • Everyone who is good with slingshots be like: Shoot the slingshot right it is no that hard. (He did not do anything right when shooting the slingshot)

    Deamer 6Deamer 69 godzin temu

    R GriR GriDzień temu
  • What happened to Michele in the other videos🥺

    ZarethZarethDzień temu
  • Cross road

    Ellis BibbsEllis BibbsDzień temu
  • crossy bow

    Mileidy ChristoffelMileidy ChristoffelDzień temu
  • They are real nerf modder⬇️

    mattron blaster , mods , game worldmattron blaster , mods , game worldDzień temu
  • BB guns are for Airsoft and watch these Chanel coop772, captain Xavier ,lordrac,warcoms7 ,

    mattron blaster , mods , game worldmattron blaster , mods , game worldDzień temu
  • My reaction to 2:30 ... my first time shooting a gun i had better aim than my mother who not only owns it but practices her aim monthly...

    Shadow QueenShadow Queen2 dni temu
  • You darn urban people have never shot a shotgun or rifle or explosives

    Landon KahlLandon Kahl2 dni temu
  • 0:54 matt is opening meat sticks an I the only one that saw that

    Briana VillegasBriana Villegas3 dni temu
  • Gets rolled up news paper.. Tis obviously a deadly weapon!

    The Deadpool Who Chuckles.The Deadpool Who Chuckles.3 dni temu
  • i love how there saying team edge sucks when matthies use to be on team edge

    Freddie SmithFreddie Smith3 dni temu
  • not sure if real, but I died a little inside when I saw that the Leather Sap (coin club) was loaded with what appeared to be vintage Silver coins. They have potentially rare and valuable old coins, and they're using them for stuffing cheap amazon junk to beat up a dummy.

    bitmaster64bitmaster644 dni temu
  • I’m to lazy to look but I think you didn’t rate the first product I don’t think you may have

    Jack AttackJack Attack5 dni temu
  • It’s like they saw Jesus Christ guns are just slightly not as good as Jesus Christ

    Cou804ntryCou804ntry5 dni temu
  • Btw finger discipline pls

    Epic ClipsEpic Clips7 dni temu
  • Omg its a bb gun i go hunting and i shoot sport for competition in my town

    Epic ClipsEpic Clips7 dni temu
  • Tanner - “you can’t shot people with a Bebe gun.” Me-“ that’s what airsoft is.”

    OllieanimatesOllieanimates7 dni temu
  • A man with painted fingernails and playing with potentially dangerous products making fun of Southerners. So edgy... Next.

    DiveJumpShooterDiveJumpShooter7 dni temu
  • Them: getting scared of a bb gun Me as a 12 yr old: I have a katana at 12

    stabby Stevestabby Steve7 dni temu
  • Is that Jake Paul? Lmao

    jonathan hernandezjonathan hernandez7 dni temu
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  • It’s for protection

    AlphaMale_AlphaMale_7 dni temu
  • Also did you know that edc means every day carry

    Cael KarlsonCael Karlson7 dni temu
  • Listen at the beginning is zombies are

    Izzy FaulknerIzzy Faulkner7 dni temu
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    alx bdalx bd7 dni temu
  • I live in tx and I've shot a 22 smithon Wesson and I'm 10

    Grant LeighGrant Leigh8 dni temu
  • Okay, I can't tell whether you are trying to demonize pellet pistols or just playing. Pellet/BB pistols, rifles are not toys, and, are not intended to be used by anyone as a toy. Not to mention the $74.00 sticker price and the required up keep. So the constant references to babies and children raises my ire.

    12thsonofisrael12thsonofisrael8 dni temu
  • it is hilarious to watch these guys open a BB gun and be so scared

    Oliver JuranekOliver Juranek8 dni temu
  • Rasingan

    Jamie RichardsJamie Richards8 dni temu
  • The 5th hikaga

    Jamie RichardsJamie Richards8 dni temu
  • A cosh

    Jamie RichardsJamie Richards8 dni temu
  • This is a pathetic joke about being inept right? How can these people exist, let alone have a PLworld channel with an audience? This makes no sense.

    Fred MenchFred Mench9 dni temu
  • No offense but you need to handle the BB gun with more safety you need to point the barrel to the ground when you not going to shoot and don’t but your finger on the trigger when you not going to shoot because if you don’t it could cause accidental shooting and could injure you or someone else.

    Soldier For ChristSoldier For Christ9 dni temu
  • You guys are wooses

    Amir OrdibiAmir Ordibi10 dni temu
  • Crossy road crossy bow

    Amir OrdibiAmir Ordibi10 dni temu
  • I shot a 30x30 and im in 5th!

    John KelesteJohn Keleste10 dni temu
  • you kill small game with bb guns

    Iisabush robloxIisabush roblox10 dni temu
  • th gun is air soft

    Yoandys PelaezYoandys Pelaez10 dni temu
  • tHiS iS sO dAnGeRoUs

    SapperDaddy86SapperDaddy8610 dni temu
  • I would not doubt it if these creeps are sanctioned by those looking to transform America into sheeple.

    CutTheKnotCutTheKnot11 dni temu
  • These guys are the reason America is being nerfed. They are afraid of LIFE (hence mother's basement).

    CutTheKnotCutTheKnot11 dni temu
  • I shot a raccoon that was digging in my poop sock

    Christopher GarnerChristopher Garner11 dni temu
  • A guy taped a regular bullet to the end of a bb gun and the bb hit the primer and set off the bullet

    Edward ErvinEdward Ervin11 dni temu
  • Is it bad I feel offended 😂

    Maryann DiamondMaryann Diamond11 dni temu
  • These 3 are dumb af

    DerekDerek12 dni temu
  • The tools are not dangerous, the tool holding the tools are...

    Kyro MirandaKyro Miranda12 dni temu
  • The coin sock thing would be considered a sap or blackjack.

    Marc KennerMarc Kenner12 dni temu
  • My friend Chris who is the polar opposite of me - shoots squirrels he doesn't like with his BB gun. I know it's not good. Fortunately he only did it once when I was there and I said NO MORE ! So he said, fine - I'll do it when you're not here. *SIGH* I kinna wish he'd just leave nature alone. As for those arm-blades in the end, that is wicked cool. I'm surprised they don't have this in foam for kids.

    a2phaa2pha12 dni temu
  • sorry to the people better to the manican for covid

    Olyvia ConradOlyvia Conrad12 dni temu
  • I qu'il a bar wite à 22

    zachary Marcilzachary Marcil13 dni temu
  • You think that tiny bb gun is scary I have a full looking revolver bb gun

    jasmine folkmanjasmine folkman13 dni temu
  • Haha

    Kevin Castro CrookKevin Castro Crook13 dni temu
  • 10 dangerous products, tests first one in a large area, the rest in a 10 foot space.

    SurleyBlaineSurleyBlaine14 dni temu
  • i shot myself with a bebe in the foot it bleed i m alive

    tucker tannehilltucker tannehill14 dni temu
  • Or nope

    Molly BurtonMolly Burton14 dni temu
  • Rip dope

    Molly BurtonMolly Burton14 dni temu
  • crossy roads

    Fusive EntityFusive Entity14 dni temu
  • If you live in the country and squirrel with it

    Paxton JohnsonPaxton Johnson15 dni temu
  • Very cool video! thank you!! by the way, I have a Telegram channel where I publish cheap and high-quality products from Amazon!)) come in - @amaz_shop11😊

    Funny VideoFunny Video16 dni temu
  • Oh no ghost gun.. 😭🥺 Pansies😂😭🤣

    Jacob GJacob G16 dni temu
  • Lol I figured out you guys were in California by interaction and reaction to the gun.

    Yariee MooreYariee Moore17 dni temu
  • My dad has an automatic rifle

    Li SandraLi Sandra17 dni temu
  • 🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹

    Biscuit BoBiscuit Bo17 dni temu
  • Crossbow

    Terald BowlesTerald Bowles17 dni temu
  • Crossbow

    Khot DeanothorKhot Deanothor19 dni temu
  • Crossy Road

    Khot DeanothorKhot Deanothor19 dni temu
  • And now I’m using a fucking real gun my dad give it’s a asolt rifle

    Hoang Long NguyenHoang Long Nguyen19 dni temu
  • I’m 8

    Hoang Long NguyenHoang Long Nguyen19 dni temu
  • My dad used a face glock Han thrown the bbs and put real bullets and I used his gun

    Hoang Long NguyenHoang Long Nguyen19 dni temu
  • Bb guns are for hunting small animals

    Patrick slatePatrick slate19 dni temu
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    Laoagan LesterLaoagan Lester19 dni temu
  • 6:53 guys watch it until end it's so funny I even saved it AHAHHA

    John Percy YumolJohn Percy Yumol19 dni temu
  • Someone needs to take them boys to the range an turn em into men

    gram krakergram kraker20 dni temu
  • Nobody: Matt: OnE TiME I I ShOT a RiFlE

    DairyFriend7858DairyFriend785820 dni temu
  • im 11 and i have shot a 12 gauge

  • cans and small rodents are what i use bb guns for

    chris Caldwellchris Caldwell20 dni temu
  • wheres a link to buy these?

    GachaWolfKnifesGachaWolfKnifes20 dni temu
  • Imagine calling it a blaster

    William SmithWilliam Smith20 dni temu
  • Crossy road

    Andrew SawyerAndrew Sawyer20 dni temu
  • I go hunting with a shotgun and im 9

    Cmonkey blueCmonkey blue20 dni temu
  • Someone lmk me when the travel episode happens

    Conner LigmaConner Ligma20 dni temu
  • tanner looks like a freak

    Arfaan KaziArfaan Kazi21 dzień temu
  • I uSeD a RiFlE bEfOrE!

    Mobile GamingMobile Gaming21 dzień temu
  • I’m the loose hammer

    gustavo lucaterogustavo lucatero21 dzień temu
  • No

    gustavo lucaterogustavo lucatero21 dzień temu
  • You can shoot people it hurts as bad trust me

    Dark smoke420Dark smoke42021 dzień temu
  • It’s not loading bro

    GHOST 420GHOST 42021 dzień temu
  • This is how meny times Tanner shot Hank with the bibi gun. 👇

    S VS V21 dzień temu
    • BB gun * Sorry dude but couldn't help myself

      S WITTONS WITTON21 dzień temu
  • Crossy bow

    Vir Parkash KahlonVir Parkash Kahlon21 dzień temu
  • 0:43 That's me everyday 😩😖😞

    Nimmer SalungaNimmer Salunga21 dzień temu
  • 15:14 dude its a glock

    Ceejhay FrancoCeejhay Franco21 dzień temu
  • 2:35 how much is it

    Ceejhay FrancoCeejhay Franco21 dzień temu
  • Its been awhile since I’ve watched mathias

    Ryan WhittedRyan Whitted21 dzień temu
  • one time i used a rifle to kill a bunny at my gran pa pa ranch. we ate it :D

    SH3RKSSH3RKS22 dni temu
  • For the missed thing why don't you just use the real firearm

    Alex MelickAlex Melick22 dni temu
  • 11:29 the only thing I saw was the Rubik's cube

    ATO_GhoulATO_Ghoul22 dni temu
  • Wtf

    William BishopWilliam Bishop22 dni temu
  • crossy bow

    Jamie WambacqJamie Wambacq23 dni temu
  • I used a BB gun for things like shooting chicken my grandpa used it for things like scaring dogs away from our yard there are a lot of dogs

    Panda and Grizzly Bear GamingPanda and Grizzly Bear Gaming23 dni temu