10 Extreme Prank Products That Your Friends Won't Expect!

7 lut 2020
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Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡ bit.ly/2TzgLp3
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Unboxing 10 Customized Products We Found Online! ➡ plworld.info/show/oX2Jd8C4gpmvqZs/wideo.html
10 Easy Magic Tricks Experts Can't Figure Out! ➡ plworld.info/show/Zpybd7XIrpPbh5c/wideo.html

We recently made a video all about pranks and from the looks of it, you guys really enjoyed it! Join us in today's video where we test out 10 pranks and try them on our friends! Will they see what's coming their way or not? Watch to find out! Also, if you have any pranks that you pulled on your friends/family, tweet them to us over at @hi5dopeornope using the hashtag #DNpranks!!

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  • I looovveee tanner/chucky. Hes a fucking emo i love it!!

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  • 11:00 No you see you need to grab a hose with like one of those pressure washer and just get up in there

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  • Three morons 🤔

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  • Not the kind your grandma (USED) to make if you think about it it’s dark. It is here 4:09.

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  • is this a tazer to then woods got spunged

    Trent AlleryTrent Allery11 dni temu
  • To the blood capsule things act like it's a pill and take it with water and pop it and let it run out of your mouth. That would be scary

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  • 11:32 Matt what happened to ur face

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  • They better do that idea I’d you draw it you buy it

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  • Is anybody back from the year 2020

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  • On 10:25 u can see the absolute defeat in his eyes

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  • 10:55 me who lives in the middle east where we use a bidet shower instead of toilet paper: oop-

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  • This is about the popping pen them trying to draw something “POP” hello mild darkness friend I will once again

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  • 13:47 Is awkward

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  • 18:06 I think they reversed the events there.

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  • lmao half of their vids are just *confusion*

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  • Me who thought the coin landed on its side O-O

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  • #Fight-against T series

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  • Fight against t series

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  • im watching thi aight months later

  • Y havent used a nicle in like almost 1year inahaf wait wat about peaple that never hade one

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  • BaNaNa RoTaT e

  • matt sounds like a kid when he said ka boom hahahahahaha

  • You act like you got punched and bite down on that while at a party : the fake blood pill item

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  • The video has more than 100k do the video u promised

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  • I would love to see a you draw it you keep it video

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  • i have never used a nickel in my life

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  • 4:13 lol

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  • i wasnt focused on the video when they did the coin flip i was wondering if it was a jump cut or not

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  • i made the sponge cake thing for my third grade teacher and she just licked all the frosting off

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  • Lmao, name as many PLworldrs that hate T-Series xD Lmao, I almost feel bad

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  • bro fist opppp

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  • And to this day he still needs a bookshelf

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  • #fightaginttseries

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  • I like this video for that one dude he needs a new bookshelf

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  • this was epic, def coming back for more.

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  • Tanner: puts money in his mouth money: magically fly's away

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  • This is probably one of the most wholesome chanels on youtube

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  • last time i used a nickel was to buy candy from a guy that led me around a corner and said he had candy which hey its candy why not like if you agree

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  • am i crazy or is their like a constant phone rining in the background of this one?

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  • I’m unsubscribing because I’m a Indian a

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  • I’m still waiting for you draw it you keep it

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  • 16:25 Thats a cool product Parts where I loose a lung: 17:36 17:51

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  • Please do “ you draw it you keep it”!!!!

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  • If I picked up something and it shocked me, I would be throwing it at whoever gave it to me. I hate being pranked.

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  • i like how they just have woods head above the white-board

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  • halo infinite

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  • let others be on thumbnail matthias

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  • When tanner had the chukie costume on he looked like one of the people from scooby doo

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  • I made it throught that Tanner...

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  • pen is trash

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  • #fightingtseries

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  • 22:11 “Europeans don’t matter” That’s what I heard Tanner say-

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  • You make the worst video

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  • CJs still waiting for that bookshelf

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  • Playing heads or tails -me: heads -tanner: why did you pick heads -me: so I’m actually smart so I can win

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    • Oh and let’s get this post big

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    • Comment head or tails below let’s get this comment big

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  • What his thing with bookshelf’s this vid and the new one of the storage units he said he wants to find a bookshelf

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  • 1:11 Yeah tell that to my friend who put a pen in his mouth and it exploded

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  • is tanner ok 16:18

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  • Sam is like good friends to Matt like dad and daughter idk I dead inside

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  • I used a nickel 5 years ago in 2015

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