Celebrating Ten Years of LGR: An LGR Retrospective by LGR

5 lip 2019
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Argh! Time! It's passing!
Thanks so much to everyone who's watched for a decade :)

  • You have taught me so much thank you for making these videos i love learning from you!

    Shifting 'n DriftingShifting 'n Drifting4 dni temu
  • Only change is glasses

    Ahmetcan AksuAhmetcan Aksu9 dni temu
  • You should do retro giveaways. Start with those Roland MA12c's 😉

    ThadThad13 dni temu
    • He's a collector not a giver or a donator .

      Christy ShultzChristy Shultz10 dni temu
  • Keep up the videos we are very similar in interests, your perspective is spot on, I use your videos to relax and enjoy you trying to run dos games on everything, heres a suggestion getting duke 3d to run on a smart fridge 😄

    Jesse RichmondJesse Richmond17 dni temu
  • So to succeed, you just needed to not try anymore. Very zen.

    Friendly MetroidFriendly Metroid29 dni temu
  • An inspiration to so many people out there, including me. My channel might not have existed if it were not for seeing that there other people out there that actually like this stuff. A lot! Here's to another decade Clint!

    Al's Geek LabAl's Geek LabMiesiąc temu
  • Congratulations!

    Edward ShoreEdward Shore2 miesięcy temu
  • 2:12 now that's a throwback

    Lazy DaysLazy Days2 miesięcy temu
  • The fact that you were inspired by the nerd is amazing.

    Teddy MTeddy M2 miesięcy temu
  • Lazy game reviews? For me It is know as *legendary Game Reviews* because you are truly an legendary person and puts a lot of efforts to making an video, that's why

    Sriram BronzoSriram Bronzo3 miesięcy temu
  • LGR needs to bring back the old intro!!! Fucking love it!

    rippinkorpserippinkorpse3 miesięcy temu
  • late 2006 imac

    anonymouspepper2012anonymouspepper20123 miesięcy temu
  • I think in the future a platform like PLworld will pop and have a massive attraction where people could make money even easier than here on PLworld. dunno just saying

    Bran7RKOBran7RKO3 miesięcy temu
  • I think it' not only the content but the passion, care and research even for subjects in videos that aren't much interesting. U give character and personality to your videos. Thank u LGR for the retro-history trips(voodo, AOE1 demo, all AOEs) and especially 'Tech Tales' series.

    nissan gtrnissan gtr4 miesięcy temu
  • "10 years is long enough for anything!" *Laughs in Simpsons*

    eddiehimselfeddiehimself4 miesięcy temu
  • Love the enthusiasm you show for everything you've accomplished these past 10 years. It's so well deserved. As for what to do next? …. I'd love a bit more "how to" in your videos. You tackle things like DOS installation, operating system setup commands, old hardware reconfiguration, mounting picture frames, and so on, with an unspoken expertise that I'd love to get a bit more in-depth explanation on. Your love for the software and hardware shines through, but sometimes the detail is lost because of that. So I'd like to see you be more of a "teacher" than a "seeker", I guess, in this next phase.

    Tjimi ColeTjimi Cole4 miesięcy temu
  • I'm a new subscriber. I've seen a lot of the recent videos before I kept binging on and seen one of the oldest ones. But seeing 20:30 put a huge grin on my face, because that was totally unexpected to me! And I'll gladly keep on binging for the next decade.

    Ondřej FicekOndřej Ficek4 miesięcy temu
  • You’re great!!! Hope you can stick around for another 10 years!!

    Destinee TejadaDestinee Tejada4 miesięcy temu

    JJ4 miesięcy temu
  • this is the most wholesome channel ever.

    netzeronetzero4 miesięcy temu
  • You’re the best at what you do Clint! I always end up rewatching the old commodore and Atari 600xl videos haha

    kiansurfskiansurfs4 miesięcy temu
  • Clint, some times, good things happen to good people, and i am happy that you are one of them. Your friend and fan from Greece.

    A-Rider ***A-Rider ***5 miesięcy temu
  • talent

    Mystic CavernMystic Cavern5 miesięcy temu
  • Do a little bit of all that stuff -- whatever keeps you having fun. It's the authentic passion for these things that makes the videos great.

    CommodoreGregCommodoreGreg5 miesięcy temu
  • I love your personality and enthusiasm. Keep up the great work!

    Lachie DazdarianLachie Dazdarian6 miesięcy temu
  • I wanna see you visit another weird warehouse full of old fascinating tech and the journey getting there etc, I found that video oddly satisfying, much like many of your videos.

    Goldeneye007MastersGoldeneye007Masters6 miesięcy temu
  • To be honest I've been subscribed to LGR for about 6-7 years, but for the longest time I had him mixed up with Wizwar. It wasnt until like 2 years ago that I really started watching LGRs videos, and immediately liking them because he shares my similar interests in old PC things from the 90s. Anyways LGR, your videos are awesome. Stay well :)

    Faze of 1337planetFaze of 1337planet7 miesięcy temu
  • I believe you should film some more episodes using this old fashioned (oh really? Am I that old?)))) Camera. That is really is the core of what are you doing, right?

    Pavel GavrilovPavel Gavrilov7 miesięcy temu
  • I think the thing I really like the most about you is that I genuinely feel your excitement exude when you talk about stuff and I'm not gonna lie, it's kinda infectious. You are so, so, lucky to be able to have a job that lets you do that. Congratulations on making it to ten, and I look forward to binging on more of your videos about beige boxes that my dad liked to scream at.

    gooch grabblergooch grabbler8 miesięcy temu
  • What I would like to see more of: reviews as in the 'old days', something like Odell Down Under or Paganitzu.

    Armageddon TomatoArmageddon Tomato8 miesięcy temu
  • can someone PLEASE tell me which episode of LGR where Clint shows how he restores his PC big boxes with cardboard? I've been looking for that video for EVER and can't find it!!! I want to learn his process!!!

    NEScRETRONEScRETRO8 miesięcy temu
    • @LGR thank you so much Clint! I thought the video was forever lost!

      NEScRETRONEScRETRO3 miesięcy temu
    • plworld.info/show/YpmdacjJfKG2iJs/wideo.html

      LGRLGR3 miesięcy temu
  • i miss classic game room

    Alex H.Alex H.8 miesięcy temu
  • I can't say that I've followed you for a decade, but you are certainly a prince amongst PLworldrs. Long may LGR continue. Actually you've been an inspiration to me. I've started my own channel of Retro-ness, let me know if you have time to check it out, if you do have any critique I'd be much obliged! plworld.info/post/pa_ZxyIl8u1TS3-rS1bTrg.html - One question, what software do you use for editing? I currently use iMovie, but I'm definitely outgrowing that fast!

    Al's Geek LabAl's Geek Lab8 miesięcy temu
    • Adobe Premiere!

      LGRLGR3 miesięcy temu
  • _Hello from South Africa!_

    Hanro50Hanro509 miesięcy temu
  • this man stays tru the whole time.... respect bro! ill be watching for 20 years bro congrats love the old vhs cam

    Josh ThompsonJosh Thompson9 miesięcy temu
    • Looking forard to the LGR walker episode in like 50 years or so. :D

      Håkon T.Håkon T.9 miesięcy temu
  • Love your content man. I'm the same age so I love when you go through random old tech that hits me right in the nostalgia (I remember a friend gave me the game G-nome on a Zip disk in 1999, you've covered them both!). Had my first kid a few months ago so when I stay up late and rock her to sleep I pop in my Bluetooth headset and chill out to some of your reviews. Keep it up for as long as it works for you!!

    sagef0ursagef0ur9 miesięcy temu
  • Love the introspective! My MCN Story: I had a gaming channel that was pretty obscure. Maker accepted me and it grew a bit. Maker was sold to Disney and I suddenly got dumped from them. Later found out that Maker might have been accepting channels to inflate their value to Disney. I was bummed. It was surreal to get checks with Mickey Mouse on them for a while after the sale...at least until I got dumped. Go me?

    Daniel Scott BiehlDaniel Scott Biehl10 miesięcy temu
  • Don't ever comment, but it has been a lot of fun watching your creative journey. I've been randomly perusing your past videos. Love your perspectives (I missed out on PC entirely until '98), love the little bits and shoutouts you do (the "Steve1989 accessories pack was my fav) and pretty much most of it. Really looking foward to see what you create over the next ten years.

    bombatomba77bombatomba7710 miesięcy temu
  • You don't get it? You're intelligent, well-versed, hilarious, charismatic, handsome, and unique. Your personality is just gorgeous, people respond to those great qualities!

    Cirque Du OpinionCirque Du Opinion10 miesięcy temu
    • It's like he's our buddy on the internet. :D

      Håkon T.Håkon T.9 miesięcy temu
  • Late comment but congrats, Clint! You truly are one of the best on PLworld!

    Joni RahikainenJoni Rahikainen10 miesięcy temu
  • Dude you are so humble, you can change stuff on your channel but I'll watch as long as you are still you. Cheers on those 10 years and thank you for brightening my days along the years.

    MondrosMondros10 miesięcy temu
  • I recently saw a comment on an old video that was four years old. And I definitely started watching you when Sims3 was huge for you so I've been a fan for so long! You're probably the only PLworldr I've stuck by since I ever came onto this platform and every video is better than the last. Happy anniversary!!!!

    KatyKaty10 miesięcy temu
  • Glad you have been on for 10 years. I have only been watching for a couple of years now and enjoy the videos very much. One of my favorite videos you have ever done was the one where you went to that location that had all the computer and computer parts from floor to ceiling that was cool. I am glad you buy old computers and refurbish them. I grew up in the late 80's and early 90's and had a father that worked for IBM so I remember having some of those old systems. So you getting and redoing those old computers brings back memories. Again thanks and keep up the great videos.

    James PanzaJames Panza11 miesięcy temu
  • I've probably watched you the first time trough the related videos back in the day (when watching AVGN). Keep up the great work

    BoefBoef11 miesięcy temu
  • Release your episodes on DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BringBackMy90sBringBackMy90s11 miesięcy temu
  • You have an amazing voice and enunciation. Is that a compliment you hear a lot?

    sergio araujosergio araujoRok temu
  • I miss your intro. The one you have now is bland, but I guess you “polished” it to be as viewer friendly as possible. Man, YT brings forth mediocrity.

    UbersnuberUbersnuberRok temu
  • I have to say, that start really threw me off with that misdirection of the low quality video. I thought it was one of your oldest videos that you decided to start with as a sort of a reminiscence, cracked me up real good :)

    cinderweaselcinderweaselRok temu
  • I work overnight at a gas station, and your videos do a wonderful job of filling in the quiet times.

    Ben ReillyBen ReillyRok temu
  • Ive been watching you for 7 years now. One of my very favorite youtubers ! Heres to 10 years, my friend.

    Kadejah CarstenKadejah CarstenRok temu
  • Love your stuff Clint! I was late to see this but heres to another 10 amazing years ( ^ω^ )

    Catami-kunCatami-kunRok temu
  • Remember when the PLworld algorithm used to actually recommend related videos? It used to work perfectly.

    Dean SchreiberDean SchreiberRok temu
  • I get it, it was a 10 years shindig.. but dude, no footage of the beard?! heh-heh ;^)

    ugzzugzzRok temu
  • I want a T-shirt that says "Happy, Healthy and Thankful as Balls"

    Justin DemoretJustin DemoretRok temu
  • Help me what is the intro song called?

    Burnt FishyBurnt FishyRok temu
  • By far my most favorite and relaxing youtube channel ever! Absolute #1! Every video gives me a smile on my face and i always get hyped when i see new uploads! Congrats on the ten year anniversary my friend!!! For many good years and video's to come. :) Much love from the Netherlands

    AselixaAselixaRok temu
  • Bravo LAD! HAppy 10th anniversary.

    Screw The NetScrew The NetRok temu
  • i have been following you for ten years, i allways enjoy watching you, here is for ten more years! :D

    Knas51Knas51Rok temu
  • I'm lucky I just subscribed a month ago. I still have tons of your stuff to watch!

    gsxerwhitegsxerwhiteRok temu
  • That VHS-C camcorder is the perfect aesthetic for this channel. But thank goodness for the GH5S Clint has today.

    Daniel DouganDaniel DouganRok temu
  • I can't believe I"ve been watching you for that long. I think I discovered you 2008/2009 I'm proud of you dude! Your content is awesome!

    SagenerdSagenerdRok temu
  • Best channel on PLworld. Always nice to watch things/games from when you were young....makes me kinda sentimental at times and makes wanna go back in time

    Mads Krabbe FotografiMads Krabbe FotografiRok temu
  • Absolutely adore your videos and have done so for years - they are consistently intriguing and calming and I just love listening to you talk about all the things that interest you because you're so genuine and enthusiastic, it's contagious. Here's to another 10 years!

    TheDustyLeavesTheDustyLeavesRok temu
  • Thanks to the internet I learned english and thus I am enjoying your videos, thank you. Greetings from Colombia.

    Iván OspinaIván OspinaRok temu
  • Congrats man. You are good at this. Starting from zero. Awesome

    goodbi99goodbi99Rok temu
  • omg doesn't he look like the guy from android authority even had the same gesture @0:38 lol

    Madison HangMadison HangRok temu
  • I love your video's Clint! To another 10 years and stay who you are. Humble and genuine!

    DjendoDjendoRok temu
  • Cheers to another decade of LGR! Rock N' Roll! More power and God bless from the Philippines!

    Rommel GaliciaRommel GaliciaRok temu
  • Congrats, just discovered you this year. Your video where you got emotional about a keyboard got me hooked!

    lardosianlardosianRok temu
  • I can't say I've been watching for ten years. Because I haven't. But I have been watching for over a year. I totally enjoy your channel! Here's to another 10 years, dude!

    MonoYah MusicMonoYah MusicRok temu
  • I first stumbled upon your "Kings of the Beach" review way back around '09. Back when your where attempting a sarcastic slant, I love that yourself nowadays.

    nunavyour biznasnunavyour biznasRok temu
  • keep goin BROO!!

    Mishko FrydrysekMishko FrydrysekRok temu
  • Oh man that old intro song... If I could keep one only channel on PLworld I would keep yours. Thank you for all the videos and I wish you all the best for the future!

    TritonioTritonioRok temu
  • Grats on a decade dude! I'd like to see more custom builds with testing different sound cards and gpu's and seeing what works and what doesn't and how far you can push it and stuff.

    Atomizer ZeroAtomizer ZeroRok temu
  • Congrats on 10 years of LGR. You put yourself out there, opening yourself up to all kinds of criticisms, built a successful channel, and then transitioned from a crappy job to being your own boss. That is totally awesome! I can totally identify with the life struggles you mentioned and I applaud you for rising above and overcoming it. Here's to 10 more successful years of LGR.

    LunghoLunghoRok temu
  • Telling you man.....time to move on to a new platform. Its a gamble yes but PLworld is not the best paying platform and is on its way out like Facebook. At least get something going on a blockchain service while still on PLworld! Just a suggestion because I dont want to see this channel die like many before it....

    KEKKEKRok temu
  • 🙋‍♂️Thanks to YOU ! 🎂🍾🥂

    David ChabertDavid ChabertRok temu
  • I think I started around the second or third year but I watched all the videos. I still can't believe its been that long. Congrats on the 10 years.

    Mr SetharooMr SetharooRok temu
  • Love your work Clint! May you continue for another 10!

    Wayne MorganWayne MorganRok temu
  • Found you from your Sims 3 recommendations videos years ago!!! Love your channel and also your LGR Food! I enjoy listening to you talk, even if I don't follow as much on the computer things :P

    Sabrina PietilaSabrina PietilaRok temu
  • Awe man you reminded me about Blip, funny thing is a bunch of my favorite youtubers where on Blip back when they where still a thing.

    justjoeblow420justjoeblow420Rok temu
  • i just started watching your channel less than a year ago(stumbled across it, i think it was the 40 minute ibm new/old stock unboxing video that sucked me in lol) and im sure ive watched almost every one of your videos by now, love the content! keep it all coming!

    Jimmy BaileyJimmy BaileyRok temu
  • I like to see xvideos and this channel 😄

    El revoltoso TinTanEl revoltoso TinTanRok temu
  • God I feel old. Been watching for so long. . . Practice mode

    XanderXanderRok temu
  • It works because you express that you enjoy this stuff and we love you for doing so

    Tim LindnerTim LindnerRok temu
  • why does he sound so similar to SwankyBox?

    yoda yoda123yoda yoda123Rok temu
  • I'm sure you've thought about it, but eventually old technology and most of the people who used it are older and the knowledge is lost. Thanks for educating me and the entertainment over the years.

    adam gravatteadam gravatteRok temu
  • Much love for LGR

    Dilan BartzDilan BartzRok temu
  • LGR, brought to you by the many nationwide branches of Goodwill. A source for any kind of tech you can think of, Goodwill Makes Life More Interesting. Talk to "Techmoan" about how to make the best of a small space. Or how to do one thing well by "C&Rsenal" or "Forgotten Weapons."

    Otokichi786Otokichi786Rok temu
  • chuckle, 4:3. so much throwback. awesome that youtube still directly supports it.

    kght222kght222Rok temu
  • Have you not reviewed POD in ten years?!

    NuVanDibeNuVanDibeRok temu
  • one of the few youtubers that deserves every single dollar he gets !

    Fur QFur QRok temu
  • boy,i miss the old youtube style from back in the days.

    Mouzekiller83Mouzekiller83Rok temu
  • I know you think review take too long time to make, but it would be really cool to see you do some sort of "re-boot" of the System review (you kind of did this with the PC Tandy thing) For example making a new MSX2-review or BBC-Micro, with maybe some refelection of what changed over the years in terms of collecting, "worth getting", what has become more accessable, the scene etc etc.

    Sid TandySid TandyRok temu
  • Congratulations Clint! Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Glad to hear you were able to break free of a dismal job and do fun work that you would do for free. You are very blessed and I wish continued exploration and success, humbly of course. Can't believe you still live in a 800 sq foot home. Take care and treat yourself to at least 1000! Haha! 😎👍

    Chris MorrowChris MorrowRok temu
  • And let's hope for another decade! I've been following you since 2010. So not quite the full decade still up there!

    Kaye PlagueDocKaye PlagueDocRok temu
  • You're so genuine, I love your channel

    Chris KellyChris KellyRok temu
  • Anyone else slow the play speed on the first part to see what that thing that looked like eyes was? (A window-mounted fan apparently.) I’m weird, I know.

    gmirwingmirwinRok temu
  • Anybody know what Zoom microphone is at 02:27, i checked any comment in his twitter and i saw that he bought an H6 back in 2017. Is that it?

  • Hey, Clint! I first came across you on the Co-Optional Podcast and checked out your current video, which was the AOL Tech Tales one. I was impressed by the depth of research and the intelligent script and thought "this is great - I wonder how much more there is?". So I headed down the page to the earliest I could find, which would have been "Clint Hates Himself". I've gradually been watching every single video you've posted (very gradually, I wouldn't want to run out) and at this point it has brought me here to say... congratulations and well done!

    The Screwfly SolutionThe Screwfly SolutionRok temu