Deep freeze in Texas had all the animals going crazy!

13 mar 2021
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  • Mouse: Yeah im chillin, Killin, drug dealin.

    Martin from that one place.Martin from that one place.3 godzin temu
  • Man, I think I would have opened a temporary shelter for these critters, I couldn't just let them die there. I even pick up snails and worms from walkways.

    Aura VerdigrisAura Verdigris4 godzin temu
  • everybody talking about the mouse eating the snake and frog swimming on ice/land but what about the snake who frozen to death 0:00 :(

    SBG DrillaSBG DrillaDzień temu
  • The weather is such a crazy bitch and it's incredible! Growing up you learn certain normalcies about states given their geography. Places like Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona you learn it's hot as balls nearly all the time. And that's about it. A little rain here and there a few clouds roll through and that's that. Then you learn a little more if you have the pleasure of seeing these places or different places depending on where you live. You learn other normalcies that don't quite fit with the majority of the state. Like snow. This clearly shows snow in Texas. I now live in Phoenix Arizona and no snow. But up north in Flagstaff there is some snow yearly. But from the sound of this video that wherever this is in Texas, snow isn't exactly normal at this particular time atleast cuz the animals are having issues. And yet this past summer in Phoenix there were close to or more than 150 days at 100 degrees or higher, 50 (I think) days at 110 or higher. And 15 (again I'm guessing but think it's around this time) days at 115 or better! The hottest, and driest summer in the history of recorded weather in Arizona! We've had a mild, borderline chilly but nice winter season and are about to turn the corner and go headlong into another brutally hot and dry summer with almost no rain. Yet wherever in Texas, this is, as of a month ago is dealing with half frozen reptiles stuck in the snow! I don't know why but I'm thinkin we're gunna be fucked in the years to come!

    Josh MochermanJosh MochermanDzień temu
  • Mouse: you took everything from me Snake: I don't even know who you are

    Brandon LeeBrandon Lee2 dni temu
  • Snake getting bitten by mouse: "Only one more month of winter. Bill how you holding up?" *Sees snake frozen in the snow* "Oh god Bill no!"

    Brody PennBrody Penn2 dni temu
  • Read the book of Revelation and ask the Holy Spirit for Truth! Time to repent to JESUS Christ!

    Daughter of the KING of kingsDaughter of the KING of kings2 dni temu
  • Lol the mouse hopped up like "We wasn't doin nuffin" and was the first snake dead?

    Malkia FirauniMalkia Firauni2 dni temu
  • It's actually a pretty sad situation :(

    Alec AquinoAlec Aquino3 dni temu

    Señor HilterSeñor Hilter3 dni temu
  • "had all the animals going crazy" shows two snakes a mouse and a frog

    blaedblaed4 dni temu
  • Lol fake ass snow n shit

    Deus XDeus X5 dni temu
  • Bullfrog stuck on wha? 😮

    Aseel KingAseel King5 dni temu
  • The hunter will become the hunted

    NatKing1u1zNatKing1u1z5 dni temu
  • *laughs in region that gets much colder than Texas daily*

    Led FloydLed Floyd6 dni temu
  • This right here should tell you global warming is a bunch of liberal propaganda 🙄

    Brett OwenBrett Owen6 dni temu
  • Frog : somethings wrong with this water....just cant put my webbed finger on it

    Eli AlEli Al6 dni temu
  • #QadrNightDateRamadan1442 نبأ هام يرجى التركيز "إعلان موعد ليلة القدر خير من ألف شهر لمن شاء منكم أن يتقدّم أو يتأخّر .." الإمام المهديّ ناصر محمد اليمانيّ

    عبد الآخرعبد الآخر7 dni temu
  • So sad

    lorenzo rodriguezlorenzo rodriguez7 dni temu
  • Jumanji: Ice Edition

    KsuhDillaKsuhDilla7 dni temu
  • Bull frog stuck on icee

    Flex TapeFlex Tape7 dni temu
  • a frough stuck on ass

    MasOhYung!MasOhYung!7 dni temu
  • 😂😂

    Luh JitLuh Jit7 dni temu
  • End of world yo,End of world

    PAPA APEPAPA APE8 dni temu
  • Dio Pov

    DescryptedDescrypted8 dni temu
  • Holy.. can someone please explain to me why this is happening?? Why is there snow and ice in Texas in March, and why the f is the a snake and a frog outside??

    aisha shishaaisha shisha8 dni temu
  • 0

    hardier ue9r8hardier ue9r88 dni temu
  • The ice age is pretty much how humans and other mammals were able to outlive the ice age against dinosaurs

    Rayo VisualRayo Visual8 dni temu
  • As a Texan born and raised I can assure you everything was fuck backwards including all of nature itself.

    PITviper217PITviper2178 dni temu
  • The end of times

    Mando AdonMando Adon9 dni temu
  • I like to believe this is footage from another dimension

    CRONACRONA9 dni temu
  • Their blood is literally freezing up so its like theyre in slow mo

    The pizzaguyThe pizzaguy9 dni temu
  • is this supposed to be some kind of metaphor ?

    Natasha ZuzarteNatasha Zuzarte9 dni temu
  • Could of saved the snake... but alright

  • Poor snakes

    Your average AlienYour average Alien9 dni temu
  • Bullfrog struck on ass

    thatsmorelikeitthatsmorelikeit9 dni temu
  • This sad to me. I hope they made it thru. I hate seeing my toads go thru the winter. That burminate ain't no joke I be stressed

    Sein MaestroSein Maestro9 dni temu
  • If you can save them please do if not don't make videos !

  • *Me: Chokes while laughing* *P E R I O D*

    Tobio KageyamaTobio Kageyama9 dni temu
  • I guess predators and prey learned to get along in Texas.

    Lin the FelineLin the Feline10 dni temu
  • Tonight on Top Gear! A mouse eating a snake Bullfrog stuck on ice

    NrvousNrvous10 dni temu
  • this looks like a family guy episode

    King KumiteKing Kumite10 dni temu
  • Well we all fucked im not even laughing

    Jo LJo L10 dni temu
  • This reminds me of California politics.

    Jon SmithJon Smith10 dni temu
  • only in Texas

    AaronTAaronT10 dni temu
  • Yo, they're all heterothermic, so they're, like, actually frozen... that's why the only ones moving normally are mammalian. The mouse is like "now's my chance!" 😅

    Chandler IgnatowiczChandler Ignatowicz10 dni temu
  • This video is really good and wild!

    DribsDribs11 dni temu
  • We gonna talk about *”mouse eating a snake”* or what

    ZokiDokiZokiDoki11 dni temu
  • They took the wrong drugs🙏....

    Kyujin AMVKyujin AMV11 dni temu
  • The real "Apocalypse Now!"

    Mitzi Nicole RitterMitzi Nicole Ritter11 dni temu
  • You know you're in Texas when you have a bullfrog stuck on ass

    Brian ThomasonBrian Thomason11 dni temu
  • The mouse: fam imma wreck to shit I watched attack on Titan..... Shinjowo sasageyooooo!!!!

    Dev A SDev A S11 dni temu
  • Texas Cold'Em ❄

    William EsdaleWilliam Esdale11 dni temu
  • Meanwhile in the parallel universe:mouse eating snake 😂

    Lance CabianLance Cabian11 dni temu
  • mouse eating a snake

    vTideLacez-sxvcavTideLacez-sxvca11 dni temu
  • Snake 1 & 2: Kalm Mouse: “The tables have turn” Frog: THE WATER ISNT WORKING

    Fire StarFire Star12 dni temu
    • Turned* rip grammar

      Fire StarFire Star12 dni temu
  • The beginning of the End.

    Amaziyah CappsAmaziyah Capps12 dni temu
  • And God is kind 😊

  • :00

    ᎡiteᎡite12 dni temu
  • End. Times. Mang...

    DJ TanDJ Tan12 dni temu
  • Well I'd help all of them but atleast help the frog if your to scared of the rattle snakes

  • I can actually explain this! The first snake is most likely dead, or playing dead in fear of you. The second snake is going extremely slowly because of the temperature of his body. The mouse is attacking him, because killing it would mean one less predator to threaten it. The frog is trying to jump, but his body temp is so low that he doesn’t have the speed to jump. Normally, he would be at the bottom of a lake during a freeze, but he didn’t make it in time.

    Mr. LigerTigerMr. LigerTiger14 dni temu
    • Uhhh mice don't have the mental capacity to think that far ahead

      Rock DrakeRock Drake13 dni temu
  • *Sad frog noises*

    Manav SharmaManav Sharma14 dni temu
  • Q

    Luddy AriaLuddy Aria14 dni temu
  • God Played a uno reverse card on texas!

    tagious Chatagious Cha14 dni temu
  • Plot twist: the mouse is holding off the snake for the frog to get away

    RazRaz15 dni temu
  • quite the intresting video

    sunnybasilssunnybasils15 dni temu
  • Da fuk

    Da black SideshowbobDa black Sideshowbob15 dni temu
  • Bill Gates make this, with his satellites 🤣🤣🤣

    Silviu ŞtefanSilviu Ştefan16 dni temu
  • (((

    Zarya X.Zarya X.16 dni temu
  • Did he just say "Bullfrog stuck on ase"

    RasyadRasyad16 dni temu
  • mouse eating a snake mouse no snake snake no mouse no mouse no snake snake eating a mouse mouse eating

    eekeek16 dni temu
  • Its like he had his toys strewn out on the floor or some shit with the way they're all just next to each other.

    SubjectToStrangeSubjectToStrange16 dni temu
  • So much just happened in 17 seconds

    Devin KilmartinDevin Kilmartin16 dni temu
  • bullfrog stuck on eyes

    starfoxstarfox17 dni temu
  • Why didn’t you guys save them l know it was to lest to save the snakes 🐍 try and save the mouse and frog you can keep them as a pets in different cages

    Siobhan NortonSiobhan Norton17 dni temu
  • mouse: "cold gave me power" snake: "I'm cold blooded, do I feel cold?" frog: " *Swêm* "

    Ridho ardyanRidho ardyan17 dni temu
  • Oh

    ReymarkReymark17 dni temu
  • 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    Kamran MehrabzadeKamran Mehrabzade17 dni temu
  • This is normal climate

    Mike ShivakMike Shivak17 dni temu
  • Ectotherms be like, "wtf, man?"

    Rick CRick C17 dni temu
  • No one : This guy : "BULL FROG STUCK ON ARSE"

  • Watching from Philippines! 🇵🇭 🇵🇭#ProudToBeFilipino

    Erwin BolocbolocErwin Bolocboloc17 dni temu
  • I thot Texas had only dog

    Diamante DeaDiamante Dea17 dni temu
  • Holy crap!! Seriously? Glad i am at tropical place

    kuya ron in the islandkuya ron in the island17 dni temu
  • When he walked over to the bullfrog I died

    Sucker of tiddies, Taker of virginitysSucker of tiddies, Taker of virginitys17 dni temu
  • staged?

    RR18 dni temu
  • They drank mountain dew, nd are high now.

    Anish SinghAnish Singh18 dni temu
  • it was hella cold when this happened

    [Toe][Toe]18 dni temu
  • Biden's America yall. We are fucked!

    dawgsjw7dawgsjw718 dni temu
  • A mouse eating a snake ❄️😂😂😂

    Ag gAg g19 dni temu
  • The mouse played an UNO reverse card

    Prairie ClimberPrairie Climber19 dni temu
  • Me: Thinking the guy was crazy for going that close to the snake, mice, and frog. Also me: "Ah yes. I forgot. He's from Texas."

    No.No.19 dni temu
  • Man bro my snake dislocated its jaw trying to eat a mouse and a 2 days later we hadn’t noticed it and opened the cover and the fucn rat ate like 6 holes thru my snake i was so hurt

    kkpage01100kkpage0110019 dni temu
  • He should have stepped on the mouse

    Sloth ManSloth Man20 dni temu
  • They’re metabolism slows down when it gets cold.

    - ODINFIRE -- ODINFIRE -20 dni temu
  • Bath salts in the snow.

    Lauren St LawrenceLauren St Lawrence20 dni temu
  • *_bullfrawg stuck awn arse_*

    kalaziikalazii20 dni temu
  • Bullfrog stuck on ass

    Isc ariaIsc aria20 dni temu
  • Well they’re cold blooded so with the very unexpected storm, they couldn’t adapt quick enough; they don’t have any heat to keep their blood running. The mouse just took its chance because the snake isn’t a threat so it’s all just a free real-estate feast for it-wild mice will eat meat too.

    CaprichatCaprichat20 dni temu