An Antidote to Dissatisfaction

8 gru 2019
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Everybody is familiar with the feeling that things are not as they should be. That you are not successful enough, your relationships not satisfying enough. That you don’t have the things you crave.
In this video we want to talk about one of the strongest predictors of how happy people are, how easily they make friends and how good they are at dealing with hardship. An antidote against dissatisfaction so to speak: Gratitude.

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  • Ohai! For a change a few personal words. My name is Philipp and I started this channel almost seven years ago - you don’t know my voice but you have heard my words because I write most of our scripts. Oh boy. This was a hard video to make. Gratitude felt vaguely risky to do as a topic. It has this aura of cheap Instagram hashtag self help stuff. Some of you will hate this video deeply, and the thought of that made me pretty anxious writing it. Gratitude was not supposed to be a video topic originally. Just like the Nihilism and Loneliness videos, the script was based on personal struggles and part of the process of dealing with them. And so it felt right to make gratitude a video too. But Kurzgesagt is not a self help channel, so we'll keep this sort of content at roughly one or two per year. We hope they are helpful to some of you. If you care for my take on how to practice Gratitude, we made a Kurzgesagt Gratitude journal to combine the science with practical tips. Edit: PRE-ORDER is available again. Please note: You don’t need to buy this or anything else to practice gratitude - you only need a pen, a piece of paper and 5 minutes. Thank you for watching our videos and reading this comment. Being able to do Kurzgesagt means a lot. To me and the whole team. - Philipp

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    • Lol so are you implying that I should be grateful for the time spent watching this video?

      Free FreakFree FreakMiesiąc temu
    • Love this series on how social conditions effect people and I love the wholesome endings, really humbling narratives and brilliantly structured videos. Thank you so much

      Le GuyInGreenLe GuyInGreen4 miesięcy temu
    • I am one of those people who hate it. I’m incredibly grateful for everything I have, so much so that it’s crippling. I don’t deserve it. I’ve let everything and everyone down. I don’t deserve this wonderful house or my wonderful friends. I need to be better, or none of it matters. Gratitude is not an antidote so much as a indication.

      Sekaye KnutsonSekaye Knutson4 miesięcy temu
    • Phillip, please keep posting these contents and all the contents you can create. Kurzgesagt is the best channel on PLworld :)

      Lucas ArnackLucas Arnack5 miesięcy temu
    • I imagine your 'ohai' voice like Suzuha's from Steins gate.

      rickimirickimi6 miesięcy temu
  • I'm grateful for a wholesome family I'm grateful for my neice Im grateful for my job I'm grateful to be driving a nice car I'm grateful for being known as a nice person

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  • This is the best channel on PLworld so far

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  • The youtube really knows me.... These days have been hard, and im loosing interest of the world...

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  • Im grateful for my girlfriend Im grateful for my friends Im grateful for the chances i receive in life Im grateful for school and the subjects im interested in Im grateful for this channel, always helping me in my darkest times

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  • that's due to capitalism failure

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  • im grateful for still being alive, for my family and friends, for a house and food, for the modern day comforts, im grateful that i can keep trying everyday

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  • I am grateful for my family I am grateful for my boyfriend I am grateful for houseplants I am grateful for fresh air I am grateful for having a roof over my head.

    Melanie CruzMelanie Cruz3 dni temu
  • Writing things that you feel grateful for actually works. A friend of mine told me about that and at first I didn't do it because I thought that it was quite silly, but after some weeks doing it, I've been able to realise how many good things happen everyday. Even when I stopped writing it for some weeks, I kept in mind the same positive and grateful vibes I used to have while writing this kind of "diary of the good things", and actually, I have already written quite a lot. I'd recommend to not to erase anything from it and not reading it in some time. When some months have already past, you can start reading it and it'll be a great memory for you and also, when you have written several pages you'll also notice how many good things there are out there

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  • LİFE is worthless no matter what...

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  • Wait, materialism is a NEGATIVE trait?

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  • "When you think you're a loser, always think that somewhere out there there's someone wanted to be in your shoes" -Random Quotes I've always remember

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  • Imagine you have borned in Afganistan and couldnt prevent yourself to laugh your situation. Even thet tragedy it self drives people to mock with. When you cant find dopamine supply you eventually start to creat from nothing

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  • I feel like an important caveat is that if you've been subjected to gas lighting this can often backfire.

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  • You´re really making a difference. Thank you.

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  • 1.I am grateful for my loving parents,and my siblings,even if I wanna stab them a lot! 2.I am grateful I go to a good middle school! 3.I am grateful my parents raised me with more discipline than most! 4.I am grateful that I have a few,very good,friends! 5.I am grateful that I look above average,and have no illnesses at all!

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  • Although being satisfied with failure isn't ideal.

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  • Hi Kurzgesagt! I love your content and I’ve learned so much from your videos, but I think you forgot two major thinks in this one. 1. Gratitude can be manipulated. We often trick ourselves into feeling grateful for abusive people in our lives, by thinking that we could have it worse, or that the good aspects of their person outright the abuse and we are lucky to have them. This actually degrades out self worth, which is essential to happiness, and can keep us stuck in a bad situation. N addition to gratitude, it’s important to know your worth and the rights and happiness you deserve. 2. (This is just a small thing) in the very beginning, you talked about how bonds are formed when we feel grateful and like we owe someone for their kindness, but what triggers that initial act of kindness to start the cycle? Our brains release dopamine when we provide and unnecessary act of service to someone. This is an internal wiring we evolved to start the cycle ( a trait of many social creatures. I think it would be helpful to mention that at the beginning. Thank you so much for your content!

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  • And then there is those of us with chronic pain and illness whom are just doomed to suffer. Try living like us and see how upbeat you are.

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  • "They have better relationships, and easier time making friends, they sleep better, tend to suffer less from depression, addiction and burnout and are better at dealing with traumatic events. felt 7/7 of those Edit: this video was actually therapeutical

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  • Tell the billionaires and politicians of this poisoned earth to feel some "gratitude". Videos like this are opiates for the masses. Be thankful for your soul crushing job, and your meaningless, unfulfilling existence, and show some gratitude. Meanwhile Bezos and Musk stack billions that they can never spend, or even comprehend. Why can they not feel grateful to have $1 billion? What additional "benefit" is derived from accumulating the other $99 billion, why isn't $1 billion enough for these people? What do these people actually want? Why should the rest of society accept this arrangement? Why should ordinary people resign themselves to their soul crushing existence, while these demons in human form accumulate wealth they will never use or spend, but use it to turn the rest of the world into slaves?

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  • I'm grateful for nature, books and the way that people can impact my life, as well as the way that I can impact others

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  • What is the difference between having gratitude and settling? Is it possible to be grateful but keep striving for improvement/gains in life?

    Lunarcappy Astrology for BeginnersLunarcappy Astrology for Beginners8 dni temu
    • You can have preferences, just let go of expectations. However, finding the balance/unity between accepting yourself & improving yourself must be something you decide/realize for yourself.

      YouTube CommenterYouTube Commenter4 dni temu
    • It is possible to be both grateful for the things you have and still want to accomplish more things. Settling is when you decide you have enough and is interested in just mantaining what you have, while having gratitude means you know there are things in your life and you can identify them. Gratitude can even help you direct your ambition better and deal with failures along the way as well.

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  • 1. I am grateful I have a left index finger... 2. I am grateful my left-click button of my mouse is still working so that I can thumbs-up this video... 3. I am grateful my internet is fast enough for this video not to freeze... now i am regretting i started to write this comment since i can't think anymore of anything i am grateful about! damn

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  • Day 2 of gratitude journaling 3 times a week: 1. I'm grateful that the universe exists 2. I'm grateful that I'm born in an age of technology and smartphones instead of a dark age 3. I'm grateful that my ancestors thought it was a good Idea to get smarter 4. I'm grateful that I know as much as I know, and that everyone does too 5. I'm grateful of how good of a videogame subnautica is

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  • I'm grateful for Kurzgesagt. The animation, the music, the writing, the scientific and entertaining approach to every subject, the birds, it's all thoroughly enjoyable and edifying. I really wouldn't mind seeing more than one or two videos a year that shine an objective scientific light on subjective human experiences like this. Too many people seem to believe that things like human emotions are an incomprehensible mystery that science is incapable of explaining. I think videos like this help to dispel that myth. Thank you so much for creating this channel.

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  • I'm grateful for people are peaceful in my region I'm grateful for the internet and all the people behind it, keep it up thank you :) I'm grateful for all the people that have supported me direct and indirectly I'm grateful for the idea of property I'm grateful for all of the other things that are none of your business >:[ I'm grateful for your teachers thought you how to read so that you could spend your time reading this for me... thank you

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  • First verse of Quran: "All praise is to Allah, the Master of all there is". Saying of the prophet: "He who does not feel gratitude to people is not grateful to Allah".

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  • 1. I'm grateful for my tea in cup, for its slightly bitter - but because of this such a nice - taste. Sometimes such things as sounds, smells, tastes and touches are so amazing, because you cannot really compare these to anything else. It's kinda some core magic that our brains have for us. 2 I'm grateful for a bit cold weather, small rain and grey sky (as if it's autumn now). I really love these kinds of days. 3. Grateful for my smartphone. Unbelievable thing, cannot tell you how much it is, if i only get a bit abstracted from. 4. My experiences and memories. Even though, I've forgot a lot of, but i still can recall some interesting stuff, that i had no clue of, from the bottom of my mind. I'm capable of mixing ideas and concepts, as other human beings. There's an entire land in my head that is yet to be discovered. 5. Grateful for i've my parents nearby at the moment.

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  • Day 1 of gratitude journaling 3 times a week: 1. I'm grateful that I'm living 2. I'm grateful that I am healthy 3. I'm grateful that I have a passion 4. I'm grateful that my friends are there for me 5. I'm grateful that I have my parents right by me 6. I'm grateful that I have access to education 7. I'm grateful that I am curious

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  • Thank you Phillip. I am trying to feel more gratitude in my life, and watching this video really helps... it helps in a practical manner, with concrete actions I can take, but also, it helps me on a personal level, to feel gratitude, naturally, without effort, towards you and your team, for what you are doing here with these videos. This is a difficult topic, and it takes courage to tackle it. I think you have managed to do it very successfully here, with a balanced approach, that can empower. It seems to me that we need more of this kind of empowering information these days. I hope you can keep tackling these difficult topics.. I feel it will be immeasurably useful. I am encouraged by you.... I will do what i can too! Thank you for helping me to realise more gratitude!

    Fuinseog FarmFuinseog Farm13 dni temu
    • And I really find your other videos too... you guys are doing amazing work!

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  • Hey hey, traveler digging through the comments section of this relatively old video! Don't mind me - I'll just form my first entry of my gratitude journal here since it's convenient. I am grateful for the following today: 1. How my parents and little brother are still alive 2. The high stress tolerance my upbringing gave me 3. Music 4. Gaming 5. Food 6. My imagination 7. How I'm not at rock bottom 8. My determination 9. My friends 10. PLworld - especially for recommending to me this gem that I forgot about 11. That little urge I get every so often to break rules :p 12. My indecisiveness 13. My health 14. The number 4

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