Building a Ridiculous Pointy Pyramid PC

3 paź 2020
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So I bought this absurd glass and metal pyramid PC case. Now what?
Let's build something with it! This project started off as a modern computer centered around legacy support, with PCI slots, serial, parallel, and PS/2 ports alongside an LGA 1200 CPU and DDR4 RAM. But then it kind of... mutated.
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Parts list:
Azza CSAZ-804V Pyramid Innovative PC Case
ASUS Pro H410M-C/CSM Business Motherboard
4.0GHz Intel Pentium Gold G6400 CPU
4GB G.SKILL Aegis DDR4-2400 RAM
256GB Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD
Cooler Master MasterAir G100M UFO Cooling Fan
550W EVGA 550 G5 Modular Power Supply
Netgear A6210-10000S USB 3.0 WiFi
Xubuntu 20.04 x64
...and a bunch of cheap RGB LEDs
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  • So! It seems that a kernel-based virtual machine might be something awesome to try on here with those PCI cards. Apparently you can pass specific hardware through to an older version of Windows that way, which would be a best of both worlds situation. Lemme know if you'd like to see me try that -- or any other ideas! I'm really enjoying learning what can be done using Linux and this funky mix of old and new hardware.

    LGRLGR25 dni temu
    • An idea not concerning the above.. I desperately want a Carmageddon TDR 2000 review :p Also waiting for the sims Star Wars dlc review

      Geert De SmetGeert De Smet3 dni temu
    • Do it.

      CreativeCavyCreativeCavy10 dni temu
    • How were you installing windows XP? Have you tried installing from USB, it bypasses a lot of external drive issues. A program like WinsetupfromUSB automates the process of making a USB install drive for you and works beautifully. I used to use it with SP2 and maybe 3, I can't remember is SP3 let you slipstream it into a new install or not. You can easily google Winsetupfromusb or add dot com to get the software. Rufus is a newer and better software but I don't know if it supports older OSes like this one. If you would like to try the software, boot up a windows 7 or later PC and insert your USB drive. run WinsetupfromUSB and run Bootice. Make sure your USB drive is selected in Bootice and press Process MBR. Here you can try Windows NT defaults, I personally had issues sometimes so I always used Grub4DOS (grldr.mbr) then hit install/config, on the next screen just hit save to disk. Then hit process PBR in Bootice. Here use the same as you used before, NT default or Grub4DOS and hit install/config and ok on the next screen. I cannot remember if it assigns a drive letter, if not you can hit the parts manager button and use the assign drive letter feature in Bootice to assign a drive letter. Now your drive is prepped for XP and OS that was never meant to install from USB. Now the easy part, just go back to winsetupfromUSB check the box under windows XP and find your source OS setup, you can do multiple if I remember correctly XP/2000/2003? check the test in qemu and it will open a box to test your drive in a virtual sandbox. I wouldn't mess with the advanced options unless you know what each one does. Once it starts copying files it may appear to freeze just let it do it's thing. I made many USB XP install that way and they worked flawlessly and best of all XP install from USB goes from over an hour depending on the CD and HDD to minutes. If that doesn't work for you I know Rufus worked before they removed XP support and that should be more streamlined. I only recommended the above because I know it works for me every time but it is an older method. I never had any issues installing windows XP with it and I used XP through 2008 on some systems. Rufus just needs to know where the drive is and the ISO location.WinsetupfromUSB can also be used on the setup folder without the need for an ISO after you slipstream SP3 or other updates. I would highly recommend slipstreaming either SP2 or 3 minimally because I noticed the vanilla XP install doesn't like USB at times and causes errors. Edit: You can also add drivers into the install, I remember having to slipstream drivers for my chipset so XP could see one of my new SATA HDDs. If you are unsure how to slipstream drivers into XP programs like nLite work great. It also allows you to slipstream multiple XP updates at once without multiple commands. Sorry forgot to add you need Rufus 2.18 and you have to have the OS in ISO to use it. Good luck.

      Bound4EarthBound4Earth13 dni temu
    • @Addison Kimball ĺ0

      Aidan KaiAidan Kai13 dni temu
    • And then I tried it again and things Just Worked. It definitely doesn't like using my preferred "SPICE" GPU setup (since that's a bit lower latency than VMware) but maybe I can get the drivers to install once I get it to boot successfully.

      Tom SittlerTom Sittler13 dni temu
  • obamium

    ObbieslyObbiesly3 godzin temu
  • Linux will not run good on a GPU this old! I'm not sure if the problem is the raw horsepower, the OpenGL version or the open source drivers, but even a lightweight version like Lubuntu will run VERY slow. Try something newer

    Guilherme gvbGuilherme gvb4 godzin temu
  • Ok, I really like that cooler. I'd sub to a whole channel that just made wacky and or stupid modern computers.

    HarvestHarvest15 godzin temu
  • Im still using on a "modern" PC (DDR3 4th gen i7 system with Z97 chipset) a very old sound card, a Soundblaster X-Fi with 5,25" I/O Front for Midi-Ports and many other audio connectors. Luckily its even working in WIndows 10 after manual driver installation. This creative soundcard still makes much better analoge signals, not much better in the way of sound quality (at least not hearable), but the noise level is practically zero, meanwhile the integrated sound card of a damn modern Z97 Mainboard make sometimes very quiet, strange noises and ofc a "high" ground level of noise. I also have to say this Z97 board has a dedicated audio sector on the mainboard to avoid distortion and such things. A dedicated soundcard will always beat onboard audio in analog outputs. When using HDMI, digital sound and so.... there is ofc no need for a dedicated soundcard anymore. mainly i love this soundcard because of its very good sound quality over analog outputs, the classic 5-Pin MIDI-In and Out, the dedicated headphone plug with its dedicated (!!!) Amp for low-impedance headphones and the also customizable Line In which can be amplified or not (for Mic usage or as a regular Line-In)

    Kokainarienv0gelKokainarienv0gel15 godzin temu
  • Looks like that thing from the lawnmower man 2: beyond cyberspace.

    Latin lover24Latin lover2416 godzin temu
  • Omg.. the neutronic game pyramid!!

    ParanoiaGentlmanParanoiaGentlman16 godzin temu
  • This Build is stupid af. I love it.

    NarasNaras17 godzin temu
  • 2020: "You must construct additional pylons!" Clint: "Hold my woodgrain beer."

    Chauncy BakerChauncy Baker19 godzin temu
  • Aww yeah, Xubuntu! My favorite distro! []

    JTtheNinjaJTtheNinja20 godzin temu
  • I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that that Radeon doesn't support a recent enough version of OpenGL

    SugaryHullSugaryHull20 godzin temu
  • Takes off top. *Drops it*

    Wilhelm von SchnitzelnaziWilhelm von SchnitzelnaziDzień temu
  • that wire running up to the fan is not hidden. and there's no dust filters. As for the shape i think a trapezoid would be even better that way you could have like a shelf surface on the top.

    daichaidaichaiDzień temu
  • Absolute gaming legend LGR, so much respect for continuing the preservation of this hardware man. I know this was about the pyramid but it was cool seeing that old hardware put to use on Linux.

    Butt is HolyButt is HolyDzień temu
  • loving the comedic timing of "i bought the stupid pyramid"

    Hub BatchHub BatchDzień temu
  • Put a gt1030 in there dude

    K HK HDzień temu
  • I love how he always brushes off his cases with his hands lol

    malleus maleficarusmalleus maleficarusDzień temu
  • I thought this was the Linus one

    Last DollieLast Dollie2 dni temu
  • Love the pyramid, hate the PC hardware you used. I assume an RTX3080 wont fit? :)

    fred mucklfred muckl2 dni temu
  • That case is awesome

    Spac18Spac182 dni temu
  • Lol and here I was thinking that Acer Predator cases were ridiculous!

    Sebastian KeilSebastian Keil2 dni temu
  • As long as it is Symmetrical simple shape, it doesn't look bad at all

    John WenzelJohn Wenzel2 dni temu
  • Odd that LTT was making this last week

    Dan WattDan Watt2 dni temu
  • Shame LGR didn't go with one of those obnoxious Alienware RGB light up keyboards to complete the look. Also wouldn't hurt to run some matching RGB strip lighting around the back of the monitor to match the The Great LGR Pyramid.

    Synthetic ManiacSynthetic Maniac2 dni temu
  • I like that this video is oddware, retroware, and linuxware all in one.

    Michel van BriemenMichel van Briemen2 dni temu
  • Watching such a space age pyramid struggle with solitaire was a weird experience indeed.

    PrettyTonyPrettyTony3 dni temu
  • stockdroid

    TCEC109TCEC1093 dni temu
  • So u are the customer who ordered the pyramid case from LTT

    Trung Kiên NgôTrung Kiên Ngô3 dni temu
  • 8:46 Intel won't let you go any higher than 2666 anyway.

    JunkoJunko3 dni temu
  • 500$ that case costs

    Max DefaultMax Default3 dni temu
  • This guy is ready for Beyond Light.

    Moto KotoMoto Koto3 dni temu
  • You built a penguimid!

    rhkipsrhkips3 dni temu
  • 🤩

    Julia LeoneeJulia Leonee4 dni temu
  • obey the pyramid

    the hevythe hevy4 dni temu
  • Definitely the OS. That ati card does run that version of Half life just fine.

    RoomerJRoomerJ4 dni temu
  • Ubuntu more like poopoontoo

    poopooploiq Gxmijipjepoopooploiq Gxmijipje4 dni temu
  • Kids be like :mom mom i found the inllumati😎

    JgamerJgamer4 dni temu
  • All hail to the pyramid!

    JudasziegeJudasziege4 dni temu
  • The journey was indeed worthy! What an interesting case

    Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson5 dni temu
  • Ah yes, the perfect machine to play PowerSlave! (or, er, Exhumed, aren't you British?)

    Gustavo6046Gustavo60465 dni temu
  • Damn, great specs for a experimental server.

    dragogosdragogos5 dni temu
  • If you install Arch Linux on it, you know you will have reached the top of the pyramid. *Smug face*

    rixillerixille6 dni temu
  • Great video . I was wondering what is the game you were playing at 28:10

    John DoumenisJohn Doumenis6 dni temu
  • I like the look of this Pyramid PC, but what is the point of those slot openings on the sides of the glass? I feel like those things are going to let in a bunch of dust into that PC.

    FaragarFaragar7 dni temu
  • Little bit difficult with an M.2 I imagine, (and i don't know if installing to usb is possible in older windows) but couldn't you just use a different pc to install windows on the drive? Not optimal, but it should work. Maybe just try a SATA drive.

    Erwin HollandErwin Holland7 dni temu
  • Totally just snagged one of these cases as an impulse buy so I have a project to do.

    Christopher BaughChristopher Baugh7 dni temu
  • I prefer rectangular prisms.

    E. AndrewsE. Andrews7 dni temu
  • Waiting for him to run TempleOS in his Prysma² (on Blerbs).

    Jill HopkinsJill Hopkins7 dni temu
  • Fun video. Thanks.

    Mathew GMathew G7 dni temu
  • pyramid case and ufo cpu, it's really match

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne7 dni temu
  • Sphere shaped PC

    Scratchy NougatScratchy Nougat8 dni temu
  • Make it an obama prism pc

    Joey ReinhartJoey Reinhart8 dni temu
  • i really want this pc !

    spooky reviews & DIYSspooky reviews & DIYS8 dni temu
  • should add a 140 and or a 200 fan "under" the 120 in the top. Sort of like platforms? Idk.. Its just asking for it. With full on RGB puke too. For reasons unknown I need to see the "3d chess board pyramid case"

    ThaReal CLoThaReal CLo8 dni temu
  • Don't know if it would help but during the xp install you can select the type of HAL(ACPI or other) during install if you press F5

    Electricblue81Electricblue818 dni temu
  • Man this reminds me of the days with PCs and Windoze when literally nothing worked ever God I don’t miss that

    I Hate Living in ApartmentsI Hate Living in Apartments9 dni temu
  • obama prism obama prism

    RafcionRafcion9 dni temu
  • A PC case with all the RGB trimmings is this century's answer to the lava lamp.

    Andrew MurrayAndrew Murray9 dni temu
  • looks a lot like a test bench. I like it

    Quet00Quet009 dni temu
  • that pyramid reminds me of the simcity 2000 arcology's for some reason

    vega660vega6609 dni temu
  • The case you got was made by the illuminati.

    The CommentistThe Commentist9 dni temu
  • I’ve determined that no USB CD drives work with DOS with any drivers, I’ve got a modern gaming PC I dual boot to DOS and Windows 10 and no matter how hard I try I can’t get it to work with the USB CD drive

    charlcharl10 dni temu
  • You should cover the drab metal with wood grain. Just say'n.

    Tokyo GaijinTokyo Gaijin10 dni temu
  • Now I’m really confused why LMG is building this but from scratch... I need to know why!!!

    MeachyMouseMeachyMouse10 dni temu
  • Nice A pc you can stab someone with

    your friendly neighborhood attack chopperyour friendly neighborhood attack chopper10 dni temu
  • NVMe & 16GB RAM + Win98. Good luck. That'll need quite a few hacks and tweaks. It'll probably take longer than a few days to figure out.

    Joe CoolJoe Cool10 dni temu
  • I love seeing UNIX/Linux content on LGR.

    Walther StolzingWalther Stolzing10 dni temu
  • Genius! The pyramid power alone not only protects it from ever breaking down; And i'm pretty sure if you get a crystal off of ebay, and toss that in there, you'll pretty much have a quantum computer.

    Rust DavyRust Davy10 dni temu
  • This is the thing ltt was making

    InpactGamesInpactGames10 dni temu
  • 3.x can handle 256MB of RAM 95C can handle 768MB of RAM 98SE can handle 1GB of RAM and all NT platforms from 3.x to 4.0 and above can handle 4GB without any problems :)

    intel386DXintel386DX10 dni temu
  • This is pointless..

    Casper van EerselCasper van Eersel10 dni temu
  • danke pc !

    yobb89yobb8911 dni temu
  • Never got proton to work for me on Linux mint but I was playing with it on a laptop that's 10 years old so might have been that not the program.

    Codeman_87Codeman_8711 dni temu
  • I'd say add another cheap led strip up and down at least two rungs and underneath the bottom. Every spaceship pyramid thing needs under-glow

    GiSWiGGiSWiG11 dni temu
  • You will get a lot of subtle positive energies and quantum things with that case, a ticket to the aquarium age hahahahah

    Jose LocoJose Loco11 dni temu
  • Stick with sata based ssd


    Painless TragedyPainless Tragedy11 dni temu
  • Installing linux. How dare you heretic

    ALTAIRALTAIR11 dni temu
  • I'm curious. Did the fire or passion burn out of LGR Foods? It might be a good place for new content during the pandemic.

    Eric SillsEric Sills11 dni temu
  • Print out a wrap for it that looks like the illuminati lol

    The Quartz PineappleThe Quartz Pineapple11 dni temu
  • Funny that it’s from China, because a few weeks ago my Mom was watching this weird Hong Kong action sci-fi soap opera from the 80’s or 90’s. And there were these evil corporate bad guys whose office looked like an ancient tomb or temple with a ridiculous computer shaped like a glass pyramid with fog effects like a crystal ball.

    Mild MisanthropeMild Misanthrope11 dni temu
  • It's Transport Tycoon in some space level at 27:50?

    Ale FeherAle Feher11 dni temu
  • Leave the leds on red and you can say it's a sith holocron PC.

    zomfraggerzomfragger11 dni temu
  • "The Pyramid is Calling me" make my day fun >

    Eliseu Lucena BarrosEliseu Lucena Barros11 dni temu
  • you need jesus

    PatrickPatrick11 dni temu
  • I’d try react OS, it’s an open source windows alternative that might work

    Mac My Life UpMac My Life Up11 dni temu
  • I hate that you cant play solitaire on windows 10 without all the ad's and microtransaction pish. I hate it!

    Santa ClauseSanta Clause12 dni temu
  • You should try a Voodoo card with a modern PCIe graphics card.

    kemi242kemi24212 dni temu
  • I think American Megatrends still makes their AMIBIOS, most of the GUI boot screens still use it as their backend, my motherboard is an AM4+ from 2016 and has it if you disable the GUI.

    FinalStarmanDXFinalStarmanDX12 dni temu
  • Windows 10

    alfin 98alfin 9812 dni temu
  • While the case is awesome-looking, I wouldn't want to be nowhere near it if I ever get to have an accidental trip. It's clear that human safety was the last of concerns on the designers' minds when this case was ever conceived.

    Carlos OyuelaCarlos Oyuela12 dni temu
  • You might even say it's pointless ;)

    Robert DeloydRobert Deloyd12 dni temu
  • surprised you havent put wood grain decals on all the metal. Wooden pyramid!

    jerry larchjerry larch12 dni temu
  • that looks fashion not pointy and ridiculous but i accept what u think

    ꧁༺ Ŧєlเקє༻꧂꧁༺ Ŧєlเקє༻꧂12 dni temu
  • This is what I imagine when my friends talk about upgrading their old family PC to play games

    Erik BjorkErik Bjork12 dni temu
  • Would you try gaming with Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs running on old hardware?

    qallinchaqallincha12 dni temu
  • Then u ask: "why not? Why no?" then u do

    Hermes LucaHermes Luca12 dni temu
  • You need the integral edition of win xp pro. There is a 2020 release. Solid stuff, lots of options and custom drivers. Even has the pae ram unlimiter.

    David Franklin VDavid Franklin V12 dni temu
  • I wonder if the copy of Ubuntu/Xubuntu you tried was just too new for the video card. It is likely that they removed the kernel drivers for it.

    Nathaniel HatleyNathaniel Hatley12 dni temu
  • Is LGR a pyramid scheme?! It's complicated! 🤣

    j2simpsoj2simpso12 dni temu