SmackDown celebrates its 1,000th episode

16 paź 2020
147 048 wyświetleń

From Evolution’s uneasy reunion to a McMahon family dance break, relive the exciting happenings of SmackDown 1000, which took place Oct. 16, 2018: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • "Smackdown celebrates it's 1000th episode." Charlotte and Becky:

    ZexxorZexxorDzień temu
  • Fun Fact :- EvoluTion Never Appear On Smackdown in Their Prime Time

    MujjuMax GMujjuMax G2 dni temu
  • “There’s nothing this man hasn’t done... except beat me” but then beat him 6 months later

    Dave KroDave Kro2 dni temu
  • Evolution are these great team, there legend, has come back.

    Wesley CWesley C2 dni temu
  • 8 years ago: *Raws 1,000 episode

    The Pepsi LordThe Pepsi Lord2 dni temu
  • I remember this Smackdown it’s when The Big show became a Heel for the millionth time lol.

    Jorel MontesJorel Montes2 dni temu
  • SmackDown 1,000,000

    Melvin Fortnite GamerMelvin Fortnite Gamer2 dni temu
  • Batista 😍😍😍😍

  • Batista is the best wrestler in wwe

    مجنون اغاني مصارعة wwe wweمجنون اغاني مصارعة wwe wwe2 dni temu
  • Triple H Done It All Except For 0:50 🤣🤣🤣

    Damorrow TateDamorrow Tate2 dni temu
  • smackdown 👎 RAW 👍❤️

    Shishir Chhetri VlogsShishir Chhetri Vlogs3 dni temu
  • Where is Alexa Bliss 😒!?!?!

    Risso _Risso _3 dni temu

    yohaNikinyohaNikin3 dni temu
  • 2:08 when you convince your bestfriend to not be friends with someone you hate

    Yousaf Ihsan1Yousaf Ihsan13 dni temu
  • Still don't understand how a nut can can cause someone to get a 3 count 🤔

    Nieshawn CharlesNieshawn Charles3 dni temu
  • Its 19 years!!

    Art AsharapovArt Asharapov3 dni temu
  • The Undertaker: REST IN PEACE HGMMGH

    æò geniusæò genius3 dni temu
    • Looool... I said the same after he said it ...😭🤣🤣🤣

  • 🙀🙀🙀Two years already from today! Geez! Time sure does fly! I can still remember this episode like it took place yesterday!😱😱😱

    Ayad AliAyad Ali3 dni temu
  • 1st

    Ayad AliAyad Ali3 dni temu
  • 1:46 that was The Big Show's 43758363846th heel turn

    Nazirin KhairuddinNazirin Khairuddin3 dni temu
  • How do you think the women division is now without The Man and Charlotte?

    Ced WestCed West3 dni temu
  • for real thought it was this year, was 2 years ago. i'm dumb asf

    USS North CarolinaUSS North Carolina3 dni temu
  • "who'been TRUE Fan "wwe" of a year

  • *"I pray whose ever Random Person reads this Become Successful And Achieve Everything* *Everyone support me*

    1500 subscribers challenge1500 subscribers challenge3 dni temu
  • I miss watching those dance breaks :-(

    Ad DenAd Den3 dni temu
  • Happy 110000000000

    jaylin meltonjaylin melton3 dni temu
  • How many times Big Show has turned from one side to another?

    Luis RodríguezLuis Rodríguez3 dni temu
  • Two years ago already, this SmackDown special could have been way better and should of been three hours long. This was nothing like the 1000th episode of RAW, which was actually the last great special

    radentsgo2radentsgo23 dni temu
  • Oh the animal

  • Evolution came SmackDown 1000 episodes for the first time

    Matthew BushMatthew Bush3 dni temu
  • Good old times 🔥

    KeyKey3 dni temu
  • You can make a whole documentary on Big Show’s Heel Turns.

    Javid HussainJavid Hussain3 dni temu
  • No one: Not even WWE: Bots:don't lie who has been watching WWE for over a year now

    • You are a bot

      Terran JonesTerran Jones3 dni temu
  • CRINGE is all I'm gonna say

    FBIFBI3 dni temu
  • this was good i didnt know chiolet and becky were best friends

    ElevatorRBLXNoob 2.0ElevatorRBLXNoob 2.03 dni temu
  • Rey mysterio was smackdwon 1000 main event

    Rey MysterioRey Mysterio3 dni temu
  • Batista kills triple h on mic

    AbhiAbhi3 dni temu
  • This was special : Evoulution Returned Edge hosted his Cutting Edge Big Show turned heel Rey Mysterio Retuned This Smackdown was special Too bad that This year won’t be as good as 2018

    Ethan the fiendEthan the fiend3 dni temu

    Olger Calle A.Olger Calle A.3 dni temu
  • 2:13 "WE ARE THE BARRR!!!" I already miss that.

    bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas3 dni temu
  • 1:02 MEMBER WHEN BECKY WAS OVER AF? (I member!)

    bigbabyzubasbigbabyzubas3 dni temu
  • I was literally saying "I'd laugh if Big show came down just to put Kofi through the table"

    Big FudgeBig Fudge3 dni temu
    • He interfered in that match Would be interesting to see what happens next

      Omar Al kayalOmar Al kayal3 dni temu
  • Plz WhatsApp me

    T. MotsaT. Motsa3 dni temu
  • That a lots of episodes,may they continue on maybe forever.....

    Ricardo RiosRicardo Rios3 dni temu
  • Wasn't evolution a raw thing?

    MistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & TitanfallMistarZtv - Evolve, DbD & Titanfall3 dni temu
  • What? All this happened 1 hour ago? Where and the hell have i've been. Lol

    Moe SizlackMoe Sizlack3 dni temu
    • That was SMACKDOWNS 1'000th Episode that happened in 2018

      Pottsie_ EraPottsie_ Era3 dni temu
  • It is the past video

  • What is that

  • R K O

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson3 dni temu
  • this was ICONIC

    DerrickArrowDerrickArrow3 dni temu
  • Batista juuuust had to take a shot at triple h😂😂

    ian njugunaian njuguna3 dni temu
  • 67 M No woch

    Amjed GamerAmjed Gamer3 dni temu
  • That takes me back

    Sipho Ike NwahunanyaSipho Ike Nwahunanya3 dni temu
  • I thought this happened today but then i realized there was fans in the crowd😂😂

    Hyrum SimanuHyrum Simanu3 dni temu
  • WWE 1000th episodes of brands = Miz's successful wins.

    David JonesDavid Jones3 dni temu
  • Smackdown!

    Mike H.Mike H.3 dni temu
  • The 1000th heel turn of Big Show.

    Adithya NarainAdithya Narain3 dni temu
  • Awesome

    seth Rollinsseth Rollins3 dni temu
  • The evolution of member Batista & Triple H one of the best movement.❤️❤️

    Garry GhoseGarry Ghose3 dni temu
  • what a NIGHT!!!

    Juan DiegoJuan Diego3 dni temu
  • a full stadium with corona?🙈🙉🙊

    Angry FadeAngry Fade3 dni temu
  • Subscribe my channel ❤️🙏🏼 I am giving free . . . . . . Hugs

    Tanveer Singh PannuTanveer Singh Pannu3 dni temu
  • oh

    Leads InstituteLeads Institute3 dni temu
  • I waiting for 2000th when wwe will buy aew and aew vs Smackdown match will be happens

    Wrestlering HiglightsWrestlering Higlights3 dni temu
    • @Wrestlering Higlights No. WCW owner (Ted Turner) was ousted/gone from WCW in 1999 and Time Warner sold the company in 2001 because they didn't want wrestling on their network anymore. Why would you want Vince to buy it anyway? You enjoy monopoly? Or people losing jobs and having only one place to work?

      J JJ J3 dni temu
    • @J J wcw owner has also but you know better what is the happens with wcw.

      Wrestlering HiglightsWrestlering Higlights3 dni temu
    • @J J they had barely any money and jumping from tv channel to tv channel TNA where close to selling themselves to WWE but they sold themselves to Athem

      Pottsie_ EraPottsie_ Era3 dni temu
    • @Pottsie_ Era You can't buy something which is not for sale.

      J JJ J3 dni temu
    • @J J Vince was close to buying TNA in 2016 but he help them

      Pottsie_ EraPottsie_ Era3 dni temu
  • Probably one reason daniel will return...

  • Nice of all the previous shows sweet

    Leonardo SouzaLeonardo Souza3 dni temu
  • Who else forgot about Big Show returning to help the Bar?

    Alex JobeAlex Jobe3 dni temu
    • Who else forgot The bar

      The Internet ExplorerThe Internet Explorer3 dni temu
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  • I Spend My Most Of The Time In "Recording","GamPlay","Editing" And "Uploading". I Need A Support Of All My Brothers And Sisters!🙏.............😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Ngl....i was hyped when Evolution reunited. Even if it was only for one night!! One of my Favorite Factions in the WWE!!

    Andrew MadderraAndrew Madderra3 dni temu
  • Awesome 😊👍

    Tinesh RameshTinesh Ramesh3 dni temu
  • I Spend My Most Of The Time In "Recording","GamPlay","Editing" And "Uploading". I Need A Support Of All My Brothers And Sisters!🙏.............😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • I love Smackdown and congratulations for this is amazing of Smackdown i love the Rey Mysterio and Shinsuke Nakamura segment and Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni3 dni temu
  • Tonight is the 🌙 because it's the season 2 Episode of Friday 🌙 Samckdown on FOX because the big 🐕 defend his UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP against the Monster tonight on The Season 2 episode of Samckdown and it's also The New Day last time as a TAG TEAM in the WWE.

    Tei'Zhan McFallTei'Zhan McFall3 dni temu
    • I’m In Thunderdome Twice Tonight

      Evan's Sports and Gaming ChannelEvan's Sports and Gaming Channel3 dni temu
  • lol who remember when the internet was dead everywhere during that day?

    Waluigi Deserve His Own GameWaluigi Deserve His Own Game3 dni temu
  • undertaker segment was small but still love it bcoz that three words enough for get goosebumps

    jayant gamingjayant gaming3 dni temu
  • and?..

    Amin BarakatAmin Barakat3 dni temu

    Jamari JohnsonJamari Johnson3 dni temu
    • yes

      francisco Choquefrancisco Choque3 dni temu
  • Only came here for - "Except... beat me"

    str8rite1str8rite13 dni temu
  • I loved this 2018 Smackdown I missed this some of the greatest legends in wrestling history returned

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt3 dni temu
    • @Nikhil Sastry wait is that a naked girl on your profile pic wow

      JtswaggytJtswaggyt3 dni temu
    • Man chill.....why arr you commenting so many times in one vedio 😅

      Nikhil SastryNikhil Sastry3 dni temu
  • Waiting for 25th Anniversary of Smackdown

    Tamzid Mohsin KhanTamzid Mohsin Khan3 dni temu
  • Charlotte flair fan like

    vandana dixitvandana dixit3 dni temu
  • This crowd was so boring.

    Daksh JainDaksh Jain3 dni temu
    • @oscar23 jrplayz okay

      Daksh JainDaksh Jain3 dni temu
    • @Daksh Jain smack down and raw

      oscar23 jrplayzoscar23 jrplayz3 dni temu
    • @oscar23 jrplayz ok In which events ?

      Daksh JainDaksh Jain3 dni temu
    • @Daksh Jain lucky i went to wwe only 2 times

      oscar23 jrplayzoscar23 jrplayz3 dni temu
    • @oscar23 jrplayz yes

      Daksh JainDaksh Jain3 dni temu
  • It was a great day for SmackDown live and WWE universe thanks Vic micmhon

    Rupam Dandare letest newsRupam Dandare letest news3 dni temu
  • who hate Randy Orton

    vandana dixitvandana dixit3 dni temu
  • 1001 likes Let's do this.

    Maitresh SoirojiMaitresh Soiroji3 dni temu
  • It was a great edition of Smackdown, The Evolution reunion and the Cutting Edge with Becky and Charlotte were amazing segments

    Mr GoogleMr Google3 dni temu
    • 2 years already man times flies.

      Christopher WilliamsChristopher Williams3 dni temu
    • One of my favorite Smackdowns in recent memory. I just wish for this one night they had the fist

      Undisputed FanUndisputed Fan3 dni temu
  • Is there a more iconic duo than the big show turning between heel and face all the time?

    Fredy HonestFredy Honest3 dni temu
  • Good memories

    Randy OrtonRandy Orton3 dni temu
  • This was special : Evoulution Returned Edge hosted his Cutting Edge Big Show turned heel Rey Mysterio Retuned This Smackdown was special Too bad that This year won’t be as good as 2018

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt3 dni temu
    • Big show always turns heel

    • Stop copying other comments...

      robert guyrobert guy2 dni temu
    • 2018 sucked

      Alessandro De MedioAlessandro De Medio3 dni temu
  • I loved how Edge just stood there when Charlotte and Becky were Brawling

    Tre-Dupree WebsterTre-Dupree Webster3 dni temu
    • Edge was like "my back hurts"

      Clips 36Clips 363 dni temu
    • never break up a girl fight.

      Big FudgeBig Fudge3 dni temu
    • What do you expect from him he is an opportunist

      Kv KpKv Kp3 dni temu
  • Smackdown is better than raw, argue with your keyboards

    Fredy HonestFredy Honest3 dni temu
    • @Naman Seth Nah smackdown is still the king

      MkmMkm2 dni temu
    • @Mkm smackdown was good till 2016 it sucks now.Its not the land of opportunity now.

      Naman SethNaman Seth2 dni temu
    • @Mkm nah RAW is still the king.

      Naman SethNaman Seth2 dni temu
    • @hershy bars Exactly

      MkmMkm3 dni temu
    • @Naman Seth smackdown is still better than raw right now

      MkmMkm3 dni temu
  • Hi

    Pepe BernalPepe Bernal3 dni temu
  • I love wwe

    Ali TurabAli Turab3 dni temu
  • Sport me to come over and

    plz 100 subcriberplz 100 subcriber3 dni temu
    • no

      My Singing NogginsMy Singing Noggins3 dni temu
  • Boom I register for smackd own tonight

    SnowyyXSnowyyX3 dni temu
  • Big Show is the king of heel turns gotta love him : Batista : Hunter You never Beat Me : Triple H : A year later defeats him : Rey Mysterio Returns : The Undertaker: Rest In Peace to DX

    JtswaggytJtswaggyt3 dni temu
  • Randy Orton fans Hit like Here😍

    Honest Boy kiranHonest Boy kiran3 dni temu
    • Boooo randy orton

      3 Work Makes The Dream Work3 Work Makes The Dream Work3 dni temu
  • The crowd was so boring wtf

    CaspxrCaspxr3 dni temu
    • What can you expect from garbage smarks

      A PA P3 dni temu
  • Love you from Pakistan ❤️❤️

    Danish AlirazaDanish Aliraza3 dni temu