Mini tutorial video.

28 mar 2021
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  • Some times I just want to see how your cute outfits move. Love the slow brake downs.

    David WendelDavid WendelDzień temu
  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 😘💞💗

    Nitram RelimNitram RelimDzień temu
  • You are sooo beautiful.. Your smile make me happy 😁😋😊👌

    Dennis ChahrourDennis ChahrourDzień temu
  • Музыку додумайся поменять

    Б гднБ гдн2 dni temu
  • That thing you do after showing the moves, before you do the dance... Combined with your smile. Makes me crazy.. Thanks for sharing both! 😘

    EdjeBosEdjeBos3 dni temu
  • Your suffle dance is awesome

    Scott MartinScott Martin3 dni temu
  • Good job!

    Scott MartinScott Martin3 dni temu
  • 💘💘💘👅(l) 💘💘💘💘💘

    AnubisAnubis3 dni temu
  • Ole tu

  • Beware

    Paul MugridgePaul Mugridge5 dni temu
  • How to be able to speak private really with you ??

    Francois VATONFrancois VATON5 dni temu
  • No no no thats not dancing

    Ricky CaruanaRicky Caruana6 dni temu
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    Edward RoarkEdward Roark7 dni temu
  • tienes una linda sonrisa.

    Patricio OrtegaPatricio Ortega8 dni temu
  • I wish i was healthy like you

    Christopher MartinezChristopher Martinez10 dni temu
  • Yeahhhh ❤️🙏

    Christopher JohnsonChristopher Johnson10 dni temu
  • I have to say I'm straight but that dress is to die for oh my God she rocks this dress love it

    NathanNathan11 dni temu
  • Sou seu fã gata linda.

    Fidelcino Cunha RochaFidelcino Cunha Rocha11 dni temu
  • ok... I quit.

    PJ SmithPJ Smith11 dni temu
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      Theo BlugeonTheo Blugeon11 dni temu
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    Theo BlugeonTheo Blugeon11 dni temu

    Nick FtilakisNick Ftilakis12 dni temu
  • Cool 😎

    naomi quinnnaomi quinn13 dni temu
  • Good dance

    sposób na wszystkosposób na wszystko14 dni temu
  • Great!!! supper!

    Денис ФраловДенис Фралов14 dni temu
  • Hmmmm more and less

    Miqueias Villete ribeiroMiqueias Villete ribeiro14 dni temu
  • no sabes otros pasos, siempre bailas igual.

    Juan carlos CharczukJuan carlos Charczuk14 dni temu
  • Your moves are awesome and that smile is priceless. It’s positive energy

    eric grosvenoreric grosvenor14 dni temu
  • This makes me want to do coke with the heavens gate cult.

    Utah ShawUtah Shaw14 dni temu

    Steve Anderson SrSteve Anderson Sr15 dni temu
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  • Immer das selbe 😝👎

    Edgar-Dean DomannEdgar-Dean Domann15 dni temu
  • A dança é tão complexa que bugou a thumb

  • Ahhh this legs ,wow♥️😍

    erdzhan eminerdzhan emin15 dni temu
  • Hi Sofia I like all your movements.

    Carol La BrooyCarol La Brooy15 dni temu
  • Como diz o bola,bonitinha né !? 😁

    Clayton MirandaClayton Miranda16 dni temu
  • There's a lot of simps in the comments. I hope she realizes that because she can start doing nightly streams and they will throw all there money at her 🤑😆

    Kronic401Kronic40116 dni temu
  • You're beautiful. You have the most beautiful smile, clean and honest.

    László KrámerLászló Krámer16 dni temu
  • Ногти заебись👌

    Andrey IvanovAndrey Ivanov16 dni temu
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    gocha eqizashviligocha eqizashvili16 dni temu
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    Tezo777Tezo77716 dni temu
  • Watching her feels like a breath of fresh air always

    S MS M16 dni temu
  • Девушка. Пожалуйста. Смените трек.

    Alex KhimichAlex Khimich16 dni temu

    David AllenDavid Allen16 dni temu
  • Beautiful but how much does she weigh. If you're over 25 and over 100 lb you may not be able to do this

    Paul WitmerPaul Witmer17 dni temu
  • Meanwhile people are in labs trying to solve the problem of corona virus

    Christopher ThorpeChristopher Thorpe17 dni temu
    • Don't let them out.

      Bernard Guy NunnsBernard Guy Nunns14 dni temu
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    Erdélyi SzabolcsErdélyi Szabolcs17 dni temu
  • This comment section needs some water, cause yall thirsty af.

    American PrideAmerican Pride17 dni temu
  • Vai a lavorareeee!!

    Davide RomanoDavide Romano17 dni temu
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    ikram zahirovikram zahirov17 dni temu
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    Jaelton DiasJaelton Dias17 dni temu
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    Sergey PolyanitsaSergey Polyanitsa17 dni temu
  • Mangia un po'... Pero😊

    andrea patoandrea pato17 dni temu
  • bgm plz

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    Dušan KravićDušan Kravić17 dni temu
  • Ángel de la simpatía

    Gaucho RoninGaucho Ronin18 dni temu
  • This girl drives me crazy with her hip movements; when she goes from tutorial to demonstrating to dancing.

    Carlos M FernandezCarlos M Fernandez18 dni temu
  • Name of that song please

    Pietrek BiesPietrek Bies18 dni temu
  • Trop bonne

    marie babmarie bab18 dni temu
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Vasile TalosVasile Talos18 dni temu
  • I wish u love & happiness always. Tks for the wonderful vids. Much love ❤️

    paulalan262626paulalan26262618 dni temu
  • She likes a little bunny 😻

    DENis cwbDENis cwb18 dni temu
  • Can someone please tell me what the name of the song is she is dancing to.

    Dante WaltersDante Walters18 dni temu
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    Lucky OwlLucky Owl18 dni temu
  • ThX Sophia ❤

  • So fucking cool 😎🥰

    Grant ScholesGrant Scholes19 dni temu
  • You look like your muscles are going to burst. Good job on the dance.

    Steven G RochelleSteven G Rochelle19 dni temu
  • Here we go with the only comment I see, the beautiful smile lol. Come on guys she’s more than just a beautiful smile. She’s very talented

    Osi HOsi H19 dni temu
    • Chalk it up to the coomers who do nothing but focus on physical attraction only. Degenerates

      hitman santiagohitman santiago18 dni temu
  • She always looks as stoned as i be everytime she pops up , every evening doob

    C. TC. T19 dni temu
  • Woooooo beautifull. Amazing👌👌👌👌👌👏👏👏👏

    Fox trox Fox troxFox trox Fox trox19 dni temu
  • 5 секунд , фігня !

    Виктор ЧипВиктор Чип19 dni temu
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    Сергей ЛежавскийСергей Лежавский19 dni temu
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    Илья КуценкоИлья Куценко19 dni temu

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    Султангали НурлыбаевСултангали Нурлыбаев19 dni temu
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    skaelsskaels19 dni temu
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    David BatesDavid Bates19 dni temu
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  • Yes I love to this wonderful steps 🚶‍♂️ ❤ 💖

    Manish PanchalManish Panchal19 dni temu
  • What a smile, very talented. Thanks

    A GA G20 dni temu
  • She's very good I wont to learn how to do that dance she makes it look so fun.

    william blankenshipwilliam blankenship20 dni temu
  • Клоун

    Саша ОдессаСаша Одесса20 dni temu
  • You are so talented, very good.. God bless you.. also can you tell me the name of this song, the song is also very good.

    Kenneth LynchKenneth Lynch20 dni temu
  • Siempre baila los mismos pasitos

    Hector EstradaHector Estrada20 dni temu
  • You make it looks so easy 👍

    Private EyePrivate Eye20 dni temu
  • Yeah, and by the way,.... what is she promoting....?

    Jorge SolisJorge Solis20 dni temu
  • I ❤👉

    Gotryk MachiavelliGotryk Machiavelli20 dni temu
  • I bet she waste alot of toilet paper

    James CeroneJames Cerone20 dni temu
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    Garush NersesianGarush Nersesian20 dni temu
  • Belle sofia

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    William Chester SutlerWilliam Chester Sutler20 dni temu
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    Stanislaw GagatekStanislaw Gagatek20 dni temu
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    Ivan GueorguievIvan Gueorguiev20 dni temu
  • Yesss Hips.!!!😍 Ok I think I've watched this way too many times now.. 🤔🤗

    Harvey GarrettHarvey Garrett20 dni temu
  • You are making this world better. 👏🤩 Thank you SOFIA! 🥳🤗

    Sherman RzepnickSherman Rzepnick20 dni temu
  • Beautiful 🌹🌹🌹

    MIROSLAV RazvanskiMIROSLAV Razvanski20 dni temu
  • It’s the hair for me 🖤❤️💙

    Jonathan CasillasJonathan Casillas20 dni temu