10 Products That Are Totally OVERKILL!

18 lut 2020
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Hello Friends, and Happy Tuesday! We hope you all enjoyed your 3 day weekend! However, did some of you guys feel like you had absolutely nothing to do and were just stuck at home all weekend? Could some of you say even your weekend was super underwhelming? Well, we're here to help fix that and make your new week even better! We're unboxing 10 of the most OVERKILL products that we could find online! Now I gotta admit, when you see some of the products in today's video, all you can really do is just ask, "why?" because they're that overkill!! lol

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  • Matt sucks

    Linda LangfordLinda Langford5 godzin temu
  • Is anyone watching this is December of 2020 and noticing that the end of the title Is Matt’s new name!!!

    Alison ReberAlison Reber6 godzin temu
  • Why? BECAUSE!

    DangerDeanDangerDeanDzień temu
  • I made a real lightsaber so it is possible!

    Zachary HelmsZachary HelmsDzień temu
  • Next product

    DB101 MNDB101 MN2 dni temu
  • The journey of overkill begins here

    Luis joaquin 13Luis joaquin 132 dni temu
  • Matt’s first overkill video

    Caleb DunnCaleb Dunn3 dni temu
  • Gamers are the world I'm a fan and I'm 9 and I'm a gamer that plays for 5 or 6 or 7

    golden peelygolden peely3 dni temu
  • What do you mean that's overkill for a letter opener my brother uses a English short sword for a letter opener I'm not joking he does that dont take it as a joke

    Samantha LewisSamantha Lewis5 dni temu
  • That sword design, Okita and Kondo these are characters from GINTAMA! OMG how come I never notices this before!

    Sara AwjiSara Awji5 dni temu
  • and so it begins

    Shylah ReyomeShylah Reyome6 dni temu
  • The title was foreshadowing

    Amy OsgoodAmy Osgood7 dni temu
  • I think the marshmallow are for Baer hunting

    Chayse OllanketoChayse Ollanketo7 dni temu
  • It’s by 9 month less then 150 like I mean 150k

    Tarak KukatlaTarak Kukatla7 dni temu
  • cakething a nope

    The muffin brothers!The muffin brothers!7 dni temu
  • If only Matt knew what that word would mean to him...

    Daniel LorenzoDaniel Lorenzo8 dni temu
  • "knnnnnnnnnitted"

    unknown FiShunknown FiSh8 dni temu

    Risma MustikaRisma Mustika8 dni temu

    Risma MustikaRisma Mustika8 dni temu
  • Overkill.....Sounds familiar

    Dusty BunsDusty Buns9 dni temu
  • Little did they know overkill has taken this over

    BubbaBubba9 dni temu
  • Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnided

    Mendy arnettMendy arnett10 dni temu
  • Overkill? OVERKILL!?

    A hyperactive 13 year oldA hyperactive 13 year old10 dni temu
  • Look at Tanners face at 5:19 it looks weird.

    Blake MarloweBlake Marlowe10 dni temu

    ALINA GALINA G10 dni temu
  • And this is where the new OverKill Mathias was born.

    Kermit the frogKermit the frog10 dni temu
  • The cake one was a nope

    Anything And EverythingAnything And Everything11 dni temu
  • I was waiting for mega mega desk and mega chairs

    Austyboy 5406Austyboy 540611 dni temu
  • Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnited

    The blue FlameThe blue Flame11 dni temu
  • I actually prefer the cookie to the cream of the Oreo.

    Heidi FedorHeidi Fedor11 dni temu
  • This is the video reason why they are changing the name of the channel

    Shadow GZShadow GZ11 dni temu
  • matt was overkill before he knew it

    cayleigh theoretcayleigh theoret11 dni temu
  • oh lord mega desk was here from the start

    Mr. OnionMr. Onion12 dni temu
  • The foreshadowing of overkill

    Ashi TemonsaAshi Temonsa12 dni temu
  • Matthias=Overkill

    AaronTVAaronTV12 dni temu
  • I got a Christmas ad right after he said it’s Christmas and you put a tree on it😂

    Kaylee RutzKaylee Rutz13 dni temu
  • At 5:50 like to buy it sounded like tanner said “suck me” or “bleep me”

    —Toonlink ——Toonlink —13 dni temu
  • OVERKILL would love this

    Fred & MaherFred & Maher13 dni temu
  • Next product

    Dawn RodriguezDawn Rodriguez13 dni temu

    Eren JeagerEren Jeager13 dni temu
  • Knnnnnnnnnnited

    Nathan PurdyNathan Purdy13 dni temu

    Ark AshArk Ash13 dni temu
  • it started here 😎 OVERkillll

    Sophie LouiseSophie Louise13 dni temu
  • 0:45 you see the ufo behind tanner, in the window? I'm not saying its aliens... ... but its aliens.

    potokerpotoker14 dni temu
  • 0:39 that's when the first overkill start.

    KingDarkBeastKingDarkBeast14 dni temu
  • damn 146k

    YEET M8YEET M814 dni temu
  • I loove how Tanner is so distracted by the music box

    Amber GarrattAmber Garratt14 dni temu
  • The birth of overkill Matt: yes

    Baldeep SinghBaldeep Singh14 dni temu
  • The rise of overkill has begun

    Wild Life ExplorersWild Life Explorers14 dni temu
  • Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiited

    Frankey 1234Frankey 123414 dni temu
  • Me looks at number of comments Comments:6.9k Me:nice

    Mayflower 159Mayflower 15914 dni temu
  • Well, this show's that everything was made for a reason...

    XzialusXzialus15 dni temu
  • They need to do this video again with matt as one of the products

    Brogan McNamaraBrogan McNamara15 dni temu
  • .

    yeetgirl unicornyeetgirl unicorn15 dni temu

    Cristian Sanchez-GarciaCristian Sanchez-Garcia15 dni temu
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  • next product

    bailey poopbailey poop16 dni temu
  • do an vid that will make amog us come to life

    Joss RyeJoss Rye16 dni temu
  • I LOVE this channel and two of my Christmas list for the dope or nope card game and custom clue game

    Steda LundakSteda Lundak16 dni temu
  • I don’t really think it’s fair that we have pay so much money for live streams cuz people that have been on these channels since day won or people who are really big fans might not because able to join because there family could be struggling

    Chloe's Wild AdventureChloe's Wild Adventure16 dni temu
  • Next product

    Melodie DeMarcoMelodie DeMarco16 dni temu
  • Matt: I'm just over killing now Me in 2020: so this is where the virus started

    Jake KnappJake Knapp16 dni temu
  • Anyone else from November 2020 saying man if this ain't foreshadowing... OVERKILL MEGA DESK

    Abby MooreAbby Moore16 dni temu
  • the oreo was the best part

    Rhys RiveraRhys Rivera17 dni temu
  • It was funny how Tanner licked the side of the salt glass. That was priceless

    Carrie PhippsCarrie Phipps18 dni temu
  • Coming from the future! Apparently overkill existed long before we thought! MEGA DESK MEGA DESK MEGA DESK

  • 5:12 micheal takes the cake matt : no (and forgets it is a cake and touches it)

    game overgame over18 dni temu
  • Microsoft doesn’t own PlayStation Sony owns PlayStation

    TrinkTrink18 dni temu
  • knnnnnnnnited

    kay bugkay bug19 dni temu

    Tom_on60fpsTom_on60fps19 dni temu
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  • Hay I like cream cheese

    Blue PheanixBlue Pheanix20 dni temu
  • 7:51 Tanner: "I didnt spend that much on my wedding ring" Me: I feel bad for your wife.

    Taya. just Taya.Taya. just Taya.20 dni temu
  • Btw the metal smell is bc you finger Oils on the metal and you say it like sh - ee-ne-ga-me

    Pea 1026Pea 102621 dzień temu
  • Gets oreos but no milk?

    Aaron StritzelAaron Stritzel21 dzień temu
  • Knnnnnnnnnnnnnnited

    Aew WrestlingAew Wrestling21 dzień temu
  • I have BEEEEG foot

    Lee MuñozLee Muñoz22 dni temu
  • *The beginning*

    Hi5 Studios WatcherHi5 Studios Watcher22 dni temu
  • dope

    Llewellyn Van EmmenisLlewellyn Van Emmenis23 dni temu
  • its been over 5 months, and we still haven't hit that 150k like Goal :/

    Insert_Text_HereInsert_Text_Here23 dni temu
  • Me: *Sees Overkill in the title* Also me: B E C A U S E

    King GummyBearKing GummyBear23 dni temu
  • micheal : STOP me : HAMMER TIME

    Nia MorrisNia Morris23 dni temu
  • next product

    Ibrahim SulemanIbrahim Suleman23 dni temu
  • Dope!!!!$$$🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑☻☻☻☻💩

    Sean SnookSean Snook24 dni temu
  • Dope

    Sean SnookSean Snook24 dni temu
  • no ones weirded out that tanner aint wearing pants?

    sneksis -sneksis -24 dni temu
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    20Asterplayer20Asterplayer24 dni temu
  • 5 k more likes

    20Asterplayer20Asterplayer24 dni temu
  • Maybe try cutting a whole in the cake and try the item again, seems like it actually works if done properly. 🤣🤣

    Alicia RenoufAlicia Renouf24 dni temu
  • I would join but it cost money and I can’t pay sorry

    Lawson RushingLawson Rushing24 dni temu
  • lol im pulling an allnighter

    aim clanaim clan24 dni temu
  • Lmao, mathias said he's overkill

    Cecelia PokorskiCecelia Pokorski26 dni temu
  • Tanner really....5:20

    NRF PlayzNRF Playz26 dni temu
  • Knnnnnnnnnitted

    CARABEAR 101CARABEAR 10126 dni temu

    Hope ReddenHope Redden26 dni temu
  • I clicked on this video for the OVERKILL

    Lol KingLol King27 dni temu
  • imagine dope or nope but all the editors just didnt do anything it would be like the big bang theory with no laugh track

    FirstGryphonXXFirstGryphonXX27 dni temu
  • The future of this channel

    far too many fandoms but mostly musicals nowfar too many fandoms but mostly musicals now28 dni temu
  • next product it's not product it is pro duted.

    Aunya DayAunya Day28 dni temu
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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