aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Dance Practice

26 lis 2020
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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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  • Aespa forever

    panthea grizeldapanthea grizelda41 minuta temu
  • Hello MYs (fandom name of aespa) please vote aespa on Mubeat for the Rookie of the Year (Female). Let's secure their 3rd ROTY. Thank you so much

    Aya MiraAya MiraGodzinę temu
  • Who likes aespa

    Samiksha XalxoSamiksha XalxoGodzinę temu
  • I dunno why but Ningning has the best body proportion but yeah they are all pretty sexy.

    Chariz LuceroChariz Lucero4 godzin temu
  • 🖤❤

    Tiara ZamroniTiara Zamroni4 godzin temu
  • Lindas

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  • Amo

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  • 😍❤

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  • 💖æspa💖

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  • æspa queens

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  • Perfeitas

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  • ÆSPA💖

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  • Lindas

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  • Maravilhosas

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  • Cute

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  • Queens

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  • Gorgeous

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  • Perfect

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  • Ja aprendi

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  • FANS: WHOS THE BEST DANCER Aespa: looks at each other

    Kpop being iconicKpop being iconic8 godzin temu
  • Blakpink worl

    moises castillomoises castillo9 godzin temu
  • MYs please vote on mubeat🤧

    æspa stanæspa stan10 godzin temu
  • This is EXO's training venue 😥😥💔

    リンダリンダリンダリンダ12 godzin temu
    • No it isn't dont all artists in sm have the same practice rooms. Even if it was theyre in the same company get over it

      softforseungmin27 25softforseungmin27 257 godzin temu
  • Vote aespa on mubeat, please.

    Doni BrascoDoni Brasco12 godzin temu
  • MYs please vote aespa on Mubeat app and we have to keep in this current position guys we can do it fighting ! And congratulations MY girls for 13 M views

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  • 1:52 - 1:55

    amberamber19 godzin temu
  • 야야야야야야야

    키미키미19 godzin temu
  • [MSG TO AESPA TALENT] 2:56AN 1/27/21 brains-storming a bit. okay so I'm thinking GISELLE somehow becomes trapped in another human's life. she doesn't know WHY or HOW - only that she's inside another human MUCH older than her (boy or girl, doesn't matter). what she soon discovers is the work of this person is a TIME MACHINE and that the person is ALSO somehow a victim (AESPA TALENT TAKE IT AWAY!!) insert story (!). GISELLE'S character must use the time machine to travel back in time to the victims past and save the life of the person she's inside - NOW HERE'S MY FAVORITE PART: syncs show up and do some SERIUS ASS whipping (idk, all SM material, would be DOPE lol..) anyways... okay so the end should somehow segue way and fit completely with current written AESPA material and the original sync style/effect that is BREAKING GROUND in kpop now. -------------- TIME TRAVEL 1 hour ago[5:42PM ; 1/26/2021] hey ladies, ear muffs winter i already stanned you. now the reason im writinf is bc of my work. i 46 as you may know a graduate of the johns hopkins university 1997, highchool in at detroit country day in birmingham MI. now that out of the way im like exactly the same as GISELLE tha ninja from private education on the island? right. anyway im trapped in a 46 year old body and need to be rescues by sync hero story line. (go with me here, ever seen averengers endgame " iron man 5 ,illion or somtehtin. whatever, they build a time machine and w=the whole series ends after they save the niverse using it and iron man dies. whatever AGAN right? )so okay you get where im going with this. i started a sub plot NOW get your SM lackeys to make a story baord and TAKE IT THE FUCK AWAY LADIES!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooo!! i think about yuo all the time WINTER. at home when imm loneyl..nevermins. : P ------------- TIME TRAVEL 5 minutes ago (edited) [MSG TO AESPA TALENT] Here's the basic reason I need some help from the AESPA team. My proof on TIME TRAVEL using a guitar is 100% correct so I've been told to publish it - but I won't pay money to do it. here's what i wrote in response to getting it published: On "PUBLISHING" (time travel using guitar) "i may need help. 🤏 (little bit): I'm really a little scared. So far, what I've written is interesting and proves time travel first - but in doing so, the entertainment value of any artist's music poses a threat to him and his work (if they've ever been paid). It's not that cool, you know? Thank you for letting me post this on your page. FACEBOOK "blocked" me from doing this on a friend's personal page(s) - I did it on 20 pages before the platform restrictions took effect. Published enough, now maybe (?). What do you think?" I don't know. Pandora's box is already open and i'm gonna fucking run with it til my work on the guitar in WORLD EVOLTION is recognized. so much so that they can never deny that i spent my lifetime PUBLISHING the TRUTH - for free. thx ladies. So how am i dong Winter? alright just checking. thanks!! lol

    TIME TRAVELTIME TRAVEL20 godzin temu
  • Until now, I can't choose my bias in æspa. They're so talented idol group in this generation.

    Errah AnnErrah Ann20 godzin temu
  • Ayayayayayayaya Stan æspa now!

    Errah AnnErrah Ann20 godzin temu
  • Vote aespa on mubeat plis,we must keep rank#1 till the end. Now H-4,lets vote them plis,u can use multiple account,its so easy to vote ㅠㅠ

    Sone RizenSone Rizen20 godzin temu
  • Vote aespa on mubeat, please.

    Doni BrascoDoni Brasco20 godzin temu

    itgirl _lamiitgirl _lami21 godzinę temu
    • @Aj Reyes I'm about to say that because I'm also a reveluv. Some people are too quick to judge these ladies when we haven't even seen their full potential. ☹ But it's great to see that a lot of people are now starting to acknowledge Seulgi's dancing skills.

      itgirl _lamiitgirl _lami37 minut temu
    • We haven't even seen her full potential. People are saying this abt Seulgi before too

      Aj ReyesAj Reyes10 godzin temu

    어거스트 D어거스트 D22 godzin temu
  • Love this choreography❤️

    LalLal23 godzin temu
  • I love how every member is a main dancer

    LalLal23 godzin temu
  • Happy 13M!♡

    Nadia RahmaNadia RahmaDzień temu
  • Aaa 13 millionnn my!!

    Oriensa alnandiaOriensa alnandiaDzień temu
  • 13M🎉

    zzz zeuszzz zeusDzień temu
  • happy 13M!

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  • 13M

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  • 4k more MY!! Lets goo 13 millionn

    Oriensa alnandiaOriensa alnandiaDzień temu
    • 13 milliom finally!!(´∀`)♡

      Oriensa alnandiaOriensa alnandiaDzień temu
  • Giselle is so loooong°

    marie nadine noynaymarie nadine noynayDzień temu
  • They need to go viral cuz their song is good!!!!!! Who wants me to try the dance on Tiktok/PLworld? Votes 💞 👇

    SeoJi HyukSeoJi HyukDzień temu
  • insta for me follow me

    kim lolakim lolaDzień temu
  • Vote aespa on mubeat.

    Doni BrascoDoni BrascoDzień temu
  • Aespa

    Sasa FiaSasa FiaDzień temu
  • So I just watched this 4 times so I can see them all separately and damn they doe all be good dancers wow

    Zahra XZahra XDzień temu
  • æspa ✨⭐

    ღKã ChañღღKã ChañღDzień temu
  • Are there 4 members? The others look like backup dancers

    Kdrama ObsessedKdrama ObsessedDzień temu
    • Aespa is only 4 members gg

      Stan TalentsStan TalentsDzień temu
  • С нетерпением ждем камбэк! А пока стр*мим! давайте сделаем 20 миллионов просмотров и 1 миллион лайков!

    Дикая ВишняДикая ВишняDzień temu
  • بنات شنو اسم البنت الي لابسه بنطلون اسود وتشيرت ابيض نص ردن؟😭

    kim sokjinkim sokjinDzień temu
    • @kim sokjin عفوا🥺💞💞💞

      LMMLMMDzień temu
    • @LMM شكرا حياتي💝💝💝💟💟🌸🌸

      kim sokjinkim sokjinDzień temu
    • وينتر♡

      LMMLMMDzień temu
  • Its been 2 months already 😊 keep goin mah girls, we're so proud of y'all my OT4

    nina :'nina :'Dzień temu
  • What if... *The backup dancers are aespa's future members-* Nvm- don't believe me💔

    •Itx_. Skylynn Courtney••Itx_. Skylynn Courtney•Dzień temu
  • Nda bisa bahasa inggris

    Irman HerdimanIrman HerdimanDzień temu
  • 왜 다 영어야ㅠ;;;;; 캠 이렇게 잡으니까 동선 예쁜거랑 안무 잘보여서 너무 좋네,,,,,, 화려하게 꾸민것도 예쁘지만 지금도 최고다 진짜

    밍밍이밍밍이Dzień temu
  • 13M soon

    Courtney CCourtney CDzień temu
  • 저거 안무 극을 찍던데(개어려움) 너무 잘해서 쉬울줄알았는데.. 그나저나저나 닝닝이 너무 멤버들 사이에서 매력이 넘친다..아기호랑이 상이 눈을 이끔

    랸둔언아랸둔언아Dzień temu
  • MY's Vote aespa on mubeat for rookie artist female. Use multiple account google to vote. Thank's.

    Doni BrascoDoni BrascoDzień temu
  • lu kesini gara" tik tok kn? lgunya BTW

    Siblings Forever ChannelSiblings Forever ChannelDzień temu
  • Senior & junior group's main focus Red velvet: Vocal Aespa : Dance Twice: Dance itzy: Vocal

    Moinul IslamMoinul IslamDzień temu
    • Aespa members both excel in dancing and singing. Not to mention that they also have good rappers.

      itgirl _lamiitgirl _lamiDzień temu
    • Itzy is dance not vocal

      hawklegs manuelhawklegs manuelDzień temu
  • Ini harom

    Salas AuladiSalas AuladiDzień temu
  • Guyss keep stream dance practice video too

    batbayr altjinbatbayr altjinDzień temu
  • Still can't get over how they can be so talented. Queens, indeed!

    PreciouslyPreciouslyDzień temu
  • They need to hurry and make a new song cuz I’m lovin them

    Jeon ChiliJeon Chili2 dni temu

    Jeon ChiliJeon Chili2 dni temu
  • studio dance practice exo bundd

    Tiarra ImanuelaTiarra Imanuela2 dni temu
    • SM*

      Stan TalentsStan TalentsDzień temu
    • Ini studio dp nya sm. Bkn exo aja

      Gabriella SinagaGabriella SinagaDzień temu
    • Kan ade nya exo bun^^

      Sone RizenSone RizenDzień temu
  • Almost 13M

    Sone RizenSone Rizen2 dni temu
  • 어떤면에서는 Itzi 밴드의 춤과 비슷합니다.

    Akpeil__ kzzzAkpeil__ kzzz2 dni temu
  • Blackpink have 56.2M subscriber but aespa have1.32Msubscriber already they are good(i am BLINK)

    tee pttee pt2 dni temu
    • Can u not compare Aespa nd BLACKPINK cause u know there will be idiots who won't take ur comment positively. I too am a blink

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay SwiftDzień temu
  • Karina not human . She is not real.

    Smoky Rudeboys22Smoky Rudeboys222 dni temu
  • like si te fuiste de boca intentando hacwe el ma-ma-ma-mamba :'v

    GabrielaGabriela2 dni temu
  • Giselle does the ‘ayayayayayaya’ PERFECTLY

    Jeon JungkookJeon Jungkook2 dni temu
  • pov: u r a roty

    Zhiara AbdalaZhiara Abdala2 dni temu
  • 👌❤

    ClxudyblueClxudyblue2 dni temu
  • 13M is coming(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    Brigette of aespa SM ෆBrigette of aespa SM ෆ2 dni temu
  • 01:36 the black hair girl i swear her DNA has Europe

    Aleyna SüerAleyna Süer2 dni temu
    • Sorry but y 😅

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay SwiftDzień temu
  • SM allowing some THICC backup dancers !

    Micha ELMicha EL2 dni temu
  • im here for bizarre

    rubik's cuberubik's cube2 dni temu
  • The background dancers danced so well but they still let aespa shine

    stan kpopstan kpop2 dni temu
  • cant stop watching this help

    ShainaShaina2 dni temu
  • aespa

    Febbi YantiFebbi Yanti2 dni temu
  • Turkey🇹🇷

    esmanur özayesmanur özay2 dni temu

    Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay Swift2 dni temu
  • I like that all of them have healthy bodies

    Julia S CuratoJulia S Curato2 dni temu
    • I really don't want them to lose any weight for real . I really want girls to keep their beautiful healthy bodies like that , those k netz will for sure say smtg abt NingNing like her body is so feminine nd beautiful , I would love to have such a body. Please k netz don't criticize her for God's sake . I hope SM doesn't force them 🙏🏻😣

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay Swift2 dni temu
    • Yup

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay Swift2 dni temu
  • Karina, Winter, and Ningning: let's wear pants and not tell Giselle

    Nada AhmedNada Ahmed3 dni temu
    • Lol,i imagined u said,its so cute:)

      Sone RizenSone Rizen2 dni temu
  • Ayayayaya

    Young OneYoung One3 dni temu
  • 1m likes after their comeback for this masterpiece dance pra!!! Mark my word:))

    Thúy Hiền TrịnhThúy Hiền Trịnh3 dni temu
  • Im new to this may I ask who the girl with the blue hair(center on first chorus)

    Nelson Jr RizardoNelson Jr Rizardo3 dni temu
    • @Blue Rose ohhhh thank you

      Nelson Jr RizardoNelson Jr Rizardo3 dni temu
    • @Nelson Jr Rizardo yess

      Blue RoseBlue Rose3 dni temu
    • @Blue Roseohh is she main dancer

      Nelson Jr RizardoNelson Jr Rizardo3 dni temu
    • That's Karina

      Blue RoseBlue Rose3 dni temu
  • don't blame them for why the dance is the same, they didn't make step stupid blonks be mature 🤧

    EXO_30TWICEEXO_30TWICE3 dni temu

    Jayden McCoyJayden McCoy3 dni temu
    • @blu lemoned i knoww, like, people dont really get this point. S'like if u agree to this opinion they feel like we r alrdy saying that they're both the same smh

      ShainaShaina17 godzin temu
    • Lil bit but back again jennie is jennie ningning is ningning

      blu lemonedblu lemonedDzień temu
    • @Fast Gizmolmao im a bp fan and i stan jennie and i can tell they have similarities. u cant say im a liar when WE are entitled to our opinion LOL

      ShainaShaina2 dni temu
    • Liar liar

      Fast GizmoFast Gizmo2 dni temu
    • Liar it does not look a half or so

      Fast GizmoFast Gizmo2 dni temu
  • That blonde backup dancer!!

    Soad RjoubSoad Rjoub3 dni temu
  • ningning underrated dancer

    godforsaken messgodforsaken mess3 dni temu
  • 0:44~ Why does this part remind me of ITZY "WANNABE" dance break?-

    Mochi LoveMochi Love3 dni temu
  • #GREAT_ 🌸💘

    Tang MarwaTang Marwa3 dni temu
  • I can see many same blackpink choreography

    akshara aaaakshara aaa3 dni temu
    • @Tay Tay Swift it has nothing to do with having same choreographer. The point here is most of bp's choreos alone are similar with snsd, after school, 4minute, t-ara and red velvet and out of these groups, only red velvet's choreographer/s worked with bp

      Stan TalentsStan Talents2 dni temu
    • Where, which? Give us the details if yall want to proof the point

      blu lemonedblu lemoned2 dni temu
    • @Tay Tay Swift lol i know there are similarities but most of them have been used by snsd and rv

      Jisoo Goddess Rabbit KimJisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim2 dni temu
    • @Jisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim Actually no we can see the similarity of BP choreo but y r u guys making it a big thing like its the same choreographer nd Aespa killed it , just chill

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay Swift2 dni temu
    • Most of them are from snsd and rv lol

      Jisoo Goddess Rabbit KimJisoo Goddess Rabbit Kim2 dni temu
  • There are many Blackpink-wannabe these days.

    Ralph R.Ralph R.3 dni temu
    • Just because groups did something that have done by blackpink, doesn't mean they want to be blackpink. Grow up

      Stan TalentsStan Talents2 dni temu
    • Guys y r u even replying cause the choreographer of aespa nd bp r same so its common sense that we will find a little similarities , the main comment is just stupid dont reply

      Tay Tay SwiftTay Tay Swift2 dni temu
    • Ralph you need some Jesus in you

      auracleauracle3 dni temu
    • stfu

      godforsaken messgodforsaken mess3 dni temu
    • alam mo ralph, kung sa tingin aespa copied bp for having 4 members, then you're dumb. bp isn't the only 4-member kpop girl out there. if you also included aespa, kung matagal ka ng fan ng kpop, you'd know that the dance step in black mamba (chorus) originated from Girls' Generation's "The Boys". 3rd-4th gen kpop groups reuse the dance steps of 2nd gen kpop groups so shut the fck up. you're just proving na konti lang knowledge mo sa kpop. nakakahiya ka.

      KobeKobe3 dni temu
  • There are many backup dancers because Aespa don't know how to dance. There is nothing special about them seriously.

    Ralph R.Ralph R.3 dni temu
    • @itgirl _lami esp that Karina girl, what is she really good at? Her dancing is not that great, her singing is me, she's nowhere near talented. The only good about her is her looks.

      Ralph R.Ralph R.20 godzin temu
    • @Ralph R. What? debuted too early when we waited for 5 years for them to come out in SM dungeon. You clearly don't follow them that's why you are saying that. If they "did" debut too early then why some trainees left? As srgnator this is an insult for me.

      itgirl _lamiitgirl _lamiDzień temu
    • Omg did someone dare to question sm group's singing and dancing skills? There are bunch of special things about them and you can't see it since you are comparing aespa to your fave group 🤦🏻‍♀️ I saw another comment of yours which makes sense why you are that pressed about aespa

      itgirl _lamiitgirl _lamiDzień temu
    • @Ralph R. ok kpop master. Sm last debuted girl group is 2014.... it’s been 6 years💀 what *early* are you talk about

      blu lemonedblu lemoned2 dni temu
    • @Ralph R. just say you hate them and leave. Your other comment said it all

      Stan TalentsStan Talents2 dni temu
  • Yeeeaah Aespa

    Courtney CCourtney C3 dni temu