Ken Jeong, Joel McHale and George Kittle fire up SmackDown season premiere: SmackDown, Oct. 16, 2020

16 paź 2020
259 848 wyświetleń

Actors Ken Jeong and Joel McHale along with San Francisco 49er George Kittle make an appearance on the SmackDown season premiere. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • amazing my favorite football player is george kittle and his favorite wrestler is seth rollings same with me my life is complete

    SM3xposers 3SM3xposers 3Dzień temu
  • Stay safe everyone 🤗

    cherry _ bommecherry _ bomme2 dni temu
  • 미국에선 켄정이 그렇게까지 유명인인가?? 신기하네... Is Ken Jeong really famous in America? Koreans don't know his name.

    The Voice of The VoicelessThe Voice of The Voiceless3 dni temu
  • Hi Chao! How are you in Vegas ?

    Profesor VojtasProfesor Vojtas3 dni temu
  • Jeff winger for 24/7 champion! Make it happen vince

    Starscream _Starscream _5 dni temu
  • Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    مهارات كرت القدم ؤمهارات كرت القدم ؤ5 dni temu
  • Mr Leslie Chow

    Jack GolfJack Golf5 dni temu
  • Wwe not the same no more tbj

    Sam & Mercedes RoccoSam & Mercedes Rocco5 dni temu
  • Joel seemed like the only genuine one

    Erik ZunigaErik Zuniga5 dni temu
  • Sami sucks. And Rollins character sucks

    Jake & Brandy StapletonJake & Brandy Stapleton6 dni temu
  • What's the name of the song??

    Julio Augusto Castillo MogrovejoJulio Augusto Castillo Mogrovejo6 dni temu
  • I'm a 49ers fan and came here just for George Kittle.

    PowerSyfePowerSyfe6 dni temu
  • Ken is my favorate person.

    Dauven DucusinDauven Ducusin6 dni temu
  • Alright, Go George Kittle!

    Darius HarrisDarius Harris6 dni temu
  • Its ken jeong, how can you not like it!

    Ev'N Y,ngEv'N Y,ng6 dni temu
  • Everyone is talking about smackdown live it would be emotional

    Trey CarrilloTrey Carrillo6 dni temu
  • I'm really excited for the smackdown season premiere

    KayceemikelKayceemikel6 dni temu
  • Imagine ken Jeong Joel stepping in the ring with Idk braun strowman or otis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏

    JBull The King Of EntertainmentJBull The King Of Entertainment6 dni temu
  • The last guy said that it was Seth freaking Rollins first time on SmackDown but let me tell you it hell wasn’t

    Melissa Cordova & Aiden spotoMelissa Cordova & Aiden spoto6 dni temu
  • 0:30 wait why is stone cold standing there??!

    G4L_YTG4L_YT6 dni temu
  • Can't wait for *SUMMER-FEST!!!*

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre6 dni temu
  • 수고하셨습니다

    김세웅김세웅6 dni temu
  • Yes

    TheThunderstromV3TheThunderstromV36 dni temu
  • Omg his dead in transformer 3😂

    Muhammad AkramMuhammad Akram6 dni temu
  • Leslie Chow is watching this. Leslie in WWE ??

    yetiyeti7 dni temu
  • Seth Rollins is a coward

    James KingJames King7 dni temu
  • Not sed loredll is bruter

    el jhoel XDel jhoel XD7 dni temu
  • mr chow

    PunkShockRockPunkShockRock7 dni temu

    UltraGamingUltraGaming7 dni temu
  • Ken Jeong and Joel McHale? It’s like this was MADE for Community fans lol

    AlexReviews 125AlexReviews 1257 dni temu
  • Speaking of Smackdown, this reminds me of the time I banged eartha Kit in an airplane bathroom

    J.R.C.S ProductionsJ.R.C.S Productions7 dni temu
  • Who are they?

    Midnight CarnageMidnight Carnage7 dni temu
  • What Fox wants fox gets.

    OG GarciaOG Garcia7 dni temu
  • 0:05 lesley chow

    Fernando LópezFernando López7 dni temu
  • Bruh whys mister chow in wwe

  • I love speak George Kittle Seth Rollins is the best and him becoming to The Leader of Friday Night Smackdown ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni7 dni temu
  • All the admins in wwe I have a suggestion get gronk in to wwe he did amazing in 2017 I think that would be cool

    TrangoTrango7 dni temu
  • Leslie Chow gonna make his debut on Smackdown

    Random Guy71Random Guy717 dni temu
  • *In the tune of Troy & Abed in the morning* "JEFF AND CHANG WATCHING WREEEEEEESTLING"

    Chaos XChaos X7 dni temu
  • Mr. Chao

    Adriano CollettaAdriano Colletta7 dni temu
  • Mr Chow Leslie Chow.

    Big BossBig Boss7 dni temu
  • 6 seasons and a movie 🥺

    JMgaming 21JMgaming 217 dni temu
  • Is Britta in this?

    FreakazoidFreakazoid7 dni temu
  • 0:05 he wants to fight John cena I heard

    Mಠ_ಠMಠ_ಠ7 dni temu
  • Who?

    RobRob7 dni temu
  • Ken joung uuuuung

    C BrownC Brown7 dni temu
  • Only watching this because of Chang and Jeff 😜

    rocky1169ptrocky1169pt7 dni temu
  • Why do we need analysts and Fox shills to come into the pro wrestling world to give there opinion? They don't care. What could they possibly say thats going to get me excited?

    Thomas NewellThomas Newell7 dni temu
  • That video was streets ahead

    ilyKITEwrld ➏➒ilyKITEwrld ➏➒7 dni temu
  • ok,my dream match is Lars vs Chow book it vince :))

    H.R. TH.R. T7 dni temu
  • No mames a leslie chau le gusta wwe

    José Manuel CuetoJosé Manuel Cueto7 dni temu
  • Okay times up now put people we want to see and hear, cough cough THE ROOOOOOOOOCK

  • Ken Jeong, can piss the green hell off. Bobby Lee, all the way! (TigerBelly Podcast Fan's Will Get That)

    Catlin WhitesideCatlin Whiteside7 dni temu
  • This was streets ahead!

    Here’s my wrong opinion:Here’s my wrong opinion:7 dni temu
  • ben chang and jeff winger watch wwe... my life is now complete

    drg.drg.7 dni temu
    • then i find troy butt soup barnes and abed with 24/7 title and ima head

      you dont know me okyou dont know me ok7 dni temu
  • For some reason I dont like kog jeong...

    Mistah KevinMistah Kevin7 dni temu
  • ‘’You will be banned from the Summerfest’’

    ThomsonThomson7 dni temu
  • Seeing Ken gives me ptsd of the celebrity guest hosts era of 09, everyone who thinks wwe is bad in 2020 (which it is) trust me it can't get as bad as 09 was

    The ChainsawThe Chainsaw7 dni temu
  • Ken and Joel are my favorite actors, really cool they are cementing

    KpsKps7 dni temu
  • Wwe is getting weird we all just getting proofs wwe is fake no longer it’s not fun only shayna is best if she went then boom wwe is over

    Ameera OMGAmeera OMG7 dni temu
  • If y'all bring back Donald Trump WWE will officially no longer be a part of my life at all 100%

  • No China WWE will be burned

    へへいへーいへへいへーい7 dni temu
  • This is my opinion that smackdown is better than raw. If u have ur own opinion put it in the comments if u want to.

    Jose CasasJose Casas7 dni temu
  • 00:02 no puede ser es leslie chow grande este actor

    Marcelo Barrios CabezasMarcelo Barrios Cabezas7 dni temu
  • اللهم صلي وسلم على نبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

    ABN LIBYA - ابن ليبياABN LIBYA - ابن ليبيا7 dni temu
  • وفق نبمبخبظبتلكتيكينيولتتب

    منوعه انميمنوعه انمي7 dni temu
  • So Random & Niners Suck. Kittle's ok tho lol

    Jonathan MuldrowJonathan Muldrow7 dni temu
  • Ken Jeong - who? Joel McHale - who? George Kittle - who? Why must WWE insist on using celebrities that are only known to the US?

    Gravey's BreweryGravey's Brewery7 dni temu
    • Grorge kittle is one of the best football players

      Marti NoobMarti Noob7 dni temu
  • Brilliant

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns7 dni temu
  • يا رب السكر قناه دبليو دبليو اي

    Ibtesam AlshammariIbtesam Alshammari7 dni temu
  • 🔥🔥🔥🐉🐉🐉

    dCelldCell7 dni temu
  • Gay Boi

    Milk CartonMilk Carton7 dni temu
  • be a disciple of JESUS today if you're not one right now read your bible every day talk to god every day try not to sin jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave us this life JESUS might come back soon love JESUS and GOD more than anything try to learn everything that you can about being a disciple. Yeah

    Jacobe HamiltonJacobe Hamilton7 dni temu
  • Yeah bring in real stars known the nation over to contrast with the pasty skinned nobodies that pass for wrestlers these days.

    Steven ThomsonSteven Thomson7 dni temu
  • WWE The Undertaker vs The fiend That was a great fight from Monsters 😈

    Dion FeratajDion Ferataj7 dni temu
  • I'm a South Korean Fan of WWE. And Nice to meet you Ken Jeong!! :)

    Booster NitroBooster Nitro7 dni temu
  • They are good entertainers

    Paw-za-tive PoochPaw-za-tive Pooch7 dni temu
  • *U got CHANGed.*

    Gök BastyGök Basty7 dni temu
  • Fake Celebrities, reacting fake to hype a boring Show

    G35429G354297 dni temu
    • they are real actors and celebrities but the boring and fake reaction are probably true

      you dont know me okyou dont know me ok7 dni temu
  • My names CHOW! LESLIE CHOW!

    R LR L7 dni temu
  • 179th comment

    javier book shadows contributor dujavier book shadows contributor du7 dni temu
  • Ada namma hangover billa

    VeLa MaNiVeLa MaNi7 dni temu
  • Who is Ken Joeng?

    Hobby/ HobbyGamerTVHobby/ HobbyGamerTV7 dni temu
  • Now I want Ken and Joel to host the next Wrestlmania that has a live crowd

    ƱƱ7 dni temu
  • six season and a movie!

    redcobra 92redcobra 927 dni temu
  • Coumity

    Dempsey promationsDempsey promations7 dni temu
  • I thought he was killed by laserbeak

    Emirhan ProductionTMEmirhan ProductionTM7 dni temu
  • I had to think fast.

    UnkindledKieranUnkindledKieran7 dni temu

    yohaNikinyohaNikin7 dni temu
  • Señor Chang

    Champion KingChampion King7 dni temu
  • Hhy

    Brahim KaBrahim Ka7 dni temu
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    Brahim KaBrahim Ka7 dni temu
  • Who?

    lostbaloneyrockstarlostbaloneyrockstar8 dni temu
  • But why does he teach Spanish?

    The Legendary Pocket HoundsThe Legendary Pocket Hounds8 dni temu
  • Funny i just started re watching community

    William CrosbyWilliam Crosby8 dni temu
  • Imagine that's Dwight watch wrestling

    Ernesto Nukia3Ernesto Nukia38 dni temu
  • I can't wait to see what's next for this new smackdown

    Qaid LatchmanQaid Latchman8 dni temu
  • community ❤

    Disaster ArtistDisaster Artist8 dni temu
  • What is mr chow doing on wwe

    HellfireHellfire8 dni temu
  • Friday Night Fries is here! Burn it down

    Aydreean CAydreean C8 dni temu