Swinging From Web Shooters!

31 mar 2020
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0:00 Teaser
0:15 Intro
0:58 Sponsor
1:50 JT Intro
2:05 First tests
3:19 Wrist Mount
3:54 Wrist Mount Assembly
4:14 Web Research
5:09 Making the web
5:55 Mock-up Design Test
6:38 Final Assembly
8:00 First Spidey Test
9:20 Bye JT!
10:22 Repairs
12:22 The Spidey Test
13:21 Outro
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“Riot” by Blackwater
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  • Thanks for having me James, I'm so glad I could SWING by! I truly had a great time. All the best dealing with the current challenges. Just remember - back in the day, it was just you in a garage making cool stuff. Even through lockdown, you've still got your garage, and you've still got you! :)

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    • Are you okay!???? You fell!!

      NotVerifiedlolNotVerifiedlol2 dni temu
    • Create a real life halo suit

      Ethel OseiEthel Osei12 dni temu
    • If you make real spiderman, then when you swing from buildings, the blood will go to the feet and the brain will go out of oxygen and you'll go unconscious in thw middle of the swing, so get a genetic engineer in the group as well

      Harjasuday SinghHarjasuday SinghMiesiąc temu
    • Welcom

      Brycey StapesBrycey StapesMiesiąc temu
    • @alta mawy nobody is going to give you stuff for free that costs a ton to build. And lol you aren't going to become Spiderman 😂

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  • its web shooters not web slingers

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  • Maybe you should make a mechanism where you have a web around like a spiral then you make it be able to speed backwards anf forwards and loads of speed.

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  • The thing to keep in mind also is the faster you go. The heavier the load is.

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  • Ok, this is cool, but, in the comic/cartoons/movies, Spiderman's webs seem to be a chemical compound that is released and then partially hardens, while still retaining a tackiness, when it hit air, allowing Spidey to swing from it. This seems like something that Q would have created for James Bond.

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  • A more efficient way might be to put extremely strong magnets at the end of the cable so that it will almost always latch on to something and use a motor and a wheel for the cable to wrap around to make it retractable when you spin the wheel with the motor.

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  • Could find a liquid that can eject really fast out of the suit glove. When the liquid shoots out it will solidify. When ur done with that swing something on the glove can cut the string off to shoot a new web. Does anything like that exist?

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  • So basically...it’s kinda like a Kaginawa.

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