5 Illusion Products That Will Trick Your Brain!

20 paź 2020
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This video is an illusion. This entire world is an illusion. Maybe YOU are an illusion...
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  • memento mori D':

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  • Tanner: did you know that birds always land on their feet? Me: Tanner: cuz they can just fly down Me: ok isn’t that kind of obvious? Tanner: unless they get shot! Me: Why?!

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  • Yay or nay how bout ay

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  • Got to say that the beginning is satisfying

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  • Bro no cap the Asuka one was lit and by the way I subscribed to you right before I watched this vid oh and this vid was AWSOME!!!!!!!!

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  • Hypnosis is maybe real some believe it some don’t some can get tricked by it some can’t so basically hypnosis works on some people some don’t I never got hypnotized I don’t know what it feels like

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  • 16:16

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  • My head hurts 🤯

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  • Hi you are the best youtuber ever

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  • lol i loved it when tanner was trying to read that review in like french or Spanish it HI-LARIOS

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  • Dude my name is Kasey and I was like 0-0

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  • Pink light chuckles I’m in danger

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  • its pronounced oil-ers disk, not you-lers disk

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  • Those cubes which go into different shapes are called a Geo bender which has multiple magnets which shapes into different things and with multiple of these you can make many things with it! I have 5 of these

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  • The editor did an amazing edit I really liked it good job☺

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  • Light yay!!

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  • They should have seen if they can put the boxes together and see if they can make a bigger box

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  • Come on little PP pop out-tanner 2020

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  • I love Tanner’s reaction when Matt puts the things together

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  • pink light is awsome!

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  • 16:16

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  • 👇👈 ☹☹🏳 its windings for HELLO

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  • 6:52 That shirt looks like it has two eyes

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  • It's like a venom under loud sounds

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  • Watching this and then hearing the Dinklebot voice from Destiny 1 just scared me so much

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  • Tanner is so 😋😋💙💙

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  • Did you guys know a bird can always land on its feet Unless It gets shot

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  • At 11:20 How do I get it back to a Square Me it’s a freakin cube

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  • Great channel !

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  • My brain hurts now

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  • 9:10 Tanner, why. Look in his hand.

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  • Matts a boomer

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  • It feels naked without the pink light

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  • I wanna see a video with tanner in a skirt

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  • Makes you look SKINNY AF

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  • Are you going to do giveaways to give back to the people that support you?

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  • "That's right we're talking about you............. Casey" my sister screamed and she wasnt even watching.

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  • Without tanner this channel would not be alive

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  • Tanner: Is hypnotism real? Suspicious Car Files: yes.

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  • Rare earth magnets are called that because they are made of the rare earth elements it’s not that rare to find these elements these elements are usually made to make things such as jets electronic devices and magnetic and many more.

    Space Ages - KSPSpace Ages - KSP12 dni temu
  • Time travle

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    • Gues what

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  • Yes

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  • 5:49 "Is hypnotism real ?" My Father was a Ph.D. psychologist who did hypnotherapy so yes, hypnosis is real. How does it work ? Well, let's look at an example. My Father explained it to me. He said hypnosis is not at all like the movies and shows portray it. It is a relaxed state of mind where - under certain circumstances you can indeed SUGGEST something that can be abnormal but does not harm anyone. For instance the classic explanation he said was that he was going to tell me about the musician who was hypnotized to always take off his right shoe and place it on the piano before he started playing. If someone were to ask him why he did this. He would give them a valid answer, even if it wasn't. The musician fully believes that it is essential and required to remove his right shoe and place it on the piano. He would give ideas like it balances the piano to play more properly. That his foot hurts if he keeps the shoe on while playing. Any number of excuses. The musician fully believes without a shadow of a doubt that it is required. That's the power of hypnotism.

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  • Who else kept replaying the French part 😂

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  • The 1st product isn't an illusion it's about physics

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  • I’ve never seen Matt so SLIM THICK!

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  • Whenever the disk thing that doesn’t stop whenever it gos fast it sounds like a car driving Lol

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  • I love how Tanner freaks out in the beginning

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  • Fact:I’ve been looking at the thumbnail for 5 minutes straight to find the illusion lol

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    • I still couldn’t find it and I don’t think anyone else can neither

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  • I actually have that black weird shape cube and I think I’m super good at solving it it’s really easy and I like it

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  • Finally a mega dope in the Patrick era, too bad you couldn’t push the mega dope button!!!

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  • I think it had its time-Matt 2020

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  • 1:07 I was sitting next to my 3D printer when one of you said that 3D printing felt cheap and low quality and my 3D printer cried

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  • Tanner: "Come on lil PP! Pop out! Matt: "Tanners normal day" Me: *BURSTS OUT LAUGHING*

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  • This is lightly cooked magnets 🧲

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  • 16:16 for people that have epoletse

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    • Shut up Karen its a damn joke

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  • 0:51 my boyfriend’s name is Casey...

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