AURORA - Thank U (Lyric Video)

23 paź 2020
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'Thank U' is from the upcoming album 'Good Night Songs For Rebel Girls', celebrating extraordinary women in music and created in partnership with Rebel Girls, the global multi-platform edutainment brand focused on inspiring and instilling confidence in a generation of girls around the world. Good Night Songs for Rebel Girls features covers of both contemporary and historic singles that transcend genre and geography, penned by iconic female artists.
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Music video by AURORA performing Thank U (Lyric Video). A Decca Records Recording; © 2020 Universal Music Operations Limited

  • Fun Fact : She loves playing Minecraft.

    Heroic Shadow FoxHeroic Shadow Fox44 minut temu

    Pedro KaulinoPedro Kaulino9 godzin temu
  • A collaboration between Billie Eilish Aurora and Melanie Martinez will fix everything

    Silven FocxtariozSilven FocxtariozDzień temu
  • "The moment I jumped off of it, was the moment I touched down." can anyone explain what is she (Alanis/Aurora) trying to say?

    Rohan GuptaRohan Gupta2 dni temu
  • I didn't understand anything

    Airmow GamingAirmow Gaming2 dni temu
  • "Thank U".

    José Eduardo de CamargoJosé Eduardo de Camargo3 dni temu
  • At least you should have mentioned the name of the actual artist of this song...all that I came to know through comments

    ShwetaShweta3 dni temu
  • Amo você Aurora se muito .mais seres humanos fosses como você . .o mundo seria um Eden..rumo à uma evolução..!! e não seria esse caos que vivenciamos know ...você é como uma semente de Amor plantada por Deus no mundo para ver se nos acordamos......... betwen your sound end your soul ..

    Carvalho FenixCarvalho Fenix4 dni temu
  • Brasil???🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Ana Luiza ShirakinAna Luiza Shirakin4 dni temu
  • Aurora never dissapoints. Love this Also: I have the book of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls". It's really inspiring. I recognized the font. "Good Night Songs for Rebel Girls" Is going to be really good, too 🇦🇷

    Julia RanieriJulia Ranieri4 dni temu
  • thak you

    vik sinvik sin4 dni temu
  • beautiful voice, really like it, continue💖

    Jill ValentineJill Valentine4 dni temu
  • Love your Musik, dear Aurora, am about to become 44 in a short while. The original from Alanis Morissette is much nearer to me than your cover. Anyway, your voice is beautiful. Keep on doing what you do

    Kerstin NepomuckKerstin Nepomuck4 dni temu
  • Peace&LovePeace&Love4 dni temu
  • aurora covering alanis is definitely not something i expected! i just realized how fitting aurora's voice to alanis' songs is and i love it

    ウィンチェスターディーンウィンチェスターディーン5 dni temu
  • Love's from india❤️

    Mahi RMahi R6 dni temu
  • Deep ! Well done

    TheGurner1TheGurner16 dni temu
  • Apart from the India part which doesn't really match, the rest of the song seems to describe my situation right now. Especially in the first part because of my eating disorder, and the fact that I still couldn't forgive someone (this is one of the things that probably brought me to anorexia). But now I started my recovery process and I'm sure of wanting to get out of this horrible illness, and someone who helped me a lot through this is Aurora. I know this song is not hers but her voice, and the other songs were screaming to me to get up and dance to them so I had to find my strenghts again. Thank you Aurora.

    SylviaSylvia6 dni temu
  • ... 3 ..... 5 ....... 7

    DavidDavid7 dni temu
  • Love this,but the original still the best one,this is my favorite alanis song,the lyrics the video from alanis is everything

    Tn ShndntTn Shndnt8 dni temu
  • I saw the title and knew it would be an Alanis cover

    FaithFaith9 dni temu
  • Aurora's covers are always perfect

    Random DreamerRandom Dreamer10 dni temu
  • i love

    Ivan Ch SaltosIvan Ch Saltos11 dni temu
  • This song is in the Spotify playlist I'm listening to when I am working at my house. My productivity improved because of listening to your songs, even those that you covered.

    Raymond Zacchaeus AriasRaymond Zacchaeus Arias11 dni temu
  • Hi Aurora, will you ever have a concert in Poland? I waiting ;3

    Mała AnimeMała Anime12 dni temu
  • I love aurora's voice🐺💕

    Javier FunesJavier Funes12 dni temu
  • Nice 💗

    Em Payy Acc Kia Panda zũ trụ nè Anh Hoan :3Em Payy Acc Kia Panda zũ trụ nè Anh Hoan :312 dni temu
  • Why isn’t this available in North America or Australia, that eliminates over half a billion people from the potential audience, and that includes most native English speakers, the people that are most likely to watch this

    Bobtheconqueror 42Bobtheconqueror 4212 dni temu
  • *Where's the video for this beautiful cover?*

    Jonathan da MataJonathan da Mata13 dni temu
  • Hey Aurora just discovered Lucy swan and i could'nt put my finger on why i liked her music then i found out she is norwegian and has a similar uniquness like yourself. i cant help but think of you two doing a collaboration together??? any chance? lol i think everyone would love it

    Michael BurtMichael Burt13 dni temu
  • The arrangement fits a little - especially the drums. But it's cute.

    David MondokDavid Mondok13 dni temu
  • good heavens that "thank you silence" just lifted my body up

    Jayson MatchadoJayson Matchado14 dni temu
  • Thank you

    Manuelantonio YCManuelantonio YC14 dni temu
  • Hello! I'm here to ask something to Aurora's fans! (I'm so sorry if my sentences don't mean anything, English isn't my native language, I'm French) I know Aurora since the first time I've seen Frozen II, so that is less than one year, and I don't really know her and her songs. I listened to some of them (it started with "Runaway", then I listened to: Running with the wolves / Exist for love / Half the world away / The river / Under the water / Apple tree / Winter bird / Nature boy / Warrior / Conqueror / I went too far / and "Thank U" of course). So I'm asking you which songs I should listen to and how I can know more about her, because I really love Aurora and I think she's so much underrated. And also, how Aurora's fans call themselves? Oh and how did you know her? Because I've never heard her name before Frozen II came out. Sorry for that useless comment, but I hope someone will answer me. Sorry for my bad English, I tried to do my best. I don't know how to end this comment so here's a rose: *@};-*

    Disney & Hamilton FanDisney & Hamilton Fan15 dni temu
    • Aurora calls her supporters Warriors & Weirdos. Just google "aurora reddit" and you will find much more from that reddit group. You can find all her songs (also unreleased songs) in the first post. I like Animal Soul a lot, it's one of the unreleased so there are only live performances of that song.

      Kent SolguleKent Solgule12 dni temu
  • Thank you Aurora and Alanis

    False Note FestFalse Note Fest15 dni temu
  • This cover just made me fall in love! Thank you!

    Malcolm ChristopherMalcolm Christopher15 dni temu
  • I really like AURORA, I think she's very real and talented but she didn't do justice to the actual song. I expected more coming from her.

    IVO MuzikIVO Muzik16 dni temu
  • Alanis Morissette... 90s's best singer.. aurora, I love you

    diego bassdiego bass16 dni temu
  • Obrigado aurora

    Leonardo De PaulaLeonardo De Paula17 dni temu
  • I loved this song forever!

    BlooderBlooder18 dni temu
  • Please do sleeping satellite

    Sa SanSa San18 dni temu
  • 🌈☺

    a d aa d a18 dni temu
  • Mantap 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    Usu SurusuUsu Surusu18 dni temu
  • Aurora, por que tão perfeita!? ✨

    Jesse RodriguesJesse Rodrigues18 dni temu
  • Jag har inga ord att beskriva det... det är bara så starkt, friskt och 'rent'. Aurora låter både som en vis, gammal älva och som en fågelunge samtidigt. Underbar och fabulös! Tackar dig jättemycket!

    Tuomo TamsTuomo Tams19 dni temu
  • I Love aurora

    Físico peculiarFísico peculiar19 dni temu
  • Hey. I liked your vid so much. You most definitely should put out more music. You need to collab with the sick singer George Myer. His music is like Drake mixed with Arizona Zervas. He is the lit music artist on PLworld and he basically does vibey things in every vid. Go check out his PLworld out and give the artist a like! 👉 #MusicByGeorgeMyer

    Jacinda Rose SandovalJacinda Rose Sandoval19 dni temu
  • Thank you disillusionmEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEnt, Love her

    BlueJayBlueJay19 dni temu
  • I've discovered this channel thorugh my girlfriend, for that I thank her :D

    HyperBounderHyperBounder20 dni temu
  • KUDO who?

    柴田哲柴田哲20 dni temu
  • Why am I crying so much ❤️

    ves kat heves kat he21 dzień temu
    • They are the tears of bliss, I suppose. (I know - that was just a rhetorical question.) I'm almost crying too while listening this :) At the same time, Aurora sounds like both a good, wise elf and very little young bird... it is so miraculous

      Tuomo TamsTuomo Tams19 dni temu
  • Hi sister light 🌸 ⛯ 🎶 again thanks for doing this track for me I love you so much cxxx 💚 I fire my Hart upon you cxxx 🙏

    • Your so welcome you inspired me Aurora x🌈🎶💚

  • I am proud to be an Indian 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Kanikraj KanikrajKanikraj Kanikraj22 dni temu
  • Thanks again Aurora, so much of your music treats everything I'm going through

    Leila SmithLeila Smith22 dni temu
  • "Thanks you providence" instead of terror... Is this a Lovecraft reference? x'DD let me dream

    thedarkhal5thedarkhal522 dni temu
  • Thank U for covering this song, Aurora, now I love it even more

    Farryn CampbellFarryn Campbell22 dni temu
  • 1.8m yeeeaaaa

    I'm walking with my sonsI'm walking with my sons22 dni temu
  • Finally, she's back

    Made by MarshallMade by Marshall22 dni temu
  • I love Aurora's singing a lot, this cover is beautiful but I think SW did more justice to this song. Click below if you would like to check out SW's cover:

    Rayhanul Islam RumelRayhanul Islam Rumel23 dni temu
  • Thank you for good music

    Josh BroushiniJosh Broushini23 dni temu
  • I turn it on again and again I can't stop.

    You BlogYou Blog23 dni temu
  • Surprising! Love it!

    Valentina SakValentina Sak23 dni temu
  • Thank u Aurora ❤️🌺🥰

    MeekLobaMeekLoba23 dni temu
  • This was an AD first for me

    Stephen ArmstrongStephen Armstrong23 dni temu
  • How bout this being in fifa

    Stephen ArmstrongStephen Armstrong23 dni temu

    Thiago PaivaThiago Paiva24 dni temu
  • thank you aurora 😢

    felipe.felipe.24 dni temu
  • She has the perfect Dolores vibe❤️🔥

    Shiny KholgadeShiny Kholgade24 dni temu
  • This is amazing!! 😲💕

    MeeceMeece24 dni temu
  • Thank u is the new Imagine man

    LahLah24 dni temu
  • I am a Dear of Dimash but I love Aurora's music 🤩

    Lucy LLucy L25 dni temu
  • My ears are grateful for this sweet sound today.

    Kenisa PKenisa P25 dni temu
  • Alanís is better

    rothschild aristoteles ghandirothschild aristoteles ghandi25 dni temu

    Mayla Magna Santos MendesMayla Magna Santos Mendes25 dni temu
  • Thank you for being so honest and so wonderful Aurora! I hope you all are not feeling too lonely in those times. I'm from Vienna and there was a terror attack a few days ago and people are scared, but for me it's important to stay united and thankful for the world. I feel so alive when I listen to you music, it's real magic

    Sophie KoflerSophie Kofler25 dni temu
  • its beautifullll!!!!!! S2

    Ana Catarina Barbosa de SouzaAna Catarina Barbosa de Souza26 dni temu
  • ❤️ love ❤️

    Micha GerschMicha Gersch26 dni temu
  • When I'd listened for the first time Aurora's music, I thougt about this song. "It would be a great cover by Aurora.... " And here it is.... Thanks :)

    Geertje H.Geertje H.26 dni temu
    • Excuse me for my bad English. My brain is malfunctioning and my native language is Frisian, second is Dutch :).

      Geertje H.Geertje H.26 dni temu
  • omg!!!!

    Stevano ChristoferStevano Christofer26 dni temu
  • Thank u for this song

    Camila LinsCamila Lins27 dni temu
  • Super Cover 👍👍👍👍

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  • 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

    Павел ЗаставаПавел Застава27 dni temu
  • "thank you terror", i guess it is a dangerous lyric...

    Merv KlsMerv Kls27 dni temu
  • Verry Nice.. I am from Indonesia

    Aurora MusicAurora Music27 dni temu
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    Göktuğ usluGöktuğ uslu27 dni temu
  • Thank you... Alanis for this perfect amazing wonderfull song.

    Amanda DornellesAmanda Dornelles28 dni temu
  • Quem e brasileiro ❤️ Who is Brazilian from ❤️

    Zoi Vida Na EstradaZoi Vida Na Estrada28 dni temu
  • Wasn't expecting a cover but I love it when two beautiful worlds/talents collide!

    Tom KingTom King28 dni temu
  • Hello dear, I have no friends like your friends. Can you invite your friends to my channel? Please my friend, I promise you, I will not forget, please, longevity. I promise you can help my please my frind

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  • im surprised and angry it's written nowhere in the title or the description that it's a cover...

    Anna SukhanovaAnna Sukhanova29 dni temu
    • How about reading the description one more time?

      LeonidBreshnevOnIceLeonidBreshnevOnIce11 dni temu
    • Is in the description

      Bruna de OliveiraBruna de Oliveira28 dni temu
  • Thank u Aurora

    Lucas Menezes GottschallLucas Menezes GottschallMiesiąc temu
  • Oh My God this song is sooooo amazing thank u Aurora i love youuuu

    Mimi ChanMimi ChanMiesiąc temu
  • Are they Harry Potter glasses in the corner ?

    P DoggP DoggMiesiąc temu
  • Awwww this is awesome song aurora I love thank u for making these songs for all of us

    Indu JoshanIndu JoshanMiesiąc temu
  • ♥️

    Deeptiman MukherjeeDeeptiman MukherjeeMiesiąc temu
  • We don`t need a godess because we already have one. So much power and so much meaning in one song of Aurora. She helps me out of bad times and gives me hope each time I hear her voice :D

    AstiLp_LbsAstiLp_LbsMiesiąc temu
  • aurora: how about stopping eating when im full up? me, in the middle of a binge: hm:/

    IreneIreneMiesiąc temu
  • Both the original and Aurora's are awesome! Beautiful sound.

    sangsangMiesiąc temu
  • That's so beautiful!!!

    Carlos JrCarlos JrMiesiąc temu
  • Stop say Thank you. We are all say thank you, for this voice, for youre live, for your love. We love you.

    Thomas CarpenterThomas CarpenterMiesiąc temu