Itzulia Basque Country 2021 - Stage 2 Highlights | Cycling | Eurosport

6 kwi 2021
47 362 wyświetleń

Highlights from Stage 2 of the 2021 Itzulia Basque Country.
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  • Kirby!!! You are ruined cycling for me with your lack of everything I have to mute the TV you commentating is unbearable 👎👎

    Koldo AscunceKoldo Ascunce9 dni temu
  • I'm asking myself why the nationality of the riders isn't mentioned anymore ?

    Lux danilo_luLux danilo_lu14 dni temu

    Maria MedeiraMaria Medeira14 dni temu
  • Yep, Roglic will probably win; unless he mysteriously ‘crashes’ on the final day to let Pogacar win. Still, great riding by Astana guys, nice 1-2. Hope Carapaz is OK after his actual crash.

    David LandDavid Land14 dni temu
  • Not a single mention of the names of the guys who were in front all day. Spring leaves on the roads??? Godot in stead of Gaudu??? Can you wake up before making this video please?

    Michel Van DyckMichel Van Dyck14 dni temu
  • the Willier's of Astana and the team kit look awesome

    Sandy TelferSandy Telfer14 dni temu
  • Can someone explain the trophy to me? Very odd

    Richard Miles SayerRichard Miles Sayer15 dni temu
  • Roglic and Schachmann looking strong again. I believe Roglic will win the GC and Schachmann takes 2nd!

    AufBärenbruder BasisAufBärenbruder Basis15 dni temu
    • Pogacar is the most dangerous here.. watch him go on Saturday. Definitely pogacar.

      mt Electricalmt Electrical14 dni temu
    • Pogačar

      Zlatka AlessiZlatka Alessi14 dni temu
    • We will see in mauntains who has legs here. Pogacar is dangeour here. He tend to attack in long climbs in way as did in tirreno adriatico. Also Yates is strong in uphill this season.

      Marko PodganjekMarko Podganjek15 dni temu
    • I put Adam Yates as 2nd, time will tell :)

      Dr. W.Dr. W.15 dni temu
  • Astana's new kits look really cool

    Jack BenzieJack Benzie15 dni temu
  • Could the commentator say any more than 3 words in a row perhaps?

    CurseTheseMetalHandsCurseTheseMetalHands15 dni temu
    • Sounds like he's got Covid.

      Major MajorMajorMajor MajorMajor12 dni temu
  • I think Roglic will lose his yellow jersey in the last stage. Not sure why

    Speedos 28Speedos 2815 dni temu
    • Well, maybe he was just bored and want stretch the legs a little. I don’t know how is this connected with his team members behind? Do you suggest that he should wait for them and lose race? Lol

      Marko PodganjekMarko Podganjek15 dni temu
    • I like him but it often feels like he has to do a lot of work and in the later stages he pays for that Again today dont know why he would attack when the guys in front are far behind and he basically kills his teammates woth the move

      Philip MeisterlPhilip Meisterl15 dni temu
  • GAUDU not GODOT ! Pronounced GO + DU (as in dubious)

    Thomas GodardThomas Godard15 dni temu
    • @WOT Bests replays ask the french .....

      Hans JohanHans Johan14 dni temu
    • @Hans Johan Is that a reason for mispronouncing his name? ...

      WOT Bests replaysWOT Bests replays14 dni temu
    • How many french can pronounce foreign names?

      Hans JohanHans Johan14 dni temu
  • is this recorded in 30 fps instead of 25? crazy

    Petru B.Petru B.15 dni temu
    • @Edward Coupé but we've been watching TV on 25p in Europe since forever and nobody complained. I will investigate

      Petru B.Petru B.14 dni temu
    • @Petru B. Not sure. Maybe they figure people might like less motion blur, which i think would be valid, or perhaps it's the influence of the American market perhaps.

      Edward CoupéEdward Coupé14 dni temu
    • @Edward Coupé but that's an european tv station. How come they are broadcasting in 30p?

      Petru B.Petru B.14 dni temu
    • It was. I think I prefer it

      Edward CoupéEdward Coupé14 dni temu
  • Can someone enlighten me and tell me why are spectators wearing a mask on fresh air? Delusional to the max.

    Duke of Istria 1Duke of Istria 115 dni temu
    • Those cyclists should be wearing masks if we have to!!! Lmao

      James HJames H14 dni temu
    • @Duke of Istria 1 You already made a fool out of yourself in the comment section of the GP Indurain summary... Where is your evidence of all your ridiculous claims? With evidence I don’t mean something subjective😉 Just do your research - and do it adequately - and stop spreading mis -, and/or disinformation.

      Tim K.Tim K.15 dni temu
    • the guy is hopeless. he is spreading his anti mask bs under every video. really pathetic to get so offended by an act of solidarity for people at risk.

      MagisterSpectaculiMagisterSpectaculi15 dni temu
    • @Duke of Istria 1 HOLY HELL how do people like you still exist? Based on this comment I doubt you can even tie your own shoelaces without help.

      Henri EinroosHenri Einroos15 dni temu
    • @Duke of Istria 1 You can read: "MODUS-COVID Bericht vom 19.03.2021 " Biggest contributions are 1. private visits without masks, 2. contacts within the own household (which are unavoidable), 3. contacts at work and in school without masks. Exactly what I said.

      FrodoFrodo15 dni temu
  • First

    splitz skysplitz sky15 dni temu