Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020

3 wrz 2020
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  • ariana's mask be like X = X =

    Daniel AbrahamDaniel Abraham21 godzinę temu
  • ariana got 3 variety of mask strap style throughout tis performance and I'm living😳

    Daniel AbrahamDaniel Abraham21 godzinę temu
  • A legend

    Kate QKate QDzień temu
  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. Lady Gaga is literally the queen of pop. A true artist at her work.

    Nikki GasparovicNikki GasparovicDzień temu
  • Moves improved. ✌🏼👌🏼🖖🏼

    Samet SSamet SDzień temu
  • why do lady's always have to be half naked in videos or performing ..... lol.

    siempre bmwsiempre bmwDzień temu
  • Legend says Lady Gaga is still changing real quick

    Yan TiuYan TiuDzień temu
  • It's the first time I'm falling in love with her. I also made my reaction Video of Gaga national anthem performance on my channel, please check!

    It's JagagadIt's JagagadDzień temu
  • I don`t know what I feel more: boredom because of skin, sex and stripper vibes as usual or disgust because of bad taste the audience is maltreated with. Always the same for the last years so not original at all just so plane ordinary today. And to call this empowerment is quite nuts. Does the world really think this is how women want to be shown and seen? Is this indeed the aim of a talent artist to end up like this? Well, PR is making its job steadily. I guess we don`t know good music talents and shows anymore - unless we dare a glance to other shows on our globe such as "I am a singer" of Chinese TV: pure music, very professional singers, no big dramas - it is a real treat to watch it in comparison to all these porn-like shows we are used to in the Western part of this earth. No offensive and normally I am not a speaker for Chinese way since their political development is kind of scary to me. But I enjoyed every presentation of each singer - it was a real pleasure to watch and listen. Poor us but since internet leads to new horizons anyone might be able to sip from this delicious cup too. I am sure there is more to explore.

    Susanne SuraSusanne Sura2 dni temu
  • I’m trying to find out how the vocals sounded so good with that mic going everywhere except her mouth?

    steven parkersteven parker2 dni temu
    • she might’ve been wearing an earpiece that you couldn’t see because of her mask and the hand mic was just for style.

      Nayte NNayte N2 dni temu
  • Love you GaGa,My queen ❤️😍

    Hải ÂuHải Âu2 dni temu
  • 0:47

    Benja BeasBenja Beas2 dni temu
  • Lady gaga is #BigBane

    Justin AlcantaraJustin Alcantara3 dni temu
  • Dance music 90's?

    Rogério SousaRogério Sousa3 dni temu
  • there is nobody like her. i love you gaga

    viktor grdviktor grd3 dni temu
  • 6:10 she sounds like connie from big mouth💀

    Zahir AmezcuaZahir Amezcua3 dni temu

    Scott BikeDawgScott BikeDawg4 dni temu
  • Thank You Lady Ga Ga Much Good Vibes Innovative Flow, Postive Vibes May God Bless The People We Share Psalms 91 Unity Energy Respect You're Uplifting

    Frederick JohnsonFrederick Johnson4 dni temu
  • ㅋ ㅋ 심각하다 의상이 충격적이네 ㅋ

    현신현신5 dni temu
  • Se alguém performa melhor o POP do que essa deusa eu desconheço!!!! Y love U #ladygaga

    jhony Pozaroskijhony Pozaroski5 dni temu
  • Lady gaga mask is cool

    alyssa 3107alyssa 31075 dni temu
  • If your watching this during JOE BIDEN INAGURATION YOUR A LEGEND!

  • I’m still waiting for my signed chromatica cd. I purchased it from her website back in June. And still nothing. Am I the only one, or is that across the board?

    Mico ManhardMico Manhard5 dni temu
  • Queen of the universe

    FreiritoFreirito6 dni temu
  • Rest in peace Chromatica

    Edu DEdu D6 dni temu
  • Stupid love makes me cry

    Stoically CalebStoically Caleb6 dni temu

    Gabriel BrumGabriel Brum6 dni temu
  • That's REALLY GOOD

    Luciana ReyesLuciana Reyes6 dni temu
  • Bŕúñáñíñó

    Valdemir Da silvaValdemir Da silva7 dni temu
  • 4:23 What did Gaga say to Grande? Also, Gaga's whistle note after the bridge

    jerry leightonjerry leighton7 dni temu
    • I think she said "that was so good!"

      niamhniamh5 dni temu
  • Lady GaGa I am a huge fan and you mean the world to me I will love to have one of your makeup products please

    Shanelle HarryShanelle Harry7 dni temu
  • 7.088.478 206.251

    Caio OliveiraCaio Oliveira7 dni temu
  • idk why but i just started thinking abt what if lady gaga dies....i'll be devastated...queen pls take care and never die pls i love u

    Marina LimMarina Lim7 dni temu
  • this performance hardens my faith

    Stoically CalebStoically Caleb7 dni temu
  • So talented

    Sandra GonzalezSandra Gonzalez7 dni temu
  • 4:18 素晴らしい

    おさくおさく7 dni temu
  • 4:17 the most perfect 5 seconds in musical history. Amazing.

    Dandy KampDandy Kamp8 dni temu
  • Ari: *whistle notes* Gaga: "it was fucking good"

    Izabell WolfIzabell Wolf8 dni temu
  • Every single day this lady is more and more ridiculous

    katerin Farietakaterin Farieta8 dni temu
    • How?

      Király MárkKirály Márk8 dni temu
  • Gente os seios da Gaga ficaram de fora 🥰🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈💘

    Victor Caiano OficialVictor Caiano Oficial9 dni temu
  • Loveee heeeer

    Anthony MauricioAnthony Mauricio9 dni temu
  • With the mask and the purple costume on during Rain on Me, Lady Gaga reminds me of a Mortal Kombat character. (Maleena?)

    Gauri JayasingheGauri Jayasinghe10 dni temu
  • this is crap

    panagiotis stavrakispanagiotis stavrakis10 dni temu
  • Its the... Lady Gaga stopping and was like bitch wtf was that note you just hit bitch... for me 🤣

    Carmello0981Carmello098110 dni temu
  • I miss u so much 😭😭😭😭

    Carolina AlmadaCarolina Almada10 dni temu
  • Hi Gaga, Since you’ve been over Chromatica since you released the album is it safe to say the monsters are getting something new that you’re passionate about? Like maybe all the Haus Lab promo tracks that absolutely slapped but none were even on the album?

    Jake CantenJake Canten10 dni temu
  • I can't get enough of this

    Marcos FreireMarcos Freire11 dni temu
  • Bem mad max. Adorei!

    Cynthia FreitasCynthia Freitas11 dni temu
  • Masonic ritual in live 💩💩💩

    BamboleineBamboleine11 dni temu
    • ICONIC! 🤩

      Király MárkKirály Márk8 dni temu
  • I remember that this was the first live performance of lady gaga I had watched (when I started to become a little monster) and I remember being shook at 1:46 Now I am HUGE fan and I have seen so much that I realise THIS WAS NOTHING WAHAHA

    FienFien12 dni temu
    • welcome to the fandom, get ready to be let down 24/7!!

      rpdrsourcerpdrsource11 dni temu
  • Amo ♥

    Guilherme CarandinaGuilherme Carandina12 dni temu
  • What did Gaga say to Ari?

    Reed TuggleReed Tuggle12 dni temu
  • 2021?

    scott emersonscott emerson12 dni temu
  • Ariana - kitana Lady gaga- sindel Like this if you’re a gamer

  • literally the VMAs were like: please please come perform gaga, we need this virtual show to go well in the ratings and gaga said: can i put on a mini gaga concert in the middle of it? VMAS: YES THAT'S FINE

    fizzlyTVfizzlyTV12 dni temu
  • Poor arian she Could breath

    Don PitonDon Piton13 dni temu
  • 7.011.147 visualizaciones

    plolololololooplolololololoo13 dni temu
  • ❤️💕😍👍🥰😁

    Dorian JanssensDorian Janssens13 dni temu
  • Your a trader to your country get the hell out of our country!

    Roger HunnellRoger Hunnell13 dni temu
    • @Roger Hunnell If you're gonna tell someone to go back to their country, Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell "sense" lmaoo

      K. B. TたぱっらK. B. Tたぱっら10 dni temu
    • Oh god a racist

      K. B. TたぱっらK. B. Tたぱっら10 dni temu
    • @Roger Hunnell um it says your recent comments when i click your profile, i see comments on 5 different videos so that’s what i said, i didn’t check every video 🤣🤣

      rpdrsourcerpdrsource11 dni temu
    • @rpdrsource umm the fact you know I messaged on 5 videos makes you the one obsessed 😂😂

      Roger HunnellRoger Hunnell11 dni temu
    • you commented on 5 videos, u okay? little obsessed?

      rpdrsourcerpdrsource11 dni temu
  • this performance is too good to watch

    *Aøki_**Aøki_*13 dni temu

    Laura SadlikovaLaura Sadlikova13 dni temu
    • I am from Czech Republic Slavkov u Brna

      Laura SadlikovaLaura Sadlikova13 dni temu
    • thanks you

      Laura SadlikovaLaura Sadlikova13 dni temu
  • Wow

  • Best of the best

    Mahdi TelikaniMahdi Telikani14 dni temu
  • That is NOT lady gaga!!

    Stephani MorrisStephani Morris14 dni temu
    • yea it's beyoncé

      K. B. TたぱっらK. B. Tたぱっら10 dni temu
  • covid-19 world health emergency

    Roberto IncaricatoRoberto Incaricato14 dni temu
  • Eu mataria pra saber o que ela disse pra Ariana Grande 😐

    Isaac JallingsonIsaac Jallingson15 dni temu
  • Incredible, wonderful, unique

    Marianna RicciMarianna Ricci15 dni temu

    Marianna RicciMarianna Ricci15 dni temu

    Marianna RicciMarianna Ricci15 dni temu
  • GOd this is bad

    Miguel Ángel Bueno RiveraMiguel Ángel Bueno Rivera15 dni temu
  • I love her♥️

    LU4NLU4N15 dni temu
  • Que incrível

    luane velosoluane veloso15 dni temu
  • I was confused that why she could sing 911 without breathing in the mv, and after watching this video, I know it was just some auditory effects

    The Invisible NameThe Invisible Name15 dni temu
  • VMA the best

    Marcus ViniciusMarcus Vinicius16 dni temu
  • the fact that they did this with masks on. i’m literally lost for words 🤩

    Brooke HardyBrooke Hardy16 dni temu
  • I've been a fan of you since the beginning of your amazing career and this is why i continue to be a fan, you're amazing my beautiful superstar ⭐ Lovely to relive this outstanding performance 🙌 Felíz Lunes mí reina divina y qué Dios té proteja siempre 🙏 Besos y abrazos 👸🥀🎼☕💙

    NormanJ GomezNormanJ Gomez16 dni temu
  • She took us to the upside-down

    Cristian VladesCristian Vlades16 dni temu
  • je croyais qu'elle etait malade et a moitié paralysée !!!!!! qui ment ?? c'est un clowne d'elle ????

    aurélien charlotaurélien charlot17 dni temu
  • 4:05 for those saying this is lip sync. you can literally hear the jingling sound from gaga's cloth.

    Imran AzniImran Azni17 dni temu
    • We also can hear her breathing when singing!

      name. pdfname. pdf7 dni temu
  • เริ่ดสุด

    อธิวัฒน์ เง่อสวัสดิ์อธิวัฒน์ เง่อสวัสดิ์17 dni temu
  • Это реально - круто, респект.

    Fox MulderFox Mulder17 dni temu
  • 27 MILLION views this performance has on the MTV channel

    Oliver DavisOliver Davis17 dni temu
  • fun fact: gaga topped ari on this performance

    Alex YiasemisAlex Yiasemis17 dni temu
  • fun fact: diana ross it's a reference because of replay. replay used diana's it's my house as a sample

    Alex YiasemisAlex Yiasemis17 dni temu
  • If anybody has links to any other Chromatically performances please share link

    sam mahsam mah17 dni temu
  • You are the BEST you are rockstar una inspiración like It

    Josse mendozaJosse mendoza18 dni temu
  • 3:46 best part 🌚❤️

    Laya MahmoudLaya Mahmoud18 dni temu
  • CHROMATICA is getting me through so much right now

    Autumn RoseAutumn Rose18 dni temu
  • 911's intense lyrics are really hard to catch a breath especially with a mask...

    shadow ishadow i18 dni temu
  • I lowe you mysterious storm💖

    Engin OkcuEngin Okcu18 dni temu
  • Yasss Germanotta

    Joshua RaineyJoshua Rainey18 dni temu
  • Apresentação impecável, que mulher maravilhosa! Love u GAGA ❤

    CarecaCareca19 dni temu
  • Bravissima

    kyklos 89kyklos 8919 dni temu
  • So amazing 🤩🤩

    Dréh19 loveDréh19 love19 dni temu
  • How does gaga change so fast?!?!

    nikki k playsnikki k plays19 dni temu
    • The performance was pre recorded and they edited the parts with different outfits together

      Ryan FaureRyan Faure10 dni temu
  • La amo ❤💗

    Andy B.MAndy B.M19 dni temu
  • Perfeita

    Patrick SilvaPatrick Silva20 dni temu
  • Это нереально круто !

    Валерий СальниковВалерий Сальников20 dni temu
  • i have a feelings that was arianna impersonator on the stage

    JIN HYUNGJIN HYUNG20 dni temu
  • Ok but why is everyone in this video (even the backup dancers) insanely attractive

    balls vlogsballs vlogs20 dni temu