Jeff Hardy vs. Lars Sullivan: SmackDown, Oct. 16, 2020

16 paź 2020
534 785 wyświetleń

Jeff Hardy looks to end his SmackDown run on a high-note by slowing down Lars Sullivan’s bulldozing return to the squared circle. Catch WWE action on WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  • This reminded me when Vladimir Kozlov defeated clean Jeff Hardy back in 2008, when he seemed like a future big name, then we know what happened. I bet same thing will happen to Lars.

    OsWi-WanOsWi-Wan19 minut temu
  • Lars Sullivan in NXT: freak Lars Sullivan on SD: Freak freak freak!!!

    Aparajit RoyAparajit Roy9 godzin temu
  • Im sorry but Gene Snitski was better.

    ALVIN KHOALVIN KHO15 godzin temu
  • He a freak alright REALLL freaky

    William ButlerWilliam Butler17 godzin temu
  • Lars gets on the top rope Jeff Hardy: Don't you friken jump at me you freak! YOU'RE A FREAK!!!!!!!!! (Game Grumps Reference)

    Luis VazquezLuis Vazquez18 godzin temu
  • Good

    md mobir pressmd mobir press20 godzin temu
  • he should come out to Superfreak and go full Rick James

    Josh DuncanJosh Duncan23 godzin temu
  • Don't ruin Lars music

    Connor WongConnor WongDzień temu
  • Lars looks unintelligent but he knows some slick moves he's not all clotheslines and punches-I think he could take a title

    John ThompsonJohn ThompsonDzień temu
  • Is it just me or does anybody else think that lars got given to much credit then he should have?

    Ram playsRam playsDzień temu
    • @Armadillo Hamster good thing I'm not alone Haha 😁

      Ram playsRam plays21 godzinę temu
    • Not just you.

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster23 godzin temu
  • Bruh she’s so awkward when he wrestles he suvks

    Roberto LewisRoberto LewisDzień temu
  • Next week on Smackdown: Michael Cole: “A freakishly freakish slam by the freakish freak who likes to freak the freakiest freaks.”

    ateam505ateam505Dzień temu
  • Hardy 😁😬💪✊👊😀😸😸😇

    Ruben OllachicaRuben OllachicaDzień temu
  • I wish Umaga was still alive.

    Gray TiggersonGray TiggersonDzień temu
    • Same

      Armadillo HamsterArmadillo Hamster23 godzin temu
  • Jeff Hardy is the best man. Such longevity, such a hero, such a legend!

    Corbettreportfan- DmtwillsetyoufreeCorbettreportfan- DmtwillsetyoufreeDzień temu
  • Snitsky 2.0

    Manuel CervantesManuel Cervantes2 dni temu

    Cole SullivanCole Sullivan2 dni temu
  • Lars Sullivan looks like if Bertram from Jessie lost weight and decided to make wrestling his passion now.

    Jared seegersJared seegers2 dni temu
  • Lars Sullivan vs Brock Lesnar would be a great match👍🏻

    Kirei ASMRKirei ASMR2 dni temu
  • It’s WWE Street Fighter. Zangief VS Blanka

    BITW AwesomeBITW Awesome2 dni temu
  • Wow

    BITW AwesomeBITW Awesome2 dni temu
  • The only thing freaky about Mitch Bennett...oops I mean Lars Sullivan there is his past🤢🤮. Stop pushing him as a monster. You can’t do that now. It’s ruined. Bayley is more manly looking than Lars these days.

    johnsos9johnsos92 dni temu
  • I hate seeing this guy on tv. Absolutely zero charisma and nothing that make me interested to see this “freak”. It’s better when he ain’t on the show

    Gennady golovkinGennady golovkin2 dni temu
  • Bran strowman in the freaks j oin teens

    Corey DCorey D2 dni temu
  • Rasstro mama Solomon should join teens

    Corey DCorey D2 dni temu
  • Boring and plain character, dumb and unoriginal look, annoying and not unique in any way especially with his moveset. Please take Lars off the roster, he doesn't even deserve TV time.

    Luis YebraLuis Yebra2 dni temu
  • Snitsky knockoff

    At OliverAt Oliver2 dni temu
  • His new finisher - the pillow biter

    Oo MmOo Mm2 dni temu
  • lars sullivan TOP WWE 📝👏🤩

    Gerson SoaresllGerson Soaresll2 dni temu
  • Release that NAZI

    Paul HeymanGuyPaul HeymanGuy2 dni temu
  • Freak vs Randy Orton at survivor series

    Shrey BaluapuriShrey Baluapuri2 dni temu
  • What happened to Lars left leg it got smaller

    N HN H2 dni temu
  • C'est bien ça Assa le baobab au 60 56 55 24 merci beaucoup

    Assa le baobab TVAssa le baobab TV2 dni temu
    • +229

      Assa le baobab TVAssa le baobab TV2 dni temu
  • Lars is awesome

    Pawel FedorowskiPawel Fedorowski2 dni temu
  • Lars is coming back from the beast.

    Wesley CWesley C2 dni temu
  • The freak... You mean the Perv!

    BlackoutdoeswrestlingBlackoutdoeswrestling2 dni temu
  • 16 times in this highlight clip the Word freak came up. I pity the live viewers of this.

    Kings EyesKings Eyes2 dni temu
  • I'll give it 3 months before this guy gets buried by Braun strowman,Lesnar or boreman lames😒😅

    Agent of peaceAgent of peace2 dni temu
  • Next big thing

    Aryan MakwanaAryan Makwana2 dni temu
  • Another generic big man The Freak Rob Terry?

    Tog BorneTog Borne2 dni temu
  • Jeff 😍😍😍😘😘😘

    Arun PoojaryArun Poojary2 dni temu
  • Waiting for Lars Sullivan vs Braun Strowman

    rega kurniadirega kurniadi2 dni temu
  • Sometimes the matches are just unfair due to difference in body mass/size.

    Aidan SeowAidan Seow2 dni temu
  • Jeff Hardy has always been kept for this types of fighting by WWE. He should've been in the race for WWE world heavyweight championship.

    Dibya Jyoti BaruaDibya Jyoti Barua2 dni temu
  • Everyone, just imagine a feud between Lars and The Fiend, with Bray digging in his past...

    Otumbu KitenweOtumbu Kitenwe2 dni temu
  • Lars climbing to the top rope “INCREDIBLE ATHLETIC ABILITY” Hell I’m fat and I can climb to the top rope🤣

    Jeremy WilsonJeremy Wilson2 dni temu
  • The Freak (1000)

    CXG WR3DCXG WR3D2 dni temu
  • Lars Sullivan still being part of the company is a freak accident

    halthedrooghalthedroog2 dni temu
  • Monster is back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    maaz ansarimaaz ansari2 dni temu
  • Hear me out 🙋People give Lars heat for alot of his past and present... what if he is just super kayfabe with the whole 'freak' gimmick. Just maybe...

    K RichK Rich2 dni temu
  • I really hope that wwe doesn't bury hardy for this bum

    Jeffrey HivishJeffrey Hivish2 dni temu
  • After seeing guys like Kane, Undertaker, Batista, Umaga, Snitsky, Khali, Mark Henry, Goldberg etc... those guys were Freaks... Lars is probably gonna be jobbing by royal rumble

    Atif MAtif M2 dni temu
  • Lars bringing the fight . Braun is in for some serious competition for his spot .

    Max the Maltese dogMax the Maltese dog3 dni temu
  • Why did this just come in my notifications

    Jamie MorganJamie Morgan3 dni temu
  • Oh he freaky freaky 😂

    Red ForemanRed Foreman3 dni temu
  • Lars is the True Rated R Superstar 😂

    Red ForemanRed Foreman3 dni temu
  • 0:42 nahhh I don't think that's why they call him "The Freak" 😂

    Red ForemanRed Foreman3 dni temu
  • Not impressed at all, Lars.

    Kain VS PredatorKain VS Predator3 dni temu
  • Lars is a little guy.. It's not a monster..

    Créa-ThorCréa-Thor3 dni temu
  • What the freak was this freaking freaky match, freak?

    The Drum MachinistThe Drum Machinist3 dni temu
  • They forgot to say THE FREAK ...

    PsdFreak.comPsdFreak.com3 dni temu
  • Way To Go, Lars!

    Darius HarrisDarius Harris3 dni temu
  • Now that's what I'm talking about!

    Darius HarrisDarius Harris3 dni temu
  • Show him who's boss!

    Darius HarrisDarius Harris3 dni temu
  • Get him, Lars!

    Darius HarrisDarius Harris3 dni temu
  • Lars: *lays* *in* *bed* *with* *his* *wife* Cole: HES A FREAAAAAAAKKKKK

    Champsy 2004Champsy 20043 dni temu
  • Is his nickname the freak? Because they didn’t mention it.

    yeowartyeowart3 dni temu
  • Look at those dislikes. The same week of his re debut somebody speaks out about him being once again a keyboard creep. You guys have so many loyal workers in your company, stop giving pushes to bad headline machines. This guy doesn't learn. He's a little too freaky....ugh

    ElliotElliot3 dni temu
  • Wym Jeff hardy has never faced anyone like Lars? Jeff wrestled brock lesnar back in 2002, where brock literally demolished Jeff

    Axel SaldivarAxel Saldivar3 dni temu
  • Who is this Clown.. Ryback even better! Every jobber shine at the begining..

    re6enre6en3 dni temu
  • Idk if it’s just me but this don’t look like the same guy from before.

    Master KeMaster Ke3 dni temu
  • No style, no charisma, no personality BUT.... Big and sweaty. My bet on him becoming universal champion soon enough.

    Captain delicious pantsCaptain delicious pants3 dni temu
    • He doesn't need charisma and personality. Hes a monster heel. Thats all hes meant to be. He however does have style. His style is very power driven and a more grittier monster.

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Jeff hardy 2017 wrestlemania 33 when he returned back to the wwe he won the raw tag team. championship with his bother Matt hardy last year gets arrested this year returns back now gets smash by the freak laris Sullivan

    Trey CarrilloTrey Carrillo3 dni temu
  • I really pity Jeff

    KayceemikelKayceemikel3 dni temu
  • Snitsky 2.0

    Gio PerezGio Perez3 dni temu
  • They should not have jobbed hardy...this match should of been a DQ win for Lars because hardy low blowed him or hit him with a chair

    King Of DetroitKing Of Detroit3 dni temu
  • Lars the freak will eventually become the big jobber who puts other smaller wrestlers over

    bloodzcannonbloodzcannon3 dni temu
  • They always bury jeff

    Mohammed AyanMohammed Ayan3 dni temu
    • Well their not gonna job someone who just returned are they? Be smart

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Zangief gano

    Elmeny MorelElmeny Morel3 dni temu
  • Cole said "Freak" more times than Cee Lo Green.

    Green BastardGreen Bastard3 dni temu
  • .... Lars is being rushed and isn’t that good

    aaron johnsonaaron johnson3 dni temu
    • Lol this is literally his second match back

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • This guy sucks

    Gregg DarbyGregg Darby3 dni temu
    • I really like Lars. I hope that his future wrestling career can overshadow his controversial past.

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Gene Snitsky's son

    Sean SenaSean Sena3 dni temu
  • Possibly the worst finishing move in wwe

    Gavin SkeltonGavin Skelton3 dni temu
    • Its literally a rock bottom with more elevation. What would u like it if a 6"2 330 pound man lifts u up on his shoulder and slams u into the ground.

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Dylan Miley has already shown us who he is. He's vile, and he shouldn't be on television. And also, yes, he looks like he's wearing a giant red diaper with his name on it.

    beyondthecircuitbeyondthecircuit3 dni temu
    • Hes already apologized for those comments. And plus he says that he has no excuse for them and that they do not represent his own beliefs

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Waiting for him to be a face with a dance gimmick or not to be taken seriously face character. I hope he retains the attitude if the creatives decides a face turn. I hope he does not end up like some monster heels like kozlov, khali, heidenreich, tensai/a train, brodus clay etc.

    toshe yosihitoshe yosihi3 dni temu
  • Cant believe they made him do a jobber

    ryan Herbertryan Herbert3 dni temu
  • Im thinking maybe WWE wants us to dislike this guy to distract the haters on Roman.

    gerald medinagerald medina3 dni temu
  • Just fire him already

    Pavan RajPavan Raj3 dni temu
  • Love this😂

    Alex JohnsonAlex Johnson3 dni temu
  • Hardy had no chance against the freak😁😀

    Siphiwe KweyamaSiphiwe Kweyama3 dni temu

    Melih ÖzerMelih Özer3 dni temu
  • Cole: Did I mention that he's a freak?

    Sweeneytodd1989Sweeneytodd19893 dni temu
  • What I Like About Lars Sullivan Is...He Makes Jeff Look Strong Too.. Lars is Not Like Brock Lesnar Or Goldberg..👍

    First NameFirst Name3 dni temu
  • Lars breatheeeeeee........ Jeff Hardy - ohhh nooooo , He is a Freak ...... Audience : He is the real beast

    • Dream match Brock leaner vs larts Sullivan 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Just another generic "Monster" character.

    Member BerriesMember Berries3 dni temu
  • Should bring back ryback to face him

    Rey MartinezRey Martinez3 dni temu
  • LARS Need to improved in his finisher. He look tough but finisher sucks.

    Vic NeshVic Nesh3 dni temu
    • His finisher rocks. I hope he never changes it

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • Lars is best and he will destroy all other superstars As he beat Jeff hardy

    • Thank u. Finally someone who likes Lars

      Trevor TSETrevor TSE3 dni temu
  • This is utter nonsense

    TeoTeo3 dni temu