Ava Max - Christmas Without You [Official Audio]

15 paź 2020
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  • ok i been listing to this 247

    lacey playslacey plays3 godzin temu
  • Is the best song of christmas of the world

    Aday Morales :DAday Morales :D4 godzin temu
  • I ❤️ you AVA MAX

    véronique richard-daoudivéronique richard-daoudi6 godzin temu
  • You are happy girl i like you☺☺☺☺☺☺😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Dominika NovákováDominika Nováková7 godzin temu
  • I LOVE U AVA MAX♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ (from korean big fan😭😭😭😭)

    Jeongseo KJeongseo K10 godzin temu
  • That make my day I'm so happy to listen this song 😍

    Thon SinethThon Sineth13 godzin temu
  • Are we not gonna talk about those whistle tones??❤❤😍😍

    Amber kieltyAmber kielty20 godzin temu
  • This song is so good

    Tonja FerlanTonja FerlanDzień temu
  • Inspiring! Longing from every corner❤

    Bracha פלקרBracha פלקרDzień temu
  • Nam man, for filipinos christman is alredy at September.

    Muffin SpaceMuffin SpaceDzień temu
  • woowo

    ByPaulixByPaulixDzień temu
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, maybe someone will going to celebrate Christmas alone, with online chat with friends, siblings or parents.

    시케Loh ohyeah시케Loh ohyeahDzień temu
  • my favorite

    Julien PuechJulien PuechDzień temu
  • Thank you, now I feel Christmas stay safe avvaaa

    Sebaplays _ OfficialSebaplays _ OfficialDzień temu
  • I (tried) waited for christmas to hear this song but I couldnt wait any longer

    Lilliana JaneLilliana JaneDzień temu
  • Bro when she hit that note at 2:35 ohhh my god that was the best thing I’ve like ever heard 😂😩👏🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    Crusader DoughCrusader Dough2 dni temu
  • my favorite song :o

    Nick HardenbergNick Hardenberg2 dni temu
  • You deserve so much more love than you get

    Taylor GTaylor G2 dni temu

    TheDarkNandorTheDarkNandor2 dni temu
  • And that's what I call an amazing Christmas song,good Job Ava ♥️🎄

    Mr ClawsMr Claws2 dni temu
  • Christmas is coming, that you have a great end of the year

    Beta Plays AJBeta Plays AJ2 dni temu
  • 👍

    Маргарита ПогребськаМаргарита Погребська2 dni temu
  • petition to replace "all i want for christmas is you" with this masterpiece

    Mirado AndriambololonaMirado Andriambololona2 dni temu
  • IM CRYING I THOUGHT IT WAS "Wherever you go, you light up the road" NO ITS "Wherever you go, you light up the room" BC THE PART AFTER WHERE IT SAYS "I hope that you'll make it back home soon" MADE ME THINK THE PERSON WAS DRIVING DUHGUSIDGHSDG

    c o t t o n c a n d yc o t t o n c a n d y3 dni temu
  • Please make more Christmas songs

    Liose StmLiose Stm3 dni temu
  • now i’m in the christmas spirit ❤️🎄

    Josie HammarJosie Hammar3 dni temu
  • ƚԋιʂ ƈԋιɾʂƚɱαʂ ɯσɯ ιɾ$ʂσ ɠσσԃƚԋαɳƙ

  • 🥰

    Dayanara-suzell LanderosDayanara-suzell Landeros3 dni temu
  • It wouldn't fell like Christmas without your music♡

    Liose StmLiose Stm3 dni temu
  • I swear to god im never going to forget her she is a queen!!!❤️❤️ evry song that SHE writes it goes through my mind 24/7 like i love her so much i would give evrything to meet her🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👑

    Tara Ava max fanTara Ava max fan4 dni temu
  • This is kinda sad! It doesn’t just apply to a lost loved one or individual. it can also have different meaning such as being locked up in prison for a long time or being overseas (military) or no plans because of Covid.

    Phillip ArismendezPhillip Arismendez4 dni temu
  • I refused to listen to this until now and I can tell you I was missing out in October

    Giannelle RiscoGiannelle Risco4 dni temu
  • Happy merry early Christmas to ya'll..❤️

    Cøñôr VitsCøñôr Vits4 dni temu
  • i'm in love with this song

    Vinny YeahVinny Yeah4 dni temu
  • Why cant we hear this song a million times instead of mariah carey?!

    44werewolfnomore44werewolfnomore4 dni temu
  • Good song, nice lyrics and super emotional melody. I really love it. From The Netherlands. XXX

    cantforgetyoucantforgetyou5 dni temu
  • Beautiful christmas! :))

    Mauro BianchiMauro Bianchi5 dni temu
  • I love this song ❤️

    Alicia Valencia lopezAlicia Valencia lopez5 dni temu
  • Rezension Last Christmas Sie hier in vollem Umfang amzn.to/2UG3uKS

    cirebon upt2020cirebon upt20205 dni temu

    gabriel sanchezgabriel sanchez5 dni temu
  • 2:34 :o

    Melody ProductionsMelody Productions5 dni temu
  • What you mean its too early XD Christmas starts on September here in the Philippines

    Jericha JhayneJericha Jhayne5 dni temu
  • I love you Ava max you are awsome

    Rania RamsayRania Ramsay5 dni temu
  • #DicamituttoChristmas #Dicamitutto "Wherever you go, you light up the room... I hope that you'll make it back home soon...."

    xotuesdayxotuesday5 dni temu
  • STREAM AVAS NEW SONG ! plworld.info/show/oJSkftS6n5Wnoag/wideo.html

    Nickiana._Nickiana._6 dni temu
  • The WHISTLE NOTE at the end is PERFECTION 😍

    Daniel LappinDaniel Lappin6 dni temu
  • The WHISTLE NOTE at the end is PERFECTION 😍

    Daniel LappinDaniel Lappin6 dni temu
  • ;O

    XxtoxiccherrixXXxtoxiccherrixX6 dni temu
  • Christmas without you

  • This is great!!!!!!!

    松本諒松本諒6 dni temu
  • This song is so good!🎄❤ The people who disliked this gave her views.

    Ireland HeatherlyIreland Heatherly6 dni temu
  • I'm sorry

    K.k SainiK.k Saini6 dni temu
  • We need a video for this Xmas song but there's not much time left!

    Vincent RuvoVincent Ruvo7 dni temu
  • I will be lonely coming chirstmas but Ava's song will make me happy and Ava is perfect for me

    Myo Thant AungMyo Thant Aung7 dni temu
  • Wow its so beautiful 😍🥺

    Sophie WeinzierlSophie Weinzierl7 dni temu
  • I love you and like you

    Barbara SkarbińskaBarbara Skarbińska7 dni temu
  • You make this crismast more happier 😉😊

    Vincentia E. E. Butar-ButarVincentia E. E. Butar-Butar7 dni temu
  • Doesn't her logo kinda look like a candy cane just the way it's shaped? Lmao

    That one witchThat one witch7 dni temu
    • candy cane lane :D

      keego smokekeego smoke4 dni temu
    • @eruhato 😂

      That one witchThat one witch5 dni temu
    • I think thats the point of it 😂 besides being her hair

      eruhatoeruhato5 dni temu
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    Kentring ManicKentring Manic7 dni temu
  • ❤️😍

    Elisandra SoaresElisandra Soares8 dni temu
  • Now it will boom...the season is here 💝

    Shinichi KudoShinichi Kudo8 dni temu
  • Good job Ava Max I really love you I love queens and kings

    Ed CJEd CJ8 dni temu
  • All moden Christmas songs are terrible expect this by Angel Ava she can do no wrong.

    Maurice EdwardsMaurice Edwards8 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/fpyRl6yYhYXQZs4/wideo.html

    Samuel Le GoffSamuel Le Goff8 dni temu
  • Who cares about the lockdown anymore? It's almost that time of the year... And almost all the Christmas songs released this year so far are amazing.😻

    Esther LalhlimpuiiEsther Lalhlimpuii8 dni temu
  • Fan's ava max :)

    Mathilde CHATAGNONMathilde CHATAGNON8 dni temu
  • This sounds like it could be a song from High School Musical The Musical The Series or at least the holiday special for the show.

    Nick ONick O8 dni temu
  • This amazing

    Samantha EmpletonSamantha Empleton9 dni temu
  • I can listen to this all year

    Ajax WAjax W9 dni temu
  • you... the one who is reading this, I do not know you, but I wish you to find your love and happiness and be with your loved ones this Christmas

    svetlana.h ghulyansvetlana.h ghulyan9 dni temu
  • Wow a cool song . Again from Ava

    Etmond LlukaEtmond Lluka9 dni temu
  • I love you avaa ♥️♥️♥️♥️

    YM GYM G9 dni temu
  • omggg. I added this song to the christmas playlist the second it started playing

    Neža RamšakNeža Ramšak9 dni temu
  • omggg this song is GORGEOUSSSS

    Neža RamšakNeža Ramšak9 dni temu
  • This is amazing

    Avery yeetAvery yeet9 dni temu
  • Christmas is my birthday

    Rianna RagbirRianna Ragbir10 dni temu
  • I love this song

    Mariusz NowakMariusz Nowak10 dni temu
  • LISTEN MY NEW CHRISTMAS SONG plworld.info/show/p6OtrLvOrHbca5s/wideo.html&ab_channel=LE%C3%93N

    LEÓNLEÓN10 dni temu
  • Better than Mariah Carey ! fight me...

    Silver RainSilver Rain10 dni temu
  • Nederlanders hier helemaal weer zin in kerst🌲🌲

    try hardtry hard10 dni temu
  • And i love christmes

    Anna LepczykAnna Lepczyk10 dni temu
  • I love Ava Max

    Anna LepczykAnna Lepczyk10 dni temu
  • Lucifer 😈😈😈😈😈😈

    Bhavesh RautBhavesh Raut10 dni temu
  • This is beautiful 😢💙

    MaruMaru10 dni temu
  • I know a lot of Ava Max songs and this is my fav

    Zoey KuehlZoey Kuehl10 dni temu
  • Who's with me Christmas decorations uo

    Girl RGirl R11 dni temu
  • MERRY CHRISTMAS👑👍🏻❤️🖤⛄🎄🎅🤶🦌🛷🎁

    SpinaSpina11 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/l3qRi7Ger5-coM4/wideo.html&feature=share

    علي قزازعلي قزاز11 dni temu
    • 100 wow

      علي قزازعلي قزاز11 dni temu

    Sam and Jessica ChungSam and Jessica Chung11 dni temu
  • *_Better than all christmas songs🖤🎶🍷_*

    Cingiz MirzabekovCingiz Mirzabekov11 dni temu
  • it can't be Christmas Without You

    Alan CalvilloAlan Calvillo11 dni temu
  • Happy early Christmas everyone!!! 💕🎄💫

    SilverdustYTSilverdustYT11 dni temu
  • Wow

    La wildbandanaLa wildbandana11 dni temu
  • Lyrics: Lights on the trees under fallen snow You get a bit closer when the winter's cold Now I can't wait 'til you're by my side All of the best gifts, you just can't buy Wherever you go, you light up the room I hope that you'll make it back home soon 'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you I wish we were kissing under mistletoe The stars on the sky just can't match your glow Now I can't wait 'til you're by my side We'll be warm by the fire all night, oh I wanna hold you while the bells are all ringing Want you to be here while the angel's singing Days are perfect when I got you near My only wish is you here Wherever you go, you light up the room I hope that you'll make it back home soon 'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you Wherever you are, you brighten the moon I hope that you'll make it back home soon 'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you (without you) We could be outside dancing on the moonlight Watching the sky roll over our heads We could be inside trying to sing the lines right Laughing until we fall out of bed So when I wake up on Christmas Day I hope the first thing I see is your face Wherever you go, you light up the room I hope that you'll make it back home soon 'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you Wherever you are, you brighten the moon I hope that you'll make it back home soon 'Cause it won't feel like Christmas without you It won't feel like Christmas without you

    Limited Time OnlyLimited Time Only11 dni temu
  • hope this song play all around in every department store

    John CoronelJohn Coronel11 dni temu
  • Hope there will be more😍

    Slávka Jana StašukovováSlávka Jana Stašukovová12 dni temu
  • Melhor música d natal 💖💖

    Innovation 6167Innovation 616712 dni temu
  • I can play this song over and over it is catchy and awesome

    Gianna MeiGianna Mei12 dni temu
  • Love the song! 😁 A christmas album would be so great! 😇

    Jessica_ emeraJessica_ emera12 dni temu
  • Magnifique, ça me donne trop envie d'être à noël!! Tu es géniale

    AngèleAngèle12 dni temu