How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

2 lut 2021
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Nuclear energy creates an uneasy feeling of danger for many people: ancient and dangerous minerals are concentrated to awaken seemingly unnatural powers, creating toxic elements that, if they escape, can and have killed people in horrible ways. How many people has nuclear energy killed and how?
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    • Can you make a video about how radiation affects the body? And information like that, amazing videos btw ❤️❤️

      PetePete7 dni temu
    • Video on " How to get our suns energy" ??

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    • I dont know if this is somewhere we can make video suggestions or not, but i just recently watched the video about marijuana legalization and i thought it was a really well organized and thought out set of arguments for and against. I was wondering if a similar video could be made concerning gun control? My immediate feeling right now (a couple hours after the shooting in boulder, colorado today) is to do what seemingly all republicans fear so much: illegalize guns, host a buy-back program, refurbish and supply the military with those which are suitable and melt down the rest. But this is definitely a rash and emotionally charged decision considering ive never believed that to be realistic or necessary until now, so i think that a video covering the issue, weighing the options, and describing the likely best solution would be really interesting and helpful. I know these videos take hundreds if not over a thousand hours to make, so im not expecting it tomorrow, but i think its a good topic thats worth covering.

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    • what about making a kurgzgesagt kids channel ? simplier but better explained than a lot videos on youtube and with kurzgesagt animation it is way more attractive to kinds .. i would really love to see that :)

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    • I can't find your sources documents so I can learn# go kurzgesagt :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The UN and WHO? No wonder! Lies!

    Big GBig G4 godzin temu
  • Russian language plssssss

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  • Dont try to make even more nuclear

    Айртон УГАйртон УГ8 godzin temu
  • "i literally cry everytime the birds get hurt or cry"

    AsphaltAsphalt9 godzin temu
  • That does not seem true about Fukushima people died trying to fix that problem their shoes melted and people died directly from the radiation trying to fix it with their hands sacrificing their life for everyone. their was a video of people dead in the streets my friend took. Problem with radiation is it keeps killing people for 100,000 years. We need to come up with ways to protect our dna like plants and re code our broken dna possibly.

    Johnny voidJohnny void10 godzin temu
  • On my opinion, fossil fuel should be removed first. Nuclear energy is better than fossil fuels.

    Arika HasanArika Hasan11 godzin temu
  • Cant we just throw the nuclear waste in space? Costly probably but like overall good for the Planet?

    Green Nimbus25Green Nimbus2512 godzin temu
  • 핵에너지는 잘 사용하면 온 인류를 이롭게 할 수 있지만 나쁜 마음만 먹으면 온 인류를 지옥에 데려갈 수 있죠. 이런 무서운 에너지원을 잘 사용해서 세상에 해가 되지 않도록 해야겠어요, 경각심을 일깨워주는 영상 감사합니다.

    편경훈편경훈19 godzin temu
  • The stigma around nuclear energy is arguably doing more damage to the environment than fossil fuel, if most of the rich countries decided to go nuclear in 2010 we wouldn't have most of the issues we have now

    Ben SimmonsBen Simmons20 godzin temu
  • Bruh. You can't actually believe that it only killed 30 people directly. Don't trust Russian government....

    MineCrafterCityMineCrafterCityDzień temu
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  • Imagine finding ways to harness nuclear waste and be emitted as heat the equation would be solve

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  • 💀TOPE Demonizing nuclear energy.💀 💀Fossil fuel is the main threat to 💀 💀Our entire species💀 ♻️🌍♾🌏♾🌎♻️ ☢️♾

    Wild SalmonWild Salmon2 dni temu
  • 7:26 Why don't we just shoot nuclear waste into space every few decades or so it can do any harm up there plus rockets are just getting cheaper and cheaper nowadays I'm sure a few million every 20 years won't hurt anyone. I mean elon musk says he can launch a Falcon 9 rocket into orbit for 57 million and I'm sure it'll just get cheaper

    ITECHITECH2 dni temu
    • if we shoot nuclear waste in space, it won't get far and come back

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  • 4:24 hey isnt that the doofenshmirtz tower? Or what was it called

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  • Technically everything is nuclear energy via the sun

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  • How many death in Uranium mine (mining and deposit of waste around the mine that still pollute native population in USA) ? Or other product extracted to build the fuel rod ? Or to build the central ? No stat on that while we have stat for renewable double standard. And solution regarding the waste? 791T/year (conditioned not including mining activities that need to be buried) just in France alone and only for electricity production.

    Prignon YvesPrignon Yves3 dni temu
  • Did I understand correctly that only deaths caused by accidents at nuclear facilities are concluded in the comparison? If so, what about mining conditions and reprocessing? If I know correctly, most of the fissile materials come from Africa, a continent not known for its strong health and safety laws.

    LesaturLesatur3 dni temu

    Burak TepeBurak Tepe3 dni temu
    • that was a freak incident. nuclear energy is safer than wind or solar actully

      Imperial DoggoImperial Doggo2 dni temu
  • The Kyshtym disaster was the largest nuclear incident. Worst of all, the Soviets didn't tell anyone, not even the people most affected by it. Also, they dumped waste into rivers and lakes where people got their water.

    Aaron He Spot SignAaron He Spot Sign3 dni temu
  • 4:25 Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated!

    Marie WalshMarie Walsh4 dni temu
  • 4:25 I like the Dr. Doofenshmirtz refrence.

    Ryan ZollingerRyan Zollinger4 dni temu
  • Ahhh the stupid german government wants to shut down all nuclear powerplants in the next years

    Michael KlammMichael Klamm4 dni temu
  • Would love a video about nuclear waste, particularly covering some of the more wild proposals like dropping capsules into the mantel or burrowing into the floor of the deep ocean.

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  • Ya know what can also kill people in Chernobyl?... *nuclear stuff dumb ass*

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    • Have you even watched the video?

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  • When you let the uneducated vote to shut down nuclear power plants you go out of the frying pan into the fire.

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  • 2050 kids: so today we will eat this rock candy called uranium...

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  • India planning to build world's largest nuclear plant in india with help of France.

    anonymousanonymous5 dni temu
  • Fukushima's accident was far worse than Chernobyl.

    Etho WongEtho Wong5 dni temu
  • Nuclear waste it's mainly solved nowadays so...

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  • I would like a whole video about it. (:

    Evan MaloneEvan Malone5 dni temu
  • Green activists who campaigned successfully to stop building and investing in nuclear fission technology have literally successfully contributed to global warming

    BainzyBainzy6 dni temu
  • The whole world went the cheap route: coal production/fossil fuels until renewables can meet the demand and efficiency. Sucks really, risking the world to save money than build/improve nuclear power plants and renewable energies.

    Mason NastyMason Nasty6 dni temu
  • I don't believe the scale of climate change that most of these video's make it out to be, but air pollution is something I am very against. I want us to use more nuclear power than anything. I even want nuclear powered vehicles.

    ExiledBowserExiledBowser6 dni temu
    • that would be hard but maybe in the future

      Imperial DoggoImperial Doggo2 dni temu
  • Is that doctor Doofenshmirtz Tower in the skyline that's a great Easter egg

    JakeMortikiJakeMortiki6 dni temu
  • Cant we just fly the waste in the moon or something?

    Alban R.Alban R.6 dni temu
    • no. its really difficult to send something to space

      Imperial DoggoImperial Doggo2 dni temu
  • Did anyone notice the Doofenshmirtz building at 4:25?

    C.-Y. WangC.-Y. Wang6 dni temu
  • Nuclear technology is a necessary bridge technology.

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  • I'd love to see a video from you covering nuclear waste.

    Michael ShieldsMichael Shields6 dni temu
  • Hi Japanese people.

    EsEs6 dni temu
  • Pretty biased video. Much more people have died from hydro than is widely published. Check out QC, Canada's mercury poisoning. It is killing Indigenous so it doesn't get much reporting. Similarly, Fukushima is about to unleash a world of hurt on the globe. Stay tuned for that... The fact they are decomissioning nuclear in favour of coal bridging them to renewables is proof the game is totally rigged. Solar and wind are the new oil industry and just like in 1970, we are ignoring the risks.

    jgrjgr7 dni temu
  • 4:24 doofenshmirtz evil incorporated building

    Pallab WaglePallab Wagle7 dni temu
  • I like how you left out the fact that Fukushima was caused by the 2011 Japan Tsunami and the Japanese Government's failure to acknowledge any threats and prepare for it.

    Chesapeake & Seaboard ProductionsChesapeake & Seaboard Productions7 dni temu
  • 0:22 바나나 색깔이 좀 이상한데 ㅋㅋㅋ

    피쥐디:1주일에 한번 게임영상올림피쥐디:1주일에 한번 게임영상올림7 dni temu
  • 4:24 Doofenschirtz Evil Incorporated

    adj—Lyadj—Ly7 dni temu
  • 4:24 Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated~

    Hail SantaHail Santa7 dni temu
  • One of the comparisons was really misleading: 5:38 Comparing [deaths per year by every fossil fuel powerplant and vehicle] to [total deaths over several years resulting from specific dam failure] to [total deaths from a specific nuclear disaster over several decades].

    Matan ArieMatan Arie7 dni temu
  • i just hope that the people complaining about nuclear energy or renewable energy wear masks / vaccinate because we have had hundreds of thousands of deaths from pure avoidable stupidity/incompetence

    nLtironLtiro8 dni temu
  • 터질때의 위험을 비교하지는 못했군 만약 체르노빌때 국가가 나서서 막지 않았다면 전세계사람들이 죽어나갔을텐데 말이야

    그냥내얘기그냥내얘기8 dni temu
  • But the death argument can go in reverse, without fossil, how many people would have died? Hundreds of millions more because they wouldn't have access to basic things such as healthcare. Fossil fuels caused the earth a great good, they may be outdated and can slowly be replaced, but they shouldn't be depicted as something evil.

    NyaughtyNyaughty8 dni temu
    • Ye, fossil fuels pioneered the industrial revolution which has brought us to what we today but now we need to speedily rely on better sources of energy before earth reaches its limit.

      Coconut Games HDCoconut Games HDDzień temu
  • 4:25 the Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated building

    No MemeNo Meme8 dni temu
  • 5:48 😂😂😂

    LisztomaniacLisztomaniac8 dni temu
  • I'd like a Japanese translation.

    上上下下左右左右早漏上上下下左右左右早漏8 dni temu
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    Emrah DemiryolEmrah Demiryol8 dni temu
  • I have a idea about making electricity more safer but it requires lots of money

    Gangula Gimantha tharukaGangula Gimantha tharuka8 dni temu
  • Ironically, I think if the Soviet Union’s government had acted quickly on the Chernobyl disaster they would’ve had a better image, but they cared more about image than damage control like they said.

    creamcheeseboicreamcheeseboi8 dni temu
  • This is better because you learned more because you can see what stuff means and they do research

    SwagchiefSwagchief8 dni temu
  • I have a question how does solar energy kill people and wind too 6:49 i really wanna know

    Лукаш РейсерЛукаш Рейсер8 dni temu
  • But the situation in Japan is very different because of the natural disasters nuclear plants are way more dangerous

    Instagram StarInstagram Star8 dni temu
  • Why can't we just send nuclear waste into space?

    Brendon O'ShieldsBrendon O'Shields8 dni temu
    • no

      Imperial DoggoImperial Doggo2 dni temu
  • Opponents of nuclear power are the ultimate virtue signallers.

    Christoban RodriguezChristoban Rodriguez9 dni temu
  • 10:25 *Duck Sound*

    LoRdCrAfT78LoRdCrAfT789 dni temu
  • I would like to discuss nuclear energy.

    Paul lantzPaul lantz9 dni temu
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  • If you guys were the President of the United States we would all be in 3059 very quickly

    8-bit kid8-bit kid9 dni temu
  • Anyone who shuts down nuclear power and replaces it with coal is a murderer, plain and simple. How else would you call someone willingly and knowingly causing the deaths of thousands of people every year?

    The_BlazerThe_Blazer9 dni temu
  • The opinion about Chernobyl disaster is politically postulated and based on stupid HBO serial. Obviously, Fukusima disaster was the most deadly ever happened

    Nikita ShlapakovNikita Shlapakov9 dni temu
  • Radiation is basically cancer’s free res estate

    Green boiGreen boi9 dni temu
  • Imagine a Kurzgesagt animated story written by me. Goals.

    ShinyFireET1ShinyFireET19 dni temu
  • huh, since sending stuff to space is gonna be cheaper in the future, maybe we can launch nuclear waste literally off earth

    Marbus AAMMarbus AAM9 dni temu
    • Problem is: it takes enormous amount of fuel for any additional kg sent in space, that's why space mission are carefully designed to take the least mass necessary. We have dozens of thousands of tons to send… And imagine if there's a trouble at the launch, scattering the waste everywhere…

      Tesla RomansTesla Romans9 dni temu
  • China - A country so secretive that you can have a margin of error of 300% on a death toll.

    Heyoyo10 GamingHeyoyo10 Gaming9 dni temu
  • 4:24 doofenshmirtz evil incorporated

    Aman ThakurAman Thakur9 dni temu
  • Imagine citing the WHO.

    NecrodoxNecrodox9 dni temu
  • Maybe because china and ukraine of soviet are communism country, they hide their accident

    파브르파브르9 dni temu

    CEO of pi friendCEO of pi friend10 dni temu
  • I had done a presentation on this topic in my engineering degree in college and all professors present, violently disagreed with me that nuclear was a feasible option for the future, nice to see someone at least agrees haha

    Kevin DoyleKevin Doyle10 dni temu
  • ok, next time you ask a question, think about it if it involves a new video than... yes

    Darien SantamariaDarien Santamaria10 dni temu
  • you guys are so smart. thank you for all your videos. much respect for you!

    Ionel ScutaruIonel Scutaru10 dni temu
  • Yeah but remember it takes a helluva lot of money & time (around 10 years) to set up a nuke plant compared to quicker, cheaper, cleaner renewables.

    rinninrinnin10 dni temu
    • In an other of their video about nuclear power, that's actually an argument to encourage nuclear development. Research on it has stagnated for decades, with proper effort we could certainly invent more efficient, cheaper and quicker to build reactors

      Tesla RomansTesla Romans9 dni temu
  • We Germans whine about climate change all the time and then go and replace nuclear power with more coal and more gas from Russia. Pretty hypocritical.

    BA ABBA AB10 dni temu
  • Well, we're all going to die. If people hate nuclear energy due to the name "Nuclear" and the subject of waste and changing it all into the very thing that Is killing us currently, then we're fucked. We're fucked if even we, ourselves, are boycotting our own movement. Without even knowing it. Even worse so, the Governments just listens and follow like they're afraid of a medium-sized group of people. Meanwhile, a VERY large group was formed over something else, AHEM, and nothing is happening. I wrote that in the "now" because OF COURSE, I am talking about George. We are honestly dying, no really, we are. Ever watch those blackhole simulations? Nothing happens for a good second then suddenly the blackhole "gains speed" and eats the camera-man whole within 5 blinks. That's what's happening now, we don't see it until the sky suddenly turns black over the course of a month. Thank you for reading my TED talk.

    AsianBasementAsianBasement10 dni temu
  • How about we yeet nuclear waste into space?

    vrtex17vrtex1710 dni temu
    • thats going to be hard

      Imperial DoggoImperial Doggo2 dni temu
  • Problem is not death rate by energy produced : problem with nuclear is, it is playing with potential thousands-equivalent Hiroshima bombs. So yes, so far nuclear didn't kill so much : but a bigger accident than Chernobyl could contaminate the Earth for billions years and eradicate humans. I'm not saying what to do then it's easy, we have to consider risks. But I find quite dishonest for kurgezagt to silence the potential danger of bigger nuclear accidents. What do you think ?

    Delalande LaureDelalande Laure10 dni temu
    • Actually, it's not the same as Hiroshima. The conditions necessary to create an explosion that big are very particular and not met in a reactor. The explosion in Chernobyl was due to water pressure, like a pressure cooker gone bad. Even an accident 10 times bigger than Chernobyl wouldn't contaminate the whole Earth, and remember that only the immediate surroundings are severally touched, the further you go, the less radioactivity. Lastly, it wouldn't contaminate the Earth for billions of years, thousands, maybe a million at most ? And it would stop being actually dangerous long before that, having diluted in the atmosphere, oceans and soil. Remember: the longer the half-life, the less dangerous an element is. If it will decay for billions of years, it has a very low activity. So no, kurzegsagt didn't silence anything. They have several video talking about the different aspects of nuclear power, in which they mention the drawbacks. In this video they were talking about what has actually happened so far, the numbers we do have.

      Tesla RomansTesla Romans9 dni temu
  • Short answer: yes

    SebbieSebbie10 dni temu