Reviewing Scary Subreddits!

6 paź 2020
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TODAY we are back with another Halloween video! This time, we're reviewing scary subreddits! oooooooooo spooooookyyyyyy
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  • note to self: don't watch while getting a haircut

  • That was scarry

    Marcus HazelMarcus Hazel20 godzin temu
  • Go to two minutes 48 seconds In the video and pause it and look at the top

    Tara GutierrezTara GutierrezDzień temu
  • I fell on the floor watching the part when it was a jump scare

    Preston ScheelerPreston ScheelerDzień temu
  • Vid

    Asian RiceAsian RiceDzień temu
  • Scary

    Asian RiceAsian RiceDzień temu
  • Matt the plague doctor mask is so long because they would store flowers and scents because they Believed that it would keep out the plague

    Jamming with JohnJamming with JohnDzień temu
    • and also to mask the smell of all the dead people because they sucked at curing people

      Luke’s and Lola’s legosLuke’s and Lola’s legos14 godzin temu
  • The mary penning story is TRUE

    RedKnightRedKnightDzień temu
  • the door though!!!!! how does it do that??

    noah Palazuelosnoah Palazuelos2 dni temu
  • I’m dead

    Devin KellyDevin Kelly2 dni temu
  • Patrick in this video: I love that Patrick in the ghost video: I want to go home

    LewiswcLewiswc2 dni temu
  • that jumpscare got me

    Sloth IncSloth Inc2 dni temu
  • Oh my god that made me get a heart attake

    Tafo AlhassanTafo Alhassan2 dni temu
  • Bruh the jumpscare tho

    Yeet FortniteYeet Fortnite3 dni temu
  • Pat:What that got ALL of us!?!?!?!? Me as the viewer who got a near heart attack: ya think TwT

    Alice the WolfAlice the Wolf3 dni temu
  • That jump scare scared the bad word for poop out of me!

  • Ummmmm......I. l

    claire timbrellclaire timbrell3 dni temu
    • O

      claire timbrellclaire timbrell3 dni temu
  • 3:12 thats the start to a Stephen king novel if I have ever seen one

    scottyGGscottyGG4 dni temu
  • Cool

    Alejandro Yamirie CamposAlejandro Yamirie Campos4 dni temu
  • Oh my god I just woke up a bit ago and that 1st jumpscare Oh lorddd

    Chloe crafts food and funChloe crafts food and fun4 dni temu
  • The laugh door sounded like the bo2 zombies laugh

    pRoggspRoggs4 dni temu
  • Awesome. Nice to cup it was take yeah I know it was fake because like how was the movie so close to see that and nothing so I think it's it's fake

    Sara wethingtonSara wethington4 dni temu
  • I yeeted myself of the couch cause of that jumpscare 🤣

  • Scared the heck out of me

    Gaidge MitchekGaidge Mitchek5 dni temu
  • I have watched the jump-scare one before and i new it was coming so i muted he video and closed my eyes.

    Kyla ThompsonKyla Thompson5 dni temu
    • *knew

      Kyla ThompsonKyla Thompson5 dni temu
  • O M gosh that was so spoocy .

    Nick QuackenbushNick Quackenbush5 dni temu
  • That hallway one scared me so bad I jumped but I'm in a ar watching this so I didnt scream or yell

    Logan MorinLogan Morin5 dni temu
  • I dont friking scare of thst

    player 0789player 07895 dni temu
  • At 6:12 it went chills to my toes

    Roblox nolanRoblox nolan5 dni temu
  • It got me

    Charizard 15Charizard 156 dni temu
  • 6:16 I pooped my pants

    Yash GamerYash Gamer6 dni temu
  • I screamed so hard my mom said what happened 😱

    Malaika ZulfiqarMalaika Zulfiqar6 dni temu
  • why dose it sudenly become a meme video??

    JV AbucayJV Abucay6 dni temu
  • at 6:18 i went to space lol lol

    hockey girl starter2443hockey girl starter24437 dni temu
  • I bet everyone who watches this will get scared I shut off my computer and walked away when i saw that jumpscare

    PannsziszikePannsziszike8 dni temu
  • Holy st that was scary😈😈😈😡😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    Dave DickDave Dick8 dni temu
  • Pls do

    Tiny BirbTiny Birb8 dni temu
  • Has the video become a try not to laugh 16:17

  • Help

    Grayson CauppGrayson Caupp8 dni temu
  • I can't sleep now

    Grayson CauppGrayson Caupp8 dni temu
  • I drinking coffee 6:27 I dropped my coffee cup

    11 gaming11 gaming8 dni temu
  • bruh

    Matthew GriffinMatthew Griffin8 dni temu
  • ATM this video is at 666k views... y i k e s

    Alex .CAlex .C9 dni temu
  • idk how i didnt get got by the jumpscare at 6:12

    Caleb MooreCaleb Moore9 dni temu
  • That video of him hitting with the hammer and the TV fixes isn't reversed that one was real

    Makalya DanielMakalya Daniel9 dni temu
  • I’m laughing so hard about that crocodile

    Addison WhitmanAddison Whitman9 dni temu
  • I love baby bells there the best

    Addison WhitmanAddison Whitman9 dni temu
  • I literally jumped while watching jump scare lol

    Yvette LattofYvette Lattof9 dni temu
  • When that jump scare happened I was cutting with some scissors and it made me get so startled that I cut my self. PS thanks for the video it was really fun and I really like watching your videos wall making Christmas cards. 💜

    Naomi H [Braun Snerder]Naomi H [Braun Snerder]9 dni temu
  • Who else did the jumpscare get

    FlashteaganFlashteagan9 dni temu
  • Omg like I knew it was editing at first and that he was acting but not only did the jumps are scare me but also the face at the end I’m shaking!

    Sasha GrahamSasha Graham9 dni temu
  • I love to see Cameron in these videos too whenever there was a reaction about him to what Matt and tanner say

    Kenny DimangKenny Dimang11 dni temu
  • I threw my coromebook on the jump scare one bc i WAS NOT exspecting it AT ALL 😂

    Olivia LundquistOlivia Lundquist11 dni temu
  • Jumpscare; B O O Me; ( *Almost bites my finger off* ) AHHH F###

    Shadow FoxyShadow Foxy11 dni temu
  • Dude i love the "Creeped Out" music for the intro

    Thompson airsoftThompson airsoft11 dni temu

    Nail x tripsNail x trips11 dni temu
  • When the jumpscare happened at the start I didn’t even blink and they were like OOOODNDJDOS scaredy-cat

    gamer Beavesgamer Beaves11 dni temu
  • A bomb exploded in my haert cuz of the jumpscare

    The Purple Planet GamerThe Purple Planet Gamer11 dni temu

    A҉l҉p҉h҉a҉WølfGamingA҉l҉p҉h҉a҉WølfGaming11 dni temu
  • I can’t believe that happened

    Max DerbyMax Derby12 dni temu
  • I facing hetttttta this video

    Connie OcanaConnie Ocana12 dni temu
  • That first jump scare made Me almost fall of my bed

    Gage MaleckiGage Malecki12 dni temu
  • I skipped through the jump scare but caught the last second and got startled XD

    Zachreson WillesZachreson Willes12 dni temu
  • My life flashed before my eyes like. At around 6:16

    sladgesladge12 dni temu
  • Hi

    Avery NodeckerAvery Nodecker12 dni temu
  • when i watch this ihave ear pods

    jersey ramosjersey ramos12 dni temu
  • The video that was 13 seconds long near the 6 minute area seriously made me close me eyes and just made me really scared like don’t show that to a kid that is terrifying im really terrified right now

    Rinuca.rinRinuca.rin12 dni temu
  • I should not have watched this in the dark, that jump scare got me 6:05

    Jayden SmithJayden Smith12 dni temu
  • When the jumpscare happened I was not looking but is saw it in the window and it still got me and I don’t know what that was

    Two block ToursTwo block Tours12 dni temu
  • That was a really good jump scare, i paused the video i jercked so hard.

    Rebecca RyanRebecca Ryan12 dni temu

    101WasArt101WasArt13 dni temu
  • My brother said drop or noop

    eyeless Jackeyeless Jack13 dni temu
  • that door is a laugh track

    Alpha GamingAlpha Gaming13 dni temu
  • 15:00 WUT IS DIS?!!!

    PotatoPlayzxPotatoPlayzx13 dni temu
  • Yes

    PotatoPlayzxPotatoPlayzx13 dni temu
  • 6:10 got me I physically flinched while my mother was watching tv. 😂😂🤣🤣damn that got me.

    HikariHana1995HikariHana199514 dni temu
  • Bottom left corner of the hole

    Kyean TorresssKyean Torresss14 dni temu
  • You can see a face in the hole in 7:57

    Kyean TorresssKyean Torresss14 dni temu

    Thomas ScheerThomas Scheer14 dni temu
  • Right before 6:19 pause and look at their faces 😂

    Kingslayer 234Kingslayer 23414 dni temu
  • that jump scare creeped me out and i am watching this at night

    Raphael CrankshawRaphael Crankshaw14 dni temu
  • O my fucking god that soooo bad

    carldell dedeauxcarldell dedeaux14 dni temu
  • the moon reddit is saying that star wars is real

    Dominick NewellDominick Newell14 dni temu
  • Everyone change their logo to the overkill logo

    Max StandiferMax Standifer14 dni temu
  • Can we talk about how the tittle is "Reviewing Scary Subreddits" To memes of Tanners elbows taking up everything Lmao

    Jayden SchabloskiJayden Schabloski14 dni temu
  • 6.07

    The dark reaper 534The dark reaper 53415 dni temu
  • 4:47 That was so creepy matt

    GH GamingGH Gaming15 dni temu
    • I meant the laugh

      GH GamingGH Gaming10 dni temu
    • What about 6:17

      Plaguebringer GoliathPlaguebringer Goliath11 dni temu
  • Can I go to my bed and hide forever? After that dark thing. I HATE THAT

    Eagle Gammer TVEagle Gammer TV15 dni temu
  • 2:49 look up and read

    CHICKEN -CHICKEN -15 dni temu
  • Is this bad because I’m watching this at 9:05PM i’m gonna have nightmares

    Adam LeeAdam Lee16 dni temu
  • My food is all over me I just spit it all over my self at that jump scare ahahhahahahaah lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lenny AriasLenny Arias16 dni temu
  • Seattle is built on top of a sunken city that's why as underground tunnels

    Iris FullerIris Fuller16 dni temu
  • A sunken city

    Iris FullerIris Fuller16 dni temu
  • Ghost tour? Have u been to Edinburgh yet?

    T ST S16 dni temu
  • That scared me

    Terri HollisTerri Hollis16 dni temu
  • Show the one that gave a jump scare to all if your friends

    Anacaren Guzman martinezAnacaren Guzman martinez17 dni temu
  • That jumpscare made me flinch so hard that I ripped my couch open

    kiimvkiimv17 dni temu
    • Did you repair your couch

      Plaguebringer GoliathPlaguebringer Goliath11 dni temu
  • the jumpscare made me have a heart attack

    green the beargreen the bear17 dni temu
  • I've been to the free hugs place

    deaddead17 dni temu
  • i got got by that jumpscare

    Glyph TWGlyph TW17 dni temu