LGR Oddware - NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V Game Accelerator Card

16 paź 2020
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The NEC PC-FX console itself was considered a failure in 1994, but then came this FXGA version for MS-DOS PCs. Not only is it the full video game system on a 16-bit ISA card, but it also adds a 3D graphics chip and software development options! Also dragonfly dinosaurs.
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  • And the obscurity doesn't stop, I'm sure NEC is obscured as well

    ImortalKiller 21ImortalKiller 212 minut temu
    • Ok I lied they're still rocking today

      ImortalKiller 21ImortalKiller 213 sekund temu
  • anyone have any information on that keyboard?

    NessAmiiboNessAmiibo32 minut temu
    • nvm found out myself lmao its a IBM SpaceSaver II

      NessAmiiboNessAmiibo11 minut temu
  • The message at 9:17 just means please press the run button. lol

    CharlieCharlieGodzinę temu
  • "Lots of dating sims and adult games, I don't know why." Because JAPAN, dude.

    JCCyCJCCyC2 godzin temu
  • Old School Cool

    White LightningWhite Lightning3 godzin temu
  • 16:34 Japanese Velma: "Zenkies!"

    Never KnowingNever Knowing3 godzin temu
  • anyone else feel like this is DevKit hardware they decided to try to make some money from?

    A BrownA Brown4 godzin temu
  • Oh wow you do still make videos on this channel...

    Johnny CarcinogenJohnny Carcinogen4 godzin temu
  • oh shit langrisser is the SHIT

    Sodium11Sodium118 godzin temu
  • I've genuinely considered learning Japanese just to play more PC Engine/FX titles.

    GreyRabbitMediaGreyRabbitMedia8 godzin temu
  • Ooh! An LGR video on an NEC piece of tech. I wonder what he'll - (17:29) 🎵VAJURA ON. VAJURA ON. VAJURA OOON!🎵

    Orion AkeOrion Ake9 godzin temu
  • LGR uses buyee. Approved.

    acalthuacalthu11 godzin temu
  • WTF to have an external TV, why not use some kind of vga direct writes?

    jbinary82jbinary8211 godzin temu
  • @9:15 Yup, that's exactly what it says!

    jnerdsblogjnerdsblog12 godzin temu
  • DOS Gaming Fetish Plug is the name of my new band

    Jason HixonJason Hixon12 godzin temu
  • For a minute I thought we were going to see how Ingen got dino dna. :)

    RacerX780RacerX78014 godzin temu
  • Really enjoy your vids my guy, especially the sims packs reviews are very clear and help me a lot. Just wanted to say thanks!

    Questionable TacoQuestionable Taco14 godzin temu
  • I want to see what happens if he runs the program in a DOS prompt while in Windows 3.1, I reckon everything would still work ?

    Stuart AxonStuart Axon14 godzin temu
  • Look great even in 1994 I'm sure all these games are in Arcade.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne16 godzin temu
  • So it basically uses the pc as a power source? That's sad. I was hoping it would use the computers monitor. In my opinion at the time it would of made it worth it. It seems like a hassle to actually use this. It's basically just a game console sitting inside a computer.

    GettyGamesGettyGames20 godzin temu
  • That IBM keyboard is sick

    Paul AndersonPaul Anderson20 godzin temu
  • "Send Help" -- That made me LOL for real in bed waking up my SO. Well done Clint. 👍😅👍

    David WesstDavid Wesst22 godzin temu
  • Need one of those along with the 3DO card and the Sega saturn card all in one machine.

    spazzman90spazzman9022 godzin temu
  • this is amazing, but where is that starwars sims game pack review?

    Grant ForbesGrant Forbes23 godzin temu
  • What keyboard is that he is using in this video?

    vgmaster2001vgmaster2001Dzień temu
  • One of these days I'm gonna get the CBUS version of this thing while my wallet glares angrily at me.

    JoybitLegitJoybitLegitDzień temu
  • so the PC part is just there for providing 5v DC power for the card...

    BitAuroraBitAuroraDzień temu
  • Holy shit, much love for Flux! Killer soundtrack and it was fun as heck to play and blow up the pieces. Hopefully it gets rereleased on a digital distribution platform some day. Even without a remaster.

    Chad_KChad_KDzień temu
    • A digital version is still sold on the author's website! www.planetflux.com/

      LGRLGR21 godzinę temu
  • A console motherboard stuck inside a PC for the sole purpose of using it as bridge for the CD drive... Am I insane for asking WHY???

    Micki MausMicki MausDzień temu
  • My wig is blown back wow ! PC fx is a crazy hard thing to find let alone on an icsi card. Crazy find

    Sketch ArgravesSketch ArgravesDzień temu
  • 14:16 When did LGR become Jeff Goldblum?

    Adam TAdam TDzień temu
  • Use your EA voice more

    Spooky MontanaSpooky MontanaDzień temu
  • Yo Clint, I just wanted to thank you for all this time you've been uploading in 4K. It really sets a difference and I can just think about a couple of other channels I'm subbed to that do 4K uploads. I'm glad I decided to subscribe since those Sims 3 days.

  • "Even more FMV, man! Like seriously!" That's what you get for selecting "Anime Mode" hahaha

    TheAshuri89TheAshuri89Dzień temu
  • 62 games... hmmm... No Doom?

    ¡Gñ!¡Gñ!Dzień temu
  • what a strange piece of hardware, needs an external display.

    philhalo66philhalo66Dzień temu
  • The small happiness when I could read テレビでゲームをお楽しみ下さい lol.

    Tim LarssonTim LarssonDzień temu
  • The dragonfly portion was by far the best, awesome :-P

    Henry JonesHenry JonesDzień temu
  • "PC Gaming fetish plug"... well it is the creators of the PC-98

    Aurora JarvisAurora JarvisDzień temu
  • Thanks to this video i learned my identity as a 3d acceleration chip

    Aurora JarvisAurora JarvisDzień temu
  • @2:05 Is that the same Brandon Cobb from Super Fighter Team? If so, could you ask him why Super Fighter Team no longer sells their RPGs (ex: Beggar Prince) on their website? Thank you for another video.

    Hemrawc !Hemrawc !Dzień temu
  • Love those 90s to early 00s' games especially those by Koei. So refreshing and exotic

    PeizxcvPeizxcvDzień temu
  • Clint just losing it at the T-Rex animation was fantastic. Not sure I've ever heard him crack up that much at something that wasn't a fart joke 😂

    GldRush98GldRush98Dzień temu
  • Interesting piece of tech. Makes sense for Japan. Smaller houses where the PC may be attached to the main household TV, and where most families still now only own one TV, makes this more attractive. This would make a lot of sense. But in the USA, it would have definitely flopped hard where most people here still didn't own a computer. Let alone have it near their main home TV.

    Невада большевикНевада большевикDzień temu
  • I think you should play Langrisser more, very fun game.

    MonamiTechMonamiTechDzień temu
  • I miss that 90s anime aesthetic.

    Nicole SeraphitaNicole SeraphitaDzień temu
  • 14:08 17:34 Basically you answered yourself.

    VoceCoraleVoceCoraleDzień temu
  • I wish there was a modern FPGA card we could run whatever on, on our PCs. Maybe a USB device that could be used independently like most single board FPGA computers do and than can be ran through a PC as a passthrough device that could use the sound, video and inputs from the computer kind of like a hardware virtual machine.

    Aberran FoxAberran FoxDzień temu
  • I wanna see it fight a Creative 3D0 Blaster

    MajinTailsMajinTailsDzień temu
  • I used to have that 5 disc CD changer.

    Barry BarcrestBarry BarcrestDzień temu
  • Fun fact Hudson Soft was the company who developed Mario Party, at least the Nintendo 64 games, don't know what happened from GC onwards

    Juan SánchezJuan SánchezDzień temu
  • DOS/V - The V is for VAPORWAVE 遠るよ

    Dom AdamsDom AdamsDzień temu
  • Haha, in Windows 10, both the ¥ and \ keys on a Japanese keyboard output the same sign (when unmodified by Shift), either both ¥ or both \, depending on where you type it (and both output nothing in English IME)

    amorettique novaamorettique novaDzień temu
  • PC-FX: The Console for Weebs.

    DrSylvestreMatuschkaDrSylvestreMatuschkaDzień temu
  • Ъ

    Глад Валакас ФЭКГлад Валакас ФЭКDzień temu
  • No mention that it says fricken Kubota?

    LegalizeSpaceWeed2020LegalizeSpaceWeed2020Dzień temu
  • disgusting

    Don DraperDon DraperDzień temu
  • The T-Rex riding the dragon fly made it all worth it.

    RedsyrupRedsyrup2 dni temu
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    Катя СкрипкинаКатя Скрипкина2 dni temu
  • You're gonna have to put together a Retro Computer just for all the console cards you can find!

    David BoucherDavid Boucher2 dni temu
  • All those big boxes must be a pain in the arse if you have to pack it all up and move...

    David BoucherDavid Boucher2 dni temu
  • Modern Windows still has the Yen symbol on the backslash. At least, with the software I use.

    Icelink256Icelink2562 dni temu
  • This little Sony CRT eh?

    Dong HarveyDong Harvey2 dni temu
  • CD roms were expensive so if you already had a pc with the cdrom, then no need for two..just a way to hook the cdrom up to it to keep it cheaper

    IdealSound & PerformanceIdealSound & Performance2 dni temu
  • Can it run doom??

    Sunny SolutionsSunny Solutions2 dni temu
  • i have a silly question... i have this olg AGP slot vidya card with what looks like a laptop ram slot on one end of it... theres almost nothing on it to say what the card is beyond "MATROX copyright 1998" in one corner and a sticker on the back reading "G2+/MSDA/8BF/20 assembled in china 000" the question is.. what is it?

    Quentin TubbQuentin Tubb2 dni temu
    • never mind, its a matrox g200 looking up "matrox 1998 agp gpu" actually got me what i was after lol

      Quentin TubbQuentin Tubb2 dni temu
  • Ok lgr I'm going to need a sims 4 video about the new starwars pack and snowy escape expansion pack to see if I'm going to buy without your guidance I am lost 😭 lol

    Janae' LoganJanae' Logan2 dni temu
  • 2 Player Got!

    Nick EnchevNick Enchev2 dni temu
  • I had this playing in my ear, not paying too much attention while working, and then all I heard was, "like some sort of fetish plug". That got my attention haha. I had to go back and see what you were talking about.

    Brendin LloydBrendin Lloyd2 dni temu
  • Lovely Nakamichi CD reader by the way...

    Yoshio NakamichiYoshio Nakamichi2 dni temu
  • I'm sure I've seen that dinosaur butterfly thing before. Maybe it was part of a music video or something. Who know?

    Alex Raven-PoeAlex Raven-Poe2 dni temu
  • That dragonfly t-rex animation was like a terrifying fever dream I had once when I almost died of heat exhaustion!

    q306005q3060052 dni temu
  • I get picky with voices on videos and LGR's voice is perfect for all things retro.

    Inachu IkimashoInachu Ikimasho2 dni temu
  • Methinks these were developer kits they decided to commercialize

    eFeXuyeFeXuy2 dni temu
  • I heard somewhere that Nec hoped that now young adults who had been their customers in pc-engine would move to pc-fx if the games would also have mature content..

    PulstaaroPulstaaro2 dni temu
  • Shout out to the guy who lended thousand of dollars worth of stuff for us to enjoy this piece of art, I didn't even know this existed at all

    RomiWadaKatsuRomiWadaKatsu2 dni temu
  • Any chance you could video capture the dragonfly animation and put it on YT?

    charlcharl2 dni temu
  • It really looks like the card is just using the computer as a power supply.

    Scott LarsonScott Larson2 dni temu
  • Bruh that laugh that LGR imitates has to Japanese Perfect Cell

    JRodIsBossJRodIsBoss2 dni temu
  • 1:25 OMG the woody wagon of PC cases lol..

    Sean JohnstoneSean Johnstone2 dni temu
  • NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V sounds like a cyberpunk implant

    YouSoSpiceYouSoSpice2 dni temu
  • the new godzilla v mothra looks great

    mintpalmermintpalmer2 dni temu
  • What does the 066 at the top of the computer represent?

    Alcoon SlambagAlcoon Slambag2 dni temu
    • @LGR thank you for responding. Love your shit man.

      Alcoon SlambagAlcoon Slambag2 dni temu
    • The CPU is currently running at 66 megahertz! It changes displays when turbo mode is engaged, as talked about here: plworld.info/show/oGKoZJior6bWltY/wideo.html

      LGRLGR2 dni temu
  • That anime style looks familiar...

    LobbyZLobbyZ2 dni temu
  • Just here to listen to his voice 😂💜

    Dot VenusDot Venus2 dni temu
  • This is less odd than downright peculiar. What on earth possessed them to decide to not use the monitor, or the whole rest of the computer?

    VamptoniusVamptonius2 dni temu
  • Oh, man. I can hear the AVGN having a meltdown during the setup process of that LOL.

    Bolling HoltBolling Holt2 dni temu
  • "Some kind of DOS gaming fetish plug" This begs the question, what other kinds of DOS gaming fetish plugs are there? Asking for a friend, of course.

    CrAzYgIrLCrAzYgIrL2 dni temu
  • Is the Kubota logo on the chips the same as kubota tractors?

    neverthereneverthere2 dni temu
  • You: "It's like 20% game play and 80% FMV" PS5/XBOX X: "Damn, that's a lot of game play"

    Mad Mental HibbyMad Mental Hibby2 dni temu
  • Oddware-wara.

    adam1984pladam1984pl2 dni temu
  • Could you run the software side in a virtual pc in windows and then run the video through a video capture card?

    killerbee256killerbee2562 dni temu
  • 24:02, but I still think that Tomb Raiders best features where the polygons. Know I'm sayin'? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    DosgamertDosgamert2 dni temu
  • 23:31 what is this video title?

    nonogamer9 AUTTP AVGCPnonogamer9 AUTTP AVGCP2 dni temu
  • The PC-FX could have had a chance in the market if it had been released in late 92 or early 93 like originally had been planned and if NEC hadn't restricted Hudson & any interested 3rd party developers to producing only anime inspired games initially. But since it was released shortly after the PS1 and Saturn at the end of 94 in Japan and had the huge restriction on what kinds of games could be produced for it basically doomed the console. It could have done fairly well even without polygons. The "adult" content that came out later in the console's life were probably allowed to encourage sales of the remaining stock of consoles.

    Choralone422Choralone4222 dni temu
  • Noooo sacó la mejor parte!!! Zenkiii, tu eres zenkiiiii

    ManuManu2 dni temu
  • that t-rex video is like a lost tekken ending

    bigbeeftomatoesbigbeeftomatoes2 dni temu
  • Fascinating find! And great overview, would love to see a follow up if you find more games

    James GuererroJames Guererro2 dni temu
  • I knew Hudson from the 90s for sound.....Never saw a Kubota chip before. I have seen Kubota tractors.

    Das RaddicheDas Raddiche2 dni temu
  • DoGA is a Japanese 3D rendering and animation program. www.doga.co.jp/english/ The download link there doesn't work due to web browsers still being unable to figureout their own crap with %nnn codes replacing punctuation, so here's the actual link. doga.jp/2010/programs/dogal/index.html

    greggv8greggv82 dni temu