TRS-80 Color Computer: Radio Shack's $399 Micro from 1980!

18 wrz 2020
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A retrospective look back at the original TRS-80 Color Computer, 40 years later! Radio Shack sold the CoCo range of machines from 1980 to 1991, and although it never took the low-cost home microcomputer market by storm, it's still an 8-bit system worth revisiting and enjoying today.
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    • Bill Swan now that’s a business

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    • LGR Keyboard YES!

      Tomy PowerTomy Power24 dni temu
    • What's happened with the intro? Didn't you have some nice jazzy sounds? Why have they been replaced with audio defects? Come, I wanna thumb up the video at the start. Can't do that now. I wish to promote music.

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    • @Button Sure go ahead

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    • Can we talk about Nvidia Geforce 256?

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  • My grandfather was in his 80's when these came out and I knew he had bought one. Many years later my Aunt was getting rid of stuff and asked me if I wanted it. I got a big box of stuff and a while back was wondering just what model CoCo Granddad had... it turned out there were TWO of the things, different models. I need to dig those out and see just what I've got. And... I'd love to play Dungeons of Daggorath!

    Jeff DeWittJeff DeWitt10 godzin temu
  • this was my first computer... I was a kid so I just play games most of the time.

    cafetacafetaDzień temu
  • I'm pretty surprised that between growing up around an Apple IIe/GS and all the Technology Connections videos of various iterations of tape and disc media and analogue and digital storage this is the first time I've heard about a normal audio cassette being used for data storage. I guess it fits that it sounds like old phone modem data signals.

    PhilipPhilipDzień temu
  • man those original joysticks were horrible.. i still have PTSD from the 80's..

    David VincentDavid VincentDzień temu
  • But can it run DOOM?

    Abby WheelerAbby Wheeler3 dni temu
  • Oh the pains of using that horrid joystick! I would give up and shut the game off because of it.

    R MR M3 dni temu
  • I would love to see *LGR* cover the Apple Lisa or the _NeXT_ Computer.

  • I was 12 when these came out in England I loved our local Tandy store and miss it greatly I just remember looking at those expensive computers and I had a liking for the green text computers

    Ian HayIan Hay5 dni temu
  • I want one of the model 2 Megabyte machines!

    John ChaseJohn Chase5 dni temu
  • 1/2 the memory is always dedicated to graphics. 64k will show 32k 16k will show 8 unless otherwise specified in a command line and reducing the amount of ram dedicated to graphics. I upgraded mine and many others to 64k. The only chip that isn't going to be available for that computer is the sam chip. Looks like that computer was manufactured after the 13 week of 1982.

    Rick HuntRick Hunt8 dni temu
  • I had one from 1981 and the service sheets for the computer and a floppy drive, and the 6809 assembly language cartridge. I know every inch of that machine inside and out. I also ended up running OS9 it was basically UNIX.

    Rick HuntRick Hunt8 dni temu
  • I had me an 83 off white model as a kid . Really kick myself in the ass for letting it go

    Dean RockDean Rock8 dni temu
  • My dad had a CoCo as his childhood computer of choice. If I remember correctly, he's still quite fond of the machine. He doesn't have it anymore, but when we went to the Radio and Technology History Museum he told me about them.

    Jacob daemonspudguy TiceJacob daemonspudguy Tice9 dni temu
  • Dumgeons of Daggorath!!! Been trying to remember its name for 35 years now. My friend had it.

    lormendilormendi9 dni temu
  • OMG

    Orbit BrainOrbit Brain9 dni temu
  • Nice *Template* intro EL-GE-AR!

    SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' TrollsSMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls10 dni temu
  • Holy crap, Downland is the first game I ever played!!!

    jinxmetwice420jinxmetwice42010 dni temu
  • I seriously considered getting one of these, mostly because of the price and the TRS-80 name, but I held off for the price of the Atari 800 to come down this low and got the Atari because, being originally designed as a game machine, it had the very best graphics available anywhere at the time (as well as a Real keyboard).

    Loren SimsLoren Sims11 dni temu
  • i want a modern PC in this form factor : )

    Nick MNick M11 dni temu
  • i'm in love with the coco

    KamilKamil11 dni temu
  • 7:10 I really love how they found it necessary to enclose the words “sport” and “gates” in quotes here, as if admitting upfront that the in-game depictions aren’t clear enough for most players to work that out for themselves. XD And yet, despite that, they _still_ weren’t being entirely honest; at the very least, the words “three dimensional” and “cheers” needed to be given the same treatment... :-P

    tdark987tdark98712 dni temu
  • That thing looks so damn cool!! I would like to have one just to put in my Living Room for the looks of it

    chadbailey30chadbailey3012 dni temu
  • The Trash-80 I bought one with a 5.25 drive and took it back 2 days later. The drive kept over heating So I went Commodore.

    Grym ReiperGrym Reiper12 dni temu
  • 1:53 so Apple hasn’t changed in the last 40 years.

    WorldTravel1518WorldTravel151813 dni temu
  • Do you know if there are any modern keyboards that look and feel like the old keyboards used back then?

    MapledMapled13 dni temu
  • This thing is so late 70s, it hurts, and I love it. :D

    trekchutrekchu14 dni temu
  • As a CoCo owner at the time, I will say that switching to Atari 800 opened up much, much more choices for software and file sharing with others.

    Ruger BRuger B15 dni temu
  • Spent many-a-Sunday typing in pages of lines (BASIC) to play mostly lousy games....of course, manually edit/debug took another day....Loading the program from the cassette drive took yet another day! Fun times.

    Ruger BRuger B15 dni temu
  • LGR is like the history channel of computers. At least is history for me, since I was born into the era where all computers had color screens, and USB was already a thing lol

    SugondeseManSugondeseMan15 dni temu
  • You skipped over OS-9 because it was not relevant on the Coco 1, but I wish you had covered the CPU in more detail. The 6809 is different than the Z-80. True. But you showed the computer's contemporaries as the Apple and Commodore, which were 6502-based. The 6909 is significantly more capable, hence the existence of a real operating system. Did this affect the overall speed, and factor into the hardware tradeoff (e.g. no separate sound chip)? If BASIC was the way you normally interacted with it, how did it compare in speed and language capability to the other computers of the era?

    John DługoszJohn Długosz16 dni temu
  • Tandy's _Microcomputer News_ was the first magazine I was ever published in. Of course, magazines for programmers are long extinct, so nobody reading this would recognize who I am from then.

    John DługoszJohn Długosz16 dni temu
  • When I think about it all my vintage tech: Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari Xegs, C64 etc., are or getting close to 40 years old. I wonder how many more years our beloved systems will continue to function?

    Nostalgic for the 70'sNostalgic for the 70's16 dni temu
  • I've always been a fan of Tandy!

    JOUWWIE BusinessJOUWWIE Business17 dni temu
  • Hi buddy i have a old 1990 terminal with a printer its called a FACIT A990 terminal and the printer is a E445 have you ever heard of one before like to know cheers

  • Atari has had 8k for 40+ years!

    Chris ErnstChris Ernst18 dni temu
  • Idk how i wasnt subbed already, LGR's voice is the tech asmr i need in these trying times

    Collin FallingCollin Falling18 dni temu
  • My first computer !!

    John PJohn P18 dni temu
  • I had a Coco with some sort of cartage that we used to be able to use an IBM dual external floppy disk driver.

    Chris JacksonChris Jackson19 dni temu
  • Back in the day we used to call them Trash-80s but the hate was mostly fake. The later iterations were much better and I quite liked them though I never owned one. I inherited a Vic 20, a C64 and a Commodore 128 all of which I never really used. The first computer I bought was an Amiga 500, in 1991 from MontgomeryWards, long since deceased. Since 1996 I have been building PC tower systems - mostly built around AMD CPUs with the odd Intel one here and there. I guess I'm nostalgic for those early "Home " computers. Thanks for the memories.

    JayVBear45JayVBear4519 dni temu
  • I just realize that 1980 is 40 years ago and not 20 years ago

    Elsam MaruraElsam Marura20 dni temu
  • I love how bulky and unnecessary old tech was

    johnathan banksjohnathan banks20 dni temu
  • Got a few Coco 2 (3?) in the garage, should get that sd cart to actually do something with it

    rpavlik1rpavlik121 dzień temu
  • I haven't seen lgr for a while and the intro is changed

    My Old GamesMy Old Games21 dzień temu
  • I had one of these! Thanks for the flashback.

    jeff cjeff c22 dni temu
  • Haven’t watched an LGR video in a minute. It’s good to be back.

    Travis JohnstonTravis Johnston22 dni temu
  • I hate the size of the border around the screen

    Jason KingJason King22 dni temu
  • *1.75x speed ftw!*

    Morris ButtermakerMorris Buttermaker22 dni temu
  • The "CoCo"? We called it the "Trash-80" lol

    farpointgamingdirectfarpointgamingdirect22 dni temu
  • Having the joystick on the right hand and the fire button on the left hand was the norm at first. Then it was changed, first in the arcades, to make the games more difficult for the majority of players (ie right handed) so that they would spend more money in the arcades. FF few years the joke was on them as the vast majority of new players didn't even know the history and didn't find it difficult to adjust/start like that. Unless you are one of those old farts, like myself, who still prefer that type of joystick and good luck with us finding them (since the 90s).

    TrusteftTrusteft22 dni temu
  • 11:20 .. I once heard the mechanics for those joysticks originally came from quadraphonic hifi equipment, being used as a balance control there. Also there is some "tuneup" for the CoCo (mostly the CoCo 3) .. you can replace the 6809 by a Hitachi 6309 and then run NitrOS-9, a open source remake of OS-9, enabling the higher speed and additional, very powerful "secret" commands of the 6309. I don't have a CoCo but my own system using a 6309, so I researched into this, checking if porting NitrOS-9 is feasible.

    Nitro Engine HoarderNitro Engine Hoarder23 dni temu
  • I have always been puzzled why they used a Motorolla instead of zilog cpu. I have a couple of these, and like them, but oh boy, the Atari 8 bit is so much more capable. The price of coco 3s of late are not cheap, so it's wiser to invest in a coco one of two.

    Magnus InventumMagnus Inventum23 dni temu
  • I always remember the coco from Space Quest where you go inside of one. Good to know that the coco is the future.

    Michelle LMichelle L23 dni temu
  • My first computer.

    Andrew HolckAndrew Holck24 dni temu
  • Dungeons of Daggerath started it all for me!

    AwaitingTheMeteorOfDoomAwaitingTheMeteorOfDoom24 dni temu
  • My first computer, 1982

    Jeff KJeff K24 dni temu
  • I'm sure I have the original service manual for the Tandy Colour Computer, somewhere!

    Graham JonesGraham Jones24 dni temu
  • Had these in my middle school computer class

    Teb TengriTeb Tengri24 dni temu
  • This is surprisingly stylish

    zwarga100zwarga10025 dni temu
  • Ah, the ol' Coco. This was my first computer and I loved it! I had the 16k version with standard color basic. I mowed lawns, did chores and skimped and saved to get the money to get extended color basic... and it was worth it. I tried to write several arcade classic clones with this BASIC and had somewhat mixed success. My attempt at Star Wars the arcade game, the vector graphic one where you attack the Death Star in a X-WIng fighter turned out okay. I got the stars to look good but the game froze to draw the lasers every time I pressed the fire button. No sound effects either. Tried to do a Donkey Kong clone, in BASIC, because I loved the Pie Factory level and my version on the Atari 2600 didn't have it. Of course my version looked like ass and the game froze whenever I pushed the button to make my character jump. It was a learning experience. Anyway, so many good memories with this computer. Still have it. Need to get it out, clean it up and play with it again.

    OttoMoBiehlOttoMoBiehl25 dni temu
  • What a coincidence i have an old CCR-81 that someone gave me.

    J NJ N25 dni temu
  • 1:54 showing Apple has always been over priced 👍

    Nigel DraycottNigel Draycott25 dni temu
  • Ever play with the robotics arm for the coco?

    Shaun TateShaun Tate25 dni temu
  • Your set and set peices are so subtle yet really defining. The green accents and all are done spectacularly. It's nice to see someone who's great at somentjng getting even better! LGR is life! Jk. Maybe...

    Jay DeeJay Dee25 dni temu
  • Was not reffered to as the Coco. Did you grow up in the 80s at all? If you knew it this is called the Trash 80.

    Mike WitkoMike Witko25 dni temu
  • This setup reminds me of an AVGN episodes, The Sega CD and Sega 32X (Episodes 25 and 26)

    RetroPC DurhamRetroPC Durham25 dni temu
  • I recognized Shelby's hair before you called him out!

    RetroPC DurhamRetroPC Durham25 dni temu
  • Somehow your voice reminds me of the late great Kenny Everett.

    Rob ScovellRob Scovell26 dni temu
    • (And that's a good thing -- please don't be offended!)

      Rob ScovellRob Scovell26 dni temu
  • Installing games in 2020: Download from the internet in 1980: code the games yourself

    Dheeraj KumarDheeraj Kumar26 dni temu
  • We called these "Trash 80"s :p

    Marvin AMarvin A26 dni temu
  • I still have several working Cocos, include a very low serial number grey original. There is a local coal company that still uses a Coco2, using a custom EEPROM rompack, to load 100 ton rail coal cars, just using the joystick. I ought to know as I programmed that setup back in the 1980s when the loadout was constructed. I worked for them at the time. The computer, bought in 1987, is still in operation to this day, just needing the coal dust blown out ever so often. The Coco community is alive and well, even developing it's own SD card drive and retro fitting some machines with modern video hardware. I have 1 Coco 3 that I refitted to take a SATA hard drive and the OS9 Operating system updated. Hell, it will even run Linux. I ran a BBS for years on a Coco before the internet came to be.The Old 6809E CPU was a real powerhouse at the time, even outrunning and out performing some of the early IBM PC models..It's too bad that it was abandoned, as if further developed, it would have kicked Apple's ass and given both IBM and Microsoft a run for its money. BTW, LGR, I do have an IBM 360 Mainframe, retired from a coal company ,that sill functions perfectly, and 2 IBM PC-ATs that have never been unboxed, found buried when a warehouse was torn down.

    Geek HillbillyGeek Hillbilly26 dni temu
  • That was probably an insane amount of money for a personal computer back then

    riseuplightriseuplight26 dni temu
  • Hello Coco! Great to meet ya! Warm enough for ya?

    Tommy JohnTommy John26 dni temu
  • My first computer. It was a an E-board CoCo 1 with the black keyboard surround, 16k RAM and no Exteneded BASIC. I bought the ROM later and upgraded it to 64K, added Teac disk drives, multi-Pam interface and other nice stuff. I later bought a CoCo 3. The cassette interface ran at 1200 baud, not 1500. We found a way to run it at 2400 but that’s pushing most cassettes too hard. The colours didn’t look as good on the PAL version incidentally. I still have a CTR-81 and a CCR-82, you seem to havfused these model numbers. The 82 has a monitor function that was great to count programs while you spooled to the one you wanted. The joysticks were poor, but we loved the Deluxe joysticks which were actually a rebadged Kraft. Early CoCo boards needed bodge wires to make more than 4 or 8k to work as the very early ones used chips that needed 12V and a little later they still didn’t wire A15 up, so at least one wire would be needed for 64K to work. The very last CoCo 2 had a 6847-T2 which had true lowercase but deleted the occasionally used semigraphics modes that were a result of the 6847 VDG and 6883 SAM chips. These machines do have a 6 bit DAC which is not supported in BASIC but machine language software did make good use of it.

    WenlocktvdxWenlocktvdx26 dni temu
  • Much enjoyed!

    yamaindustrialsyamaindustrials26 dni temu
  • LGR you do watch two minutes papers!

    Majid FouladpourMajid Fouladpour26 dni temu
  • What a spiffy TV! Something about that setup is so cozy

    PrettyTonyPrettyTony26 dni temu
  • My first computer (That I owned) was a Coco. Silver case, but I had it cranked with 16K of ram, several cartridges, and a couple of joysticks. That keyboard lasted about 10 years or so before it started to fail. Like an idiot I ended up getting rid of it. Oh concerning the sound there is one cartridge that (if memory serves correct) had a blurry digitized voice in it. The game was called "Mega-Bug". A neat variation on the pacman theme. You left a trail behind you and the enemies would follow it. If you doubled back you could throw them off if they took a wrong fork.

    Deson BowenfordDeson Bowenford26 dni temu
  • This videos are always great to loose yourself into, then come back and realize how far technology has come, and what beasts we have today, even by low end standards.

    Amper VolAmper Vol26 dni temu
  • I want one niw

    Nate the FateNate the Fate26 dni temu
  • This is the year I was born so I did not hear of these. You had to be "RICHIE RICH" back then to get these. Super Retro Old Skool Goodness. Thank you. = oD

    It'syeeOLEDskoolFurryIt'syeeOLEDskoolFurry26 dni temu
  • #LGR You should do one for my very very very first computer, the tandy PC4 pocket computer. As a kid I used to carry that thing around everywhere and was constantly programming it with something or other. I was a real geek. XD

    Callak SkytowerCallak Skytower27 dni temu
  • 2:27 imagine if that sticker said 4k resolution

    Jop3liusJop3lius27 dni temu
  • I worked for Tandy in the Uk before it was bought out by The Carphone Warehouse. I just missed the coco days as the 286’s were just around when I started. Those were fun times.

    Rich Retro TechRich Retro Tech27 dni temu
  • COMMODORE 64 was the only choice. However games fail. floppy drives stepper motor goes out of wack. and man so many repair jobs. COMMODORE what are you doing? when I got sick of it I got a used ATARI 800 it was a lot better then the COMMODORE 64 I keep playing arcade games when the keyboard broke I put the computer in the trash can. out side for trash pick up. labor for repair got too expensive. I wish the ATARI 800 comes in a black shell.

  • Thank you so much for this review! Grew up and learned to program games on this. Dad would bring home envelopes full of tapes brimming with backups since everyone at nasa seemed to also have one at the time.

    Ero GinEro Gin27 dni temu
  • I have still have TRS-80 Color Computer it was given to me from neighbor use to live by me

    Andrew DupuisAndrew Dupuis27 dni temu
  • What a great video. This entire Channel is pure medicine for the mind and soul.

    Aidan OvidiuAidan Ovidiu27 dni temu
  • I agree with you there IS too many chinese countries nowadays! The problem is they are going to run out of silly names soon. "Bangkok, Nintendo, North Career, Hong Kong??" That last one took their nane from a cartoon dog! They even named a country after the Vietnam war, cheeky bastardos!

    Violence Is FunViolence Is Fun27 dni temu
  • Oh man. I grew up with one of these! I especially remember Dungeons of Daggorath, Microbes, and Logo on it. This video makes me so happy. ;w;

    RyusutaRyusuta27 dni temu
  • Look a Trash-80 lol

    Coty RiddleCoty Riddle27 dni temu
  • In 1980/81, I was spending over $50 per month on Caterpillar, Battlezone, Donkey Kong, and PacMan at lunch and after work -- 25 cents a play! So, when Radio Shack came out with the Coco, I decided to jump in. I bought the big, 16K version, which I upgraded a while later to 64K with chips and instructions from a magazine. I still have the original 16K button from the top of the Coco. Man, those cassette tapes filled up quick as we swapped programs with our friends. Immediately, I was hooked on programming. Eventually led to me to work in the field as a programmer.

    Nammy DeplumeNammy Deplume27 dni temu
  • Excellent update to the "farts.bas" program!

    Daniel LeeDaniel Lee27 dni temu
  • I owned a CoCo 3, taught myself BASIC and OS9. I spent hours typing in computer programs from CoCo magazines.

    RobRob27 dni temu
  • I love the new intro!

    Mike MorrisonMike Morrison27 dni temu
  • There's something about the way Clint says "Coco". It's slightly cute and very pleasent in my ears.

    DragonNexusDragonNexus27 dni temu
  • LGR:...frequently referred to as... Me: the Trash-80 LGR:...the CoCo. Me: oh, well, yeah I guess. Whatever. :-(

    Chris WaldripChris Waldrip27 dni temu
  • i worked as a Tandy Computer Service center manager in the 1980's probably the most common mod that i saw as to remove the memory size badge and put a LED power indicator in the small hole..of course as a factory repair center we were not aloud to do that but lots came into my shop with it done..second most popular was a replacement keyboard Out of about 1000 coco's my shop repaired only a few had floppy drives..most common repair was keyboard..Coca-Cola+chiclet keyboard= VERY stuck keys..basically a solid machine back in the day.. it was treated more as a "game computer" than a serious work computer.. Very cool the one you are working on has never been in a Tandy service is how to tell: If the warranty sticker is black with white letters ..that sticker was put on at the factory.. If the warranty sticker is white with black letters it has been in a service center..there may also be a 4 digit number on the white label written in ink..that is the shop number that last repaired it.. also look for battleship grey lock-tite on one of the screw heads ...we used that as a secondary way to tell if someone had been inside the case...

    Mickey Mouse ParkMickey Mouse Park27 dni temu
  • RadioShack made computers??? I thought they were just a place to get CD-RW disks in the 90s

    Brian BaratheonBrian Baratheon27 dni temu
  • 4:16...Imagine buying a TRS80 just to play Russian Roulette :)

    Wisty BoyWisty Boy27 dni temu