HOUSE¹ (Lo-Fi House Mix)

9 sie 2018
12 115 868 wyświetleń

A new segment of my channel 👻 I also love house music so I'll be uploading lofi house mixes from time to time 👽 Hope everyone loves this ones as much as I do 🧙‍♂️ Playlist bellow
All my mixes are available now on Soundcloud!
Zodivk - yours (+)
Toro Y Moi - Still Sound (Half Blunt Prince House Flip)
Deejay Astral - Let You Go
Upper Class - SIX MILLION
Scissorwork - Love Is Blind
DJ TIRED & Lumes - Cristina
Subjoi - Love Shy
Upper Class - Warehouse Gang
Kllo - Walls To Build (Mall Grab Remix)
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Tags: #lofi #house #mix #set
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  • I love this lofi mix It gets me concentrated on my homework, keep up the good work!!

    Esperanza VanessaEsperanza Vanessa3 godzin temu
  • fuken love coming back here

    SenseiSensei8 godzin temu
  • This mix gets me going during the last hour of work!

    Cristian CardenasCristian Cardenas11 godzin temu
  • Alguien que tenga la playlist?? Por fa

    Yesfri Itzamahe Aparicio SánchezYesfri Itzamahe Aparicio Sánchez17 godzin temu
  • Hey bud the Beats are just tooooo fresh!! i was wondering could i use your Playlist for my game live stream? ill be sure to add credit and a link to your channel!

    BeastMigzGamingBeastMigzGamingDzień temu
  • Killer

    Josh Deephouse4everJosh Deephouse4everDzień temu
  • Honestly I love the simsons but were are the other characters ?

    Rebecca LynchRebecca LynchDzień temu
  • Are these mixes available for download?

    James BarbosaJames BarbosaDzień temu
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    Cornelia ChukesCornelia Chukes2 dni temu
  • Where's the episode twoooo 🤝

    Cyprien PichonCyprien Pichon2 dni temu
  • tasteful, skillfully selected, great and organic as always..Big up!

    timo puentetimo puente2 dni temu
  • Me siento en un gran viaje cuando inicia el minuto 3

    Ivan DominguezIvan Dominguez3 dni temu
  • This will take you to another life zone. I'm so in a moment of blissful love. Thank youuuuuuu

    Ejaisa DomdanavichEjaisa Domdanavich3 dni temu
  • WHAT SONG IS IN MINUTE 25:00 ???

    Vibo BeiroVibo Beiro3 dni temu
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    Margarita CooperMargarita Cooper3 dni temu
    • uhhh

      Callum WarrenCallum WarrenDzień temu
  • This is NOT lofi

    koimasterkoimaster4 dni temu
  • jajaajajjaja un cage de risa XD

    josefujosefu4 dni temu
  • What sort of things do you use to make music like this? I am inspired to make my own stuff during lockdown. Software, thumbnail etc.

    Simran RajpalSimran Rajpal4 dni temu

  • I’m getting stoned to this thanks g

    Дмитрий ЛебедевДмитрий Лебедев4 dni temu
  • Auriculares, flores, y a estudiar con este playlist

    Lu cyLu cy4 dni temu
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    FifaIos PacksFifaIos Packs5 dni temu
  • wow ,this songs are gem

    M_KM_K5 dni temu
  • perfecta mientras me relajo haciendome wey en el trabajo oh yeahhhh 420

    Bongsplay LEBongsplay LE5 dni temu
  • Relaxing

    Pedro RedondoPedro Redondo5 dni temu
  • Veramente bello

    Leonardo Lo PortoLeonardo Lo Porto5 dni temu
  • jadore cest trop bien ;)

    HITOXHITOX5 dni temu
  • 35:30 SLIM HUSTLA - Night patrollin is it me or this song remember of good moment in my life ?

    saminour morinsaminour morin5 dni temu
  • que buena musica

    rocko rockorocko rocko5 dni temu
  • I had to comment twice to tell you the 1st 10 min should be illegal. I’ve repeated so many times it is TOO GOOD lol

    Adrian HernandezAdrian Hernandez5 dni temu
    • The track at the end at 35 is better btw

      Mike BejeMike BejeDzień temu
    • The best track starts at 10:00 😅

      Callum GregoryCallum Gregory2 dni temu
    • True

      Kami RabbitKami Rabbit3 dni temu
  • I feel like im walking down Las Vegas Blvd. and all the nicest and most beautiful places on earth (including forests and mountains)when i hear this whole mix

    HeksHeks6 dni temu
  • Best mixes ever. I though lofi hip hop was good... this is sooooooo much better

    Adrian HernandezAdrian Hernandez6 dni temu
  • very fancy

    AKA JamesAKA James6 dni temu
  • I love this. ¡La rompiste! ¡Saludos desde Venezuela!

    Angel PétrovichAngel Pétrovich6 dni temu
  • Escuchando este mix cuando me prendo un porrito.

    Pablo Hernández GPablo Hernández G6 dni temu
  • Wild

    ToMuchNiiiceToMuchNiiice7 dni temu
  • Lo fi House be like....mind the bump.....and I'm like no I don't mind one bit.

    TampandaTampanda7 dni temu
  • Progressive trance meh, Deep House ok, hard trance, my baby forever, what's this ....Lo fi House.....yeahhhhhh I dig.

    TampandaTampanda7 dni temu
  • i love this type of mix

    Patricia Alonso-MuñumerPatricia Alonso-Muñumer7 dni temu
  • Over modulation always ruins clarity.. no successful parry here.

    Alexpmgr8 K3Alexpmgr8 K37 dni temu
  • La primera canción marcó sucesos importantes en mi vida.

    Isaías Chávez ConnectIsaías Chávez Connect7 dni temu
  • What a vibe 🌙 you guys should check my lofi stuff too!

    Picture TalkPicture Talk8 dni temu
  • Solid mix

    wHYwHY8 dni temu
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    minh nguyenminh nguyen8 dni temu
    • Amen man! Just what I was thinking!

      rubbernuts7rubbernuts77 dni temu
  • Nice nice job♥

    Leandro RojasLeandro Rojas8 dni temu
  • this is the best lo-fi mix ever

    minsaidminsaid8 dni temu
  • can we get licensing to print this on vinyl

    Abigail MeyerAbigail Meyer8 dni temu
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    Dan SmokeDan Smoke8 dni temu
  • Is this dmca free?

    Julia KnightJulia Knight8 dni temu
  • Minuto 32:04 nombre completo de esa

    Luis Angel Sotelo AntonioLuis Angel Sotelo Antonio9 dni temu
  • H&M wants to know your location

    Jules MimouniJules Mimouni9 dni temu
  • 25:00 :0 what a vybe

    Barbra benassiBarbra benassi9 dni temu
  • tiene copy esta hermosura?

    Fernee CuliauFernee Culiau9 dni temu

    Paul Christopher LittlePaul Christopher Little9 dni temu
  • It's hard where you're living Adding weight to make it balanced Saying it could be too much But he's clasping to his tie There was a finer life When I was with my friends and I could always see my family That's what I still want now Even if I'm here and I know they won't be waiting Cause I don't want to be alone I don't want to be here alone While you're there give back a little more The return could make you notice That I'm thinking of a moment And know its still sound There was a finer life when you were with us here And we knew there was a next time That's what I still want now Even if I'm there and I think that you won't be waiting Cause I don't want to be alone It's hard where you're living It's hard where you're living It's hard where you're living Cause I don't want to be alone I don't want to be here alone

    Alexander RAlexander R10 dni temu
    • @L Williams lyrics to the second song on that mix

      Alexander RAlexander R8 dni temu
    • What does this mean

      L WilliamsL Williams8 dni temu
  • I play this mix every single day .... props my dude, this is a classic

    Nate ChaplinNate Chaplin10 dni temu
  • Category: Masterpiece

    A.k.ACharlyA.k.ACharly10 dni temu
  • Groovy baby, smashin

    Brandon ScanlanBrandon Scanlan10 dni temu
  • hi!

    Amon HeadAmon Head10 dni temu
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    john lavvasjohn lavvas11 dni temu
    • Your absolutely right dude

      Alex ThomasAlex Thomas10 dni temu
  • Increible MIX para el trabajo, muy relajante y a la vez da animo

    Eduardo JimenezEduardo Jimenez11 dni temu
  • Метельность .. Метельность бушует мельчайшим всеснежьем, хрусталясь, ссыпаясь, ползя и кружась и сахарной пудрой вращаясь безбрежно, в сухой рафинад превращаясь, искрясь, клубится колючей, воздушной позёмкой, кидаясь на гибель на руки, в лицо, пушится сединками тихо и ломко, венчая алмазной накидкой, венцом, легко порошит, осыпая пределы, скирдуя сугробы соломенной тлёй, сияющим тальком, размолотым мелом меня серебрит над молочной землёй. Светящийся кран изливает щедроты, меж туч просочившись округлым стволом, кропит на деревья, неон и ворота, не думая то, что случится потом. Морозит поветрие горы гигантов, дороги и крыши домишек простых. Под беленькой пылью священных бриллиантов иду, богатею средь улиц пустых...

    Алёшка ЕмельяновАлёшка Емельянов11 dni temu
  • kiffen are you ok

    rubrumrubrum11 dni temu
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    alexis sosaalexis sosa12 dni temu
  • 2021 vibin

    DeAngelo DesotoDeAngelo Desoto12 dni temu
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    Chris GeorgeChris George12 dni temu
    • You’re wrong. It’s lush, soft beaver

      Erik LiuErik Liu11 dni temu
  • Te luciste xd

    Yaretzi Amelie Arteaga RodriguezYaretzi Amelie Arteaga Rodriguez13 dni temu
  • the build was so smooth throughout this, peaked at 11:00 , 32:50, was some stuff in the middle I felt weird about, but it needed to happen. steady beat.

    alyssa culpepperalyssa culpepper13 dni temu
  • This is the type of LoFi I was looking for

    Santiago LopezSantiago Lopez13 dni temu
  • 5:45 🔥

    Joan MurciaJoan Murcia13 dni temu
  • Creo que he escuchado este mix completo mas de 10 veces y siempre me anima demasiado.

    Andres FelipeAndres Felipe13 dni temu
    • and a succesful party needs marihuana

      Agustin Enrique Sanchez VolpeAgustin Enrique Sanchez VolpeDzień temu
    • 10? Yo llevo fácil mas de 100

      Charliepss420Charliepss4206 dni temu
  • Well well well well

    Jedutki JJedutki J13 dni temu
  • *_Nostalgia hits so hard_* Thank you for this Mix, I love it!

    Karla KKarla K13 dni temu
  • This mix is the best so much nostalgia with this mix it reminds me about the times me and my brothers would drive on the coast just cause we were rolling on ecstasy all the from newport too malibu beach hopping till the sun came up thank god im not on ecstasy. Like i was but great memories i just got off work and playing this on the way home feelinh great makes me want to go the beach . hope everyone is doing great keep vibing yall :>

    Isaiah RoaIsaiah Roa13 dni temu
  • This was so good i cryed.

    Matheus HenriqueMatheus Henrique13 dni temu
  • this change my life...really!

    Facundo CobainFacundo Cobain13 dni temu
    • i just flowin with this

      Facundo CobainFacundo Cobain13 dni temu
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    Daisy HodzenDaisy Hodzen13 dni temu
  • I love this sound it's relaxing

    Matte DigitalMatte Digital13 dni temu
  • Odio escucharte porque siempre lo hago mientras estudio, pero a la vez te amo porque me das ganas de seguir con los estudios.

    BlifrePerezBlifrePerez14 dni temu

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    Jack FordJack Ford14 dni temu
  • LMAO

    Frenetic JigsawFrenetic Jigsaw14 dni temu

    Frenetic JigsawFrenetic Jigsaw14 dni temu
  • im lke thse music really its relax

    ortencia anetenaortencia anetena14 dni temu
  • I didn't do it.

    Christine RowrChristine Rowr15 dni temu
  • Suavee

    Motivacional MMotivacional M15 dni temu
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    joingain joingainjoingain joingain15 dni temu
  • Instantly subscribed once I heard the first minute of this master piece of a mix! Much luv from D.C. ✌✊👊

    jdm c1v1cjdm c1v1c16 dni temu
  • This has been my saving for exams for 2 years now, I love the music so much man. You deserve my upmost respect.

    Daniel KutirievDaniel Kutiriev16 dni temu
  • Dia Lluvioso,Fumar y Este Mix De Fondo,Otro Level Bro👽🔥🎛

    Ezee SosaEzee Sosa16 dni temu
  • THANKU!!! 11:00 13:34 25:53 27:01 31:45 36:21

    M R CARTERM R CARTER16 dni temu
  • Satisfacción al límite gente !

    Andre PerezAndre Perez16 dni temu
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    Keegan EzzioKeegan Ezzio17 dni temu
  • Only 11 million views?

    SoundLogikSoundLogik17 dni temu
  • Blazing with this playlist is heavenly

    Liam DalyLiam Daly17 dni temu
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    Jack FordJack Ford17 dni temu
  • I liked and subbed epic Bart Simpson agrees

    JOnYtJOnYt17 dni temu
  • One of the most fire playlists ever

    Ben MorrisBen Morris17 dni temu