TOM AND JERRY Official Trailer (2021)

17 lis 2020
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First trailer for Tom and Jerry starring Chloë Grace Moretz.

  • What can I say except DELETE THIS 👌

    シPARZIVAL_0w0_シPARZIVAL_0w0_29 minut temu
  • Can't wait for this... Y'all know this is going to be aweful!

    S AS A43 minut temu
  • Why do they keep killing the classics like lion king and more kmt

    Samiya AwadSamiya AwadGodzinę temu
  • I have a question what would happen if tom got switched out with a new cat .

    Ghost XDGhost XDGodzinę temu
  • This reminds me of some 2007-2010 bullshit

    ConnorTheLifeSkepticConnorTheLifeSkeptic2 godzin temu
  • I can't help thinking about Blue Cat Blues

    LolzLolz3 godzin temu
  • Everyone involved in this should be eternally embarrassed

    Andrew HoganAndrew Hogan3 godzin temu
  • 😂 👌 Sasta, poor, garibi,

    AbhishakAbhishak3 godzin temu
  • Looks awful! People spent money making this? I'd be ashamed to work on this film.

    Don MoreliasDon Morelias4 godzin temu
  • Why scenes are copied?

    Pratik DinkarPratik Dinkar4 godzin temu

    Mìa JPMìa JP4 godzin temu
  • Coming soon

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Meow

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Funny

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Feburay 26 2021 reast date tom jeary

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • This year

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Jeary cat

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Cat mose

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Cat

    Tiana RobergeTiana Roberge5 godzin temu
  • Rip, the maker of Tom and Jerry and Popeye, he was the maker of the cartoon, tom and Jerry was truly his master piece

    Alif YbAlif Yb5 godzin temu
  • Wow

    assiduity—assiduity—5 godzin temu
  • They should have played the classic opening old timing opening

    Heriberto CastanedaHeriberto Castaneda6 godzin temu
  • what the fuck is this

    e41-0e41-06 godzin temu
  • the girl is sabrina?

    hymniez diy!hymniez diy!6 godzin temu

    NCT's Poor MomNCT's Poor Mom6 godzin temu

    NCT's Poor MomNCT's Poor Mom6 godzin temu
  • Cloe Moretz's voice is so nice

    Nathy NiceNathy Nice7 godzin temu
  • Name song in first?

    Dark magicianDark magician7 godzin temu
  • It would’ve been chloe moretz legs if they stuck to the original storyline..

    Marc Jay EnriquezMarc Jay Enriquez9 godzin temu
  • this looks awesome 😍

    black jackblack jack9 godzin temu
  • Terrible... I Don't like.

    enrique ringaenrique ringa9 godzin temu
  • I dont know if I'm into the 3d/2d hybrid animated vibe yet, but I don't really mind this choice! Reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Mirai KuriyamaMirai Kuriyama10 godzin temu
  • Instead of doing this they could have animated everything so it would be cool but this seems kinda lazy

    VXD RVXD R11 godzin temu
  • a Warner Bros production? confusing

    Nguyễn Sơn HàNguyễn Sơn Hà11 godzin temu
  • Space Jam looks way better

    The_D0C70RThe_D0C70R12 godzin temu
  • Did anyone see that the marriage couple is Indian? The wedding is an Indian Wedding. Did any Indian notice that?

    Anwesha SanyalAnwesha Sanyal12 godzin temu
  • Yo what the fuck. Look what they did to my mans Chloe over here.

    Angel C.Angel C.12 godzin temu
  • why

    Pranav ArvindPranav Arvind12 godzin temu
  • coincido

    Nachito GomezNachito Gomez12 godzin temu
  • Looks like hot garbage..

    Courtney BrowningCourtney Browning13 godzin temu
  • Looks like another Oscar. Also no black.ppl

    dadoodydadoody13 godzin temu
  • Bruh is that le gurl from kick ass, parents are gonna be like 👁👄👁

    gacha confettigacha confetti13 godzin temu
  • Like that Rocky and Bullwinkle movie lol

    I Am KaniI Am Kani13 godzin temu
  • delete this ❤

    periodtperiodt13 godzin temu
  • Sonic looks more real

    Alan MorenoAlan Moreno14 godzin temu
  • I’ll pass and stick with the cartoons /:

    DoritiosDoritios14 godzin temu
  • What is this

    Galactic JewelsGalactic Jewels14 godzin temu
  • My Chloe Moretz..

    airin cleioairin cleio14 godzin temu

    Darnell RobinsonDarnell Robinson14 godzin temu
  • after the narrator said anime on tom and jerry my brain hurts alot

    Rio NyxRio Nyx14 godzin temu
  • after the narrator said anime on tom and jerry my brain hurts alot

    Rio NyxRio Nyx14 godzin temu
  • Jerry, stop bullying my man Tom!

    MylkMylk15 godzin temu
  • Stink!!!!!!!!

    Estefania CruzEstefania Cruz15 godzin temu
  • Nope!! Boringggg

    Patrick SmithPatrick Smith16 godzin temu
  • 🤦‍♂️

  • Is this on neflix

    jack frostjack frost16 godzin temu
  • this.. has to be a joke

    Zainab BansfieldZainab Bansfield16 godzin temu
  • Maybe make Tom and Jerry look a little realistic sense they’re using actual humans in the movie

    do mydo my16 godzin temu
  • Maybe make Tom and Jerry look a little realistic since they’re using actual humans in the movie

    do mydo my16 godzin temu
  • I mean don't you think it would be weird if they made them look realistic like lion wouldn't fit well it would look to realistic with the falls and smashes and you would feel bad whenever they got hurt...and also this movie is mostly made for kids and they probably can't tell the difference between 2d and 3d so-

    Magic Movie MakingMagic Movie Making16 godzin temu
  • What a downgrade from the first one. (For those unaware, there was a Tom & Jerry Movie that came out in 1992, which I say is much better than what this movie is giving off)

    RedBird2021RedBird202117 godzin temu
  • Oh u gotta be kidding me 🤣

  • Why do they have to ruin everything from our childhood!!

    K JoshiK Joshi17 godzin temu
  • LMAO 😂😆😩

    Stefan CosmasStefan Cosmas17 godzin temu
  • Let my guess. This is gonna get canceled.

    Isaiah JaceIsaiah Jace18 godzin temu
  • should have stayed as a cartoon

    Emre AkarsuEmre Akarsu18 godzin temu
  • This reminds me of my childhood. Good times.

    Matt OfallaMatt Ofalla18 godzin temu
  • Love it

    Fernando RuizFernando Ruiz19 godzin temu
  • Why? Why do they keep on ruining my childhood?

    N RN R19 godzin temu
  • Ok, it seems like no one is mentioning it in the comments. I did not hear the iconic Tom Scream at all. And WTF is this? 2:16

    Janry Juan JagolinoJanry Juan Jagolino19 godzin temu
  • strange.

    Tilly ComedyTilly Comedy19 godzin temu
  • It better be good!

    jeffpro18jeffpro1820 godzin temu
  • Adding Woman was annoying

    Abir AhmedAbir Ahmed20 godzin temu
  • I have a question is this legit? Or is this a joke? Cuz this looks hilarious

    Snakes Gymnastics And stuffSnakes Gymnastics And stuff20 godzin temu
  • The funniest part is the Altered upvotes

    Marty MartyMarty Marty20 godzin temu
  • Oh Chloe... I miss Hitgirl...

    DL ButtersDL Butters21 godzinę temu
  • Wtf comes into my recommendation

    Winter The PotatoWinter The Potato21 godzinę temu
  • I'd love to go and see this, but unfortunately Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum have shut all the cinemas in this country.* * International flights are okay in a pandemic though apparently.

    Anon BAnon B21 godzinę temu
  • So lets see, they are either destroying my childhood or bring me back to my childhood memory. Stay tune!!

    RQRQ22 godzin temu
  • This looks like a good . Thank you for ruining my childhood fav cartoons

    Inês DuarteInês Duarte22 godzin temu
  • Did they really ran out of ideas for a movie ?

    DEXA88DEXA8822 godzin temu
  • Tom lives went 📉📉📉📉📉

    XreemXreem22 godzin temu
  • So the mouse cuts the electric cable with gigantic metal scissors and bare hands and it's the cat which is electrified...

    RoberRober23 godzin temu
  • That’s.....interesting...??? I guess? Help

    quanquan23 godzin temu

  • At least there aren't humans playing tom and jerry in this movie...

    seehund 2000seehund 2000Dzień temu
  • This is a joke? Is this a joke?

    Erick ChavarriaErick ChavarriaDzień temu
  • Looks good but i hate michael scientology peña

    thomasanderson parrathomasanderson parraDzień temu
  • I wish they went the animated route like they did for Yogi, Garfield, and Sonic 🙄

    Cornelius UchihaCornelius UchihaDzień temu
  • Come on, how much did they spend on FX, $ 50?

    Minando con RapazMinando con RapazDzień temu
  • .....this is shit. As a fan the grew up watching Tom and Jerry, this is absolutely horrific. WB continues the tradition of dropping the fucking ball

    0KnightElfMohawk00KnightElfMohawk0Dzień temu
  • Tbh, i don’t see anything bad because i can’t bring myself to imagine or even think Tom and Jerry having a 3D animation. That’d be horror...

    VvanessaAVvanessaADzień temu
  • Dang y’all stop trying to kill my dawg jerry 😭 He needs allies

    Soul JourneySoul JourneyDzień temu
  • Horrible

    Edward RivasEdward RivasDzień temu
  • Señor Chang, Pog

    Fercolas 9Fercolas 9Dzień temu
  • OMG It looks like I might have found that elusive 'woke' free, watchable movie without the lefty messaging infused.

    giddygiddyDzień temu
  • What's the song name?

    Đa-vít ĐoànĐa-vít ĐoànDzień temu
  • Not funny at all, does not look like tom and jerry unfortunately, also I don't like that actress, she is totally annoying

    Gabriel Hernandez IllustratorGabriel Hernandez IllustratorDzień temu
  • omg chloe is in it im watching

    Adrianna MercoglianoAdrianna MercoglianoDzień temu
  • absolutely stupid

    Coxy's HobbiesCoxy's HobbiesDzień temu