30 Days of The Deadman official trailer (WWE Network Exclusive)

16 paź 2020
91 986 wyświetleń

See what’s coming to WWE Network during 30 Days of The Deadman, a monthlong celebration of The Undertaker’s 30-year anniversary in WWE. 30 Days of The Deadman kicks off Sunday, Oct. 25, on the award-winning WWE Network.
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    Saswata MaitraSaswata Maitra5 dni temu
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    Saswata MaitraSaswata Maitra5 dni temu
  • I think paul bearer is dead

    demon feeddemon feed5 dni temu
  • Wwe will not let people leave its stories and such vast history. Its beautiful sports awards should award the undertaker as he's a generational pillar for this sport.

    BhaskarBhaskar6 dni temu
  • 30 years ago I was born 10 years later i started watching wwf fell in love with wrestling watched the undertaker for 20 years 1 of my favorite wrestlers

    Jonathan EzellJonathan Ezell6 dni temu
  • Wwe from India

    babu babubabu babu6 dni temu
  • I might just subscribe again.

    Harold G.Harold G.7 dni temu
  • Undertaker es asombroso

    Chucho ArsenalChucho Arsenal7 dni temu
  • Come on he has to do something this Survivor Series

    MZITinfoMZITinfo7 dni temu
  • It's gonna be quite a time to watch.

    JonnySuite13JonnySuite137 dni temu
  • Could the undertaker return

    Abel Godzilla alien and more reviewsAbel Godzilla alien and more reviews7 dni temu
  • Cannot wait for this to come out

  • Crish jerico and undertaker is ledgend

    Amit poudelAmit poudel7 dni temu
  • Plot twist: The Undertaker has been disregarding kayfabe for 30 years. Because The Undertaker was his authentic self the whole time. 'Mark Callaway' is a gimmick and is all kayfabe to make the marks think he's actually just a regular man from Texas. Taker even trolls all the marks with that clever choice of first name for the "normal human being" gimmick he's been putting on display in recent months. It's all a rib on the marks for being gullible enough to believe that The Undertaker was just a gimmick all this time.

    StrangepeteStrangepete7 dni temu
  • Tamil Nadu fan club

  • Undertaker and Kane sit-down conservation is gonna be epic

    Greatest Wrestling Content- EntertainmentGreatest Wrestling Content- Entertainment7 dni temu
    • They might do a sit-up during that sit-down if you kniw what I mean? BOD style ;)

      StrangepeteStrangepete7 dni temu
  • I don't watch WWE, but I'm gonna subscribe to the network JUST for this.

    M4 SnakeM4 Snake7 dni temu
  • when they were talking about the goosebumps when takers gong hit, i suddenly remembered a match that taker had against the hitman, when the dong hit, bret could not hide his as he gave like a had a huge shivers in the middle of the ring, damn, cant explain it and cant remember what match it was or i would post link so you could see what i mean lol

    evil meevil me8 dni temu
    • Summerslam 1997 when Taker raised his arms and the lights came on with a big loud noise too.

      StrangepeteStrangepete7 dni temu
  • Undertaker Vs Randy Orton Survivor series 2020 ???????

  • The Undertaker Is Truly Legendary Man!!🙌🙌😎🐐🐐🐐🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage8 dni temu
  • Instead of 30 years of undertaker, they mentioned 30 days of undertaker in the title 🤣🤣

    3409 RG NEVAN3409 RG NEVAN8 dni temu
  • The Best.❤ WWE made their biggest mistake by ending his streak😢

    Lynx LeeLynx Lee8 dni temu
    • Agreed

      Arvindan MoganArvindan Mogan8 dni temu
  • Me: I’m done watching WWE after Undertaker retires Wwe: Undertaker retires yes, but he’ll have like 6 documentaries Me: I guess I’ll stay for a bit longer then

    Q.H.SQ.H.S8 dni temu
  • the legend the undertaker, one of the most respected men and the best gimmick in wwe history

    Felmo GilbaligaFelmo Gilbaliga8 dni temu
  • It’s so weird seeing Paul bearer in this. I wonder if they actually did this before his passing.

    WWE Jay GamingWWE Jay Gaming8 dni temu
  • One

    Ayad AliAyad Ali8 dni temu
  • I wish i could get this lagend again.Maybe not him but someone else##

    Fahad AhmadFahad Ahmad8 dni temu
  • Salute to you taker

    Shafinn FarooqueeShafinn Farooquee8 dni temu
  • It's nice to see him out of character. Goes to show us, The Undertaker is just a great character while Mark is the man behind it bringing it to life

    Night Light9Night Light98 dni temu
  • Lovely

    Ashu The Gamer boyAshu The Gamer boy8 dni temu
  • i will watch

    Franc Coeur GuyFranc Coeur Guy8 dni temu
  • Survivor series is coming will undertaker have a last match at survivor series

    Manish MandalManish Mandal8 dni temu
  • Mark Callaway and Glenn Jacobs face to face feels so different.

    Reymar TampusReymar Tampus8 dni temu
  • Taker30

    Midnight CarnageMidnight Carnage8 dni temu
  • This is cool and all, but I’d like to see a proper retrospective documentary of his entire career. Not just the last few years or a few random stories.

    Luis FragaLuis Fraga8 dni temu
    • That’s why I’m most excited for the Paul Bearer doc because I’m craving 90s era stories and footage haha

      CarloisBuriedAliveCarloisBuriedAlive6 dni temu


    • That not going to happen CU's stings wwe contract expired

      Jayme WhildenJayme Whilden7 dni temu
  • Feels sad :(

    Can you dig it, sucka?Can you dig it, sucka?8 dni temu
  • The Undertaker. There will never be another one like him. Been a fan of his since I was born. He IS the greatest wrestler, character, and is the most compelling entity that has stepped foot in professional wrestling.

    Lord Yamcha: Lord Above All HumansLord Yamcha: Lord Above All Humans8 dni temu
  • This looks amazing

    ChrisChris8 dni temu
  • 30 years not days change the title plz🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mad Joker GrMad Joker Gr8 dni temu
  • If you do the math, the final episode of this series (which last for 30 days) finishes just days before Survivor Series, so it would be a missed opportunity to not have Taker be involved in the ppv in some sort of way. P.S. An what I love about this year's Survivor Series, rather than just taking place on the same month of his debut to mark his 30th anniversary, this years Survivor Series takes place on the 22nd (the 22nd is the exact date of Nov he debuted, it will be another 7 years when this happens, maybe less of more if you include leap years).

    Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking8 dni temu
  • I love 💞 the undertaker all time

    Abbas SoberAbbas Sober8 dni temu
  • Lesnar better be apart of this

    Legend Gotta Catch Em AllLegend Gotta Catch Em All8 dni temu
  • Man, Seeing The Undertaker & Kane talking bout old times and their Brothers of Destruction Storyline🔥...Memories of growing up watching them!! Greatest time ever!! Cant wait to see this!!

    Andrew MadderraAndrew Madderra8 dni temu
  • "I'll make you famous! "

    Danny WestbrookDanny Westbrook8 dni temu
  • Hated by many loved by few RESPECTED by ALL

    Danny WestbrookDanny Westbrook8 dni temu
  • Finally the cow boy rides away! 😭

    yk pmyk pm8 dni temu
  • John Cena must make an appearance, the 2002 handshake at least

    Dire WolfDire Wolf8 dni temu
  • Love Taker but can we take the moment out to say Batista looked like Hercules in the short throwback clip of him in this trailer? 💪🏿💪🏿

    Edmond Williams Jr.Edmond Williams Jr.8 dni temu
  • Undertaker and Kane chair to chair, face to face, that's what I've been waiting for.

    OvidiuZOvidiuZ8 dni temu
  • Imagine at the end he announced he is coming back for one more match

    Caleb WandallCaleb Wandall8 dni temu
    • @Stephen Hawking thank you for the smart words Mr hawking

      Caleb WandallCaleb Wandall7 dni temu
    • + Caleb Wandall, Here's the thing, he never used the R word, he just said he had no desire to get back into the ring, an if Vince was "in a pinch" then he'd "consider it". Plus, as great as the Boneyard match was, your last match should be in front of a crowd, you deserve that standing ovation when you walk up (or ride up) the ramp for the last time. Also, not that Taker owes us anything, he does kind of owe a few thousand people (more than a few) a live performance, as many people bought tickets to see Wrestlemania this year with the idea of seeing the Taker perform, an I assume many of those people chose to have tickets for the 2021 Mania (rather than a refund) with the idea of seeing him perform at the 2021 Mania. P.S. Due to the amount of time it takes to book a show like Mania, I don't think next years Mania will be in front of a crowd, so probably the next Mania in 2022 will be in front of a crowd, that's where I think Taker should have his last match, then the next year (2023) he should go into the Hall of Fame.

      Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking8 dni temu
  • 요 언더옹 ~

    이정리TV [SNIPER SOUND]이정리TV [SNIPER SOUND]8 dni temu
  • The Greatest of All Time

    João FelipeJoão Felipe8 dni temu
  • WWE should make a Documentary just on Big Shows Face/Heel turns

    Javid HussainJavid Hussain8 dni temu
    • @Stephen Hawking u smoked some good weed writing this hats off to ya

      Javid HussainJavid Hussain7 dni temu
    • +Javid Hussain , Another problem now though (especially if your considered a legend), whenever you take time off and come back (which is likely due to age) the fans will cheer for you regardless, which is why a John Cena heel turn at this moment in time wouldn't work (as much as I'd like it). An whenever Big Show comes back, I have to think to myself "was he a Heel when we last saw him". P.S. When he faced Floyd Mayweather, Big Show was meant to be the Heel, but the fans got behind Big Show due to Mayweather personality, I respect everything Mayweather has done in boxing, but his personality in WWE just came across egotistical, a similar thing happened with The Rock and Hogan at Mania, an then of course Batista in 2014 (but he got booed, as he was the guy essentially taking Daniel Bryan's spot, in another situation Batista would have been cheered, but Bryan was the underdog we all wanted to main event Mania, Batista was the wrong guy at the wrong time).

      Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking8 dni temu
  • Where's Teddy Long?

    Chris NjugiChris Njugi8 dni temu
  • Dead Men🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Dezra HarrellDezra Harrell8 dni temu
  • The Undertaker is the goat

    anthony comeauxanthony comeaux8 dni temu
  • LEGEND ✌😎 + GOD

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson8 dni temu
  • cant effin wait !!!!

    LegendKiller529LegendKiller5298 dni temu
  • The slap wasn’t supposed to happen.....

    assassinsknightassassinsknight8 dni temu
  • About time one of my favorite feuds of all time undertaker vs Randy ortan is gonna be documented

  • 😢😭😭😭😭😭

    Raehana HRaehana H8 dni temu
  • G.O.A.T.

    Daniel MeloDaniel Melo8 dni temu
    • If I could borrow your attention for a brief moment (just ONE moment) I do wrestling commentary and built up a strong catalog of opinions. The only difference between me and everyone else is I put a realistic spin on things and am not afraid to say what's REALLY going on. I would love to invite you over to see if maybe I can get you to follow me. Thanks 🙂 Going for 666 because it's 666

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark8 dni temu
  • The Undertaker has shown us what we believe. And we believe in it. THE UNDERTAKER FOREVER

    Tolubrand ChannelTolubrand Channel8 dni temu
    • Ok i will give u a chance

      Tolubrand ChannelTolubrand Channel7 dni temu
    • Really hope I'm not bothering you. Just a SMALL moment of your time please. I do wrestling content based on the reality of pro wrestling. No sugarcoating nonsense. It'd be a pleasure to get you to come over and maybe give me a chance? Going for 666 because it's 666

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark8 dni temu
  • "Don't worry kid, your receipt's coming." 😂

    KalvinEllisKalvinEllis8 dni temu
    • "It's gonna be bad news brotha." Ha can't wait for this

      English TeaEnglish Tea8 dni temu
  • The Undertaker has worked WWE for 30 years ago (1990-2020)

    Samee AmarSamee Amar8 dni temu
  • Don’t let this distract you from the fact that I post a video of me screaming like a maniac at games every other week.

    Hk21boss305Hk21boss3058 dni temu
  • This is great. Give us more undertaker documentary stuff please wwe! I could watch it all day.

    Onaga The Dragon KingOnaga The Dragon King8 dni temu
    • Hope I'm not intruding with the randomness. Just hear me out for one sec, I do wrestling commentary based on the positives and negatives if pro wrestling. The main difference between me and everyone else, is that I give it to you straight, no bias. If you guy(s) ever have the opportunity, just a tour of my stuff would be grateful. Thanks 🙂 Going for 666 because it's 666

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark8 dni temu

    Gamer ClashGamer Clash8 dni temu
  • This is usually a cliche...but... The Man The Myth The Legend I'm not even sure that does The Undertaker his justice. I've been watching since 1990 and I've seen all the progress and evolution he's been through. His longevity and staying power has been amazing. What a true legend of the sport 👍💪😎

    Sara JohnsonSara Johnson8 dni temu
  • I wish he will returns in the survivor series and finish his career with 30 years of the undertaker. The anniversary of the undertaker .

    Al akhir ananAl akhir anan8 dni temu
  • R K O

    Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson8 dni temu
  • Undertaker 👍💪 you are best/ loser roam reigns 👎👎 it's real the undertaker real wwe and wwf hero

    Nikhil JangraNikhil Jangra8 dni temu
  • Undertaker!

    Mike H.Mike H.8 dni temu
  • Rko

    Evan RutkowskiEvan Rutkowski8 dni temu
  • Taker vs Cena again at WM37? or Taker vs Roman Reigns again at WM37? or Taker vs Nobody at WM37?

    Kresien //MKresien //M8 dni temu
  • I see Vince still milking that Undertaker cashcow even after ge officially retired.. but then again after that Last Ride docu? I'm totally on board with this! Give me more Undertaker content!

    TheManFromTheDarksideTheManFromTheDarkside8 dni temu
    • Just merely asking, if not, completely understand. I've personally have amassed enough work full of opinions about the state of wrestling from a non bias standpoint. I'm not asking you to break your break, but a simple tour of my work, won't even ask you to follow me if you don't like it. Going for 666 because it's 666

      Millennial SmarkMillennial Smark8 dni temu
  • Thank You WWE, anything relating to the Undertaker is Great. i hope we get more and more Deadman tales

    Kresien //MKresien //M8 dni temu
  • 30 days or 30 years clear it pls

    Aneek KachhwahaAneek Kachhwaha8 dni temu
  • Que el enterrador vuelva

    Roodney TituanaRoodney Tituana8 dni temu
  • Undertaker looks more older in his early days

    Faisal •Faisal •8 dni temu
  • Best of wwe

    Balta GuzmanBalta Guzman8 dni temu
  • My sisters were both scared of the undertaker 😂😂

  • No one; Not even WWE: Bots:don't lie who has been watching WWE for over a year now

  • The Dead Man always rises...

    Fdo GroFdo Gro8 dni temu
  • Did WWE just say that their network is award winning? Dont they award themselves? Its truly remarkable.

    Kyle MayerKyle Mayer8 dni temu
  • BET

    Jamari JohnsonJamari Johnson8 dni temu
  • My dream match undertaker vs fiend

    Mission EverythingMission Everything8 dni temu
  • The Undertaker has seemingly brought his 30-year-long career with the WWE to an end as The Phenom hinted at retirement during the final episode of the much-talked-about series, The Last Ride. Thank you taker

  • Undertaker best in wwe

    pranav saipranav sai8 dni temu
  • Literally the only reason I still have the wwe network

    ET phone homeET phone home8 dni temu
  • Can't wait

    SmithsRusSmithsRus8 dni temu
  • So Y2j and undertaker have been wrestling for 30 years huh I thought taker had like ten more years compared to Y2j did

    Lemon KingLemon King8 dni temu
  • I just wanna sit in a room and watch Taker and Kane talk, just talk, about wrestling.

    The Charismatic Gamer 99The Charismatic Gamer 998 dni temu
  • 0:25 The Brothers of Discussion

    Jin KimJin Kim8 dni temu
  • That slap wasn't scripted? How come Randy is still part of wwe

    OscarGOscarG8 dni temu
    • Thats diff. Between new superstars and old Old were creative now this Creativity lacks in new era

  • Yes

    WWE View watchWWE View watch8 dni temu
  • I love wwe documentaries

    21 thavage21 thavage8 dni temu
  • All the love and Respect for the G.O.A.T

    Axel GonzálezAxel González8 dni temu