Opening 60 Packages of Retro Tech You Sent In!

5 cze 2020
593 053 wyświetleń

Haven't done one of these in, what, 8 months? Jeez. You all sent in lots of computer hardware, oddware, games, and electronical goodness once again. Excellent stuff here, thank you so much!
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  • 14:12 "shows "DO NOT SHOW" administrative key to all of youtube" what a legend XD

    Maxwell BolanzMaxwell BolanzDzień temu
  • That Model II keyboard will most likely need new foam for the key switches. It was one of those capacitive types. If it is the kind I am thinking of.

    Mr. EdMr. Ed6 dni temu
  • what the heck is BEOS 4 ?!?!?!?

    Ren ListraRen Listra6 dni temu
  • That WinAmp pin! Wanna get one. 😁 Edit: And yeah, those others too.. 😁

    RH SaputroRH Saputro7 dni temu
  • 26:39 Boppin is one of my favorite games from back in the day. great soundtrack.

    Johan FroloffJohan Froloff8 dni temu
  • BOPPIN ! ...supports two players on the same keyboard !!!! i loved that game

    fourfourfour eightyfourfourfourfour eightyfour8 dni temu
  • @LGR change your name to steve.......................................

    DavidDGTNTDavidDGTNT9 dni temu
  • So nice to see all this stuff , Thank you to everyone that made this Video Exist :) QC

    Quaalude CharlieQuaalude Charlie10 dni temu
  • omg i spent over $100 on the SB Live! (not including the 5.25 in expansion). back in the day. (should have just used integrated audio, waste of money...) i never had a sound card go bad before, except the $100+ SB Live! smh.

    Kenneth CampbellKenneth Campbell12 dni temu
  • Those Pins are awesome :) Made my day remembering Win95, I was 10 years old

    Dytlief MollerDytlief Moller12 dni temu
  • is that candle the encarta head?

    mike persechinomike persechino14 dni temu
  • I need that keyboard/piano thing!!! And I need it to work with windows 10 lol......... no for real!!!

    Jarrod ClarkJarrod Clark17 dni temu
  • It is Christmas 🎄🎄 everyday for this man...

    Dave turboDave turbo17 dni temu
  • love his Casey kasem voice. remind me of my child hood

    Dominic EneDominic Ene18 dni temu
  • I feel so old.

    Carl LabuschagneCarl Labuschagne19 dni temu
  • Ah the infamous Goodwill/Dell contract. Thing is, Dell did include the option for vintage machines to be excluded from the deal, yet most Goodwills don't quite understand that they can indeed sell Apple IIs, Commodores, and TRS-80s should one get donated.

    ScioneerScioneer20 dni temu
  • How do you seearch for someone's channel? Legit Question, I couldn't find Raster I.

    robsku1robsku120 dni temu
  • Idk why, but right at the beginning when you said "It's been a while since I've done of these" somehow my first thought (to the tune of Smashmouth's "One Week") was: "It's been 6 months since we got to see the opening of an IBM PC".

    Joshua SteeleJoshua Steele20 dni temu
  • You sound like peter griffin...Love the channel!

    manuel fiegmanuel fieg21 dzień temu
  • 18:01 that laugh tho

    SqudoodelsSqudoodels21 dzień temu
  • I love these videos, they’re so relaxing to watch. It’s so nice you always remember people who have wrote in before and I absolutely love that you’re never yelling at the audience. Thanks for the content and for being you (:

    Stephanie C.Stephanie C.24 dni temu
  • You're feeling old when you realize you recognize all this stuff from when it was on store shelves. :(

    dorpthdorpth24 dni temu
  • 44:01 Look at that Diablo II Cover moving! First paranormal capture from LGR? :-D

    Samuel FogelgrenSamuel Fogelgren25 dni temu
  • The RG300 looks great. We need a video on the LYTRO camera. Would love to learn more.

    Koala SpruceKoala Spruce25 dni temu
  • How can I get people to mail me cool retro stuff?!?!?!?!? Any chance you have an old IBM DOS 3.5" somewhere? Could use it for a Model 30 I'm working on.

    beyerchbeyerch26 dni temu
  • Would you Clint LGR master of pcs calculator etc my grandfather before he passed wanted me to give his calculator collection to someone I don’t know how old they are but if interested message back

    RockinRockin28 dni temu
  • 17:37 for personal keeping

    EmiBondoEmiBondoMiesiąc temu
  • hathha mahawwwwy

    SaifGraphicsSaifGraphicsMiesiąc temu
  • Two common display modes for pins: - On a hat - On a vest Two uncommon but cool ones: - on a baldrick in a manner similar to scout badges - on a banner hanging in the studio...

    William HostmanWilliam HostmanMiesiąc temu
  • You should find space for a cork-board to display those awesome pins!

    Pears R TastyPears R TastyMiesiąc temu
  • I have backplanes... You still need? Mine are Trenton, and I promise you won't run out of expansion slots. I also have Trenton SBCs in P75 and P200 though the processors did escape.

    CMDR Budman1aoCMDR Budman1aoMiesiąc temu
  • 39:10 that is some slick hardware. I love the look of that

    zezerikzezerikMiesiąc temu
  • I dont see it on the shelf, but somewhere is an awesome Sierra On-Line collection of King's Quests and Space Quests. I would love to see what Sierra boxes you have

    zezerikzezerikMiesiąc temu
  • Not knowing where to put the nice pins I got over time I found a nice place on my guitar straps. :D Seeing all those pins makes me want to put them all on my straps. ;)

    Simon DeobaldSimon DeobaldMiesiąc temu
    • Haha same, mine get moved around to jackets and the like too though. Yes I wear my collection of magic the gathering guild pins 🔥🔥

      Lucina DiLorenzoLucina DiLorenzo2 dni temu
  • Voice is like the doc. in Half-Life (Greetings mr.Freeman)

    Gokhan SozumcetinGokhan SozumcetinMiesiąc temu
  • Did running with scissors really send you a crack pipe? Wtf lol

    Enclave Officer Z841Enclave Officer Z841Miesiąc temu
    • not a crack pipe, a 1-hitter

      Old Will TmpOld Will TmpMiesiąc temu
  • cool stuff!

    allthingsbgiallthingsbgiMiesiąc temu
  • running with scissors stuff ENVIOUS

    Paul WebsterPaul WebsterMiesiąc temu
  • Pirated copies of "hacker's chronicles" and such, eh? How ironic, heheheh.

    dustboxednorthdustboxednorthMiesiąc temu
  • 23:19 that's so cool that you signed that and sent it back. love your work!!

    Hector SantanaHector SantanaMiesiąc temu
  • 6:10 excited to see a new expansion video 😄 10:58 I want to see a video on that👀👀 that's a satisfying looking card love all the pins 20:28 OOOh upcoming IBM video 👀 22:40 35:44 Yes new oddware 😄

    Duffimus PrimeDuffimus PrimeMiesiąc temu
  • Your house is a museum. Be proud of that. Just had to bell your Chanel as the algorithm doesn’t think I need LGR in my life

    leo weberleo weberMiesiąc temu
  • HEY RUNNING-WITH-SCISSORS - my favorite games-developer back in the days, NICE!

    Cosmo DookieCosmo DookieMiesiąc temu
  • Oh fuck ya diggles! Please do a lgr for diggles the game was fantastic.

    Red DrakeRed DrakeMiesiąc temu
  • Some really awesome gear. Love the 12MEG beast and the 3D Magic Picture makes Software. We used to have that on our screenprinting shop PC back in the day with our trusty P120

    Green Eyed Bali BuleGreen Eyed Bali BuleMiesiąc temu
  • I had to do a double-take on the opening to josh's note at 4:52

    Toxicvortex8Toxicvortex8Miesiąc temu
  • Hi Bro I Also Have The Cooler Master Aero Gate With it Original Box Im From Malaysia Its My Father Retro Stuff my father made it for collection He Use That for Windows XP And Windows 7 On 2009 He Stop using It on 2010 When He Got New PC

    Lucky FixLucky FixMiesiąc temu
  • just watched him open free gifts for an hour.

    knivesronknivesronMiesiąc temu
  • 48:46 I don't think that's legal... if they have something on a shelf marked for sale you have the right to buy it.

    PolocatfanPolocatfanMiesiąc temu
  • Definitely time to cover Winamp!

    Bobmat343Bobmat343Miesiąc temu
  • Neatooooo! Had the Image Writer II as a kid! Cool! Was hooked up to my IIc. Printed many a book report with it! :)

    Kristian WontrobaKristian WontrobaMiesiąc temu
  • @10:20 Oh wow... Mavis Beacon teaching software...memories man.. That's how I learn how to type while listening to my headphones and CD player... Back in the day...

    Eric BeltramiEric BeltramiMiesiąc temu
  • NES DOOM!!!

    John SaganJohn SaganMiesiąc temu

    John SaganJohn SaganMiesiąc temu
  • LGR, There was a pair of green tinted wired glasses that plugged into a joystick serial port. They were 3d glasses. They would turn any game into a 3d environment. They came out around the time of Rogue Squadron. Worked well on things like Descent. You ran an EXE to alter the display output prior to launching a game. I bought it at a NJ Meadowlands computer show when I was young. Do you remember this thing?

    Chris GarrettChris GarrettMiesiąc temu
  • "LGR viewer named Steve" Yep, that narrows it down I guess Edit: 28:51 on a related note, I have this old electric typewriter that I picked up a long while back. Are the ink ribbons still made for these typewriters, or am I limited to the old, antiquated ribbons that are likely getting scarcer by the minute?

    Aidan ChappelleAidan ChappelleMiesiąc temu
  • Lytro camera cool! {lease do a review on it quick...

    Bowtech2Bowtech2Miesiąc temu
  • Black mesa is the stuff

    Cory LCory LMiesiąc temu
  • Woah Pete Cannon watches LGR! That’s made my day.

    James EasthamJames EasthamMiesiąc temu
  • I could watch this for 5 hours straight.

    ErinErinMiesiąc temu
  • I need a cymouse video asap, never heard of it but it sounds amazing(ly bad)

    darrennornirondarrennornironMiesiąc temu
  • My favorite is the figure from adam, soooo cool

    Dave LDave L2 miesięcy temu
  • You really need to do an episode exclusively on phil katz and pkware. So few people know the story, he was a very classy gentleman, all sarcasm aside nothing bad to say about the guy, shame that he died.

    Allayna WilsonAllayna Wilson2 miesięcy temu
  • Isn't the TRS-80 the same machine Matthew Broderick had in Wargames?

    Micah YahrMicah Yahr2 miesięcy temu
  • Does anyone else find that LGR’s smooth voice lulls them to sleep?

    McTroll2 GroundControlMcTroll2 GroundControl2 miesięcy temu
    • @Oliver Lane or maybe character voices in video games haha

      jase dobsonjase dobson16 dni temu
    • Should narrate audio books

      Oliver LaneOliver LaneMiesiąc temu
  • The future of humanity might one day rely on one of those old computers functioning. 😉 That TRS-80 looks museum ready. Hopefully you've made arrangements so that if something unfortunate happens to you (kind of dark I know) all the vintage computer material is gifted to The Computer History Museum, Smithsonian, or some other org that will appreciate them for what they are and preserve them for posterity.

    SoCalFreelanceSoCalFreelance2 miesięcy temu
  • I had a thinkpad 600 that I upgraded to XP back in the day... surprisingly capable little machines given their age and hardware.

    LoliwutLoliwut2 miesięcy temu
  • C L I (U) N T

    el taco grandeel taco grande2 miesięcy temu
  • winamp - it really whips the llamas ass

    OfficialViceLittiOfficialViceLitti2 miesięcy temu
  • I had an IBM Think Center as my desktop for a time. It ran Diablo II, so it passed the bar.

    Justin A Clapp - LloydJustin A Clapp - Lloyd2 miesięcy temu
  • The Palm Pilot... Damn, that was the dream gadget of my childhood (yes, I was _that_ kid at school)

    NadiaNadia2 miesięcy temu
  • A lot of nostalgic items, but the best to me is the Lytro camera! What a beauty!

    Sjaak SchulteisSjaak Schulteis2 miesięcy temu
  • Hey clint, i was wondering how do you hook up an Xbox 360 to a tree?

    William DavisWilliam Davis2 miesięcy temu
  • So you aren't at home ? Where is this filmed in a storage unit ?

    Jrc ChamberlainJrc Chamberlain2 miesięcy temu
  • 20:55 i have that exact same thinkpad that still works

    TamayTamay2 miesięcy temu
  • *Apeture science has left chat*

  • Yes I finally got my old windows xp ibm ThinkPad I'm so happy

    W Hero teamW Hero team2 miesięcy temu
  • I hate pins.

    Jakob HossJakob Hoss2 miesięcy temu
  • 0:50 Floptical 1:15 Monorail Mouse 2:27 RAM 2:44 Media Rerun 3:31 Vapor95 Candle head and Shirt 4:27 Skunny cart 5:04 WinAmp Sticker 5:31 PCBs and PAL and NTSC C64 6:11 Arrogate II 6:50 Studio Cult 8:05 Floppy drive 8:48 Zippo 9:38 Card 10:22 Mavis Benson Teaches Typing 10:43 DX4 11:43 NES cartridge 12:21 Studio Cult 13:09 Tegels Mercenaries 13:46 Amiga 1200 record 14:28 USB 15:29 Cassette 15:34 Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 15:54 PC-DOS 2000 16:48 Action Replay 17:50 Black Mesa 19:11 Laptop 22:00 BeOs 22:40 MasterPilot 23:37 Sims Deluxe 23:40 Palm Pilot 24:10 PC 24:43 Sony Software 25:20 PC Doodle voodoo2 26:09 Mouse and Running with Scissors 26:36 Apogee 27:50 Roland SCB-55 29:15 Texas Instruments Laptop 29:40 IndieBox Lovers 30:12 Mars 31:19 Wheel of Fortune 32:15 Game Boy Rip-off 34:01 SoundCanvas 34:48 Samsung tablet 35:40 Mainframe Games 35:45 Cymouse 36:40 Cybones CAD 37:30 Adobe CS1 2 3 4 and 5 Office 2004 and 2008 and Lytro Illum 40:48 Mac Walkthrough and Intel 286 41:36 AIWA QIC 3020 TRAVAN TR-3 42:16 Lots of Hard drives and Cards 43:10 Catch A Call Max and the DOS Games 44:24 Lots of PC Games and Piano 46:28 ImageWriter 2 47:57 TRS-80 Stuff

    Janice AlejoJanice Alejo2 miesięcy temu
  • you can also try haiku which is the modern interpretation of beos.

    Alexander KruszewskiAlexander Kruszewski2 miesięcy temu
  • Body odor shit 4

    Jerry CrowJerry Crow2 miesięcy temu
  • Would love to have those Pete Cannon AMIGA records!!

  • When i watch your videos it makes me want to dig through my old comouter crap. I just git my old hp ze4700 out and im messing with it.

    Markus OraliasMarkus Oralias2 miesięcy temu
  • That's a sexy chair in the background!

    Mitchell HollisMitchell Hollis2 miesięcy temu
  • Cool stuff all around! Really looking forward to seeing that TRaSh-80 fixed up and running!

    InarethInareth2 miesięcy temu
  • You need to get Chyrosran22 to do a review on the pino/keyboard combo. Especially with those nice alps switches

    Hans Henry von TresckowHans Henry von Tresckow2 miesięcy temu
  • god dam winamp. I never did understand the reason for that software.

    parteibonzaparteibonza2 miesięcy temu
  • “We have this box here from the Black Mesa Research Facility” I died

    Idk What to put hereIdk What to put here2 miesięcy temu
  • Pete cannon is a legendary UK producer from hip hop to Jungle to all sorts. Literally blew my mind he sent LGR some vinyl. Awesome

    Teddy MTeddy M2 miesięcy temu
  • No fear of coronavirus there, huh Clint?

    Ted ErikssonTed Eriksson2 miesięcy temu
  • Man, I wish I could get a bunch of old computers in the mail, especially mid-late '90s laptops and desktops.

    skeptic 96skeptic 962 miesięcy temu
  • Can I sent u stuff ?

    Exiso100 //Ex ComporationExiso100 //Ex Comporation2 miesięcy temu
  • Catch me on messenger with your address I have something for you my first name is Amy Jo

    MsJinkersonMsJinkerson2 miesięcy temu
  • I'm watching this while wearing vapor95 joggers 😳 😂 but for real, vaporwave is what really made me appreciate retro tech

    Outcast Of DarknessOutcast Of Darkness2 miesięcy temu
  • love how appreciative you are of everything, even the small stuff.

    Kai CassidyKai Cassidy2 miesięcy temu
  • Wacky Wheels! I went nuts when you got down to that in the pile. I’ve never heard of an Upgrade Edition! When I was a kid, I only had the shareware version, but I played it so much. Somehow I figured out how to unlock the full version. It had something to do with selecting one of the unavailable characters and doing something with the demo race to start playing. You’d come out of the demo and the full version was available. Before that, I would try to put coins in the tower’s lock like it was a coin slot trying to pay for it. It’s wild how I can go from being that dumb of a kid to breaking the game open.

    DecafToasterDecafToaster2 miesięcy temu
  • 15:00 that is a Macintosh quadra 700 startup sound

    Evan MartinEvan Martin2 miesięcy temu
  • Out of everything you recieved, why do I want that puzzle the most?

    Brendin LloydBrendin Lloyd2 miesięcy temu
  • Nice Palm! I've still got my Handspring Visor Deluxe :)

    Matt CooperMatt Cooper2 miesięcy temu
  • Awesome video! You got tons of amazing stuff here. I'm sorta jealous people just send you cool things like this lol

    Nasty BedazzlerNasty Bedazzler2 miesięcy temu