FULL MATCH - Undertaker vs. Triple H - Hell in a Cell Match: WrestleMania XXVIII

19 paź 2020
4 630 673 wyświetleń

It’s “The End of an Era” as The Phenom battles The Game inside Hell in a Cell, with Shawn Michaels serving as special guest referee: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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  • I'm not dead either

    Sabrina HulseySabrina Hulsey52 minut temu
  • Hay thế

    Hoàng HuyHoàng Huy52 minut temu
  • Did u help them hold me down at the hospital

    Sabrina HulseySabrina Hulsey53 minut temu
  • Is that where Shawn Michael last show up on the ring?

    Cam colty32 gamingCam colty32 gaming3 godzin temu
  • I keep having someone ask me the money in my bra 🤔🩹

    Sabrina HulseySabrina Hulsey5 godzin temu
  • Honestly the Metallica playing while the cage lowered just immediately threw the atmosphere the two had established in their entrances and staredown.

    CadMaheinekenCadMaheineken7 godzin temu
  • Let us help you to the back triple h. Hbk and I know you're tired after our fake match

    Crosby87 Mario66Crosby87 Mario668 godzin temu
  • Interesting reading a few opnions on this personally i would like to have seen triple H win this, taker teases retirement but still comes back for rumbles and some tag matches etc, i enjoyed him and kanes fued with the wyatts for example but as for mania matches it got stale after this.

    mike prescottmike prescott11 godzin temu
  • Whoever composed this undertakers theme song is man of the year

    Mark FactorMark Factor14 godzin temu
  • I don't particularly care for wrestling but hotdamn those entrances are amongst the most spectacular things I've ever seen. Can't imagine how they'd be live.

    TokyoKazamaTokyoKazama14 godzin temu
  • 😮

    Gustavo MoraguezGustavo Moraguez15 godzin temu
  • I stopped watching this since I was 13 , that after I discovered it was not even real and just a long show or film . I back to see it again and its boring

    eBRA StudioseBRA Studios18 godzin temu
  • I love all 3 of them.

    ฟลุ๊ค ชมเชยฟลุ๊ค ชมเชย18 godzin temu
  • 팬들을 위하여

    MJMJ19 godzin temu
  • Terbaik💄

    Hati SetiawatiHati Setiawati22 godzin temu
  • I wish undertaker never retired

    Bart SimpsonBart SimpsonDzień temu
  • I loved so much this match

    Oliver MendozaOliver MendozaDzień temu
  • *Undertaker shows his haircut* Crowd: 😰

    Johnny BJohnny BDzień temu
  • last wwe legend

    J. MAXJ. MAXDzień temu
  • Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

    Dan SaDan SaDzień temu
  • I just love when they use those steel steps made out of aluminum.

    MrBrad612MrBrad612Dzień temu
  • damn this is beautiful i swear

    Alexis MejiaAlexis MejiaDzień temu
  • Announcer: there have been 24 hell in a cell matches, and they've been in 19 of them Me: *so theyve carried the wwe*

    Lonnie GarciaLonnie GarciaDzień temu
  • Shredder Taker

    Eric RobinsonEric RobinsonDzień temu
  • 32:5

    MR:teoriasMR:teoriasDzień temu
  • 31:30 Charles robinson with the best chokeslame of the year

    Josiah RomanJosiah RomanDzień temu
  • Very nice….

    Da MaiDa MaiDzień temu

    Kuda95 MKuda95 MDzień temu
  • Thanks for the memories of my childhood 🔥

    Raflie IvanRaflie Ivan2 dni temu
  • This match is like the 2020 election. Triple H is Joe Biden Undertaker is Donald Trump Shawn Michaels is the media Super kick media declaring Biden winner Trump counts at 2. Tombstone is Supreme Court making Trump the winner. The streak is like Trumps streak. Can it be stopped. We’ll see.

    Larry LobsterLarry Lobster2 dni temu

    DannySatanic 666DannySatanic 6662 dni temu
  • 47:20 Respect

    miguel14miguel142 dni temu
  • This is how it should have ended

    Azazel_JvAzazel_Jv2 dni temu
  • Would have been iconic if Taker faced Sting/Goldberg before WM 30

    사스사스2 dni temu
  • Taker didn't have to do Shawn and Charles Robinson like that 😂

    Nasir The Senate JohnsonNasir The Senate Johnson2 dni temu
  • One one match that all of us can’t stop watching

    Giovani David PerezGiovani David Perez2 dni temu
  • Look at the still for this video and point out who doesn’t belong. Hint: three consonants

    Anthony PalumboAnthony Palumbo2 dni temu
  • Friendly match

    Clawbear VicenteClawbear Vicente2 dni temu
  • Amazing, I am in tears right now.

    Rob ValencianoRob Valenciano2 dni temu
  • ❤️GLORIA A DIOS ❤️🙏

    saul lozada verasaul lozada vera2 dni temu
  • If you disliked then you shouldn’t be allowed to watch wwe

    Joseph StlouisJoseph Stlouis2 dni temu
  • WoW

    Mohamed AshrafMohamed Ashraf2 dni temu
  • Beast🐐😈⚱

    Witch of feminine PowerWitch of feminine Power2 dni temu
  • This is how long I haven't watched this ... Undertaker got no mask?

    JoeJoe2 dni temu
  • Why do they block the head shots??

    Mister GabeMister Gabe2 dni temu
  • WWE always reupload, Fun fact : i never borred watch this match

    Steven GameSteven Game2 dni temu
  • ✋🏻-☝🏻-✌🏻---✌🏻

    Verny MoraVerny Mora2 dni temu
  • This is a one helluva emotional matches of all time.

    Ramli HashimRamli Hashim2 dni temu
  • This is my favorite wrestling match of all time.

    HuntWolf422HuntWolf4222 dni temu
  • Undertaker was the only reason I had left to watch wrestlemania

    Keith CoxKeith Cox2 dni temu
  • 17:15 omg

    IncredibleT0mIncredibleT0m2 dni temu
  • On 35.00 did anyone see undertaker spit fall on to undertaker

    James GonzalezJames Gonzalez3 dni temu
    • Triple h

      James GonzalezJames Gonzalez3 dni temu
  • good

    JAV X.X.X LOVEJAV X.X.X LOVE3 dni temu
  • Jim Ross: "It is surely the end of an era." *Undertaker and Triple H have a match six years later* Jim Ross: :/

    Meme Dealer420Meme Dealer4203 dni temu
    • :\

      someonelsesomeonelse15 godzin temu
    • I think, that was the end of an era match

      Kurt MatulacKurt MatulacDzień temu
  • great great Match!

    Thep chawlaThep chawla3 dni temu
  • Incomparables e invencibles..................saludos desde Perúuuuu

    Edgar Danny Ramos ValleEdgar Danny Ramos Valle3 dni temu
  • Should’ve been Takers last match

    Peak BongoPeak Bongo3 dni temu
  • Just imagine if Kane came out

    Rxccon ExeRxccon Exe3 dni temu
  • shawn michaels is, an emotional lesbian

    DrasticalDrastical3 dni temu
  • Lol I love the conveniently timed “glitches” in the video XD

    Logan JipsonLogan Jipson3 dni temu
  • Anyone see the blade at 21:45

    Aj DenisAj Denis3 dni temu
  • I like how most of the time it seems like refs are made of glass bones and paper skin in WWE. They'll get hit once and its like they just got shot in the head.

    Ben HutchinsonBen Hutchinson3 dni temu
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    mpirilwe Madenempirilwe Madene3 dni temu
  • *This is my favourite match along with Rock vs Cena 1 from the same night*

    RatedRRajRatedRRaj3 dni temu
  • 44:07 taker competed for almost 10 more years , thank you taker.

    ManifestaciónManifestación3 dni temu
  • wwe why do yous have to ruin one of the most raw and emotional wwe matches ever by taking out the weapon hits?

    The Classic Rock and rollThe Classic Rock and roll3 dni temu
    • So true man

      BazookaBazooka3 dni temu
  • A legendary match that will go down in history of the world of wwe RESPECT

    Jamar BarnesJamar Barnes3 dni temu
  • When did triple h tear his bicep?

    IbIb3 dni temu
  • Remember when HHH called the cage match between Hogan and Piper “Age in the Cage?” Well, this was still a better match.

    Benjatron26354Benjatron263543 dni temu
  • "End of an era" ....... until Saudi came calling with that fresh oil paper 😅

    John NicholsonJohn Nicholson3 dni temu
  • What a match, wow.

    62202ify62202ify3 dni temu
  • The thing that I love the most besides seeing 2 legends go at it, but that the HBK has the most respect for both of these legends.... I love all three of them and even through they aren’t wrestling still, I will always and forever love them all..

    Madison KrailMadison Krail3 dni temu
  • 32:00 *YIKES*

    Lex RobloxLex Roblox3 dni temu
  • the Referee disease affected Shaw Michaels too lol

    Papa FakkyPapa Fakky3 dni temu
  • His opponent: From Death Valley, weighting 299 poouunds... Theeeee UUUUNNDEEEERTAKEEEER!

    La Crema de La LuchaLa Crema de La Lucha3 dni temu
  • This is a big match

    Emmy PeterEmmy Peter3 dni temu
  • Classic

    Vance WadeVance Wade3 dni temu
  • This was the last wrestlemania I really was into.. legendary card and great match to end. Miss watching this with my brotha mannn

    KingsFan2017KingsFan20173 dni temu
  • 32:15 the perfect moment to broke the streak...

    Andres Navarro FerrándezAndres Navarro Ferrández3 dni temu
    • That’s how I thought it should’ve ended, way better then brock

      TroyTroy2 dni temu
  • I still wish he could take back the hoodie fail moment

    Wolvermord JohanWolvermord Johan3 dni temu
  • turkler buraya bi toplanabilirmiyiz

    enes romenenes romen4 dni temu
  • Friday The 13TH,Silent Bayonetta Hill 3,

  • Why are all the headshots and sledgehammer shots cut out?

    Simple GalaxySimple Galaxy4 dni temu
  • Rewatching this today I can only watch all of the camera men also inside of the cell with them in every corner. It is something I've always known but never paid attention to as much as rewatching this match

    D HollowayD Holloway4 dni temu
    • Yeah, when you have seen the legendary match all the wrestling gets jumbled together and random stuff stands out.

      Meme Dealer420Meme Dealer4203 dni temu
  • Best Hell In A Cell match EVER

    KáylissKáyliss4 dni temu
  • Is the one with green eyes around

    Sabrina HulseySabrina Hulsey4 dni temu
  • 34:21 grooooDiE

    pcuserxpcuserx4 dni temu
  • 27:45 -- Now THIS has gone WAY too far that the Streak would've ended like this. What a save by Shawn the Ref.

    James PolkJames Polk4 dni temu
  • When wrestling was 🔥🔥🔥

    Orlando BlakeneyOrlando Blakeney4 dni temu
  • Man the ending is just so perfect. They shoulda let undertaker and trips retire right there. If you were born in the mid 90s you wouldn’t understand that. Those men went through wars with one another. First Shawn and Taker, then Shawn and HHH, then Taker and HHH. Through 97-04 they all beat the hell out each other.

    L_LKoolKidL_LKoolKid4 dni temu
  • The ring announcer introduced The Undertakers name perfectly sounded wicked👍

    Nathan JarrettNathan Jarrett4 dni temu
  • Love u thalaiva Miss you நீ போனதுக்கு அப்புறம் இதை பார்க்கவ பிடிக்கலா தலைவ

    வாங்க பழகலாம் ஒற்றுமையாவாங்க பழகலாம் ஒற்றுமையா4 dni temu
  • தலைவனுக்கு ஏழு உயிர் 90 Kids Never come back anyone thalaiva 😍For ur place

    வாங்க பழகலாம் ஒற்றுமையாவாங்க பழகலாம் ஒற்றுமையா4 dni temu
  • WWE best battles be like this and undertakers vs shawn

    GamerTagGamerTag4 dni temu
  • These men don’t age I swear

    Chris DomingoChris Domingo4 dni temu
  • Legendary!

    vegetavegeta4 dni temu
  • 25:07....the greatest camera angle of any match

    John DuffJohn Duff4 dni temu
  • Why does it always lag in the scenes where the hammer is used

    jo ddjo dd4 dni temu
    • PLworld Rules.

      Fujoshi LifeFujoshi Life3 dni temu
    • Its probably a way to censor the hit

      BaP3rRBaP3rR4 dni temu
  • Musím se přiznat musím se přiznat že neumím anglicky ale v tady to je úplně nejlepší video asi myslíš sice Ondráček tak jsem nejlepší ve bez Twingo

    emoj Bilyemoj Bily4 dni temu

    Şentürk LeventŞentürk Levent4 dni temu