LGR - Commodore PET Computer System Review

13 mar 2015
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An overview of the history, hardware, and software of the CBM 8032 from the perspective of a vintage computer collector. How do the pros and cons stack up, what games can you play on it, and is it worth the cost?
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  • I'm in the UK, and was given a later roundy style pet in the nineties. It came with a massive commodore daisy wheel printer which weighted more than the moon. Went in the bin I think 😢

    S JPS JP12 godzin temu
  • Wow that keyboard sound

    VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)21 dzień temu
  • Purely by chance I paused this at 2:05 (wife was calling me about some non-8bit computing related nonsense) It didn't half remind me of Deep Thought when I looked back at the screen! :)

    Simon CollettSimon Collett22 dni temu
  • my first crush was a PET 3032

    Nemo88881Nemo8888129 dni temu
  • wow fuck Texas Instruments

    RainRainMiesiąc temu
  • $900 + $350 shipping to the UK, for the model reviewed in the video. You paid $79... I could have bought 11 of them with that $900 and made $9000 profit. What’s the interest rate at the bank again.... 😂

    William ToppingWilliam ToppingMiesiąc temu
  • There was a thump when the CBM was turned on. Was the power switch louder then the speaker?

    jimvideotvjimvideotvMiesiąc temu
  • First computer I ever used was a Commodore PET. I was about 8 and the library had a number of them in a side room. We were taught the basics of basic. I never cared for it. It had no soul. Although it did have a very sharp monitor. Soon after that I touched an Apple II+ for the first time and it was love at first sight.

    Douglas JohnsonDouglas JohnsonMiesiąc temu
  • The fallout terminal

    Stein SchneiderStein SchneiderMiesiąc temu
  • Is Fallout in the tags for this video? It should be, I'm surprised more people didn't come here to see the actual terminal they based the fallout ones on

    CountDabulaCountDabula2 miesięcy temu
  • 1:58 "...with the production version finalized as the PET 2001." I kinda miss the good ole days when computer manufactures were making Space Odyssey jokes.

    Captain ObviousCaptain Obvious2 miesięcy temu
  • Looks like you got a young PET there, Clint! Barely see any fur on it! Hard to pet the PET, I suppose 😛

    j2simpsoj2simpso2 miesięcy temu
  • CBM - Continental Ballistic Missile. Well done Commodore!

    OverRideOverRide2 miesięcy temu
  • Wayne S. Green II, W2NSD (“Never Say Die”), of Hancock, New Hampshire, a Ham Radio Friend of mine, Really Pushed Computers and look at how many Magazines He Created, these onlt Computers, there were many others. Wayne Green was founder of 73 magazine; Byte magazine; Kilobyte, which became Kilobaud, then Kilobaud Microcomputing; 80 Micro magazine for the TRS-80; Hot Coco for the TRS-80 Color Computer; Run for the Commodore 64, inCider magazine for the Apple II; and several other computer magazines. Indeed, Green often was ahead of the curve in promoting such technologies as single-sideband phone, solid-state, FM, and the marriage of computers and ham radio, and he went on to found and publish Byte and other computer-oriented publications. “I live mostly in the future,” Green was quoted as saying. Former ARRL Contributing Editor Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, once wrote in his “Surfin’” web column, “We take computers and the Internet for granted today. I first became interested in computers when Wayne Green, W2NSD, started writing about them in 73 magazine in the 1970s. Back then, you had to build your own from scratch or from kits.”

    Yohann LastYohann Last2 miesięcy temu
  • I had to come watch this again. I used to work at T-I.

    Yohann LastYohann Last2 miesięcy temu
  • Clint we here in the U.K. had them and they were called the PET,there’s even one in the Science Museum in London and that’s called the Commodore PET. I remember a lad in my village growing up even had one. So i don’t know where this Europe had CBM thing came from. I clicked the video because of its name,I’ve never known it as anything else

    Rondo MacheteRondo Machete3 miesięcy temu
  • I started with the c64 with Commodore computers, but it's good to see these older computers

    dansk macabredansk macabre3 miesięcy temu
  • lololol i had no idea it had the thing to prop up "the hood" like a freakin' car!

    jin choungjin choung3 miesięcy temu
  • I remember that programming book as I had it when I was a teenager. My first computer was a Dick Smith Wizzard, which was a rebadged CreatiVision computer from VTech and I spent ages trying to modify the programs to work on it as the basic was mostly incompatible. I managed to get some simple programs working with limited success but alas, most wouldn't work.

    Bryndal DwyreBryndal Dwyre3 miesięcy temu
  • Damn! It would be nice to have a friend cool as you! Awesome PET btw

    Zone BZone B3 miesięcy temu
  • I had one in 1983 and taught myself Basic on it, eventually wrote a full version of space invaders on it, still have the dot matrix print out of the program somewhere, text very faded now though..

    ringaddictringaddict3 miesięcy temu
  • I always thought it be cool make modern day computer that looks like some of the old popular computer from 70s 80s.

    It's Snot funnyIt's Snot funny4 miesięcy temu
  • Reminds me of some of the terminals in Fallout 3

    StopDropandLOLStopDropandLOL4 miesięcy temu
  • Was Millipede ported by Sierra?

    UubrMan XUubrMan X4 miesięcy temu
  • I was born over a decade before this brand of computer came out, but this is the first time I have seen one working. (Somewhat later, I had an Apple ][+, and in between and concurrently with that, I had mainframe computer access -- you sure could find some weird things in big computer rooms back then as well . . . .)

    Lucius ChiaraviglioLucius Chiaraviglio4 miesięcy temu
  • Will anyone talk about how the building at the left in the game Ouranos says "PLworld" on it?

    Ahmad NasserAhmad Nasser4 miesięcy temu
  • I have a commodore PET 4032 in my computer collection. it was the first computer that I had in my collection as a guy sold one to me for 10 gbp at a carboot sale.

    Michał PatkowskiMichał Patkowski5 miesięcy temu
  • It still looks great. Some of the games looked quite good for the time.

    Michael ElsyMichael Elsy5 miesięcy temu
  • What a great keyboard! 6:30

    Nicolas MaillouxNicolas Mailloux6 miesięcy temu
  • Actually had this machine AND my father in law had the calculator ☺☺Novel for its time and friends and family had PCs such as the Amstrad 1640 which a friend of mine used in his business with AHHHHH ☺'Supercalc' ☺☺Heck that was an amazing program for his accounts / printouts that reflected his sales with pie charts et I bought that system and used it until my wife started using Excel et Oh and that was used with a dot matrix printer which was superb for continuous printout not like todays single sheet printers et

    Arthur DaniellesArthur Danielles6 miesięcy temu
  • Jack: "let's call it the 2001" Peddle: "but it's 1978" Jack: "people won't notice" Jack: 0_0

    All GamingAll Gaming6 miesięcy temu
  • Do you think Clint has ever pleasured himself to an old computer? Nothing sexual on it, at most a DOS prompt? Complimented with sniffing some new-old stock components while banging furiously on a super clicky keyboard?

    Matt DoolittleMatt Doolittle6 miesięcy temu
  • Seriously, that power supply though 😱

    Josh NeilsonJosh Neilson6 miesięcy temu
  • hi clint, why is there a vga on the proccesor?

    OrkanOrkan6 miesięcy temu
  • I managed to fairly recently find one of these for $100 on fb marketplace with the floppy drives too

    mychemicalbromancemychemicalbromance7 miesięcy temu
  • @4:18: You got that right! Even Capt. Kirk, a collector of antiques, will have one in his personal antique collection in his home in about 265 years from now: www.dropbox.com/s/xmo5s9s6cw6hgm5/Antique%20Commodore%20PET%20Microcomputer%20at%20Adm.%20Kirk%27s%20Home%2C%20c.%202285.jpg?dl=0 Space Age, man, it's got that Space Age excellence, see hehehehehehehe

    Code Optimization WareCode Optimization Ware7 miesięcy temu
  • We had these pet computers in grade school back in 1978/80 /pretty useless hahaha .

    G slamG slam7 miesięcy temu
  • The Commodore PET Computer shape like Darth Vader.

    Noel John G. #NOELQUEZONNoel John G. #NOELQUEZON7 miesięcy temu
  • 😲

    iKatOverLordiKatOverLord8 miesięcy temu
  • But can it run doom

    Kolfage TruthKolfage Truth8 miesięcy temu
  • I had a crappy Compaq Presario made for windows 95

    Jeremy YoungJeremy Young8 miesięcy temu
  • whoah wtf why does clint look kinda quirky doe in this old video

    emeneferemenefer9 miesięcy temu
  • the PET looks and feels like a computer straight out of the modern Fallout games

    undermoonlightundermoonlight9 miesięcy temu
  • POKE 59458 , 62

    LULU1422LULU14229 miesięcy temu
  • your voice sucks

    RolandRoland9 miesięcy temu
  • I had a small screen 4032 for a long time. It looked very cool, but it wasn't much fun to use. The keyboards on these, even the full sized ones are pretty cheap/awful feeling, and the difficulty of finding PET software meant it just sat in the closet while I would use my TRS-80 and Kaypro all the time. Prices for them now are completely insane.

    furripupaufurripupau10 miesięcy temu
  • In the late 1980s, a local hospital's Facilities Maintenance department was still using a Commodore PET to print out their job tickets.

    corydorascorydoras10 miesięcy temu
  • Soooo its the Fallout 4 computer?

    Ethan SeanEthan Sean10 miesięcy temu
  • Find someone who looks at you like LGR looks at his Commodore.

    Wiley MWiley M10 miesięcy temu
  • Despite the inferences in the video, Peddle's KIM-1 predates the Apple I. In fact, Peddle personally helped Woz debug it. Commodore's PET was announced in January 1977, with the Apple II following later that year in April.

    bozimmermanbozimmerman10 miesięcy temu
  • I watched this video, in part, to confirm that the Apple II pre-dated the PET. The reason I was not sure is because the PET looks like it was older. ;) Why would they use that keyboard?

    Gillian OrleyGillian Orley10 miesięcy temu
    • @bozimmerman Thanks.

      Gillian OrleyGillian Orley10 miesięcy temu
    • Peddle's KIM-1 predates the Apple I (and Peddle personally helped Woz debug it). Commodore's PET was announced in January 1977, with Apple following later that year in April. PLworld videos are not the best source of historical knowledge, I'm afraid.

      bozimmermanbozimmerman10 miesięcy temu
  • First computer I ever had my hands on in the junior high computer lab. Didn't get to use it much. In high school was had "advanced" to Commodore 64s. Learned BASIC and a lof of programs on that. Time flies.

    AtomSmashAtomSmash10 miesięcy temu
  • The origin of the LGR is a story of two words: Epic Goatee

    All GamingAll Gaming11 miesięcy temu
  • Can you run VATS with it?

    Adam Saint GermainAdam Saint Germain11 miesięcy temu
  • Just remember to not poke 59458,62 ;)

    MDMD11 miesięcy temu
  • @1:49 So the PET's development was just like the Atari ST's?

    James WisemanJames Wiseman11 miesięcy temu
  • oh my lord you look so young in this video

    NovaDeltaNovaDelta11 miesięcy temu
  • Few months ago I was walking to work and there was an electronics recycling drive going on, spotted one of these from a mile out and walked right up to the people loading it in. It was a 2001 without the tape deck and it had the nice black keyboard. They let me have it free of charge, plugged it in on my break and it worked. Still have it, still works.

    Kaito AmatouKaito AmatouRok temu
  • That model 9000 doesn't look like anything from Buck Rogers. For a start, it doesn't look like a Jaguar. Secondly, it doesn't have leather seats. And finally, it doesn't have a CD player. But I don't wanna talk about it any more...

    eddiehimselfeddiehimselfRok temu
  • In 1981 or 1982 my Dad got this computer to take home from the university where he worked. It ran Wordpro 4 plus, the first word processor I ever used, and it wasn’t bad for the time. I bought a book that had a bunch of games that ran on it, but I had to enter them by hand. Some actually worked (they had been written for the earlier version of PET so there were display issues with some games). We ran a disk drive on it and I have a memory of it being part of the machine, not external, but that could be wrong.

    Matthew SnyderMatthew SnyderRok temu
  • As always, awesome video! Some dream about owning a Ferrari and some of owning a PET, Im the later but a bit to expensive for me right now so I stick with my Commodore 64 from 1983 that I had since I was a brat and it still works, my lill "breadbin". Emulators is a nice way to get things done easy and quick but I have a hard time using them. If I go retro I want it all even the frustration with finding what I want, the loading time, the adjustment of the tone head to not get that "Load Error", its part of the history and that is what I want to be apart of even today. ♥

    Richard NilssonRichard NilssonRok temu
  • I know this video is old but just wanted to say i used the PET (named that) in England at school in the late 70s.

    Hoverpants zHoverpants zRok temu
  • That "The movie, not the year" line nearly made me laugh myself out of my parents basement.

    Jamie GuthrieJamie GuthrieRok temu
  • It's nostalgic for me, but I'm 53. Can't see its appeal for anyone younger. Basically useless now, unless one wants to write and compile basic programs.

    Chris DragottaChris DragottaRok temu
  • Why does the Pet have basic 4.0 and The c64 only has basic 2.0

    the King of experiments and gamesthe King of experiments and gamesRok temu
  • That power supply looks like something out of a horror movie

    Andrew PAndrew PRok temu
  • why the hell is the audio on your videos so damn loud! you woke me up!

    Darrin NelsonDarrin NelsonRok temu
  • Why does The pet have commodore basic 4.0 and The c64 has commodore 2.0

    the King of experiments and gamesthe King of experiments and gamesRok temu
  • No Nightmare Park? :(

    Gam BlorGam BlorRok temu
  • That is an actual piece of art. You should review TRS-80 Model III too!

    AzraelAzraelRok temu
  • haha. wonder if it was marketed in quebec. i see that. Le superPET. Litterally meaning The superFART.

    Marc-Antoine BourgeoisMarc-Antoine BourgeoisRok temu
  • I love how this machine looks, I'd love to put a gaming computer on a case inspired by it. It would look great!

    CoTeCiOtmCoTeCiOtmRok temu
  • I must say, I never owned a PET and I didn't knew about this computer up til my 30s. But when I see this PET, I immediately recognize why in Windows and DOS and many other systems the computer was always shown as a Monitor directly connected to the computer unit, although no DOS machine (even the Desktop ones) never were monitor and computer in one case. And I also recognized then, why the Computer in the comics for the 64'er computer magazine for the C64 was not looking at all like a C64... they used the PET as the computer, this crazy parrot who wants to rule the world with his computer :D A pet using a PET...

    Acme. Nipp-on-AiRAcme. Nipp-on-AiRRok temu
  • Back in the 90's I had that model you have with dual disk drives.... I bought it for 20 bucks I foolishly sold it for 40 bucks I didn't know what I had and no computer store as in local store could get me software.. oh the damn 90's! I am sad when I see this system today because I could have this day and age got the software and enjoyed the system!!

    Durango95Durango95Rok temu
  • someone i know builds special PET machines, he buys dead ones and puts colour monitors in them, he then will fit the commodore computer of your choice inside, he recommends the c128, but has done c64 and even a vic20, i have done similar things with other 8 bit machines and single board computers, i only have one rule, the donor has to be dead i wont chop a working classic.

    aly nichollsaly nichollsRok temu
  • Once you started showing the games I was overcome with waves of nostalgia. I'd sit in front of my PET for hours, transfixed by those incredible games and those beeps. The things they were able to accomplish in just 32k of RAM were incredible.

    Doug FindlayDoug FindlayRok temu
  • Ahhh. The PET. I remember them well from elementary school.

    Brandon BBrandon BRok temu
  • 9:22 .... youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mohammed MokhtarMohammed MokhtarRok temu
  • Hey, nice vid as always! The in-video image-links looks like broken. At 12:25, under the phrase "Enjoyed this video? Try these!" I think these should be clickable?

    Cyber XCyber XRok temu
  • Wow, that Breakout game is... horrible. XD ball just passes through the blocks.

    planescapedplanescapedRok temu
  • What an amazing looking machine

    VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)VictoriaWood (as seen on TV)Rok temu
  • 5:53 made me try to clean my monitor

    ivvgivvgRok temu
  • I really love the peculiar shape of these machines. Unfortunaltely it's impossible to find one of them in Japan at a "reasonnable" price, the last one I saw was at 250000 Yens (~$2500), the mainboard was busted

    TheotanyaSamaTheotanyaSama2 lat temu
  • Just a brilliant review. My first computer was in 1982 (emulated at nanowasp.org), which was also the time of the VIC-20. I only learned of the PET many years later, and this is a great review of what it was, its capabilities, and why you want to have one. I too would love to own one as an art display piece.

    Mark SmithMark Smith2 lat temu
  • I learned to program on these in 1981/1982 along with an Exidy Sorcerer. Then later, I purchased a Commodore Vic-20, followed a couple years later by the C64. The next computer I bought after that was an old Mac SE. I've had many computers over the years, but the PETS always have a soft spot in my heart for they take me back to my early teenage years.

    Kelsey McClanahanKelsey McClanahan2 lat temu
  • LGR, what would be a vintage camera for beginners that you recommend?

    SpicyEggsSpicyEggs2 lat temu
  • I'm getting a hardon!!

    marlb0r015marlb0r0152 lat temu
  • The 8296 has to be the most 70s looking computer in history.

    trekchutrekchu2 lat temu
  • Cue Ign complaining about the lack of graphics and sound

    All GamingAll Gaming2 lat temu
  • Brother ur a true nerd!!! Merry ur PET!!! lol #nerdsunite

    Brian RuleZBrian RuleZ2 lat temu
  • Thats fallout green charecter PC

    Matur MalayMatur Malay2 lat temu
  • I wanna pet it.

    cpt nordbartcpt nordbart2 lat temu
  • Someone had a nerdgasm!

    We Deem!We Deem!2 lat temu
  • Those computers have great designs they look good.

    quakeboxquakebox2 lat temu
  • I wonder about taking a non-working one, fitting a modern laptop board into the case, and putting the display in place of the CRT....

    Paul SchmidtPaul Schmidt2 lat temu
  • 3:25 That keyboard is using the QWERTZ layout.

    LiokardoLiokardo2 lat temu
  • We had these in my elementary school computer lab circa 1985-1990.

    drunkenkotdrunkenkot2 lat temu
  • Am I the only one who thinks Jack Tramiel looks like a Russian James Bond villain about to nuke america

    Aaron WebbAaron Webb2 lat temu
  • I bought one of these in March 1978 in the UK and it was called the PET When I got it not CBM so they must have changed the name later I sold my car to raise the £695 to buy it. But I help start a business called PETSOFT and did quite well for 3 years.

    Tom TurnbullTom Turnbull2 lat temu
  • love this channel

    jurgen busschejurgen bussche2 lat temu