Free agent signings revealed: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
310 263 wyświetleń

After the 2020 WWE Draft concludes, Sarah Schreiber reveals that Raw and SmackDown have made several free agent signings.
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  • “New signings” lol you mean same people different show. Always been under contract so no. There were no new signings

    Kevin MaskaKevin Maska2 dni temu
  • Mickie James???

    Crosby4everCrosby4ever3 dni temu
  • Free agent in WWE basically means " Rostered members we forgot to add"

    The mohawked oneThe mohawked one3 dni temu
  • Billie Kay looks like Molly Qerim for real 😳😍

    MrTitanSwordMrTitanSword4 dni temu
  • Imagine Billie Kay as one of the Top Baby Face on Smackdown! Ugh. I hope she booked properly or much better have a title reign.

    Randolph Jigger BayaRandolph Jigger Baya4 dni temu
  • Andrade deserves better!

    KhizarKhizar4 dni temu
  • John Cena is also a free agent since 2017 and you should draft him back to Raw.

    Awesome KidAwesome Kid4 dni temu
  • What about Andrade? His still a free agent

    Ziyaad VallieZiyaad Vallie4 dni temu
  • What about Edge, isn’t he a free agent?

    Flaming BlazeFlaming Blaze4 dni temu
  • Dang, so no more Zelina vs Asuka?

    Just_BJust_B4 dni temu
  • O.o o. Pool

    GannonDanGannonDan4 dni temu
  • 0:31

    Juan JaureguiJuan Jauregui4 dni temu
  • Billie Kay going to Smackdown could be interesting, if she gets booked properly.

    Finn BálorFinn Bálor5 dni temu
  • Oh boy Andrade and Zelina separated not a fan of that they had great chemistry as Andrade as the great worker and Zelina as the great talker now they’re separated oh boy

    TNGTNG5 dni temu
  • metalik and dorado please

    Latifa MansourLatifa Mansour5 dni temu
  • bruh, ruined a possible feud between zelina and alexa

    xRealPhantom UwUxRealPhantom UwU5 dni temu
  • Billie kay is a better superstar as compare to peyton royce

    Ritwik rajRitwik raj5 dni temu
  • Alexa vs Zelina has potential i think

    some bored dude in the internetsome bored dude in the internet5 dni temu
  • Why did I think from the thumbnail it was Charlotte with her new hair color😂

    Israel MendezIsrael Mendez5 dni temu
  • What a shame that Mickie and Andrade didn't get drafted. It's a huge disrespect to an amazing female wrestler, Mickie, also Angel Garza is even drafted to a brand but WWE has probably plans for Andrade so that's why he was not drafted but if they don't have plans for him, then this sucks. Andrade is an amazing wrestler and he is talented but he is literally buried, they waste his talent...

    lauren winchesterlauren winchester5 dni temu
  • I traveled from the 80s. What happened.

  • Poor Andrade might get released

    Reiner BraunReiner Braun5 dni temu
  • Alexa😍😍 t devil godess😍 😈🤩😘😘

    Mini channelMini channel5 dni temu
  • now alister black will have zelina in his corner just like andrade

    Rishi GiriRishi Giri5 dni temu
  • If they don’t put him on raw Andrade should go back to nxt and join legado del fantasma

    Declan McphersonDeclan Mcpherson5 dni temu
  • This WWE draft has been a total disaster. What was the logic of having Alexa Bliss attack Zelina Vega if she was moving to Smackdown?

    VintageWrestlingVintageWrestling5 dni temu
  • Lesnar is also a free agent! We saw Sullivan and more appear out of nowhere so why not Brock?

    La DjLa Dj5 dni temu
    • Because Brock is a literal free agent not unlike the one's they mention

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
    • Brock isn't under contract with wwe, his contract expired months ago, and he has yet to sign a new contract

      Logan HintonLogan Hinton5 dni temu
  • That's awesome

    Samuel TrinhSamuel Trinh5 dni temu
  • Andrade??

    Build Your ZoneBuild Your Zone5 dni temu
  • Isn’t maryse a free agent-

    Mel bxh WooMel bxh Woo5 dni temu
  • I Love You _Roman_Reigns..💖💖 I want to gf roman..😊😊

    Sex Vedio LiveSex Vedio Live5 dni temu
  • Still no Andrade huh? :(

    Cameron BobekCameron Bobek5 dni temu
  • Whaf naomi she staying in smackdown

    Robert CruteRobert Crute5 dni temu
  • What about Mickie James??? Srsly? Y'all keep saying she's a "legend", so treat her like one. Well, it doesn't even matter since in the WWE app it literally says that she's on Smackdown so I guess she going to SD smh -.-

    Gianfranco RuizGianfranco Ruiz5 dni temu
  • Iiconics no more?

    Timothy TorresTimothy Torres5 dni temu
  • But billie Kay wasn’t a free agent....

    Leo WatoLeo Wato5 dni temu
    • She was

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
  • alexa 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Tangsmaiha MolsoiTangsmaiha Molsoi5 dni temu
  • Can't believe they turn Tamina to jobber at least give her one more title opportunity even tho nobody wants to give her a push

    DG's TronsDG's Trons5 dni temu
  • What about Murphy

    Baby PumpsBaby Pumps5 dni temu
    • Already announced on Talking Smack

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
  • What about Andrade

    Braulio AlemanBraulio Aleman5 dni temu
  • Who wants Charlotte Flair's name as a free agent?

    David JonesDavid Jones5 dni temu
    • @Mitchell Sommer the fans I talked to for 4-5 years ago.

      David JonesDavid Jones5 dni temu
    • @David Jones OK, I'm a little confused But Sure

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
    • @Mitchell Sommer I mean for those haters out there. Like I have a lot of fans coming up to my tweets and comments are always hatred in her career.

      David JonesDavid Jones5 dni temu
    • @David Jones Actually you were kinda asking every body. You just said "Who?" and didn't exclude anyone. So You were asking everyone

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
    • @Mitchell Sommer I wasn't asking you.

      David JonesDavid Jones5 dni temu
  • So they had mickie to show up in an interview about drafts and they ended up leaving her in the corner? 😂

    HarleyKinnHarleyKinn6 dni temu
  • Hope Andrade will go back to nxt

    Rishi PandeyRishi Pandey6 dni temu
  • What about: Andrade Bo Dallas The Forgotten Sons Jinder Mahal Mickie James Mojo Rawley

    Nikola VilaNikola Vila6 dni temu
    • Andrade will probably stay on Raw to stay with Charlotte

      LatinGuido817LatinGuido8172 dni temu
    • Only person on that list that matters is Andrade

      Kung-Fu KennyKung-Fu Kenny4 dni temu
  • what's a free agent

    alex gubbayalex gubbay6 dni temu
    • Those who WERE NOT picked up by Raw or Smackdown after the drafts.

      Ira PachecoIra Pacheco5 dni temu
  • What about Mickie

    Rodney ReidRodney Reid6 dni temu
  • ANDRADE???

  • So what about Murphy, Andrade, Drew Gulak, Humberto Carillo, Mickie James and Tucker?

    ralphymanralphyman6 dni temu
    • Murphy, Gulak, Carrilo, Tucker were all picked

      Mitchell SommerMitchell Sommer5 dni temu
    • Murphy is drafted to Smackdown Gulak is drafted to Raw Humberto is drafted to Raw Tucker is drafted to Raw Mickie's out with a broken nose and is rumored to going to Smackdown while Andrade might will remain on Raw

      M BeasM Beas6 dni temu
  • Billie Kay.

    Anthony DouglasAnthony Douglas6 dni temu
  • I am sick and tired of watching the so called 'fiend'. Why people love devil images 🤷🤷

    Bryson SabunBryson Sabun6 dni temu
  • A I I who 3ikekr

    wr3d universewr3d universe6 dni temu
  • Mickie James?????

    Om PriyadarshiOm Priyadarshi6 dni temu
    • Mickie got injured again so will be out (again) but not long term - the word is that she will be coming back to Raw

      James RawlinsJames Rawlins5 dni temu
  • When Titus O'Neill gets drafted before Alistair black and andrade and Mickie James dosent even get picked. You know the draft was a complete mess

    NEON _WOLFNEON _WOLF6 dni temu
    • Is it that hard to spell Aleister

      Anna CondaAnna Conda2 dni temu
    • @Measel Ratches Ah okay then

      Vise_ AtoxityVise_ Atoxity3 dni temu
    • @Vise_ Atoxity they where being weird kind of marks

      Measel RatchesMeasel Ratches3 dni temu
    • @Vise_ Atoxity oh I think everyone who commented in this deleted there comments

      Measel RatchesMeasel Ratches3 dni temu
    • @Measel Ratches Eh, everyone who likes wrestling is a mark.

      Vise_ AtoxityVise_ Atoxity3 dni temu
  • Who remembers back than when WWE use to do the supplemental draft?

    Kinetic KKinetic K6 dni temu
  • i dont think billie kay will do much on smackdown

    kourosh yaminkourosh yamin6 dni temu
  • Well that's good for Billie Kay and Zelina Vega hopefully they can hit the reset button on their careers and get a push like they deserve

    tank02ryantank02ryan6 dni temu
  • Billie has all the potential to be one of the top woman on smackdown

    Eian BurgeEian Burge6 dni temu
    • Billie is trash and will end up in another company and fail there too

      Gr00t. TVGr00t. TV3 dni temu
    • Let's face it she isnt that good of a wrestler and the only good woman in wwe with a good character is Alexa bliss

      Measel RatchesMeasel Ratches3 dni temu
  • This is awesome everyone got picked to Raw and Samckdown.

    Tei'Zhan McFallTei'Zhan McFall6 dni temu
    • Except for Becky Lynch, who I guess won't be returning until sometime next year

      James RawlinsJames Rawlins5 dni temu
  • Zelina and Aleister will be their own stars. Angel Garza stayed on RAW because he'll translate for Andradé Almas now as a tag-team. The reason being Charlotte Flair.

    Leather HitmanLeather Hitman6 dni temu
  • This seems like a complete new Roster rather than shuffling the Deck. I still feel Raw has more name value guys. Charlotte and Andrade would have added alot to SD. Hopefully SD gets UE and Rhea Ripley called up from NXT.

    LeeMCTLeeMCT6 dni temu
    • no no we don't want Charlotte on Smackdown.She buried Sasha a couple of times,and now it's her time to shine,as the Smackdown's Womens Champion.

      Ryuu SaekiRyuu Saeki5 dni temu
  • CM Punk

    HeardBeatzHeardBeatz6 dni temu
  • andrade to raw and mickie james to smackdown

    George JohnsonGeorge Johnson6 dni temu
  • tamina remains on smackdown erik remains on raw billie kay to smackdown zelina vega to smackdown

    George JohnsonGeorge Johnson6 dni temu
  • I knew it, Billie you better have a push 😢

    シClxudyシClxudy6 dni temu
  • Zelina Vega and Andrade vs Alexa Bliss and The Fiend Bray Wyatt on Raw this is amazing news ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni6 dni temu
  • Scripted raw

    Hasan khanHasan khan6 dni temu
  • I can’t believe Mickie James didn’t get drafted

    Chase GoinsChase Goins6 dni temu
    • She is out with an injury. Btw, PWI Wrestling Insider reported that plans are for her to return to Raw

      James RawlinsJames Rawlins5 dni temu
    • she is going to smackdown

      George JohnsonGeorge Johnson6 dni temu
  • Good Riddance to Zelina Vega

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns6 dni temu
  • Dont wary frends Brock lesnar returns suplx city drw mc and f 5 rendy ortan hel in cell

    Amit Lko LkoAmit Lko Lko6 dni temu
  • I like this person

    Mac Is underratedMac Is underrated6 dni temu
  • billie Kay to SD yay!!

    hii dudehii dude6 dni temu
  • I see why zelina didn’t want to be on raw anymore

    Rexrider25 WaymanRexrider25 Wayman6 dni temu
    • Pipsqueak didn't "beat" Zelina, they made her job to Pliss and also leave Raw..

      Atrocious ConsequencesAtrocious Consequences6 dni temu
  • OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Hanna DeondreHanna Deondre6 dni temu
  • WWE draft is just not the same

    Brad ObiBrad Obi6 dni temu
  • Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

    Raro AlRaro Al6 dni temu
  • Why is no one talking about that Smack down got nothing apart from Rollins as a big star??????

    Saurabh GuptaSaurabh Gupta6 dni temu
    • @Lamont King agreed but we already have NXT for this , for building superstar and future star . Smack down and Raw are supposed to be the main shows of WWE , with equivalent star power .

      Saurabh GuptaSaurabh Gupta6 dni temu
    • ppl think Smackdown lost in the drafted but I think as usual Smackdown always come up on top as the time go by with the superstars they drafted....We got better writers and more opportunity’s on the blue brand

      Lamont KingLamont King6 dni temu

    Wrestling KingdomWrestling Kingdom6 dni temu
  • I'm Single 😍😥

    Dan RenderDan Render6 dni temu
  • I want sara vs charly bikini match

    리버풀리버풀7 dni temu
  • I love WWE is the best wrestling show ever

    Natnael AmbesaNatnael Ambesa7 dni temu
  • Tamina needs a push on Smackdown!! Her promo teasing a dark character was great! Also she has been helping the other girls shine in the division. It’s her opportunity to have a title before she retires. Tamina vs Bianca would be interesting since she is on smackdown

    Ross CawRoss Caw7 dni temu
    • For Sasha case , tamina should beat her in non title match , to become No 1 contender. (Making sasha sell the Superfly Splash ) . But in title match Tamina should lose ( and sell to Frog Splash of Sasha )

      Aditya 7Aditya 76 dni temu
    • Tamina could win against natalya , bayley , carmella, billie , ruby . Through Superfly Splash. Making them all sell . But for Bianca, Vega ( Vince fav ) , liv Tamina should still SUPERFLY SPLASH them but lose match .

      Aditya 7Aditya 76 dni temu
    • Tamina vs bianca Tamina vs sasha Tamina vs zelina Tamina vs Billie Tamina vs carmella Tamina vs liv Tamina vs ruby Tamina vs bayley ( not interested) Tamina vs natalya ( not interested) . Tamina should again start using her finisher SUPERFLY SPLASH { ( Especially on Sasha, Bianca, Zelina, Billie, Carmella, Liv ) , Crushing them } , but still not win match . She can built this divas and also Splash on them to make them look strong . Amazing too see how the above divas Sell to Superfly Splash.

      Aditya 7Aditya 76 dni temu
  • Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    yanno roelofsyanno roelofs7 dni temu
  • So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

    Ashley HamiltonAshley Hamilton7 dni temu
  • Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Ariel KnauerAriel Knauer7 dni temu
  • Wow they really gave up on Andrade that’s sad they don’t see how good he is

    Matt MtzMatt Mtz7 dni temu
  • Who remember the forgotten sons, yeah me neither

    King MarshmallowKing Marshmallow7 dni temu
  • No bo dallas 😭😭😭

    King MarshmallowKing Marshmallow7 dni temu
  • When your corporate bosses pretend to give a assistant manager position hahaha.

    BhaskarBhaskar7 dni temu
  • who's this bootleg Renee Young?

    Zachary HerreraZachary Herrera7 dni temu
    • I mean since Renee Young is basically coming back Monday Night Raw has three commentators Smackdown live has two she should be back on Smackdown live with Corey Graves and Michael Cole

      Wes KleinertWes Kleinert6 dni temu
  • AEW

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • AEW

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • This is great video here of others got draft last night.❤💙🖤👍👍

    Marc OrtegaMarc Ortega7 dni temu
  • Where did andrade go?

    Ausy gamesAusy games7 dni temu
  • Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    alexandru casteralexandru caster7 dni temu
  • 10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Alex JAlex J7 dni temu
  • Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    Account ChannelAccount Channel7 dni temu
  • Nxt.?

    UnordinaryUnordinary7 dni temu