Who Bought The Spookiest Halloween Mystery Box?!

8 paź 2020
754 343 wyświetleń

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We heard your feedback, so we combined the shopping and haul videos into ONE GIANT VIDEO! Have you ever spent $1k in a Spirit Halloween store? Me neither...until today
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  • I definitely want to see more of Peanut-Butta and Jell-ous.

    CableGuyCableGuyDzień temu
  • this is one of the best dope or nope vedios

    TrashPanda SargeantTrashPanda SargeantDzień temu
  • ok to be completly honest, Tanner always wins lol

    RoseArtStudios DrawsRoseArtStudios Draws3 dni temu
  • Mat sounds like love lace from happy feet

    Allen MeehanAllen Meehan3 dni temu
  • Matt you look like snoop dog

    Omega Supreame’sOmega Supreame’s3 dni temu
  • Tf is who’d go with you guys where gen ew channel

    luke fagnanoluke fagnano4 dni temu
  • 16:09 u look like Jim Hopper in stranger things

    Anna PospíchalováAnna Pospíchalová4 dni temu
  • Trump

    Kitty CatKitty Cat5 dni temu
  • Ok. Read More

    Kitty CatKitty Cat5 dni temu
  • When Tanner was Da Bomb he sounded like the gingerbread man in the Shrek Stories 🤣🤣

    Tayler McGeeTayler McGee5 dni temu
  • matt sees something neon Matt:Dude this is so cool! *Adds it to the cart*

    DistrucionGod. fishy for lifeDistrucionGod. fishy for life6 dni temu
  • I have a Guinea Pig name Harshmellow!

    CarSizePiesCarSizePies6 dni temu
  • Spoopy Matt 2020

    Plaguebringer GoliathPlaguebringer Goliath6 dni temu

    Ink _SterInk _Ster7 dni temu
  • The light makes tanners hair look pink

    speeddemon7403 gamingspeeddemon7403 gaming7 dni temu
  • i think the viewers won cause I've never laughed so hard. i'm crying and can't breathe....

    Monica BairdMonica Baird7 dni temu
  • LOL this is the most funny dope or nope video I have seen

    Rainbow Club ytRainbow Club yt7 dni temu
  • Matt: I’m the da 💥 me: what you doing your mega

    Calie Perez MonzonCalie Perez Monzon8 dni temu
  • 18:24 tanner should have done this pickup line along the lines of Babe you look so hot I'm melting all over you Babe you look so hot I just want s'more of you

    Hayden FordHayden Ford8 dni temu
  • BLO BLO BLO mi name is gobiden

    MR. FARYMR. FARY9 dni temu
  • Tanner ur going to jail that tail goes some where ur not spouse to talk about on youtube

    Tyshon McbrideTyshon Mcbride10 dni temu
  • Tanners head looked huge at the beginning of the video

    Bubble TeaBubble Tea10 dni temu
  • No

    Embrace Nature with NickEmbrace Nature with Nick10 dni temu
  • this turned very sexual

    Denis RagsdaleDenis Ragsdale10 dni temu
  • No Worries, Dope Matt doesn't exsist. *Dope Matt:* 18:41

    B0uP!3B0uP!310 dni temu
  • Tanner its not a rat it is an rous rodent of unusual size #princess bride

    Katie PottengerKatie Pottenger11 dni temu
  • You know those documentaries with the "Here is the majestic lion in it's natural habitat." I want matt to randomly record tanner without him knowing and commentate on it in the deep voice he makes xD That'd be hilarious

    Jayay QvQJayay QvQ11 dni temu
  • 19:02 to 19:42 OML I- UHm- HELP I LAUGHED TO MUCH-

    P i n x yP i n x y11 dni temu
  • Bro i laughed so hard my back started hurting- :')

    P i n x yP i n x y11 dni temu
  • This is one of those video where they laugh a lot then have a bunch of fake laughs then there heads start hurting

    Nathan WebsterNathan Webster11 dni temu

    Miming- TotMiming- Tot11 dni temu
  • 22:25 forgets he's supposed to be a adult not a teen.

    abid hossainabid hossain11 dni temu
  • It’s not 24 minutes I’m *SHOOK*

    Just a LoomyJust a Loomy12 dni temu
  • Matt the fact that I’m one and that I have a iPhone X that’s payed for monthly

    Andrew Alberto HarrisonAndrew Alberto Harrison12 dni temu
    • I meant nine

      Andrew Alberto HarrisonAndrew Alberto Harrison12 dni temu
  • Now Bieden =😴

    Andrew Alberto HarrisonAndrew Alberto Harrison12 dni temu
  • Did anyone notes that tanners voice for trump sounds like pro. snape from Harry Potter?

    Owen PontoOwen Ponto13 dni temu
  • Joe Biden can't talk correctly. Let's go trump

    fish armyfish army13 dni temu
  • bring back mega dope.

    Mark LasMark Las13 dni temu
  • Tanner with the bald cap and mustache is Dr. Phil... I love it

    Brooklyn BrownBrooklyn Brown13 dni temu
  • Matt and Tanner are the best!😂

    Bradley MacLayBradley MacLay13 dni temu
  • Are you high

    Jace StutlerJace Stutler14 dni temu
  • Mat is in among us

    Seb GamezSeb Gamez14 dni temu
  • The 2nd thing tanner wins because he is trump because trump is better

    Mandolorian & baby yodaMandolorian & baby yoda15 dni temu
  • is it just me or does tanner act like he's in love with matt?

    Twilitte StarrTwilitte Starr15 dni temu
  • Dayuuum

    sneksis -sneksis -16 dni temu
  • 18:00 I'd like you to put me in between your gram crackers. I'm dying of laughter

    weirdos 2019weirdos 201916 dni temu
  • Joe Biden: Get rid of guns we dont need them we have knifes Me: BOY WHAT THE POLICE AND MILATARY GOING TO DO THEN HUH HUH

    weirdos 2019weirdos 201916 dni temu
  • Honestly one of my favourite videos! Definitely made my day!

    heather collinsheather collins16 dni temu
  • mad max willy wonka

  • Little does dope or nope trump know Biden won Edit: time period on what my comment is talking abt 12:35

    James SimmonsJames Simmons16 dni temu
  • matt can be putin

    John ConcisoJohn Conciso17 dni temu
  • Matt looks like my 6th grade teacher no joke

    Holly HendersonHolly Henderson17 dni temu
  • “Trump does everything in one minute, ask my wife” i’m wheezing omg

    asylum crybabieasylum crybabie17 dni temu
  • "shut up" -Joe Biden

    layƵerlayƵer17 dni temu
  • an episode Matt had a little sip of bang

    Villena JoseVillena Jose18 dni temu
  • Eggman lol

    Skyla AbramsSkyla Abrams18 dni temu
  • the chicken part

    Blenda ShalaBlenda Shala18 dni temu
  • 26:41 they got up at the same time

    Ross GoffRoss Goff18 dni temu
  • very jay and silent bob vibes during some of this

    Arsyn AsmodeusArsyn Asmodeus19 dni temu
  • Umm Biden has a stutter not dementia 🙃

    CHRISTICHRISTI19 dni temu
  • Why did trump turn Irish?

    Kleppek AcresKleppek Acres19 dni temu
  • Matthies acts like he is high haha (joke) from a 12 year old

    Frankie HolbrookFrankie Holbrook20 dni temu
  • can we adress the banjo cazzoi theme in the background?

    christianator mcchristianator mc20 dni temu
  • this made my day haha

    Liz JLiz J20 dni temu
  • One of my favorite dope or nope vids ever!!

    Aidan BellAidan Bell20 dni temu
  • 24:37 no wrong It’s time rekt has it’s funeral and burial (because rekt is dead channel & tanner is originally from rekt. No just me? Aw okay :( ☹️I guess it wasn’t funny, obvious &/or cool) Edit: I commented this before they said it my bad

    Michael MartinezMichael Martinez20 dni temu
  • as soon as the chicken came on set I was dyeing of laughter

    AJ McdanielAJ Mcdaniel20 dni temu
  • Matt was beat up by a rainbow and spat out in neon

    Victor PerezVictor Perez21 dzień temu
  • Best fucking video ever made this pregnant lady choke on her laugh my god this is just priceless🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯👌❤️🤣🤣🤣

    angela everittangela everitt21 dzień temu
  • I think this was one of the guys funniest vids since I subscribed to their channel. Keep it going... :-)

    Mark RizzoMark Rizzo21 dzień temu
  • I think this is the best video without michael

    Revano GunawanRevano Gunawan21 dzień temu

    Dead PoolDead Pool21 dzień temu
  • best paint and a tag contest..

    chillausmcchillausmc21 dzień temu
  • jo biden sound like a elaphant

    beankah larsonbeankah larson21 dzień temu
  • I thought Matthias was drunk in the whole video.

    Lani LexanderLani Lexander22 dni temu
  • That burn about tanner's moms rack though

    Wyatt TWyatt T22 dni temu

    BØTX23XPUBG killerBØTX23XPUBG killer22 dni temu
  • Matt definitely won

    Samriddh VarmaSamriddh Varma23 dni temu
  • U actually did have a political ad when I watched lmao

    Dooby LoobyDooby Looby23 dni temu
  • this video i loved so much they made me laugh tanner and matt is the people who make me laugh thanks alot matt and tanner if you see this

    Lewis ChannonLewis Channon23 dni temu
  • Aww man i really like waching them walk through the store its funny seeing their mental process a plan to win🤣🤣🤣

    A708K 708A708K 70823 dni temu
  • I would love to see a different background, more industrial furniture!!

    M BrunaM Bruna23 dni temu
  • By the end, Matthias had become Macho Man Randy Savage

    Johnny BravoJohnny Bravo24 dni temu
  • There was nothing wrong with the way y'all did those other videos the problem is these kids nowadays want what they want when they want it.

    sara Annsara Ann24 dni temu
  • My daughter loves paw patrol to she was skye yesterday for Halloween.

    sara Annsara Ann24 dni temu
  • Side note... i always liked the Hi5 Merch in black.

    BabalonkieBabalonkie24 dni temu
  • A good one for the NASA costume Hey baby let me show you the world

    Derek McCraigieDerek McCraigie24 dni temu
  • Trump sucks and the world is laughing at at him. He is an embarrassment and soo many people are sucked into his nonsense. I hope the best for the American people. I call for a boycott on trumps tweets

    Brad JefferiesBrad Jefferies25 dni temu
  • My favorite scene has to be the ending 😂😂

    Panda ShooPanda Shoo25 dni temu
  • 1:01 Bateman Batmen Batman No that's not right Laderlappen Their we go

    sam mohammadsam mohammad25 dni temu
  • as an employee of spirit halloween, i love seeing our costumes being used for youtube videos

    Gabi HarrisGabi Harris25 dni temu
  • Luna is the luckiest kid on earth lmao

    Tomboy TopicTomboy Topic25 dni temu
  • How come their views have gone down so much?

    Sopheea VSopheea V25 dni temu
  • why does tanner look like will smith from fresh prince of bell air when he was wearing the da bomb shirt and dope hat?

    Sentrike GamingSentrike Gaming25 dni temu
  • am i the only one that notices since michael left the channel how dope or nope has been going crazy with the spending? im not complaining im just saying like when he was on the channel they would spend a limit of like 100 dollars(not including like to buy) and speaking of like to buy who else misses those?

    Sentrike GamingSentrike Gaming25 dni temu
  • 28:48 YES PLZ

    Elias SchulerElias Schuler25 dni temu
  • 22:21 anyone remeber that vid matt said luna hhhhaaatttes skye

    Elias SchulerElias Schuler25 dni temu
  • 16:25 i got political ads this vid THANKS DONALD.J.TRUMP(tanner)FOR BUYING THOSE COSTUMES

    Elias SchulerElias Schuler25 dni temu
  • mixes eggs.... ...

    Jessica DominguezJessica Dominguez26 dni temu
  • this vid is amazing lmao

    Snow BlizzardSnow Blizzard26 dni temu