Ziggler & Roode are the show, no matter the brand: WWE Network Exclusive, Oct. 12, 2020

12 paź 2020
58 852 wyświetleń

The Showoff & The Glorious One plan on dethroning The Street Profits as SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
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  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode 🔥

    DANNY DDANNY D2 dni temu
  • .

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • .

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • '.

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • .

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • .

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • .

    Drew McIntyreDrew McIntyre2 dni temu
  • "Mondays Suck" - Robert Roode-2020

    Zarrar AliZarrar Ali2 dni temu
  • Dolph Ziggler should get pushed like in 2013

    Amin MAmin M4 dni temu
  • The Glorious Show Offs will be champions

    von 1818von 18184 dni temu
  • 1:31 Millenials XD

    Henrique QuintasHenrique Quintas4 dni temu
  • I’d love to see them fight FTR (currently)

    David WallaceDavid Wallace6 dni temu
  • They are a good tag team

    belushybelushy6 dni temu
  • Dolph Ziggler And Robert Roode Are Losing Streaks

    Yusuf abdelfatahYusuf abdelfatah6 dni temu
  • Time to go Street Profits, Dolph and Robert will get the Tag Team Championship Title

    Sharon MarsdenSharon Marsden6 dni temu
  • I like the way Dolph Ziggler honor Eddie van helan with the reference of running with the devil n van helan logo on his hand

    Mike HoneycuttMike Honeycutt6 dni temu
  • I hope they won’t become Corbins lackeys again lol

    Xalrei888Xalrei8886 dni temu
  • Robert Roode deserves so much more, a talent in his 40's could wrestle better than 90 % of the smackdown roster, he needs to contend for IC or Universal Championship. Teaming with the Showoff is getting him nowhere fast.

    Michael L. RaynerMichael L. Rayner6 dni temu
  • No bobby and dolph suck street profits will be taking that win

    JHOOD CARDWorld32JHOOD CARDWorld326 dni temu
  • I agree with Robert and Ziggler they need to win the smackdown tag team titles .The champions need to act like men not children

    Lillian santanaLillian santana6 dni temu
  • Roode can do a promo. Learned on TNA.

    Mickey S.Mickey S.6 dni temu
  • Dolph Ziggler no one has more passion

    Chayse JordanChayse Jordan6 dni temu
  • Robert and Dolph will take the titles from the street morons .Its time for them to lose them

    Lillian santanaLillian santana6 dni temu
  • Weren’t they already on smackdown. They never actually got drafted back to raw. Also did they forget Cesar and Nakamura just went to raw where both tag titles were.

    Colin McCulloughColin McCullough6 dni temu
    • They were traded for AJ Styles. Weren't paying attention?

      Slim JohnSlim John6 dni temu
  • Uh i don't think so Dolph and Robert because just like you 2 and Antonio and Shinsuke, The Street Profits are gonna burn you 4 and smoked you out!

    Vaughn BaskinVaughn Baskin6 dni temu
  • Zigger and Roode AKA Team: Show Me The Money. Dolph ain't a cowboy but his super kicks are crispy

    Rex Paradox TVRex Paradox TV6 dni temu
  • Even Roode saw an opportunity missed for a unified tag match IF Vince DoeS hate Tag teams ThaT much but he probably knows 2 huge roster will have wrestlers not getting a singles push that might get somewhere in a tandem .

    gavin reidgavin reid6 dni temu
  • Dolph ziggler And Robert roode are Back on Smackdown again

    Luke Roman ReignsLuke Roman Reigns6 dni temu
  • Amazing athletes i like soo much Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode this is two mans was amazing athletes and i can't wait to see they on Smackdown ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Giorgia SimeoniGiorgia Simeoni6 dni temu
  • 14 oct 2019 exactly an year ago this video happened almost exactly if you want to watch just search : Dolph admits he failed his partner

    Darius ComanDarius Coman6 dni temu
  • Is Dolph Ziggler is a man he should have his facial hair

    O GutierrezO Gutierrez6 dni temu
  • I really hope they win the titles.

    adr29adr296 dni temu
  • Zigger roode for smackdown tag titles

    Nik DhimanNik Dhiman7 dni temu
  • Bobby roode and John morrisson and miz and ziggle perfect tag teams

    BhaskarBhaskar7 dni temu
  • I like how Dolph just does a double take when Roode say "Friday night is a hell of night to fight" and has that "ohh good one" look.

    Sylas GraysonSylas Grayson7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Mustafa Ali

    Leagend BoyLeagend Boy7 dni temu
  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are the new Shawn Michaels and Triple H

    H LH L7 dni temu
  • Suggestion, 1. Bring in The Cowboy James Storm and reunite him with Roode.. and we got one of the greatest tag teams that NEVER PLAYED THE GAME IN WWE.

    Pat FitzgeraldPat Fitzgerald7 dni temu
  • Absolutely glorious

    siddhartha deb roysiddhartha deb roy7 dni temu
  • They should beat the street profits at HIAC

    Gerardo Reyes2Gerardo Reyes27 dni temu
  • Please unify the tag titles @wwe

    Eason LeowEason Leow7 dni temu
  • Smackdown has Dolph and roode, the usos (when jimmy rerurns), street profits, and nakamura and cesaro. Unless they count the mysterios as a tag team. Raw has the viking raiders (when ivar returns and erik is still on raw), i think miz and morrison will split soon, lucha house party without kalisto, the new day, 2 from the hurt business, and 2 from retribution. Did I forgot any team? Both brands are lacking more tag teams. Splitting the new day was fine but they should’ve never split the heavy machinery same with the iiconics.

    The BestThe Best7 dni temu
  • All facts

    Tyler WesterTyler Wester7 dni temu
  • If rood goes on a losen streak is because Ziggler Lmao 😂

    Ashanti CaesarAshanti Caesar7 dni temu
  • Ziggler & Roode vs Cesaro & Nakamura would be dope!

    King BernardKing Bernard7 dni temu
    • You think 🤔?

      Mike H.Mike H.7 dni temu
  • How do you sleep at night😃😃😃😃😃

    Oluwaseun AdefolarinOluwaseun Adefolarin7 dni temu
  • Dolph has van halen logo on his hand.. he's paying tribute to one of the greatest if not the greatest guitarist of all time .. he Also mentioned running with the devil which is a song .. R.I.P EVH . Dolph you're the Man

    Nikos MantziosNikos Mantzios7 dni temu
  • Why didn't they unify the tag belts?

    Notorious NeoNotorious Neo7 dni temu
  • Bring back noodle head ziggler

    Four NiFour Ni7 dni temu
  • The Smackdown and Raw tag team title belts SHOULD be UNIFIED. That should be the goal.

    Wicksell MukalaiWicksell Mukalai7 dni temu
  • We actually forgot the Forgotten Sons lol

    Kenneth LimKenneth Lim7 dni temu
  • Subscribe me I Will subscribe you 🙏 plz if you subscribe me DM me @doni_aprinal or coment video I first back👍

    Doni Aprinaldi And friendDoni Aprinaldi And friend7 dni temu
  • robert roode right-monday sucks lol

    jayant gamingjayant gaming7 dni temu
  • really the guy who sabataged the otis mandy storyline is going back to smackdown didnt he get traded for aj

    kourosh yaminkourosh yamin7 dni temu
  • Дольф Зигглер просто обязан стать чемпионом😻😻😻😻

    10man10man7 dni temu
  • Fiend and Bliss segment on Raw today was 😳🔥🔥🔥

    Kashish WeleKashish Wele7 dni temu
  • This isn't over they defeated the street profits, Friday will be a glorious win

    Eli DelgadoEli Delgado7 dni temu
  • Can they finally win those damn titles?

    Tinheart NowakTinheart Nowak7 dni temu
    • @H L i guess they lose to SP in the most pathetic way and they will keep the belts hostage for another months because we all know how worthless tag team belts are for wwe

      Tinheart NowakTinheart Nowak7 dni temu
    • Ziggler and Roode deserve a massive push

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Mondays suck. YEP! Amen to that brudda!

    Valent NikolasValent Nikolas7 dni temu
    • I agree with roode Monday night raw does suck is smack down is better

      mayo rodriguezmayo rodriguez6 dni temu
  • Be a Christian today if you're not one right now read your Bible every day talk to God every day try not to sin Jesus did die on the cross for us and GOD gave in life try to learn as much is you can about being a Christian

    Jacobe HamiltonJacobe Hamilton7 dni temu
  • The tag teams championship of WWE are the worst titles in the Universe

    Javier RomeroJavier Romero7 dni temu
  • WWE is bringing back tag teams and building new tag teams for shaking things up in the tag division.

    Zannatul FerdousZannatul Ferdous7 dni temu
  • both deserve to be world champs

    David CruzDavid Cruz7 dni temu
    • Robert Roode has won champions around the world

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Both guys who worked so hard, will definitely get the spotlight they deserve!

    chris jakechris jake7 dni temu
  • They will suck on smackdown

    Andrew ShoreAndrew Shore7 dni temu
  • Let's not forger that Dolf Ziggler did Amy Schumer and Sunny.

    NefariouZNefariouZ7 dni temu
  • I love Dolph's Van Halen reference "runnin' with the devil", and the VH logo on his wrist/hand wraps; RIP Eddie Van Halen

    Chett ChetterfieldChett Chetterfield7 dni temu
  • 🥀💐🌹🥀𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗲 𝘄𝗵𝗼'𝘀 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀,. 🌹💐💐💐🌹🥀💐𝗠𝗮𝘆 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗮𝗺𝗶𝗹𝘆 𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲 🌹🌹🥀💐💐𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘀𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗮𝗻 1000 𝘆𝗲𝗮𝗿'𝘀 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵💐🥀🥀💐💐🌷🌷🌾🌾🌾

    1500 subscribers challenge1500 subscribers challenge7 dni temu
  • The only guy Roode has been successful next to, is James Storm.

    Thunderwolf207 SummitThunderwolf207 Summit7 dni temu
    • @Trixster690 NXT

      Kain R HeinleinKain R Heinlein6 dni temu
    • The only company he's successful in is TNA.

      Trixster690Trixster6907 dni temu
  • Dolph Ziggler And Robert Roode Are Awesome!!🙌🙌😎🐐🔥🔥

    Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage7 dni temu
    • Kinda!!

      Dquan IsSavageDquan IsSavage7 dni temu
    • These two are the new DX

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • i agree with Roode monday night raw does suck.

    adnan shuvomadnan shuvom7 dni temu
  • They are the show? 😂😂😂. I thought thier careers died like two years ago 😂😂😂.

    Noel Legendary 31Noel Legendary 317 dni temu
  • Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler for the Smackdown Tag-Team Champions.

    JRA MaloChicoJRA MaloChico7 dni temu
    • Ziggler and Roode should become tag champs again

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Tag Team😭😭 Mid Card😘😘 Main Eventer. 🙏🙏

    Garry GhoseGarry Ghose7 dni temu
  • RooDolph or The Glorious Showoffs?😂

    Mello CyrusMello Cyrus7 dni temu
  • Wow! 2 Vets.

    Charky IcenhourCharky Icenhour7 dni temu
    • Did Roode Beat Bobby Once? Yeah . just Once. Or another? As Grown.

      Charky IcenhourCharky Icenhour7 dni temu

    javi nookjavi nook7 dni temu
    • @javi nook k

      Nahom WorkuNahom Worku6 dni temu
    • @Nahom Worku it is a joke because most wwe stuff is fake

      javi nookjavi nook6 dni temu
    • What do you mean

      Nahom WorkuNahom Worku7 dni temu
  • I really think.. they should turn face. Their heel turn is not leading them anywhere.

    ayush abrahamayush abraham7 dni temu
    • Fax

      Red SavageRed Savage7 dni temu
    • Robert Roode was born as a heel

      H LH L7 dni temu
    • @Marc Doyle If you've seen Roode as a heel as TNA champion, he's so much better as a heel if WWE would let him show it

      gangstamatchia25gangstamatchia257 dni temu
    • @Loyal Kicker Maybe in his WWE run, but did you ever see Beer Money in TNA? They were amazing as both Face and Heel. I'd love them to get Storm in and reform that tag team, although they'd probably have to rename them Mountain Dew money or something to appease the sponsors 😂

      Marc DoyleMarc Doyle7 dni temu
    • @Marc Doyle nah roode nxt was best as a heel. They ruined him making him face when they brought him up

      Loyal KickerLoyal Kicker7 dni temu
  • They should challenge The Street Profits at Hell in a Cell. Hopefully they win.

    EDHEDH7 dni temu
    • @Ryan Porchia They do their a lot better then the street profits they act like morons like new day

      Lillian santanaLillian santana6 dni temu
    • @H L Like hell they deserve to be Tag Team Champs again.

      Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia7 dni temu
    • Ziggler and Roode deserve to become tag champs again

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Ngl...i do like these 2 as a Tag Team!! They gel well off each other and Both have always been better as a Tag Team Champions then their single Championship runs!!

    Andrew MadderraAndrew Madderra7 dni temu
  • Ziggler still needs a push

    Emerald ArcherEmerald Archer7 dni temu
    • Dolph Ziggler is getting wasted

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • They will continue the feud with The Street Profits on Smackdown but this time for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

    Randy OrtonRandy Orton7 dni temu
    • Ziggler and Roode deserve to become tag champs

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Not again didn't they partnership fail at one point

    XX☆Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ☆XXXX☆Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ☆XX7 dni temu
    • Yeah but it was because of Roode getting injured and then covid hit so he was stuck at home in Canada

      Victor ArevaloVictor Arevalo7 dni temu
  • Glorious showoff.

    Al AlaAl Ala7 dni temu
  • WWE Network exclusive...but it’s on PLworld...

    john asshatjohn asshat7 dni temu
  • Roode and Ziggler are going back to Smackdown

    James DanielsJames Daniels7 dni temu
    • Ziggler and Roode for smackdown tag team champions

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Weren’t both set of tag titles on the show the other week with the profits vs Cesaro & Nakamura? Think Roodes got a case of amnesia...

    Taylor AlfieTaylor Alfie7 dni temu
  • Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler as the smackdown tag team champions and the hurt business ( Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin) as raw tag team champions I would to see it and would be perfect too.

    Ignacio MontiIgnacio Monti7 dni temu
    • @Juwan Hammock that would be dope, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin as raw tag team champions, MVP as us champion and Bobby Lashley as WWE champion.

      Ignacio MontiIgnacio Monti5 dni temu
    • I can see that because the hurt business said they want all titles

      Juwan HammockJuwan Hammock7 dni temu
  • The Glorious Showoffs.

    reggie wolfpacreggie wolfpac7 dni temu
    • @Angel Lopez Well thank you.

      reggie wolfpacreggie wolfpac7 dni temu
    • I like that name

      Angel LopezAngel Lopez7 dni temu
  • Dolph ziggler and Robert roode official smackdown

    Daniel markuDaniel marku7 dni temu
  • Robert Roode is future champion on his own.💙🖤👍👍🤘🤘

    Marc OrtegaMarc Ortega7 dni temu
    • Robert Roode is absolutely glorious

      H LH L7 dni temu
  • Robert Roode is too much like Triple H, and that's what's killing him besides his height. But damn, Roode can kick a promo like no other......such fire. I definitely miss the It Factor.

    TriplomatXTriplomatX7 dni temu
    • Beer Money vs DX was a dream match of mine.

      nobody caresnobody cares6 dni temu
    • Robert Roode is one of the best wrestlers in the world

      H LH L7 dni temu
    • Bobby Roode's Choir gimmick is still amazing....but Vince won't give him the tv time to be "Glorious" and outside that, Roode is just like Triple H, and nobody with He's style gets over

      TriplomatXTriplomatX7 dni temu
    • Dolph is the best promo in wwe along with sasha banks

      Loyal KickerLoyal Kicker7 dni temu
    • Bobby is garbage in WWE because of Vince's stupidass. In TNA he was Gold.

      Trixster690Trixster6907 dni temu
  • He's right...Mondays do suck😑

    Rohan DyerRohan Dyer7 dni temu
    • I wouldn't go that far (although I do prefer Smackdown brand more than Raw brand).

      Ryan PorchiaRyan Porchia7 dni temu
  • RAW

  • Dont lie who else has been a fan of WWE AlsO I'M SUBSCRIBING to anyone who subscribes to me

    American OpenAmerican Open7 dni temu
  • Roode needs to Be Solo and i Dont give a f since his Name is Robert Im saying Bobby welp dolph and roode are Smackdown Smackdown:ARE YOU READY FOR THE GOOD TIME?

    Mಠ_ಠMಠ_ಠ7 dni temu
    • Robert*

      KingAwfDallazKingAwfDallaz5 dni temu
    • wwe FRiAY night SMACK down ok Teddy long MAURO Ranallo HAPPY TONIGHT TODAY Network okay ok Julian McMahon And the other one Going through the process of getting FOX News Reported Earnings from A New HAPPY

      Ashraf AlsahoolyAshraf Alsahooly7 dni temu
    • Werent Dolph and Roode on smackdown before they got traded to Raw with AJ Styles? Then got drafted back to smackdown?

      afam pasafam pas7 dni temu