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2 cze 2020
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A new short film from the creators of "The Gift"

  • 3K dislike? but why?

    Ganip RaGanip Ra49 minut temu
  • Beautiful, Thanks the gift. It opened the windows of my brains.

    The Jaguar of CorporatesThe Jaguar of CorporatesGodzinę temu
  • ❣️

    Ken BrownKen Brown2 godzin temu
  • I'm not quite sure what it means but I can't stop crying~👏😭 I feel it in my heart

    Euge LimónEuge Limón3 godzin temu
  • After 7 years who seeing this anime.2021

    jashim jasejashim jase4 godzin temu
  • It was obvious! The Box is the red Spy...

    johnconnorjohnconnor6 godzin temu
  • 👍

    TheEmperorTheEmperor11 godzin temu
  • Just wasted 12 min.

    Ciro AbdallaCiro Abdalla12 godzin temu
  • NICE VIDEO very Good Well done INDEED.

    RICKY ShOWRICKY ShOW14 godzin temu
    • Nice movie

      The Jaguar of CorporatesThe Jaguar of CorporatesGodzinę temu
  • Best short movie I’ve seen

    HILAEITHILAEIT14 godzin temu
  • damn. I am that dog

    Tommy ShelbyTommy Shelby14 godzin temu
  • Everyone has a passion for life in life, these passions are the values ​​that make us who we are.

    Zabit ParlakkılıçZabit Parlakkılıç14 godzin temu
  • this is the best story ever after hihihi

    Sandrina Raisya A KSandrina Raisya A K15 godzin temu
  • Need some one to trist in a true and not comercial human right posicion ! Tô meke itje diference. Wanna tô know my project ?

    Defensoria BrasilDefensoria Brasil16 godzin temu
  • (بِسۡمِ ٱللَّهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِیمِ ٱقۡتَرَبَ لِلنَّاسِ حِسَابُهُمۡ وَهُمۡ فِی غَفۡلَةࣲ مُّعۡرِضُونَ) [Surah Al-Anbiya' 1]

    Mee HirMee Hir16 godzin temu
  • What manga is this?

    MaverickMaverick16 godzin temu
  • wait, but what's inside the box?

    miLk bErrymiLk bErry18 godzin temu
    • Its empty because in life you will fill it with happiness,love,pain,sorrow,success, etc.

      Evan IcyFlames.Ch氷の炎Evan IcyFlames.Ch氷の炎18 godzin temu
  • seems like i'm the only one who noticed how good the animation is, the black and white theme and the only colour present being red. so iconic.

    TemisolaTemisola19 godzin temu
  • ❤💯✅

    Mu,aawiye Omar AbdullahMu,aawiye Omar Abdullah19 godzin temu
  • Found this at such a right time. I had always been a bright student but for the past two years,I started running away from my books. I could not understand what went wrong with me and where. This vedio gives me hope. I have to take up one of the most important exams after 3 months. I will work hard this time . Will update my results too!

    Mansi PriyaMansi Priya20 godzin temu
  • There is nothing in the box. The girl: are you sure? Look for it again. Maybe you have luck this time.

    Kazi RufaidaKazi Rufaida20 godzin temu
  • Is it possible to giving up national identity or nationality ? Anybody reply please

    Rubina ParveenRubina Parveen21 godzinę temu
  • I´m Batmannnn

    Richard MathesonRichard Matheson22 godzin temu
  • Beautiful

    meet sugatmeet sugat23 godzin temu
  • I have the same luck I don't have any good time

    Harry PotterHarry Potter23 godzin temu
  • Video title -who are you ? Me in mind -well, I am the person, who is watching youtube videos in home😐😐

    Shubham SharmaShubham SharmaDzień temu
  • Ehilà 🤪🤔

  • 9:11 It doesn't make any sense🤔

    Sudesh ShresthaSudesh ShresthaDzień temu
  • (happy, warm comment)

    김규현김규현Dzień temu
  • Love it 💜

    AshiAshiDzień temu
  • I watched the whole thing and here's what I got from it: I didn't understand shit loool

    Gabrielle VerasGabrielle VerasDzień temu
  • Disclaimer: you can just read the moral from our lords of interpretation in comments instead of wasting 13 minutes of your life on a video you found in recommendations

    girgis adelgirgis adelDzień temu
  • ✔...whoosah...✔

    David Sinar LDavid Sinar LDzień temu
  • Yea we bring distraction ok ..... so?

    Eliah HighEliah HighDzień temu
  • Discovering this channel feels like a gift

    Félix GFélix GDzień temu
  • This resonates with me. In my perspective, the writer got his idea for his second novel once he realized that someone personally cares about him. All the fame in the world couldn't satisfy and spark his mind because fame is superficial at best. Sure, it can be nice to have everyone claim they like you and to have a lot of money from that, but when it comes to making you truly happy fame can't ever beat a personal connection with someone. That's what I long for in life, and that's the message I get from this animation.

    Sea of PurpleSea of PurpleDzień temu
  • I didn't like this @ all. Watch the short film Employee!

    Dead Artist 88Dead Artist 88Dzień temu
  • Everyone showing their inner buddha in the comments and here i am, feeling sad for the dog Edit: The dog lives!

    Srikanya ChakrabortySrikanya ChakrabortyDzień temu
  • I also want to be a writer 😊

    Moutushi MandalMoutushi MandalDzień temu
  • I m crazy..

    Beytullah YılmazBeytullah YılmazDzień temu
  • Can you see that boy at the middle of the thumbnail? Yes, that shy, introvert boy. No?, I'm the invisible one.

    xVxXPrinceXxVxxVxXPrinceXxVxDzień temu
  • Someone tell me what there was in that box, i'm going crazy. I know there was nothing but TELL ME WHAT THERE WAS IN THE BOX

    Nicole BerNicole BerDzień temu
    • @The Gift HAHHAHAHA pleasee

      Nicole BerNicole BerDzień temu
    • gph.is/2gILWdl

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Who are you? A full set of memories.

    如花似雪如花似雪Dzień temu
  • I liked this, but everyone talks like they are aliens in a children's cartoon. The script translation needed a little more work.

    ImCurrentlyNakedImCurrentlyNakedDzień temu
  • I hope things worked out w him and the girl in the red dress. It looked like they liked each other.

    Bravest ChickenBravest ChickenDzień temu
  • thanks for drawing and sharing thats very nice and made my night

    Cheuk Lun ChiuCheuk Lun ChiuDzień temu
    • gph.is/2qx6Dej

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu

    AÜM ĞAMİNG 15AÜM ĞAMİNG 15Dzień temu
  • Excellent 👌

    • gph.is/Z0dXLq

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Very Good!

    Dayse LemosDayse LemosDzień temu
    • gph.is/Z0dXLq

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Mình xem xong mà vẫn không hiểu rõ, đọc bình luận cũng không giúp được gì. Vì sao lại là một cái hộp rỗng? Một câu chuyện có lẽ là ý nghĩa nhưng xem xong mình thấy confused quá.😞

    Anmade _Anmade _2 dni temu
    • gph.is/2phPsP1

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Am I the only one who can't stop wonder why everything in the animation is in Spanish?

    SimónSimón2 dni temu
    • Because the ppl that made it are Hispanic silly :))

      moasluvmoasluvDzień temu
  • The visual style reminds me of old The New Yorker cartoons.

    Donna SnyderDonna Snyder2 dni temu
    • gph.is/2foLcde

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • The secret asparagus nutritionally juggle because bead steadily beam atop a chemical wallaby. irate, standing cake

    Zach PorterZach Porter2 dni temu
  • Muy bueno

    Tomas AguileraTomas Aguilera2 dni temu
    • gph.is/Z0dXLq

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Poor dog

    FrayCurielFrayCuriel2 dni temu
    • 13:07 ☝️

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • The red style is interesting but i feel it really distracting. It is hard for me to focus on the content.

    Alexander HelgesenAlexander Helgesen2 dni temu
  • i am random dude

    Random DudeRandom Dude2 dni temu
  • The key to happiness is to stop chasing this world, worldly pleasures are temporary and don't fill the gap inside us however knowledge and bettering ourselves and living a God centric life will fill that gap inside us❤️

    Mahdi KassemMahdi Kassem2 dni temu
  • "Think outside the box"

    nahh joenahh joe2 dni temu
  • I came here hoping i would find something that helps me figure out who i am. Now i have even more questions

    Előd KovácsElőd Kovács2 dni temu
    • gph.is/g/ZnqO7Ka

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • I am a camera man

    Ilyas MohamedIlyas Mohamed2 dni temu
  • Ted mosby

    Serkan OdabasiSerkan Odabasi2 dni temu
  • بالله حد يفهمني ايه الي حصل مشان يشتهر

    Mariam AhmedMariam Ahmed2 dni temu
  • Thank you for The Gift hahahahah

    Sara LarissaSara Larissa2 dni temu
  • Absolutely amazing....

    Dipta BhadraDipta Bhadra2 dni temu
    • gph.is/1Vahirl

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu

    GloopGloop2 dni temu
  • So this is where all the nice people on the internet hangs out

    Alma Ea RoseAlma Ea Rose2 dni temu
    • gph.is/1GZa0vJ

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Homeboy's got more color in his shower than I've got in my whole life....

    Jolly CatJolly Cat2 dni temu
  • 'Her' voice actress sounds so fake and im so sorry and disappointed about it

    『vvolleylife』『vvolleylife』2 dni temu
  • Source of all creativity is an empty mind. It's full of possibilities.

    OJTOJT2 dni temu
    • gph.is/2MZHioM

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • "The door closed, but the window opens" Gotta tell this to my GF

    Kent GuillerKent Guiller2 dni temu
  • Im you, but better

    Kent GuillerKent Guiller2 dni temu
  • We shall come 2 d final end one day by GOD's own power, Amen n Amen

    Katumu JibatehKatumu Jibateh2 dni temu
  • Am d one u people ar rebelling against, dat is me but am trying to learn from u all day in day out.

    Katumu JibatehKatumu Jibateh2 dni temu
  • I don't know who I am😔

    mohammad hadimohammad hadi2 dni temu
    • @The Gift heplful for disappointing

      mohammad hadimohammad hadiDzień temu
    • gph.is/VwEn9h

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • 🥺 What is my purpose in life .. I wonder everyday

    Goofy Chai Lover girlGoofy Chai Lover girl2 dni temu
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      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Amazing!

    Michiko BunnyMichiko Bunny2 dni temu
    • gph.is/Z0dXLq

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • somebody tell me.. what was in that box... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fahim Zaman RafiFahim Zaman Rafi2 dni temu
    • gph.is/1pyMX2C

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • I'm only 12 and the way I see it I'm just a kid who worries to much about well everything my mother is an alcoholic and I'm worried she may not see her kids my brother physically and mentally abused me at age 10-12 until we cut him out of my life I hate change because I have only experienced bad change like being so naive to feeling like everything is bleak most kids in my school try to be edgy and act depressed but they never understand that depression isn't sadness it is being numb it's being so numb you would much rather be sad than numb or angry or resentful than numb and I'm sick of people saying "do you need a hotline?" Though this doesn't make me suicidal it makes me want to live through this awful excuse of a life just to see it get better thought it may never truth is I'm a good person who has been kicked more times I can count and I have been walked on though I guess I let it happen I don't need I help I need good change for once some nice light to shine through in my atrocious life By the way I'm sorry for venting

    Why Am I hereWhy Am I here3 dni temu
    • Perla Córdova Álvarez thanks for the support

      Why Am I hereWhy Am I here2 godzin temu
    • You are a great boy who has managed to get to where you are now, do not give up and do not let them take away that desire to live, you can achieve many things even if you are only 12 years old, you will shine forever

      Perla Córdova ÁlvarezPerla Córdova Álvarez14 godzin temu
  • Is my is my mother goose club out.

    May HaiMay Hai3 dni temu
  • I hate bikers on sidewalk !!!

    Ari ZafraAri Zafra3 dni temu
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    메르메로메르메로3 dni temu
  • Complete, but with just enough space for the viewer's interpretation.

    theartist Diamondtheartist Diamond3 dni temu
    • gph.is/2MZHioM

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • That credit scene is spectacular

    Kevin CardosoKevin Cardoso3 dni temu
    • @The Gift 😂

      Kevin CardosoKevin CardosoDzień temu
    • gph.is/1OwtShj

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Estaba bien preocupada por el perro, me alegre verlo nuevamente al final, pero también me dio otro susto jaja Excelente trabajo :)

    smiling dreamssmiling dreams3 dni temu
    • gph.is/1xQLcVL

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • sahajayoga meditation is the scientific meditation which has proved by the scientists. beneficial for all human beings. here you get self realization, inner peace. also helps to improve the memory power.

    rani madarashrani madarash3 dni temu
  • Noo poor doggy

    Rok VelićRok Velić3 dni temu
    • 13:07 ☝️

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • How was this free to watch

    MalixirMalixir3 dni temu
    • gph.is/1pyMX2C

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • I absolutely LOVE this

    Flora MiedemaFlora Miedema3 dni temu
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      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Perfect😍😍

    Qarabağ YoluQarabağ Yolu3 dni temu
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  • ❤️

    呱子呱子3 dni temu
    • ❤️+❤️

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  • I'm a bush!

    • Hi Abush

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Why is everyone explaining it? I'm very confused

    mario bocchiardimario bocchiardi3 dni temu
    • gph.is/1pyMX2C

      The GiftThe GiftDzień temu
  • Just hyped. Nothing new

    Prathamesh JoshiPrathamesh Joshi3 dni temu
  • why did I though about Fake love when I read the title

    Lisa-LingLisa-Ling3 dni temu
  • Someone: who are you Me: l'm batman

    Edwin CibiEdwin Cibi3 dni temu
  • Can someone marry me and take me to america ? I'll pay for you

  • Muito bom

    Fabio mrqsFabio mrqs3 dni temu
  • Very cute

    ShikirumiShikirumi3 dni temu
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  • why does youtube recommend me this video, do I really have to know who am I?

    Harshit TripathiHarshit Tripathi3 dni temu
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