HS Freshman Shocks Collegiate 800m

25 sty 2020
8 671 577 wyświetleń

Watch more race videos here: bit.ly/2tDR3FD
High school freshman Sophia Gorriaran hits the jets to run a US No. 2 prep 800m in 2:06.70 at the 2020 BU John Thomas Terrier Classic.
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  • Where was the shock? Who was the high schooler? Thumbs down for this video.

    Encyclopedia AmericanaEncyclopedia Americana20 godzin temu
  • I heard more exciting commentary looking at swatches in a fabric store.

    F. MurphyF. Murphy2 dni temu
  • Taniah

    Suhaimi MohamadSuhaimi Mohamad3 dni temu
  • Announcer: "The blonde from West Point is no longer in the lead, I'm outta here."

    Chungwei WangChungwei Wang5 dni temu
  • That’s a really good Jr High boys time

    CaugustusWCaugustusW5 dni temu
  • Tumba de los padres del Papa en Polonia en Cracovia. plworld.info/show/e2BspcqXj2rYfpc/wideo.html

    Wojciech KorzeniewskiWojciech Korzeniewski5 dni temu
  • Announcer sounded fine to me. And I clicked to see the HS Frosh run.

    D22 Williams.22D22 Williams.227 dni temu
  • 운동선수도 기도당으로 인도해주옵소서 육십갑자일내내 기원합니다 소원합니다 약사여래부처님 약사여래부처님 약사여래부처님🙏

    김판종김판종7 dni temu
  • 👍😁🏃

    jh _jh _8 dni temu
  • 👍💪❤❤❤❤❤💖💕💞🌷

    hasna yasminehasna yasmine8 dni temu
  • Fooled the watchers.

    Hemant BelsareHemant Belsare9 dni temu
  • So good 👍👌

    Món ngon Việt - HànMón ngon Việt - Hàn9 dni temu
  • Nice run

    Rob DidRob Did9 dni temu
  • Wow, the announcer absolutely sucked are you kidding me.

    rickt1951rickt19519 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/k2ajk5Orr36aZ7Q/wideo.html

    Handsome BulldogHandsome Bulldog10 dni temu
  • Așa se întâmplă și in credinta creștină,,Cei din urmă vor fii cei dintâi".

    Nicolae IordanNicolae Iordan10 dni temu
  • How the announcer get this job is what I want to know!

    PT mePT me11 dni temu
  • worst race call I have ever heard

    XandermanXanderman11 dni temu
  • Meh...

    Ryan TourneyRyan Tourney11 dni temu
  • I could of done it in a flat 2.oo hours ,no big deal

    Mark BegleyMark Begley11 dni temu
  • Had you made it clear on what was so shocking, it would have helped. Otherwise, it was just a bunch of girls running laps.

    Tom BarkerTom Barker11 dni temu
  • 800 m,??

    Tamara KoumTamara Koum12 dni temu
  • Was this guy even watching the race?

    Right On With Jon CraneRight On With Jon Crane12 dni temu
  • Back straight away??

    Alan GordonAlan Gordon12 dni temu
  • plworld.info/show/opt9arGto4LQlc4/wideo.html

    AY-DU TVAY-DU TV13 dni temu
  • "If you win, we will get pizza on the way home" *comeback music starts to play*

    SaintbowSaintbow14 dni temu
  • Wow the announcer did such a great job. Made it so exciting to watch. LOL

    James Hairy knucklesJames Hairy knuckles14 dni temu
  • Go home and have some kids.

    BUZ1952 ZBUZ1952 Z14 dni temu
  • never mind---i want this girl who was at first on the lead, piggy tails

    Март AuthorМарт Author15 dni temu
  • The announcer sounds hungover lol

    Justa ServantJusta Servant15 dni temu
  • Announcer has low energy like Jeb Bush !!

    Food ForesterFood Forester16 dni temu
  • How can a ‘freshman’ be a woman? America needs to modify its terms.

    Mike NMike N16 dni temu
  • Is it just me, or do they not seem to be breathing through their mouths much... I know if I'm putting out max effort, I'm sucking in as much air as I can, some of them have their mouths closed.

    Scocasso VegetusScocasso Vegetus16 dni temu
  • If you wanna hear the best announcing for an 800m race, tune into the 800m Olympic finals for the 2012 olympics. Rip to this announcer, bc I was hardly captivated

    Geronimo VinceGeronimo Vince16 dni temu
  • Awesome song: plworld.info/show/pWZomdjJaZbHnqg/wideo.html

    Keith Alan MartinezKeith Alan Martinez16 dni temu
  • Воля к победе

    Валерий КудряшевВалерий Кудряшев17 dni temu
  • Shocks? Click bait AGAIN.

    Skylab 5691Skylab 569117 dni temu
  • Great White Hope.

    California DreamingCalifornia Dreaming17 dni temu
  • That Announcer is lost

    island boyisland boy18 dni temu
  • I expected more energy and for the announcer to mention how unique it was for someone so young to mount a finish like that.

    rticle15rticle1518 dni temu
  • I thought Marv Albert was bad this guy topper him,,Sophia won because she was dead last,,as the race progressed she was pulling along,the other were thinking of running to Starbucks lol

    Jorge BobeJorge Bobe18 dni temu
  • That appeared to be a heat race... what happened in the finals?

    Darr247Darr24718 dni temu
  • Awesome race young lady! Announcer should have been as awe struck as I was! Total goofball.

    Gary SheppardGary Sheppard18 dni temu
  • Freshman? Can’t see no man.

    Daz NobesDaz Nobes18 dni temu
  • Aaaah hell yah!!! Nice job ma!!!

    Victor EnriquezVictor Enriquez19 dni temu
  • She is so fast because she drinks five F-E-L-L-A-T-I-O smoothies every day!!!

    Julio MunozJulio Munoz19 dni temu
  • The winner was last for awhile!! Did good

    Cynthia SiddallCynthia Siddall20 dni temu
  • Side by side down the back straight away for about 1 second🤣. Sophia blew by that chick!

    Andrea RatkovicAndrea Ratkovic20 dni temu
  • BORING commentator!

    yinyangthangyinyangthang21 dzień temu
  • He calling but blind as fuck lol

    jun chenjun chen21 dzień temu
  • Inteligente! Estrategia d ritmo y resistencia. ✨

    Cesar NievaCesar Nieva21 dzień temu
  • It seems that Anna Tovkach was really NOT a "tough catch". After leading the race she finished in 5th place.

    Natalie BoydNatalie Boyd21 dzień temu
  • Dang..that's history

    Puradise with JayPuradise with Jay22 dni temu
  • Upvoted this for the performance of Sophia Gorriaran. To heck with the unconscious announcer...

    Peter Day I AmPeter Day I Am22 dni temu
  • ...more PLworld Crap !!

    winner trumpwinner trump22 dni temu
  • Why in the wide wide world of sports was this video recommended for me?

    Canby NormanCanby Norman22 dni temu
  • Has a commentator ever demonstrated a greater lack of knowledge or interest?

    sewob147sewob14723 dni temu
  • Its not how well you start, but how well you finish.

    EJ VymerEJ Vymer23 dni temu
  • Instant scholarship for that young lady! Well done!!!!

    William WardWilliam Ward23 dni temu
  • Would of been more exciting without the announcer.

    dihskursivdihskursiv23 dni temu
  • And I just broke 3 minutes😂 2:59

    kojihugr87 jmnbgatrekojihugr87 jmnbgatre23 dni temu
  • Instead of using meters in America, why not just say about 5.48 yards instead of about 5 meters?

    jockellisjockellis23 dni temu
  • This announcer doesn't have a clue of the runners, lots of pauses, not sure of what he supposed to say. Change a career bud, maybe calling a hockey game might be good for you. Fast pace action might be the ticket. All the best. Cheers

    caddyrackcaddyrack24 dni temu
  • If sleepy joe biden was an announcer...

    timgraysontvtimgraysontv24 dni temu
  • Fire that announcer.

    J MJ M25 dni temu
  • From the title, I expected something unexpected. They ran. Some ran faster and one ran fastest to win. Oooh.

    Gold TalonGold Talon25 dni temu
  • Not bad doing a 1/2 mile good time

    1william B1william B25 dni temu
  • Dear God you are the worst sports commentator I have EVER heard

    ajneufeld762ajneufeld76226 dni temu
  • If you are calling any race, you MUST know every runner in the race. What a shocker of a call.

    Graham LeadbeatterGraham Leadbeatter26 dni temu
  • Going from last to first. And that's how the announcer reacts. Lol!

    Elvis BladeElvis Blade26 dni temu
  • He didn't even know her name...

    Richard MillerRichard Miller26 dni temu
  • *Inexperienced Collegiate Announcer Shocks Audience | 800 m

    Im Not a Doctor ButIm Not a Doctor But26 dni temu
  • comments suck. not everyone can be an abc announcer. nobody broke a world record, calm down.

    stormy weatherstormy weather26 dni temu
  • I started walking 2 miles a day.....It's now been 3 months and I'm miles from home and have no idea where I am !

    Carl O.Carl O.26 dni temu
    • You just went past my house

      Kit HeartKit Heart11 dni temu
    • You might have a bright future ahead of you (after all, the future lies ahead) assuming you find your way home before hypothermia sets in.

      Robert BarnesRobert Barnes24 dni temu
  • It seems that Anna Tovkach was really NOT a "tough catch". After leading the race she finished in 5th place.

    Peter JPeter J27 dni temu
  • В стиле Борзаковского

    74Renat7474Renat7427 dni temu
  • He only know one of their names

    Zee’s WorldZee’s World27 dni temu
  • Good kick

    c a gc a g27 dni temu
  • She had heart

    Freedom ConstitutionFreedom Constitution28 dni temu
  • Terrible announcer. Didn't even keep track of the leading 3. Didn't clarify the track length (seemed smaller than 400m) or how far to go from the bell. That was a chance for some great announcing due to the unexpectedly great high school runner, but he blew it. Fantastic race for someone so young. It can be very intimidating to run against such older more seasoned runners. Most HS freshmen are intimidated just by High School. Also, a lot of the college runners start really fast on the first 300 yards or so, and it takes a lot of faith to hang on and not get discouraged.

    Martin HafnerMartin Hafner28 dni temu
  • To everybody who is faulting the announcer... he obviously wasn't given the information prior to the race. He probably just had her name, and "unattached". You can hear him fumble about "air force colors" and then there is nothing, because he didn't want to say, "currently in first, runner #6 who is not on my sheet".

    gdeangelkickgdeangelkick28 dni temu
  • Did you dub in another announcers voice from another race? Helen Keller could have done a better job.

    T smithT smith28 dni temu
  • This girl will be one of the best runners in the world in 4 years.

    Craig HondoCraig Hondo28 dni temu
  • Announcer must have been reading "Better Homes & Gardens" during the race.

    Martin ZenderMartin Zender29 dni temu
  • Is it my imagination, or did the announcer suck?

    Martin ZenderMartin Zender29 dni temu
  • Who THE FUCK is that shitazz announcer? Great job pal!

    Stutz BearcatStutz Bearcat29 dni temu
  • SHOCKING!!!! World will never be the same !!!

    WD DubWD Dub29 dni temu
  • Who’s the moron who was announcing the race? Geessh!!

    Kim BrunsKim Bruns29 dni temu
  • Folks, that was an unattached High School freshman 9th grader that just smoked those college girls...

    William LucasWilliam Lucas29 dni temu
  • The surprising thing was that announcer was Sophia's dad.

    C HC H29 dni temu
  • That’s a fucked up announcer! High school competitor smokes the college competition and he has no excitement in his voice? He doesn’t even know her name, if he doesn’t like women/girls in competitive athletics go announce boys soccer. That’s about his level of broadcasting🤬

    Paul SpearmanPaul SpearmanMiesiąc temu
  • "Unattached".

    bobbybobbyMiesiąc temu
  • That announcer was terrible. Where's the excitement bro?

    Saint PSaint PMiesiąc temu
  • Please tell me the announcer was blind, although still not acceptable.

    James MillerJames MillerMiesiąc temu
  • Kinda boring.

    Brian NolanBrian NolanMiesiąc temu
  • He didn't even know.

    Commander Golf SwingCommander Golf SwingMiesiąc temu
  • y

    miguel pantamiguel pantaMiesiąc temu
  • Final fifty meters, DING DING DING DING DING, bell lap...

    Lars HowenLars HowenMiesiąc temu
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  • what race was this guy calling?

    Norm LeeNorm LeeMiesiąc temu