Lonely - Justin Bieber & benny blanco (1 HOUR LOOP)

16 paź 2020
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1 hour loop of the new song 'Lonely' by Justin Bieber with benny blanco
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This is the new song by Justin Bieber, following Holy, 'Lonely' with producer benny blanco starring actor Jacob Tremblay playing a young Justin Bieber in his Baby/My World era. In this emotional, raw song Bieber sings about his past as a young star and how lonely he was and how vulnerable he wants to be and he wants to cry. He also sings about the criticism he received as an 'idiot kid'. Justin describes how becoming a superstar at such a young age affected him (he was discovered by Scooter Braun when he was only 13), reflecting on how he sacrificed his privacy and adolescence for fame and wealth. He is now happily married to wife, Hailey Bieber.

  • Is this Justin's best song?👇 1 hour loop of 'positions' by Ariana Grande plworld.info/show/lqOsndSyqZqzpdo/wideo.html

    020cine020cineMiesiąc temu
    • @020cine q1a

      David HousetonDavid HousetonDzień temu
    • Yes this is his best song.

      Nevaeh TorresNevaeh Torres4 dni temu
    • Ggggģ

      Tibe Van LanduytTibe Van Landuyt4 dni temu
    • @Monica Sabrina in my opinion, yes

      Br4nden_GamingBr4nden_Gaming6 dni temu
    • Is it ok to still love that person who is taken....?

      Monica SabrinaMonica Sabrina6 dni temu
  • I feel every word cause my life is like that but now he hast haiely and I don’t 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    sarah josiesarah josie6 godzin temu
  • 12:46-12:58, this is relatable to my situation I’m in....

    XXDr.Anonynous XXXXDr.Anonynous XX10 godzin temu
  • My mom and sister left me 4 months ago. I’m alone with my dad that I hardly ever see cause he’s at work and on vacation all the time. So I’m alone all the time...

    XXDr.Anonynous XXXXDr.Anonynous XX10 godzin temu
  • This song feels like my school life

    Ryleigh DonovanRyleigh Donovan21 godzinę temu
  • Team Dubiel ! Ty wygrałeś !!❤️

    X DX DDzień temu
  • this song better then the other ones im not lying i was crying :(

    Rose_PieRose_PieDzień temu
  • Marcin jesteśmy z tobą ta piosenka teraz będzie się kojarzyła tylko z tobą WYGRAŁEŚ TO!!!!!!

    kohana tygrysicakohana tygrysicaDzień temu
  • Can relate so much to this, it’s sad but I do, so many people around me and still feel lonely

    Jessie LouiseJessie LouiseDzień temu
  • This video help me to sleep Help me to not click the same video for many time

    Eko PrayudiEko Prayudi2 dni temu
  • It just really. Hard sometimes you know🥺😭😢

    Adrian_the_og106 _Adrian_the_og106 _2 dni temu
  • łał

    Sonia SpychalskaSonia Spychalska2 dni temu
  • This hits me hard.. My brothers are always Ignoring me, calling me names. I dont feel like I fit into my family a lot of the time. My sister never talks to me, and my parents love me, but I just.. I dont know. Its off.. I stay up for hours helping my mom sleep at night sometimes. All through that, I still get yelled at for "repeatedly" not taking care of my responsibilities. I have issues too, you know? I have a sickness, or something that in some situations I an So happy that I will literally give my car keys away. It scares me a little bit cuz I might regret it some day. Then, I can just break down into tears without knowing why. I just dont know why. And no matter how many people are around me, I still feel so lonely. I'm a bit weird, as a lot of people say, but that's me. That Is me. Love your family everyone, Keep them company, Be kind. That's it. Be. Kind.

    Xtrad3ad1Xtrad3ad12 dni temu
  • xd

  • Maybe then you'd know me....

    Alexander RossAlexander Ross2 dni temu
  • I fell in love with him from his first song then I became very selfish when Bieber was with Selena, I didn't like him, I stopped following him, just listened to the song. then many scandals happened. I don't like him even more. Until I heard this song, then I realized. Why did I have to leave him first?I feel so guilty. I'm a complete idiot, right?

    Mine SugaMine Suga2 dni temu
  • Uhh best song check I never heard a better song

    Kareem KurdiKareem Kurdi3 dni temu
  • Échale otra hora no? JAJAJA DIGO U.U

    Michel RodriguezMichel Rodriguez3 dni temu
  • Your the best justin !!

    look am prolook am pro4 dni temu
  • I have been a fan of justin bieber since I was 3.

    Nevaeh TorresNevaeh Torres4 dni temu
  • I love your song

    Jayden CamposJayden Campos4 dni temu
  • Who watched it for 1 hour (ME)

    MediaBloxMediaBlox4 dni temu
  • Damn I wanna loop this song first te i heard it in radio... Now we have this video and so many ppl here. Glad that I am not alo~o~oo~ooo~ne

    Jeff LimJeff Lim4 dni temu
  • LYRICS: Everybody knows my name now But something bout it still feels strange Like looking in the mirror Tryna steady yourself and seeing somebody else And everything is not the same now It feels like all our lives have changed Maybe when I'm older, it'll all calm down But it's killing me now What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fucking lonely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely Everybody knows my past now Like my house was always made of glass And maybe that's the price you pay For the money and fame at an early age And everybody saw me sick And it felt like no one gave a shit They criticized the things I did As an idiot kid What if you had it all but nobody to call? Maybe then you'd know me Cause I've had everything But no one's listening And that's just fucking lonely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo-o-o-onely I'm so lo-o-o-onely Lo

    emran husseiniemran husseini4 dni temu
  • Marcin Dubiel is the polish yt He walked into the boxing ring with that song in the background. Many people feel that the words of this song describe it well.

    WiktoriaWiktoria4 dni temu
  • Ty For this!

    Botero XDBotero XD5 dni temu
  • I lost my mom and my father is in jail and my sister died I'm so lonely I feel like I should just kill myself to so I don't have to cry every night and feel the pain it's hard when you have no friends no family no girls will ever like just look at my profile pic I am ugly 💔💔😥😥😥

    Blake GuildBlake Guild5 dni temu
  • I’m so lonely 😭😭😭 I just don’t wanna wake up.. the mask we carry all days for people can see it is so freaking heavy.. trying to fit.. to love but nothing is enough.. damn..

    Annie.mAnnie.m5 dni temu
  • 🤫 don’t tell anyone ,I can relate 🙊

    Erika ZuritaErika Zurita5 dni temu
  • Komentarz dla Marcina Dubiela! ❤ Jesteśmy z Tobą!! 💕

    ana axana ax6 dni temu
  • No puedo creer que me pasé una hora escuchando esta canción

    Isaac Huarcaya RivasIsaac Huarcaya Rivas6 dni temu
  • Szkoda że tu nie ma komentarzy o Marcinie Dubielu

    Bartek LalikBartek Lalik6 dni temu
  • Mogę ta piosenkę słuchać godzinami a to wszystko dzięki Dubielowi kochamy cie Marcin i czekamy na kolejne walki ♥️❤️

    Emilka SkotnicznaEmilka Skotniczna6 dni temu
  • I am lonley 2

    BombersBombers6 dni temu
  • For some reason it made me emotional 😔❤️

    StevieStevie6 dni temu
  • this is one of the best song of justin.... no cap

    FX_FhddFX_Fhdd6 dni temu
  • This loop is the best thing after this song♥️😩😻🤞🏽🥰

    Alexandra CardosoAlexandra Cardoso6 dni temu
  • That's what I need right now

    ostblocklatinaostblocklatina7 dni temu
  • my fav song and my fav men MARCIN DUBIEL

    Julia StrojekJulia Strojek7 dni temu
    • :)

      Eryka WołosEryka Wołos6 dni temu
  • Marcin Dubiel ❤️

    Mario BrawlMario Brawl7 dni temu
  • jest bardzo fajna i wyraża całe moje życie

    sweet YUTOsweet YUTO7 dni temu
    • To tak jak u mnie

      Eryka WołosEryka Wołos6 dni temu
  • thanks for this video it relaxes me for a couple of hours and I identify with this song

    ღSänı Studio'sღღSänı Studio'sღ8 dni temu
  • Im so lo-o-o-onely

    Oliviaplaysroblox :3Oliviaplaysroblox :38 dni temu
  • I love This song

    Oliviaplaysroblox :3Oliviaplaysroblox :38 dni temu
  • this song almost made me cry

    Adrienne PittmanAdrienne Pittman8 dni temu
  • This song made me cry

    JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • Thank you for this

    JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • I can relate in mostly every way except money and fam and people don’t really no my name. Anyways I used to dislike Justin Bieber and know I feel bad that he feels this way and the way that people talk about him is kinda sad

    Jenna BeardenJenna Bearden9 dni temu
    • You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • that exactly what i was looking for. thanks

    Yannick OliviaYannick Olivia9 dni temu
  • Ok. 2 hours in a row should be good enough for now...

    Adam WallaceAdam Wallace9 dni temu
  • This song hits different when your lonely 😥😥

    Mrs WrightMrs Wright9 dni temu
    • Agree. You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • i like this song tho is so good

    I crackI crack9 dni temu
  • 😍

    Χρήστος ΠαιΧρήστος Παι9 dni temu
  • I feel so detached from everyone and everything , but this song makes me feel better it’s the one thing I can relate to

    John GivensJohn Givens9 dni temu
    • Someone out there is there for you

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • Becoming an adult i don't know why i'm feeling so lonely. Friends family somehow feel like strangers don't know who to talk to, just keep it to myself and thats feeling is really the worst

    Stream harderStream harder9 dni temu
    • @JJ Mthank you so much (TT)

      Stream harderStream harder8 dni temu
    • You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
    • @John Givens stay strong for us✋

      Stream harderStream harder8 dni temu
    • Exactly, it’s like you’re in the world alone , watching everyone’s interaction but nobody can see/hear you.

      John GivensJohn Givens9 dni temu
  • Makes me sad bcus my favorite grandpa died

    Geovanni RodriguezGeovanni Rodriguez9 dni temu
    • @JJ M whant to be friends

      Geovanni RodriguezGeovanni Rodriguez8 dni temu
    • @JJ M Thank you ❤

      Geovanni RodriguezGeovanni Rodriguez8 dni temu
    • I’m sorry for your loss

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • This song makes me think about my sad life

    jixl_6jixl_69 dni temu
    • @JJ M thanks

      jixl_6jixl_68 dni temu
    • Don’t be sad. You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • Je l'écouterais 24/24h si je pouvais 😍🥰

    Kimberley van den brockKimberley van den brock10 dni temu
  • Lonely

    Alina CsercsesAlina Csercses10 dni temu
  • I Love the music😍

    Roblox LilyRoblox Lily10 dni temu
  • It’s sad to see so many people having issues here, and I feel for Justin. I’m going through a battle with my self everyday that I’m losing but I have my misses around me who helps me get through it, I just want to say we’re all in this together, fuck the negativity and try to bring positivity out of any little bit of negativity. It makes me feel apart of something when people out there have the same struggles as me. STAY STRONG EVERYONE

    liam evansliam evans10 dni temu
  • i love when he whent like, uh oh uh oh uh oh uh

    KraftyKrafty10 dni temu
  • Back when Justin first became a _thing_ so to speak, I was head over heels. But then everyone thought he became shitty. He cheated on *many* people, refused to take pictures with disabled people, etc., and I thought, "oh look, another celebrity bitch." Then this song came out, and those lines: What if you had it all But nobody to call? Maybe then, you'd know me 'Cause I've had everything But no one's listening That hit hard. Justin Beiber's been a lot. And now the only idiot was me, for thinking he was an arrogant idiot

    mariam sadeekmariam sadeek10 dni temu
  • Cette chanson est en train de m'aider à faire ressortir toute la tristesse que je garde en moi depuis presque 1 an

    Maëva BordeauxMaëva Bordeaux11 dni temu
  • ive never felt so attached to a song like this. to everyone reading this, its gonna be ok. just give it some time ok? im here if u need me:)

    DumDumDumDum11 dni temu
  • plsssss rea xxxxxxx mariska xxxxxxxxx i big fan i like have 4 o colck

    Mariska VeugerMariska Veuger11 dni temu
  • 2020 Nirvana

    URBN TREEURBN TREE11 dni temu
  • Im so lo-o-o-onely too

    VIP_ClapzVIP_Clapz11 dni temu
  • I never understood why everyone hated him, all my friends (who acted just as reckless) literally everyone i knew acted worse at some point in their life. It was so weird, it just felt like to me everyone hated him because everyone else did, it was baffling

    Anon TheoryAnon Theory12 dni temu
    • I agree. This song hit hard. Just know that you are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • Me listening to this a month after this was made: I always listen to music lately ;D

    Ravyn HunsickerRavyn Hunsicker12 dni temu
  • This song describes me so well...

    FinTheAnimeWeeb.FinTheAnimeWeeb.13 dni temu
  • love this song!!! 2020

    Priscilla DouglasPriscilla Douglas13 dni temu
  • People

    David Da LuzDavid Da Luz13 dni temu
  • Call the king off ALL the kingdom is coming

    David Da LuzDavid Da Luz13 dni temu
  • This is a special song so beautiful make people understand especially the high rakes god bless you Justin you are special KID

    David Da LuzDavid Da Luz13 dni temu
    • So true

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • Hermoso hermoso, que lindo cantas

    Neeson Tu ananá rubioNeeson Tu ananá rubio13 dni temu
  • this was ALL I NEED

    Angel L.VAngel L.V13 dni temu
  • 💔

    Rush2GodRush2God13 dni temu
  • Perfect song ❤️

    Tú AnhTú Anh14 dni temu
  • Thanks for this man, hits me in a different way.

    Lucas Scott AbrahamLucas Scott Abraham14 dni temu
  • This hits hard💔🤧

    Grim ReaperGrim Reaper14 dni temu
  • i love this

    Dugma GamingDugma Gaming14 dni temu
    • thx

      Dugma GamingDugma Gaming14 dni temu
  • listening to this just reminds me of all the lonely years i sat through as a kid and still sit through as im almost an adult. i just feel like poop

    c o n n o rc o n n o r15 dni temu
    • You are so loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • What kind of dog is in the TV

    LittleLipsLittleLips15 dni temu
  • This song let me cry

    Game MasterGame Master15 dni temu
    • Me too. You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • I cried at night 😕, didn’t expect that.

    Jazmin Rosas AyalaJazmin Rosas Ayala15 dni temu
    • @JJ M thank you 🥺

      Jazmin Rosas AyalaJazmin Rosas Ayala8 dni temu
    • Dry your tears. You are so loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • i am sad

    • esta cancion esta demasiada triste soy bilingue XD

  • I've never been a fan of him but this song is fucking amazing!!!!!!!

    Merna ElsawyMerna Elsawy15 dni temu
  • Hey Hey you Yes you You reading this Your here for a reason If you weren’t then you would not have been born enjoy your life ok just know that your family loves you even if you think they don’t

    AlanaOMG GamesAlanaOMG Games15 dni temu
    • I'm going through a divorce and can't even kill myself right. I'm just here. Im just.. here..

      Adam WallaceAdam Wallace9 dni temu
    • Welcome

      AlanaOMG GamesAlanaOMG Games13 dni temu
    • Thanks Alana god bless you

      David Da LuzDavid Da Luz13 dni temu
  • this song is saying my life

    Miguel Martinez-gilMiguel Martinez-gil15 dni temu
  • To everyone who listened to the whole thing, Who hurt you?

    Amazing GraceAmazing Grace15 dni temu
    • i feel called out and i dont like that lmao

      charlotte hightcharlotte hight3 godzin temu
    • My mom left me 4 months ago, I miss her so much...

      XXDr.Anonynous XXXXDr.Anonynous XX11 godzin temu
    • Life :c

      Eryka WołosEryka Wołos6 dni temu
    • Life

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
    • My husband.

      Alicia CortezAlicia Cortez9 dni temu
  • Hugs to all of y’all .. I’m not fixing to listen to this for an hour .. saw it and decided to check the comments ... WOW 🤗

    Lucille RussellLucille Russell16 dni temu
  • No wonder no one loves me man😖😪

    Summer Sian MartinezSummer Sian Martinez16 dni temu
    • You are loved

      JJ MJJ M8 dni temu
  • I feel this it hits deep I have no one when I struggle the only person I have to turn to is the person in the mirror I see so many families taking pics smiling i wish I had happiness like that but living with depression and anxiety can and will put you in a dark place I fight everyday to stay positive but it really is hard sometimes just feel like giving up 😞

    Raymond GuevaraRaymond Guevara17 dni temu
  • Do a Holy version of this

    thetourettesgmrthetourettesgmr17 dni temu
  • Justin is not gonna read this but sorry man

    Emmeline ThibautEmmeline Thibaut17 dni temu
  • Even all the money and fame in the world in the palm of your hands will leave you empty and lonely! I can complete relate! Not like anyone will ever listen! What if you did have everything you could ever ask for? Would you still wish for more? What if you’re pregnant with your fiancé’s baby and he tells you he has always wished and prayed for a baby and a family of his own? What if you give him his wish and you both go to the doctor appointment and you see that little heartbeat and that little “jellybean baby” move around and dance with joy? Would you be happy? Would you be lonely? What if when you got home from that appointment and your fiancé takes a gun to his own head? What if he pulls the fucking trigger? Would he leave you and your baby?!!? BANG💥 I’m so lonely... So fucking loooo-ohohohoh-nnnlyyyy

    LaShe WestCoastLaShe WestCoast17 dni temu
    • Malakai is his name! I’m not lonely and I’m stronger now! I can’t stand the loud noises of the snow plows, 4th of July, dumpster trucks, New Years, touchdowns at foot ball games, and anything else that involves that gunshot sound that echoed throughout our home. And the part that is killing me the most is that part where I will have to, one day, tell our...MY son, why daddy is GONE! And why daddy never gave a SHIT! you did have it all! You had everything in the world! But the one thing you will NEVER HAVE IS MALAKAI!

      LaShe WestCoastLaShe WestCoast17 dni temu
  • I always didn’t think Justin was a good person but this song I think he’s saying it all now Sorry..

    Keala RiveraKeala Rivera18 dni temu
    • Claro!!! Esta sin Dios nada somos

      arely ramirezarely ramirez5 godzin temu
  • Tnx for this I needeed this loop 😁

    Ian BillenIan Billen18 dni temu
  • I like the song

    Wilson HuangWilson Huang18 dni temu