The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

19 mar 2020
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A huge thanks to the experts who helped us on short notice with the video. Especially “Our World in Data”, the online publication for research and data on the world’s largest problems - and how to make progress solving them. Check out their site. It also includes a constantly updated page on the Corona Pandemic.
In December 2019 the Chinese authorities notified the world that a virus was spreading through their communities. In the following months it spread to other countries, with cases doubling within days. This virus is the “Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus 2”, that causes the disease called COVID19, and that everyone simply calls Coronavirus.
What actually happens when it infects a human and what should we all do?
Sources & further reading:

German Channel: by FUNK
Spanish Channel: by WIX

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    Kurzgesagt – In a NutshellKurzgesagt – In a NutshellMiesiąc temu
    • Can we get an update of this virus?

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    • India 👍

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  • India just start a while a go

    Ali MaghrobyAli Maghroby3 godzin temu
  • I got an ad for how 5G is dangerous during this video Wtf PLworld

    PanPan5 godzin temu
  • Damn this video was made earlier than WHO or government's response lol.

    Programming with SunnyProgramming with Sunny7 godzin temu
  • It's Wuhan virus actually.

    Aditya PandeyAditya Pandey12 godzin temu
  • While we wait for the liberation and the new Nuremberg. The world, faced with an unprecedented aggression against freedom, is living its black days of occupation. This time the combat ammunition was replaced by information and the deadly weapon became the media. A new world war for a new world order is raging in all its drama. And it all started about thirty years ago, when imperceptibly from the media and some associations, sacred cows were purposefully and planned made in preparation for what was to follow. And then these same globalists, billionaires, egocentrics and lunatics took complete control and funding of those same media and associations. From WHO to CCN. Thus, they imperceptibly diminished and devalued the potential of the original democracy and prepared the ground for a direct strike. We are currently watching this brutal attack on humanity that has already caused countless human and material casualties. Just like the fascist and communist dictators, the new occupiers used the same tactics and means. Fear. He causes fear and panic and then appears as a savior who has a solution. For our own good. Ordinary people subject to manipulation and fear become too easy victims. Eerie darkness descended on civilization again after 80 years. Restrictions, movement bans, house arrest, raids, punishments, insane rules, destroyed health, education and economic systems. Crazy population. Suspended democracy. Human rights abolished. The establishment of control and the complete eclipse of the free mind and the world has again been brought to the very brink of self-destruction. Although they are currently celebrating their vampire feast, those who have decided to play God will eventually have to face the consequences as they did before them. Inevitably. The spirit of freedom can never be stopped by anyone. The germ of resistance is already growing rapidly. The free world all over the planet is waking up. It starts with smaller and larger sentences and will end with an explosion. What cannot be seen in the media today will become a reality. And again the same trial of confiscation of property and punishment. New Nuremberg. For new lunatics. And their servants. To join the World Criminal Organization. To spread fear and panic. For numerous deaths caused by wrong instructions, for false information, for censorship, for illegal imprisonment, for restrictions, for destruction, for harassment, for attempted enslavement and control. The excuse 'Everything is according to the law' will not be valid. Because, according to the law, fascist-communist institutions also worked. The creators and perpetrators of this crime against humanity will be brought to justice just like those before them. Terror must be punished. Because no one has a monopoly on the truth. Because no one got a mandate for something like that. Because freedom has no price and lack of freedom is justification.

    Andro AlerićAndro Alerić13 godzin temu
  • It's so scary seeing this say "1 year ago"...

    CakeCake17 godzin temu
  • China: hahaha

    김경호김경호18 godzin temu
  • I love your videos , could you please make a video on the second wave of covid

    NEKIRUHS Gaming co.NEKIRUHS Gaming co.19 godzin temu
  • " Fast pandemic " Meanwhile India in 2021 -Hold my cases .

    14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ20 godzin temu
    • Very unfortunate that the government were given warnings but still failed !

      Gokul PGokul P7 godzin temu
  • quack!

    JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MSJY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MSDzień temu
  • Masks won't help, well.. Depends on which ones. We have cheap masks here that actually say that they're ducking useless on the box. And incase you are afraid of bacteria and stuff just buy good masks and wash your hands a 'lil more often, You'll be fine.

    LalleMan gamingLalleMan gamingDzień temu
    • N95 masks work or else double mask-up (use one surgical and one cloth at the same time )

      Gokul PGokul P7 godzin temu
  • I think china informing the world was a warning of them destroying the world instead because now if you check china gets on average 10 cases per day (i dont wish anyone to get sick but the pandemic seems sus by china)

    RealbloxGaming XDRealbloxGaming XDDzień temu
  • Watching this after getting recovered from the coronavirus hits diffrent

    FluffyBunsHDFluffyBunsHDDzień temu
  • The trump plan worked .

    augustine lopezaugustine lopezDzień temu
  • Those who love Jesus Christ must avoid the Covid-19 vaccine. This is a command, and not an option. Everyone who recieves the vaccine will be seperated from God for all eternity. The vaccines were created by Globalist who desire to depopulate the planet. Bill Gates doesn't love you. He wants you dead. Those who take the vaccine have signed up for death. All the laboratory experimental lab rats have died from the Covid-19 vaccines. They are dangerous. Those who take them shall surely die. I warn everyone because I care with all my heart. I find no pleasure in the death of sinners. It's not God's will that anyone perish, but all repent to receive eternal life. Seek life and not death. Seek Jesus Christ before the doors of mercy close. I don't want anyone left behind during the rapture. Those left behind will suffer unimaginably for the name of Jesus Christ. The Lord is very real. I've seen Him. If you seek Him you will find Him. The God of Israel looks nothing like the famous pictures. He is faithful to His promises. Those who seek Him find Him. It's a choice. God gave everyone freewill. If you're willing, now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King. He is coming very soon to judge the world. This is the end. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled.

    Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoulDzień temu
    • @Music 4MySoul jesus is a profeth, not a fking god. Lunatic like you deserve hell

      Random person drinking coffeeRandom person drinking coffee20 godzin temu
    • I worship Jesus Christ not a cross. Don't put words in my mouth. I don't care about what any of you think. All that matters is what Jesus Christ thinks. He will be the one judging me, not some lost sinners who reject Him.

      Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoulDzień temu
    • @Music 4MySoul I cant take you seriously like this 💀

      FluffyBunsHDFluffyBunsHDDzień temu
    • @Music 4MySoul bruh, you even worship the cross, you're just a lunatic

      Random person drinking coffeeRandom person drinking coffeeDzień temu
    • Those with ears to hear will hear. I find no pleasure in the death of sinners. Curse at me all you desire. I don't want anyone disappointed for all eternity. I love and care for everyone.

      Music 4MySoulMusic 4MySoulDzień temu
  • The family of coronaviruses has existed for centuries.

    John PeacockJohn PeacockDzień temu
  • OMG

    christopher wrigleychristopher wrigleyDzień temu
  • Why no mention of wearing masks?

    Michael ChowMichael ChowDzień temu
  • So, I dont get the virus and i was with a person who had it, my girlfriend dont get it and she was with me, her family and friends dont get it, my family and friends dont get it, no babies, no old ones, no one i know gets it, NO ONE. So i have to belive it? I tried to infect everyone and get infected and it is impossible. I realy like this channel, but im starting to belive that in this video you say what the rest tells you to say. I dont belive in this. And if its that bad im glad, Why? Coronavirus is not bad: The world is ending because we selfish creatures who only think about ourself destroying it. I am selfish too dont worry. Im gonna ask you something. If you kill your most love one you will get humanity 100 years more of living after yor death. Would you do it. I wouldnt. Thats because you only think about yourself, thats why you put your mask on to protect you and the ones you care. We contaminate, burn forest, we eat, and we are overpopulating the world, well done. Now, if you dont put the mask on they made you pay (thats why i put it on), but if you dont recicle they do nothing. WELL DONE, VERY WELL DONE. Im sorry, but someone has to say it, i want to live and i want all my love ones to live, and i hope everyone lives forever and well in this world, i dont know whats behind this and i dont care about the next generation. Im just like you

    J AJ ADzień temu
  • Help, im telling the truth theres a covid-19 case in my neiberhood

    The Bystander233The Bystander233Dzień temu
  • Everything happened as this vedio predicted one year ago

    74. Karan Thakar74. Karan ThakarDzień temu
  • " Fast pandemic " Meanwhile India in 2021 -Hold my cases .

    14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ2 dni temu
    • so...supersonic pandemic.. ik

      Mingi KimMingi Kim19 godzin temu
  • "Dont worry guys its just a flu" - The People

    7A_31_Teuku Zhafran Ravi R.7A_31_Teuku Zhafran Ravi R.2 dni temu
  • 4:52 Corona virus: how 'bout both.

    Boneless FridgeBoneless Fridge2 dni temu
  • The economy is the only thing the government wanted to save. Economy recovers, it takes time but it does. But lives don’t.

    World TwoWorld Two2 dni temu
  • Hi, watching this on May 2021, this is a fast pandemic and like what you mentioned in 5:46, India have to make decision on who gets to live and who dont. Is sad, cause people still think that this is just a flu

    Mac DullMac Dull2 dni temu
  • We love you.

    LJ ClyburnLJ Clyburn2 dni temu
  • China didn't inform the world on time . This obviously makes us think did they make this in a lab

  • Seems like a bad dream a year later

    Tyler FaubertTyler Faubert2 dni temu
  • This Corona 19 is not a biological virus, but a sociological,..maybe one day what I said here will be more understandable...

    DragNladyDragNlady2 dni temu
    • @DragNlady man what is you talking about? rebellions against what a virus? that dosent make sense

      KraxyzKraxyz2 dni temu
    • of course not, otherwise people would be on the streets and in rebellions against all of this...

      DragNladyDragNlady2 dni temu
    • that doesn't make sense

      KraxyzKraxyz2 dni temu
  • Your introduction is itself wrong China never informed virus is spreading thru their communities. WHO also gave a clean chit.

    Sameer MehtaSameer Mehta2 dni temu
  • These dislikes are from these people who hate face mask

    鐳鍶鐳鍶2 dni temu
  • In 30 years from now the younger generations will learn about this tragic pandemic, and will come to us for help on their homework. we gon be old 😔

    Hi HiHi Hi2 dni temu
  • well all hopes for slow pandemic is gone

    carmine last namecarmine last name2 dni temu
  • Ever get the feeling you’re being lied to?

    DeanK_68DeanK_682 dni temu
    • @Kiwi Kiwi Glad that people finally are getting aware of covid

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • Yup. Got that feeling when Donald Trump spewed all his lies about COVID. For awhile I genuinely thought that COVID was nothing, just a hoax like he had taught. Then I saw the facts...

      Kiwi KiwiKiwi Kiwi2 dni temu
  • And all of this happened because of a bat 🦇

    JulekoJuleko3 dni temu
    • Well the bat didn’t know it, as well as us at the beginning. But we know it now, and some people still don’t care

      World TwoWorld Two2 dni temu
  • 이렇게 잘만든 동영상을 대한민국에서도 만들어서 배포하면 좋겠다

    zx.103 leezx.103 lee3 dni temu
  • I shared this so many time with people since last year.. I wish our government officials would have seen this video. We wouldn't have faced such a disaster. Pray for India🙏🏻

    Sounak Basu RoySounak Basu Roy3 dni temu
    • Yeah our country is currently is facing covid the most

      14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ14 cʜᴀʏᴀɴ sᴀsᴍᴀʟ2 dni temu
  • This seems like a fast pandemic but it takes forever for it to end

    SpongebozzSpongebozz3 dni temu
  • Coronavirus: I AM DA STRONGEST BEING IN DA UNIVERSE Also coronavirus: *Dies to soap*

    GLog1cGLog1c3 dni temu
    • The problem is that humans can be even more stupid

      Iván Segundo FaustinoIván Segundo Faustino10 godzin temu
  • Well now wut to do it has become a high pandemic in india

    Sambhav YadavSambhav Yadav3 dni temu
  • The only way of surviving the virus is the Lord pray for your savior your god and let us be reborn

    Francisco LumapasFrancisco Lumapas3 dni temu
    • No

      austriaDiamoloaustriaDiamolo2 dni temu
  • We need an updated video on this topic with updated information discovered about the virus in the past few months from every country. How it is different in every country and how does the new strains work. Like the comment for Kurzgesagt to see this message.

    Chaitanya NegiChaitanya Negi3 dni temu
    • @Kal E Sure mate

      Chaitanya NegiChaitanya Negi3 dni temu
    • No

      Kal EKal E3 dni temu
  • you can guess why it was growing fast in the use

    tiger mastertiger master3 dni temu
  • Molto interessante. Ho lasciato like perché si

    Gianluca D'EliaGianluca D'Elia3 dni temu
    • Sei un grande Gianluca

      Gianluca D'EliaGianluca D'Elia3 dni temu
  • I cant believe this video predict the difference between fast and slow pandemic

    RandomRandom3 dni temu
  • Shame on you Kurzgesagt, for not making an updated version! When will you make a great documentary about the lies and deceptions of the world? That would be at least somewhat helpful. For example you could start with the News and media gurus and maybe could finish with the human ignorance. Oh wait, you wouldn't make more money then, would you?

    Csaba NagyCsaba Nagy3 dni temu
    • @Csaba Nagy lmao dont avoid the question bitchboy.

      Sweet SugaaSweet SugaaDzień temu
    • @Sweet Sugaa i'm tired of idiots like you enjoy yourself while you still can..

      Csaba NagyCsaba NagyDzień temu
    • @Csaba Nagy oi bitchboy you done finish writing your deception?

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • they really don't make a lotta money off the videos, most of it is from the patreon and merch shop you wanna get that video made, go donate there

      JuniperJuniper2 dni temu
    • @Csaba Nagy And what would be their ulterior motive?

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
  • "Slow or fast pandemic" Covid: yes

    Dakhiri KitokoDakhiri Kitoko3 dni temu
  • omg he predicted the future

    OverConfidencePlayzOverConfidencePlayz4 dni temu
  • Even our own body is destroying itself of the pain

    Katakito RickKatakito Rick4 dni temu
  • We’re getting killed by something that isn’t even alive, we are such a disappointment

    Maneplix YTManeplix YT4 dni temu
  • I have insolation at home in 1 year

    Anton BörjessonAnton Börjesson4 dni temu
  • i'm brazilian, and i'm crying ahhahahaha

    Mário Francisco França da SilvaMário Francisco França da Silva4 dni temu
  • 6:12 **Karens in 2021 wants to know your location**

    Mingi KimMingi Kim4 dni temu
  • This qualifies as a guide to prepare for a pandemic. Only if the government; ‘especially the Indian government ‘ had seen this video as soon as it was released, millions of lives would’ve been saved. On a bright side, Thank you Kurzgesagt, I’m sure this video had a major impact in reducing the number of cases.

    Mufeed ShaikMufeed Shaik4 dni temu
  • well now 2021 we have a vaccine which is good

  • This was more than a year ago

    EE4 dni temu
  • Isn’t it funny how fragile the global economy is?.... It took thousands of people to make a functioning economy only for it to almost being brought down to its knees by a chad Asian guy with a bat

    Raymund P JablaRaymund P Jabla4 dni temu
    • True. It certainly isn't because a pandemic took the world by surprise, and causing many to lose jobs, causing the economy to fail.

      0 00 02 dni temu
  • The World 🌎: "*FUCK YOU CHINA*"

    Akshat TrivediAkshat Trivedi4 dni temu
  • It's been over a year and a month, we had a fast pandemic but luckily vaccine is here

    BirbyBirby4 dni temu
  • If there is a fast pandemic it will end badly. Me: Uh oh

    Anson HUNG [4E]Anson HUNG [4E]4 dni temu
  • So when my teacher tells me I need to copy his data, does that mean the teacher is a virus

    TuvnightTuvnight4 dni temu
    • all thoughts are like viruses. they all want to spread, like a good joke that you can't resist telling to other people. remember, anger is the most powerful thought virus. before you share something out of frustration, take a moment to consider if you want this anger virus to spread

      MagellanicMagellanic4 dni temu
  • My grandma and great-grandma died on January 2021. They got covid before Christmas. They fought covid for a month, they beat covid, but within a few days, they never got better and slowly died because they weren't strong enough to fully recover. they were mother and daughter. what makes it even worse was that my grandma buried her father a few days before she got covid on December. My last memory of her was crying at the funeral and my mother holding my grandma. I only got to see family members on Facebook visit them. I couldn't because I have a heart condition. Just recently got my second dose of the vaccine. This is for you grandma and great-grandma!! RIP 🙏

    Isagani PumarIsagani Pumar5 dni temu
    • I'm so sorry for your loss I hope you and your family are okay ❤️❤️

      Ayomide BadarouAyomide Badarou4 dni temu
  • I have a pacemaker, I'm 23 and my heart condition is called Tetralogy of Fallot. I've had 2 heart surgieries done on me for my pacemaker and the first one when I was only a few weeks old. The side effect I got was from the second dose. After 13 hours since the second dose, my body temperature dropped so low that i felt completely fine, but i was shivering to the core. Everyone in my house felt warm, didn't have socks, wore shorts and a shirt. My house was 71 degrees F°, but I felt like I was naked during the winter in Lake Tahoe. I wore long socks, my best pajama pants, a tshirt, 3 longsleeves and a hoodie just to keep me warm for the night at 2am in the morning. Afterwards, when I awoke, I had a massive headache. A simple Tylenol was all that was needed. I'm EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to have gotten my Covid-19 vaccine.

    Isagani PumarIsagani Pumar5 dni temu
    • Your immune system is very sensitive about things getting inside your body, thus the side effects. Just hold on to your hope, things tend to get better with time.

      Alvin PaulAlvin Paul4 dni temu
  • Update video?

    PuppzoggPuppzogg5 dni temu
  • Sad to say they pradic the coronavirus sprade

    Rufino LopezRufino Lopez5 dni temu
  • ❤❤❤

    Duck SteinDuck Stein5 dni temu
  • I'd like to see an updated video on how we made the vaccine and where we're at today may 2021 with covid-19 p.s. ignore dumbass trolls your only feeding there poop ego!

    squiggly poopssquiggly poops5 dni temu
  • Make India's scenario discussed of corona virus

    gugunanak134gugunanak1345 dni temu
  • Unfortunately most info in this video is now proven incorrect or outdated which has the same effect, might as well remove the video.

    Just a piece of soapJust a piece of soap5 dni temu
    • I'm guessing you're an alt right piece of shit

      0 00 02 dni temu
    • tf do you mean??? This information is still correct and valid.

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • That’s not true in the slightest. This is all correct, can I see some sources that actually disprove this video?

      Deathcall777Deathcall7773 dni temu
  • covid_19 dot hrt us

    Super NooBSuper NooB5 dni temu
    • Covid virus is an undead organism. Your body kills you

      Alvin PaulAlvin Paul4 dni temu
  • 4:16 Oh no! Here have my spare resperation III netherite helmet.

    CCDuoCCDuo5 dni temu
    • dont worry my guy, my haha will come in 3 business days

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • Not funny

      Coffee Gamer 360Coffee Gamer 3605 dni temu
  • Abe çok iyi videolar yapisiniz abee

    secundumistsecundumist5 dni temu
  • Imagine being in India and watching this now.

    Srijan ChakrabortySrijan Chakraborty5 dni temu
    • Fast pandemic it is

      Alvin PaulAlvin Paul4 dni temu
  • ●Nature created the group "world" ●Nature added "trees" ●Nature added "rain" ●Nature added "Humans" ●Humans is the admin now.. ●Humans removed "trees" ●"Rain" has left the chat. ●Coronavirus joined the chat. ●Coronavirus is an admin now. ●Coronavirus removed "humans"..

    Wargamulaya -වර්ගමූලයWargamulaya -වර්ගමූලය5 dni temu
    • - Nature removed "rain" + Nature added "snake rain"

      MagellanicMagellanic4 dni temu
  • Starting the video with a lie.

    Vlad DascăluVlad Dascălu5 dni temu
    • @Sweet Sugaa no he's an &$$#•||£

      The Golden CatThe Golden Cat2 dni temu
    • Most likely a troll, ignore it my dudes

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • @Deathcall777 no he's a moron

      The Golden CatThe Golden Cat3 dni temu
    • God your an idiot

      Deathcall777Deathcall7773 dni temu
    • what do you mean?

      Diego IvanDiego Ivan4 dni temu
  • I see america chose the fast option and just slammed on the gas

    Dogephantom GamingandvlogsDogephantom Gamingandvlogs5 dni temu
  • Corona was created for the vaccine RIP Tiffany Dover and all the other that died due to this poison vaccine

    Rudy JeanRudy Jean6 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean nah I’m one of your haters since your such a terrible person with terrible opinions that you try to force on others

      Deathcall777Deathcall7773 dni temu
    • @Deathcall777 I take it youre one of my fans lmao

      Rudy JeanRudy Jean3 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean and i woold guess you dont have any proof

      Attar Ananta PrayogaAttar Ananta Prayoga3 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean reply so i see the proof if you are not replying you are a troll

      Attar Ananta PrayogaAttar Ananta Prayoga3 dni temu
    • @Rudy Jean if your not a troll how is that im vaccinated since born and not dead

      Attar Ananta PrayogaAttar Ananta Prayoga3 dni temu
  • I hate how Corona is political and how so many people get offended when other people disagree with their outlandish ideas. Why does this need to be political?

    Life_Scout NickLife_Scout Nick6 dni temu
    • Exactly. This is a virus that’s killing hundreds of thousands of people, it doesn’t matter what your feeling are, we need to take the precautions to protect ourselves and others. People need to stop being so fucking selfish

      Deathcall777Deathcall7773 dni temu
  • Watching in 2021 yeano itsa fast pandemic

    DoggoDoggo6 dni temu
  • 1 year later..

    Tylo VideosTylo Videos6 dni temu
  • 우한 폐렴

    우리친구아리우리친구아리6 dni temu
  • So outdated 😢

    IceworldruneIceworldrune6 dni temu
    • @Person. lol

      The CuberThe Cuber4 dni temu
    • Maybe because it was made a year ago...?

      Person.Person.6 dni temu
  • 3:48 is why the mask not covering dude's nose?!

    R FR F6 dni temu
    • it's covering the nostrils

      MagellanicMagellanic4 dni temu
  • Wish Indian government would have seen this video last year.

    Shivam TiwariShivam Tiwari6 dni temu
  • ⚠️ TRADE OFFER ⚠️ I receive: You receive: The immune system Cough

    vxsqivxsqi6 dni temu
  • Well, now we do have a vaccine! And with any luck, life will start to return to normal soon.

    SimpleSpaceSimpleSpace6 dni temu
    • People aren’t gonna get it and this shit is just gonna never end which sucks

      Deathcall777Deathcall7773 dni temu
  • This is some great research

    Succeed LilsssSucceed Lilsss6 dni temu
  • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Dilini WijesooriyaDilini Wijesooriya6 dni temu
  • We didn't get a fast pandemic, we got a light speed pandemic

    OrthoTube31OrthoTube316 dni temu
  • I think we might be having a slat (slow + fast) pandemic. It's slow because it's taking a long time, but it's fast because there's still a lot of people infected and the healthcare system is overwhelmed. dni temu
  • This just sounds like a no u meme

    MC greenMC green6 dni temu
  • Covid-19? Give me a break.... give it a cool name like "dengey fever". I was thinking "coughie sneezie killer diseaseie"

    mark walburgmark walburg6 dni temu
  • Stop the 5G+ 6G•• Minimise the wire Less and Wi/ Fi use•• Avoid the Immunitty Loss with Rising EMF / Radiations•• Avoid the Mass Deaths with OXYGEN shortage•• Form a new WHO for Good Research on Health Risks of Rising EMF / Radiations••

    James DevassyJames Devassy6 dni temu
    • 'Avoid the Mass Deaths with OXYGEN shortage' then wear a fucking maskl to stop covid you stupid invertebrate.

      Sweet SugaaSweet Sugaa2 dni temu
    • Jesse what the fuck are you talking about?

      MikeMike4 dni temu
    • @Mysterious Blue face Source: trust me bro

      IhazIhaz5 dni temu
    • Evidence to support?

      Mysterious Blue faceMysterious Blue face5 dni temu
  • "A slow pandemic will not be remembered by the history books" I am not so sure about dat doh

    Felix :3Felix :37 dni temu
    • think of a comparison like desert storm vs ww2. They both got press, but one's considered a much bigger worldwide event than the other.

      virt1onevirt1one5 dni temu
  • او پھدی چے لن لینی دیا!

    Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-ProteinShiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein7 dni temu
  • Immune system: We beat every virus! Who's next? Coronavirus: *Allow us to introduce ourselves.*

    The Paper BoyThe Paper Boy7 dni temu
  • "we must make this a slow pandemic" america: _N O_

    Lily!Lily!7 dni temu
    • CDC: *Y E S*

      Jake WeberZwierJake WeberZwier5 dni temu
  • 6:18 yeah turns out we completely fucked that part.

    TicklingOscars AnimationTicklingOscars Animation7 dni temu