Bianca Andreescu vs. Maria Sakkari | 2021 Miami Semifinals | WTA Match Highlights

1 kwi 2021
212 995 wyświetleń

Watch the Match Highlights from Bianca Andreescu vs. Maria Sakkari at the Miami Open 2021.
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  • Adidas like using navy blue and yellow combo, a lot.

    Chloe 04Chloe 046 dni temu
  • get her through one more time. On paper one would think she doesn't have chance, but would I bet against Biance--hell no. I think I just enjoy the match.

    pida siouypida siouy11 dni temu
  • Bianca is on fire 🔥 and never gives up.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 dni temu
  • Sakkari , has prettier strokes, but Andreescu was simply the mentally tougher player of the two. Insane belief and conviction behind her game. She might win it all.

    gioyu comigioyu comi14 dni temu
    • Very high level tennis...Both were superb?

      pida siouypida siouy11 dni temu
  • Bianca is a 3 set machine! She’s showing incredible fighting spirit this week. Welcome back! 😄

    doliio volaydoliio volay14 dni temu
    • Así se juega no como Osaka que creyó en con su sola presencia iva a imponerse demasiado sobrada entrego el saque casi con la mano me decepcionó

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa11 dni temu
  • Wow dropshot Andrescuu amazing

    Sweet SimanisSweet Simanis15 dni temu
    • more competition .There is no more quality.

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose13 dni temu
  • Can't believe that a journeyman player like Sakkari could push a grand slam champion to such extent in a match.

    Jupit3rJupit3r15 dni temu
    • Sakkari play is without scareful.

      gioyu comigioyu comi14 dni temu
  • Go 🇨🇦🇨🇦

    Richard ChangRichard Chang15 dni temu
    • Bianca had no day off before playing this match. Excellent performances by both players late into the night.

      doliio volaydoliio volay14 dni temu
  • Wta has been so competitive with all these diverse players and such tight matches. Amazing.

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa15 dni temu
    • Very high level tennis...Both were superb?

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa11 dni temu
  • She should have lost this match, drama queen.

    Calvin HillCalvin Hill16 dni temu
  • Damn, Bibi can't lose even when she is so tired. Amazing fighter !

    dolita windodolita windo16 dni temu
  • "Come on! Right now!" Yeah! You tell 'em Bianca, to all the haters who doubted (and still) doubt you..

    Rajdeep LahiriRajdeep Lahiri16 dni temu
    • Maria gave everything she had when played against Osaka

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa15 dni temu
  • Great highlights! Two of my favorite players on the women’s side.

    Matt RosenbaumMatt Rosenbaum17 dni temu
  • SAKK-ATTACK suck the life from your inside Bianca.. She was the great fighter, never gave up at the semi, almost 3 hours match, fought till the last game to the last point in 3 sets with 2 tie brakes you've won and another set you've lost 6-3 hands down.. Today final with Barty when you found out you're going for a bagel, you start crying and you couldn't play.. 2 days ago everybody praised you for your.. "fighting spirit", when you were just better loose some pounds, also learn that you finish your matches no matter if you're wining or loosing ... Big drama queen as usual.. Maria should have won the semi, so we should watch a decent final, instead of one and a half sets before you start crying ..

    • sakk attack choked big time!

      MGM888MGM88817 dni temu
  • Sakkari built af

    Bruce CBruce C17 dni temu
    • ...great match...congrats...Andreesco...! she sort of reminds me of a young Monica Seles...! (without the grunting, of course lol)

      dolita windodolita windo16 dni temu
  • Sakkari is no push over or easy battle. Great match.

    Moorish BrooklynMoorish Brooklyn17 dni temu
  • Maria didn't play smart,to wear her opponent dawn,she played her opponent's game,like a novice,too bad.

    Dimitris OrestisDimitris Orestis18 dni temu
  • WTA is fantastic , so much drama and way more fun to watch than ATP, well done Barty and Beyanca!

    Gull GoldGull Gold18 dni temu
  • Very high level tennis...Both were superb?

    Leslie RosadoLeslie Rosado18 dni temu
  • Así se juega no como Osaka que creyó en con su sola presencia iva a imponerse demasiado sobrada entrego el saque casi con la mano me decepcionó

    Héctor RodriguezHéctor Rodriguez18 dni temu
  • Two mediocre tennis players = mediocre game. And here is a mediocre one that reaches the first place, it also takes the money and the laurels for the first place !!!! .There is no more competition .There is no more quality.

    prr prrprr prr18 dni temu
    • if you want raw EXCELLENCY watch Rugby you nino-nino

      kukul roukulkukul roukul18 dni temu
    • + a mediocre viewer with a mediocre bet ticket and a mediocre nose sticked out of his display/monitor. And yes ! a mediocre European Football ultra-tactic and pre-planned

      kukul roukulkukul roukul18 dni temu
  • Sakkari play is without scareful.

    이대림이대림18 dni temu
    • Sakkari find its FORM pretty rare...just like Kasatkina :( Sakkari OFTEN underestimates her adversaries and thats a problem of her STAFF , rather then her's

      kukul roukulkukul roukul18 dni temu
  • Bianca had no day off before playing this match. Excellent performances by both players late into the night.

    Charles ZCharles Z18 dni temu
  • Many congratulations Asteri. Very big appearance.

    Petros NteposPetros Ntepos18 dni temu
  • Maria Sakkari Πολλα συγχαρητηρια Αστερι.Πολυ μεγαλη εμφανιση.

    Petros NteposPetros Ntepos18 dni temu
  • Bianca Andreescu, the pride of Canada. Go Bianca Go Canada! Yeah!

    Rajdeep LahiriRajdeep Lahiri18 dni temu
  • Maria gave everything she had when played against Osaka

    Nikolaos AngelidisNikolaos Angelidis18 dni temu
  • Very tough

    drsergekuznetsovdrsergekuznetsov18 dni temu
  • ...great match...congrats...Andreesco...! she sort of reminds me of a young Monica Seles...! (without the grunting, of course lol)

    Moon Cloud PlayzMoon Cloud Playz18 dni temu
  • True grit! Bianca will be up against a formidable opponent today. She'll need to dig deep and out-smart Barty but she has the weapons and intelligence to make it happen. Let's hope for a fantastic game! Go 🇨🇦!

    Ron VadeboncoeurRon Vadeboncoeur18 dni temu
  • Mágico. Muy buen partido. Muy emocionante.

    David FloresDavid Flores18 dni temu
  • Wow. That might be the best match of the year. It’s great to watch two players who are so good at both offense and defense battle it out.

    Tennis SirTennis Sir18 dni temu
  • Ash, Naomi and Bianca are the next Big 3 in Women’s tennis

    alep Aidielalep Aidiel18 dni temu
  • Barty in 3. Ba has nothing left in the tank.

    pjcd1961pjcd196118 dni temu
  • Andrescu vs Chauchescu

    tennisbloodtennisblood18 dni temu
  • She went beast mode on the last 2 games + the tiebreak🔥

    Moh'd SalmenMoh'd Salmen18 dni temu
  • Andreescu = clutch. Her focus when she needs it is the top of the woman's game. Osaka is getting better and would be a close second. If Andreescu can learn to plot out her points a bit better she and Osaka will be the face of tennis for the next 10 years.

    David TurcoDavid Turco18 dni temu
  • Good match by both ladies. This was some well played tennis.

    Manuel SotoManuel Soto18 dni temu
  • At the moment when one believes Andreescu lost, she always gets up, but where she draws all this energy 🙏

    Jerry696Jerry69618 dni temu
  • God bless these young ladies as they are surely risking injury on these hard courts when sometimes sliding as if they are on clay courts!

    F Joseph GonzalesF Joseph Gonzales18 dni temu
  • Congratulations 💯💙

    Pro NoyPro Noy18 dni temu
  • Detesto a Andresscu

    juan Garciajuan Garcia18 dni temu
    • me / i cant empatize with her either :( and thats a NET loss for me :(

      kukul roukulkukul roukul18 dni temu
    • :) UNDERSTANDABLE ! her PR is made out of ...her parrents...That sucks big time :(

      kukul roukulkukul roukul18 dni temu
  • Bianca my love 😍😍🤗

    adriano45587adriano4558718 dni temu
  • Well, well, well...she finally got full attention of the American tennis commentator. Looks like they even like her. There is some sort of aversion against Romanian or Romanian origin players. It took Chris Evert many years to acknowledge Halep. Different story now. Go Bianca, you're THE ONE in tennis right now.

    Alex UrichAlex Urich18 dni temu
  • Pretty much the same as Mugu/Osaka match in AO this yr. Feel sorry for Maria, it was a chance of the life time for her,... She just blew it,... 😥

    Joe KungJoe Kung18 dni temu
  • Looking forward to the ABBA concert (Ashleigh Barty Bianca Andreescu) it should be an amazing head-to-head final!

    nongthipnongthip18 dni temu
  • Bianca Andreescu successfully won the match. I saw the game live so I was hoping she would win. She actually did it. I wish her the best of luck for the final.

    Matthias HeuerMatthias Heuer18 dni temu
  • I was rooting for Maria. Such a close match.

    scoutscout18 dni temu
  • Sensational legs on Andreescu when she sat down at the end.

    marty davmarty dav18 dni temu
  • one of the best match ever.

    S TolikS Tolik18 dni temu
  • Nice

    tiktok shorte betatiktok shorte beta18 dni temu
  • The more she runs her mouth the bigger Naomi fan I'm becoming. She is hi key annoying - even if she did win this match. Yeesh

    Neeka BubblesNeeka Bubbles18 dni temu
  • Juegazo que dieron estas dos guerreras.

    luis alfonso calvilloluis alfonso calvillo18 dni temu
  • WOW, what a match. Power hitters.

    afmemphisafmemphis18 dni temu
  • Andreescu is entertaining to watch. I wish her the best in the final against Barty.

    Hussein NurHussein Nur18 dni temu
  • Andreescu is on some kind of steroids, I guess for her injuries. Her face shows it.

    Caroly WalkerCaroly Walker18 dni temu
  • I think bianca hits harder than osaka

    abiola muhammedabiola muhammed18 dni temu
  • Sinner has very powerful shots

    Ivan FortunyIvan Fortuny19 dni temu
  • These two make women’s tennis interesting again wow what a match

    TheDeceiver L.B.TheDeceiver L.B.19 dni temu
  • amazing game

    Kyle LeeKyle Lee19 dni temu
  • Bianca has such a slapable face

    chrisak49chrisak4919 dni temu
    • Real you always slap women

      Rhonda LibermanRhonda Liberman19 dni temu
  • On top of her incredible talent, Bianca has the same special ability as Serena to control the tempo of a match with drama, screaming, breaks, arguments, fatigue that resolves by itself etc. Definitely makes for entertaining matches too.

    EmilieSagaeEmilieSagae19 dni temu
  • The commentators didn't believe Bianca could win ESP when Sakkari was serving for da match. Every time they underestimate her and she raises the level of her game. It's all mental at this point all SA girls got mad tennis skills it's winning the key points when you need to win! Go Bibi 🇨🇦

    Marsha JulessaMarsha Julessa19 dni temu
    • Andreescu won the mind game.

      Nick TWNick TW19 dni temu
  • Who is she facing at the final?

    Chanti LLiniChanti LLini19 dni temu
    • Barty the number 1 ranked and her tank of vital energy is still intact.

      Pirate CatPirate Cat19 dni temu
  • Only 1 advice. Never bet against Bibi.

    MarioMario19 dni temu
  • Sakkari 👍👍❤

    Аман КуловАман Кулов19 dni temu
  • Andrea looks very angry and playing the female card / look all the time.

    DutchDutch19 dni temu
  • Personalities aside, interesting that Bianca has played two LOUD grunters in a row.

    fanofmany71fanofmany7119 dni temu
  • The question isn’t if she wins or loses tomorrow evening the question is what the heck is she even doing there? My God, this girl is precious to the WTA, I hope they appreciate the excitement she brings!Is anyone there tomorrow to see Barty, doubt it....

    Jimbo HJimbo H19 dni temu
    • She's the most exciting player on the tour IMHO and every match she plays is very entertaining. What more could you ask for?

      Brian YBrian Y3 dni temu
    • She just needs to stay injury-free!

      Nick TWNick TW19 dni temu
  • it's the fact that andreescu knows how to play the game. mixes it up with slices, drop shots, lobs etc honestly similarly to barty. Finals should be very interesting, but I expect Barty to win in 3

    DerekDerek19 dni temu
  • Was rooting for Maria but unfortunately she just brew herself not being able to hold the pressure at the critical moment.

    Can MTBCan MTB19 dni temu
  • Bianca if you focus on every point you will be unstoppable

    what a feelingwhat a feeling19 dni temu
  • what the heck is Bianca's 3 set record in recent years? Seems like every match that goes 3 she wins.

    Bernie BroBernie Bro19 dni temu
    • Bernie Bro - at least against Naomi she lost

      The Real WitzboldThe Real Witzbold19 dni temu
  • Bianca Andreescu you are for it,good girl FLAMED 🔥

    Nancy Patricia ZucchettiNancy Patricia Zucchetti19 dni temu
  • Female canadian players are moody and inconsistent. Which andreescu will show up at the final?

    dvei49dvei4919 dni temu
    • Andreescu 2 wta1000 finals 2 wins, 1 grandslam final 1 win. Do you realy know tennis ? Not sure when i read your comment.

      MarioMario19 dni temu
  • Great match. Bianca found an extra gear when it mattered most. That's why she is a grandslam winner. She has no fear at all. But she lacks patience. Will be a different match against rock solid Barty. Sakari bottled it when serving for the match. But she played really well . Good serve, heavy ground stroke. She will soon win a big one if she keeps playing positive tennis.

    trematrictrematric19 dni temu
  • sakkari threw the game

    Trip grTrip gr19 dni temu
  • Things to remember: Barty I believe lost the last tournament. Bianca can be frustrating to watch. Remember when she was up 5 to 1 in the second set to Serena and lost that set. So Come On and Let's go Bianca.

    bill leroybill leroy19 dni temu
  • Two of my most respected female players going right now. Two battlers who simply never give up on points. What a match.

    Seun OnSeun On19 dni temu
  • She’s really played herself into some form.

    James BJames B19 dni temu

    Wilfredo GuerraWilfredo Guerra19 dni temu
  • So they showed exactly 5 points from the second set .... WTA editing is appalling.

    John SchmittJohn Schmitt19 dni temu
  • Wowowow

    Wilkin GERMÁNWilkin GERMÁN19 dni temu
  • Sakkari played well and exceptionally well in this tournament! Bianca has been lucky 🍀- opportunity finding you prepared , such is life but hands down Sakkari played well .

    Buke AorBuke Aor19 dni temu
    • Champions create their "luck" They remained focussed under pressure, hunting for opportunities and when they find them, you're done.

      Pirate CatPirate Cat19 dni temu
    • Frustrating comment Bianca is not lucky she's working hard and never give up. In life you make your luck.

      MarioMario19 dni temu
  • sakkari shouldve won it

    Jaimin TrivediJaimin Trivedi19 dni temu
  • Andrescu une joueuse super agressif et surtout fair play Bravo la Queen

    Mehdi AmouraMehdi Amoura19 dni temu
  • Bianca reminds me of the mental strength of Justine Henin and the aggressive game of Serena :) Bianca needs to polish her game a but more, be more consistent and accurate and could win several grand slams :)

    Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera19 dni temu
    • She just play 3 tourment (8 matchs) after 15 month injuries and doing the final. Check her in 2 months...

      MarioMario19 dni temu
  • Amazing similar biotypes

    Ticotech HoustonTicotech Houston19 dni temu
  • Biancas "match management" reminds me of Serena and Novak, at times it feels that with these players, the closer they are to defeat the more dangerous they are, almost like if it was part of their strategy. I don´t remember who said that the best player in the world is Novak when he is down on the score... i get the same feeling with Bianca also with her game style. So many times, in this match, and specially the way she was serving, that Maria had the winning smile a bit too early and every time Bianca was there to erase the smile at once. I read comments about how Sakkari was dominating most of the points but from where i saw, the match most of the time depended on Andreescu´s racket, so the pressure was always implied by her, as much as i love Sakkari, her rise and her incredible work ethic, Andrescu is a better tennis player, a champion that when healthy will allways be factor for the biggest titles. GREAT MATCH

    Jorge GuisaJorge Guisa19 dni temu
    • That's a very good observation Jorge. You may be right about that. There is something about all their game styles, that resilience, that you can't teach, it's a part of who they are.

      Ron MackenfroRon Mackenfro19 dni temu
  • Sakarri is into the quarters almost every week but hasn’t been able to make it that next step and get that big result she’s literally so close lol

    Shane Terry -Tennis News UpdatesShane Terry -Tennis News Updates19 dni temu
    • I know right? She is so close , i really wish all the hard work she has been putting in gets rewarded. I wish she wins a Masters or even a Slam soon.

      WonderlandianWonderlandian19 dni temu
  • I love Bianca Andreescu ❤️

    RonaldoRonaldo19 dni temu
  • And ignorant people dare to say WTA is boring

    Valentino Del PieroValentino Del Piero19 dni temu
  • I cannot believe Andreescu got through this match! She was absolutely exhausted the previous battle with Sorribes Tormo. Ah, Sakkari nearly did it! I thought she would win. What a great tournament she had, despite the loss. Definitely one to watch this season. I think we are witnessing the resurgence of Bibi 😊.

    707ladytee707ladytee19 dni temu
    • ​@Pirate Cat Absolutely Pirate Cat, couldn't agree with you more 😉.

      707ladytee707ladytee18 dni temu
    • I'm a Bibiliever yet she makes me doubt all the time so when she wins I feel unworthy :) She make it tough on herself, tough on her opponent and tough on us both fans and haters. A steel plated bulletproof spirit she has. It's impossible to truly love this game and hate her at the same time, these 2 things are incompatible. The real tennis fans are easy to spot. We all know the WTA needs players like her, she brings new people to the sport.

      Pirate CatPirate Cat19 dni temu
    • I agree 707ladtee. Maria is a real fighter and her chance will come. Until then, I guess it's Bibi's world!

      Ron MackenfroRon Mackenfro19 dni temu
  • Well done Bianca. Good luck in the final.

    Cornel BacauanuCornel Bacauanu19 dni temu
  • After watching this match I believe andreescu can win all four grand slam titles if she's healthy, in one year, who agree

    andrew laidleyandrew laidley19 dni temu
    • Would be great to see

      Valentino Del PieroValentino Del Piero19 dni temu
  • she's got more heart and courage then all of the Canadien men

    Jeremy AlanJeremy Alan19 dni temu

      Ron MackenfroRon Mackenfro19 dni temu
    • @Teo C Lol! Maybe you're right Teo!

      Ron MackenfroRon Mackenfro19 dni temu
    • Can you imagine if Shapo and Felix had the same mental toughness as Bianca ...maybe the two of them should get Bianca as their mental coach :-)

      Teo CTeo C19 dni temu
  • One day Maria is going to break through and win big titles and i will be here knowing i have been supporting her since day 1 and seen her rise from outside the top 100 to the top :(

    WonderlandianWonderlandian19 dni temu
    • Agreed Wonderlandian, I've been watching Maria's matches for a couple of years too. She's a true athlete and has a fighting spirit. Did you know she did boxing when she was younger?

      Ron MackenfroRon Mackenfro19 dni temu
  • i am scared that long matchs will hurt Biancas body

    Carlos UrielCarlos Uriel19 dni temu
  • Bianca Andrescu, best forehand in the WTA

    Godzillica 1neGodzillica 1ne19 dni temu
  • Nice match Bianca play very aggressive wish she wins this trophy.Sakari I feel like lady Rubley playing frm style of play and grunting also

    Sunil sunil kumar .G.NSunil sunil kumar .G.N19 dni temu