Tempest Replicade: Playable Mini Arcade Machine by New Wave Toys

24 cze 2019
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Yay Tempest! At home! But tiny! It's a 12-inch/30cm tall 1/6 scale replica of the 1981 Atari arcade cabinet, designed and sold by New Wave Toys. And it even comes with a little coin door and tiny quarters!
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  • Also they give you 5 additional spinner knobs but they are all the same size. What's the point?

    alienresearchlabalienresearchlabMiesiąc temu
  • I bought one. My only beef is that the key to the arcade Tempest was the spinner wheel. It was free rolling so you could get from one side to the other in an instant which is crucial at the higher levels. You use the side of your palm to roll around. The spinner on the New Wave Toys mini is click-based so you eventually you can never get to where you need to go. If you want to play the first 4 levels, this works, but for experienced players, you will be frustrated. That said, it's easier than moving a 300 lb real machine into your house.

    alienresearchlabalienresearchlabMiesiąc temu
  • Is there a headphone jack?

    alienresearchlabalienresearchlabMiesiąc temu
  • Tempest was my favorite game growing up. I'm getting one of these machines. I wish they would do Phoenix which is an obscure shooter but was always one of my favs in the arcades. Game on!

    alienresearchlabalienresearchlabMiesiąc temu
  • How do we know hes not a giant and thats a regular size arcade

    MovieKiller333MovieKiller3332 miesięcy temu
  • Looks cool but I was never a fan of the game Tempest. There are some other games I might like in that size.

    ApplecompuserApplecompuser5 miesięcy temu
  • i Need a Smaller Quarter, Hahaha, lol

    MrTamiya89MrTamiya896 miesięcy temu
  • I’m imagining ordering a bunch of these mini games and setting up an arcade for teeny tiny people.

    Trav D.Trav D.7 miesięcy temu
  • Saw one of these at the show and the screen is just too small to be playable. I would be all over a larger size since the build quality is amazing!

    Jude SturmanJude Sturman7 miesięcy temu
  • Robotron would a great addition, but incredibly hard to play.

    Greg PearlGreg Pearl8 miesięcy temu
  • That is absolutely amazing! That was my game in the day, played it from the first days it was released, and won many t- shirts and trophies for high score over a six month period... When you put the setting to highest sensitivity, perhaps the mini knob will be more playable? Anyway, mind blown!

    Pp SsPp Ss8 miesięcy temu
  • Take my money

    Daniel CardonaDaniel Cardona9 miesięcy temu
  • Check out arcade1up, they aren't totally full sized but close.

    StandingCowStandingCow10 miesięcy temu
  • great deal on your tempest!!!!!!

    Luiz AlmeidaLuiz Almeida10 miesięcy temu
  • I long time ago, the closest thing at home that I've had to this was a Vectrex console that we first bought from a yard sale in 1986.

    Shizon84Shizon8410 miesięcy temu
  • Cute. But will hurt to play for a while

    Paul CPaul C11 miesięcy temu
  • Search: " Mình mua được cái này hay lắm " Go to and Enjoy

    Hà An TVHà An TV11 miesięcy temu
  • Targeted LGR marketing: wood grain Trojans! Knot for her pleasure!

    Milk_ape_is_milkyMilk_ape_is_milkyRok temu
  • the screen looks a bit small..the control and buttons look too cramped

    ChristopheChristopheRok temu
  • Fingers crossed they come out with an Asteroids or Asteroids Deluxe. Definitely would like one of these too, though!

    Shipwright1918Shipwright1918Rok temu
  • 12:16 That little giggle of joy. Brilliant.

    MeursaultMeursaultRok temu
  • Wow it’s really impressive, I think I’m going to buy the street fighter one.

    Jason BJason BRok temu
  • Thanks, you just cost me $100 lol - but no for real, thanks! :D

    Clint ThompsonClint ThompsonRok temu
  • Tiny quarters. TINY. QUARTERS!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    Jennifer ThomasJennifer ThomasRok temu
  • I was thinking about making a little shrine to my childhood. This would be perfect. Revell car models, Estes rockets, and Tempest!

    SimmerCKSimmerCKRok temu
  • i bought pac-man for break room battles for work about a year ago.... they are cute as hell. think mine is a bit smaller though. cant tell based on hands

    Chaz titanChaz titanRok temu
  • Kinda sad: When all the shit you grew up with are being replace by iphones.

  • Hi LGR You will be buying the charge station for you games. Now on Kickstarter change machine/charge machine by NWT 😎

    S OS ORok temu
  • You know, I bet that thing is small enough that it would fit in a cooking vessel. Then you'd have a "Tempest in a teapot." (rimshot)

    Otaku no PodcastOtaku no PodcastRok temu
  • Oke that metal coin slot is awesome 3:40 :D

    Wicked Gamer & CollectorWicked Gamer & CollectorRok temu
  • it's pretty cool.

    Brenden SBrenden SRok temu
  • that cab isnt accurate at all!!!! no cigarette burns

    skizzik121skizzik121Rok temu
  • I remember playing Tempest on The PS Vita actually first, then discovering more about it and finally got to play the real cabinet at the start of this year! Such a cool game

    Emppu T.Emppu T.Rok temu
  • Nice review! That's weird i don't see any firmware updates on their website. I have Tempest and Centipede

    Malek RC & GamingMalek RC & GamingRok temu
  • >100 bucks for a novelty I mean, its cool and all, but fuck me if im going to waste 100 bucks on a novelty mini arcade machine

    hipe erhipe erRok temu
  • Wow! I have the real one in storage and it's from 1982. This is a very good representation of it!

    Drew PaschalDrew PaschalRok temu
  • *in a Zoolander voice* "Is this an arcade cabinet made for ants?" Great video!

    Sleggar LawSleggar LawRok temu
  • Hey, no insane Welshmen, no sale.

    Alp TiginAlp TiginRok temu
  • Make twice as big for 100 bucks and THEN they got . But mame lets me play them all on my giant tv so its just a coffie table talking point for me

    chris Evanschris EvansRok temu
  • The small spinner is for displaying it only I believe.

    T BoneT BoneRok temu
  • I need more LGR!!

    Rants 86Rants 86Rok temu
  • do do do noises

    Serhat ASerhat ARok temu
  • 6:02 Clint: tiny quarters 2 seconds later: tiny quarters!!! (shakes plastic bag violently)

    Julian StockmeierJulian StockmeierRok temu
  • maby if you drilled out the coin slots hole markings, maby the coins vil push the button underneath and fall to the bottum? (sorry my bad english)

    Jesper SevelJesper SevelRok temu
  • Others have probably mentioned this, but if you can find a rotary encoder in a compatible shape and pinout it should be pretty easy to swap out the knob for one that doesn't have detents (the clicking). The fast spins being ignored is an implementation/software problem, unfortunately, and probably can't be fixed without very invasive changes. An encoder with a higher pulse density might at least make it feel better as you wouldn't have to spin it so hard to move fast, but it would also lower the max rotation speed for overwhelming the sampling code.

    Kristian SimsKristian SimsRok temu
  • I wish they make more of these especialy from late 80's and 90's , i would buy a bunch and have them all on to replicate the atmosphere of the arcades i miss so much.

    captain0080captain0080Rok temu
  • Insert Coin Keychain looks cool also.. newwavetoys.com/products/insert-coin-key-chain

    Tony DeMariaTony DeMariaRok temu
  • That Gerber knife you have is the best. I had one and recently lost it in a move... Best utility knife ever.

    btfrenchybtfrenchyRok temu
  • Oh my goodness, TINY QUARTERS EEEEE I love mini things too! I'd love to do mini cooking on PLworld but I have a hand wobble and just knock things over :P I do have a mini greenhouse with a working thermometer and fan system though! I love love LOVE tiny versions of bigger things, the fact that you can get tiny working arcade games like this makes me happy, aaaa

    PogostixPogostixRok temu
  • Where can I buy it I'm from the UK

    sim_ tastic vidssim_ tastic vidsRok temu
  • Would be cool if you put a few of those expensive hot toys figures around it

    lolo27234lolo27234Rok temu
  • What you spend on old computer stuff, you could get an arcade cab no prob dude. A solid 2 to 5 hundo will get you an original machine.

    Robo KyRobo KyRok temu
  • LGR: *drops mini quarter* Shoot, that was my last quarter.

    TheAnonymousTruckGuyTheAnonymousTruckGuyRok temu
  • Why wasn't there a Spider-Man action figure posed with the machine?

    KillerB HiveKillerB HiveRok temu
  • My all-time favorite arcade game!

    amaxamonamaxamonRok temu
  • It would be nice if this thing actually toke coins, and could be used as some sort of piggy bank.

    i ddi ddRok temu
  • While doing some research on the original arcade knob, I found that the original game used an optical rotary encoder. This would explain the difference in the feel of the knob on the replica. I imagine that the replica uses a modern digital rotary encoder vs the old style optical rotary encoder.

    Cass TellesCass TellesRok temu
  • Only thing missing is cigarette burn marks...

    beatnix99beatnix99Rok temu
  • Too expensive.

    Dallas DalDallas DalRok temu
  • anyone else cozy up in bed prior to sleep with the RDA vape and bliss out while enjoying a mellow nicotine buzz?

    Tommy JohnTommy JohnRok temu
  • Rotary encoder for the 'spinner' - Not dissimilar to the roller on the average mouse. You'll notice the 'indents' are similarly placed! They're also commonly used in cars for radio/stereo controls!

    Stewart Alexander-DoyleStewart Alexander-DoyleRok temu
  • $90 for Tempest on sale. Whew, that's not worth it all for 1 game to me. I still enjoyed the video though Clint :).

    csward53csward53Rok temu
  • We're finally jealous of you lol. That thing looks beautiful.

    maestro4202 2maestro4202 2Rok temu
  • Cool mini-arcade. I started buying pinball machines many years ago. I played the hell out of each game for about a month after purchase. Then my playtime tapered off to a trickle. When I got up to six machines my game "room" was full and I hardly played with them except when friends dropped by. I enjoyed working on them more than playing them actually. I eventually sold them for a very nice profit and now I collect PC games on Steam and GOG. They take up a lot less room but aren't nearly as much fun to work on. Congrats on 1M dude. That's huge!

    CratecruncherCratecruncherRok temu
  • Your giggles of nostalgic happiness made my night.

    Fireman JoeFireman JoeRok temu
  • We got MINI-COINS !!! :)

    Real CourteReal CourteRok temu
  • Somebody named DMK in sixth place. When did this happen?

    Christina PritchardChristina PritchardRok temu
  • The tiny coins look like they’d be great for photography purposes

    SundaeSundaeRok temu
  • You just need a mini Dolly Hand-Truck now to move it about!!!! You'll put your wrist out keep moving it unaided.

    FixerUKFixerUKRok temu
  • Can you not install MAME on a Raspberry Pi?

    Samuel HensonSamuel HensonRok temu
  • I think my only real gripe is that they went with micro-USB for the power input. It's just so fragile compared to a barrel connector or USB-C. Admittedly, if I had this adorable toy, it'd have its own cable full-time, even after the novelty wore off and it stopped getting daily play, so maybe that wouldn't be as big a deal as I'm making it out to be.

    William ShreckengostWilliam ShreckengostRok temu
  • The tinkerer me really wishes to look at what's inside that machine. I wonder if it can be modded to play other games...

    Nord MannNord MannRok temu
  • hahahaha the closed captions is funny intro music starts playing and it says Jazz jazzness I giggled haha

    Nord MannNord MannRok temu
  • Tempest was my absolute favorite coin-op video game of all time!

    NipkowDiskNipkowDiskRok temu
    • Mine as well. I may have put more quarters into Tempest machines than in all other arcade games combined.

      Richard MarshRichard MarshRok temu
  • Did the original arcades ever have "firmware" updates. Naturally, there was some sort of disk, in the form of a cartrage, or cart for short but a "firmware update" would simply consist of replacing the cart with a updated version.

    John BeckerJohn BeckerRok temu
  • It seems that clickiness of the rotating is really going to start to grate on you until you can't face playing it any longer.

    hazy33hazy33Rok temu
  • Crazy price

    Matias pMatias pRok temu
  • I wish the screen would be at least 3.5"

    ChristopheChristopheRok temu
  • Are you going to be reviewing Island Living?

    stormingsprenstormingsprenRok temu
  • I like your lamp.

    steven cartersteven carterRok temu
  • You line the coins up against the glass to reserve the next game.

    Mark LechmanMark LechmanRok temu
  • If you open this thing up, you might find that the spinner is just a potentiometer. If so, you could try to replace it with a type that doesn't have the clicks!

    randomstringrandomstringRok temu
  • Quick shout out to the music in this episode, perfect.

    Ginsoakedboy21Ginsoakedboy21Rok temu
    • Glad you liked!

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • 1/6 scale is the best. You really can get just about anything in that scale. This video makes me want to build an entire miniature arcade.

    LunareonLunareonRok temu
  • are you gonna review island life?

    Dexter AngelcykDexter AngelcykRok temu
  • Waiting for your sims review

    12AliCat612AliCat6Rok temu
  • The closer you get to 40 you will notice that screen getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller. :)

    josephgioiellijosephgioielliRok temu
  • It also works with 6th scale figures. Very, very well, in fact. imgur.com/a/bIQDZLk Complete with semi mediocre photography skills.

    Brian MBrian MRok temu
  • It seems the sounds are slightly lower-pitched compared to most versions of the game I've played-- I've never had the pleasure of the actual cabinet, BUT I have played the game on MAME, which is the next best thing. But, it's otherwise pretty damned close. That's a cool little thingy.

    XterraXterraRok temu
  • The quarters...

    Claudia CalienesClaudia CalienesRok temu
  • Am very impressed with the details on this. Very cool.

    I'd Rather Watch Paint DryI'd Rather Watch Paint DryRok temu
  • I love these little replicas, although I don't have the money to buy them. I tried one of the half-size Arcade1Up machines that included Tempest, among other games, and the "spinner" was horrible. It was like you were turning a screw going into a block of wood. The thing was so stiff, it made the game unplayable. BTW, are the miniature coins actually metal, or just plastic?

    lurkerrekrullurkerrekrulRok temu
  • Review The Sims 4 Island Living Please!!!

    Rozan Ibnu MuammarRozan Ibnu MuammarRok temu
  • Let me buy LGR gear. Mugs, shirts, hoodies, computer badges.

    TheLacks87TheLacks87Rok temu
    • Cafepress.com/lgrshop

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • does it have a headphone port?

    Darryl SmithDarryl SmithRok temu
    • It does not.

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • I graduated in 1985 and I can tell you used to play this game almost daily all thru high school. Always love this channel

    frank mathisfrank mathisRok temu
  • *T I N Y Q U A R T E R S*

    Sidney MihecobySidney MihecobyRok temu
  • Review Sims 4 Island Living next please

    WavyWavyRok temu
  • WHAT?! NO CRT?! FAIL!!!

    The Ignorant PhilosopherThe Ignorant PhilosopherRok temu
  • Dude for almost the same price you can get an almost-real one from Arcade 1Up.

    HoboTangoHoboTangoRok temu