Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Papa Roach & Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)

15 paź 2020
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Hollywood Undead - Heart Of A Champion feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach & Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills (Official Video)
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🎥: Directed by Frankie Nasso
Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills)
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Johnny 3 Tears
Here we go again, comin' straight from the top from the belly of the beast cuz we’re straight off the block
Got ice in my veins and im never gonna stop, body bags, toe tag, yeah everybody drop
Yeah some people got it and some people don’t, somebody wins and somebody won’t Ice Nine, P Roach, Undead that’s all she wrote and everybody else, well welcome to the show
Yeah, compare me to none - cuz I’ve got the Heart of a Champion
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Charlie Scene
I’m absent minded mentally
Slaughtering all my enemies
I’m murdering recklessly
Bitch these streets and no sesame
Another notch on my felony
List, I’m not wasting energy
On this, im gonna win
I'll be honest, that’s something I fuckin promise
godless so I’ll take the charges
spotless is my fuckin conscious
god this is so fuckin pompous
like congress if I was in office
god I’m just so damn exhausted
novices making me nauseous
I’m gonna win that regardless
this ain’t no place for the heartless
cause and live for the pain
the fight the glory the game
I’m crossing out names
And no one is safe
I’ll leave a rose on your grave
It’s that dove and grenade.
Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach)

Yeah I’ve been knocked down but I get right back up, uh
Yeah I put the work in cuz I cant rely on my luck, naw
Yeah I see you chasin’ you’re just basic, you’re just lame man
You don’t wild out, you don’t throw down so you better stay in your lane, man
I’m always ready for the right time strike hard, strike fast I explode like a landmine
I got you reaching for the lifeline, ima battle every devil till I die till I flatline
I won’t die till I get mine
Compare me to none x 4
I’ve got the heart of a champion
#HollywoodUndead #IceNineKills #PapaRoach #HeartOfAChapmion

  • that dead bite mask is dope af

    Sói UGSói UGMiesiąc temu
    • @EnigmaDCLXVI Maybe

      DaVaughna MestethDaVaughna Mesteth6 dni temu
    • @DaVaughna Mesteth But Dead Bite is a song from Notes From The Underground, which the cmcharacter/mask is what im assuming the band is trying to reference.

      EnigmaDCLXVIEnigmaDCLXVI6 dni temu
    • @Hollywood Undead good track music

      Артём АгафоновАртём Агафонов8 dni temu
    • 🤘🤘🤘

      David WagenschützDavid Wagenschütz8 dni temu
    • Love Hollywood Undead love music nice music

      Артём АгафоновАртём Агафонов10 dni temu
  • I'd play this videogame tbh

    DryoatsDryoats7 minut temu
  • Мощно!!! Power!!! Я люблю вас!!! I love you!!!

    Кот КузьмичКот Кузьмич4 godzin temu
  • Germany Germany Germany

    Jens der B BarabachJens der B Barabach6 godzin temu
  • I ve got the mask of a Champion

    Jens der B BarabachJens der B Barabach6 godzin temu
  • who remembers these masks and exclusively Danny's exact same apparel from We Are music video

    Sunaina BaruaSunaina Barua6 godzin temu
  • so whos the 2nd guy lol

    Iowa&theother49Iowa&theother4912 godzin temu
  • Wish they would bring back the swan songs style of music kinda like no other place and things from American tragedy. Just haven't been feeling these last couple records especially without Da Kurlzz

    Tim MunsonTim Munson14 godzin temu
  • I like your older music better

    MJR_GizmoMJR_Gizmo14 godzin temu
  • HU Beat em up game Chapter 1: Swan Songs The band is mostly living the party life while also dealing with their inner demons. Mostly party themed levels and maybe demon version of themselves. Then deuce betrays them and ends up becoming the arc's final boss. Arc 2: American tragedy After their fight with Deuce, the band adds some new blood to their band, a young man named Danny who becomes their new lead singer. In the arcs american tragedy to five, they end up having to each fight their demons and end it for good this time. Arc 6: New Empires The gang has finally themselves as flawed, but well meaning human beings, having accepted their dark counterparts of themselves, they are now one and the same. In this arc, each member goes through this path towards acceptance. I have a few ideas for a moveset for each member but this probably will get lost in the comments anyway so whatever

    Meme TasticMeme Tastic14 godzin temu
  • Shit, i'd pay for a HU beat em up game

    Meme TasticMeme Tastic14 godzin temu
  • Amazon song love it

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  • Это сильно! HU and PR!!!

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  • Jacoby 💪🍾🥂🍻

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  • GJ guys this is an amazing mix of artists.

    Martin PierceMartin PierceDzień temu
  • I'm flabbergasted I didn't even know Hollywood undead was still alive

    Mr. BrightsideMr. BrightsideDzień temu
  • After growing up on them, then they fell off, and now they came out this hard at the end of 2020... I'm impressed. I don't even like them anymore but I have to give props where it's due.

    Isha BoyeIsha BoyeDzień temu
  • Fire...................................

    Одинокий ВолкОдинокий ВолкDzień temu
  • Dope shit. Mis respetos señores.

    Luis Domingo Calvo CastroLuis Domingo Calvo Castro2 dni temu
  • I love the original and this version of Heart of a Champion ❤️ I describe the original being vanilla and this one is like rocky road 🤣

    Vicki RVicki R2 dni temu
  • I fuckin love this song...I work 10-12 hr days, and a good portion of them lately has been this song on repeat with no regrets

    Josh PhilbeeJosh Philbee2 dni temu
  • D-did they bring the masks back?

    Riley MurpheyRiley Murphey2 dni temu
  • клип фулл странный, но трек пиздатый

  • Deadbite unmasks and reveals deuce

    Benjamin SkrohBenjamin Skroh3 dni temu

    Kaptain KlassicKaptain Klassic3 dni temu
  • This song kicks ass!!! Sounds like something that should be on the future mortal kombat movie

    Hunter ManningHunter Manning3 dni temu
  • I like hollywood undead with their masks, sorry.

    Mavi GriMavi Gri4 dni temu
  • Why is Danny become muscular

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  • I like the clip, but the music not so much....

    Max MadmaxMax Madmax4 dni temu
  • Papa Undead

    Crackin's TOPCrackin's TOP4 dni temu
  • Dead Bite as Deuce :D

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  • INK should do HellRaiser

    Molli ReidMolli Reid5 dni temu
  • that dead bite mask though!! Fucking amazingly beautiful!

    Brandon JonesBrandon Jones5 dni temu
  • I'm crossing out names!

    Muhd DanMuhd Dan6 dni temu
  • New favorite HU song, this was amazing! Can't wait for the full album to be released! I admit I never really listened to Papa Roach before .. think I might start now :)

    Luna KadriLuna Kadri6 dni temu
  • AMAZING how this music video follows the song "TIP THE HAT" well done

    Conman skateitConman skateit6 dni temu

    Row WowRow Wow6 dni temu
  • Maaaaaan, Jacoby channeling the Infest era

    BackToBaskinBackToBaskin6 dni temu
  • I now have a new favourite song hell yeah

    Grim WolfGrim Wolf7 dni temu
  • i so have to make a hollywood undead video game with this being one of the songs

    Acfan 16Acfan 168 dni temu
  • Man that shit is 🔥 dam Jacoby is on another level right now and ice nine kills is 🔥

    slick rickslick rick8 dni temu
  • This video just went #viral & is now #trending (Sexy girl gets drunk for first time) on youtube. Just saw it. Hella funny & pretty sexy. Oh yeah...watch what happens at the end. Totally worth it

    Sexy GirlSexy Girl8 dni temu
  • No masks j3t!?! 😍

    Sika LynSika Lyn8 dni temu
  • Played a show with Ice Nine Kills once, cool to see they made it!

    KitKit8 dni temu
  • This would be better if they all wore a hud hoodies I’ve listened to them since I was 14 and met them couple years ago. I also featured in their vid in man. I also got in the vip and had so much tequila with them all I also got my t*ts signed by funny man who’s jelly

    Danniella BlairDanniella Blair8 dni temu
  • Hollywood Undead the best Metall Band of the World!

    David WagenschützDavid Wagenschütz8 dni temu
  • I was thinking now that im ready, and I'm waiting for more great featurings.

    - sewingdeadly -- sewingdeadly -9 dni temu
  • This here is a reason why I love these guys there’s nothing they can’t do

    Blue FairyBlue Fairy9 dni temu
  • Only in 2020 does Charlie Scene not where a mask

    JT JakubikJT Jakubik9 dni temu
  • Dead bite? New member?

    ValicsValics9 dni temu
  • A HU side scroller beat em up??? Fucking do it

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  • You have unlocked da kurlz

    emersonrodrigo therockemersonrodrigo therock9 dni temu

    AkiAki9 dni temu
  • This is a bad ass song I really love this mashup with Hollywood Undead, Papa Roach and Ice Nine Kills they go good together this song is really good.

    MastersunTutorialsMastersunTutorials10 dni temu
  • My brother who died and I are big fans of Hollywood undead he wanted everywhere he go as the song that we play at he’s funnel

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  • Online concert?

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  • Is this Hollywood Undead x Hotline Miami?

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  • Please tell me you guys are bringing back the mask seems like you guys are

  • So all of HU, megazord to become Deadbite? Cool. Edit: Goodnight, Sleep tight.

    GhostPantsGhostPants10 dni temu
  • Just add a little Shaddix to make anything better!

    Courtney CartwrightCourtney Cartwright10 dni temu
  • Spencer and Danny is something I’ve needed for a long time

    Rednek_gamerRednek_gamer11 dni temu
  • The International 2021 opening Valve Pls

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  • Jekyll and Hide ffdp chorus)))

    Дильшод АлимовДильшод Алимов11 dni temu
  • bruh danny and Spence could completely switch bands and it'd be the same 😂

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    Courtney DudteCourtney Dudte11 dni temu
  • I need to know more about Dead Bite.

    Chloe Van HohenheimChloe Van Hohenheim12 dni temu
  • this looks like a really good game like if it was real i would buy it

    Covertable gamerCovertable gamer12 dni temu
    • It is

      Aiden 04Aiden 0411 dni temu
  • fuucking nice song boyz

    David BlaisDavid Blais12 dni temu
  • That deadbite mask (which is one of my favorite hu songs), Jacoby rapping, Ice nine. This song is just fucking perfect. Side note J3T looks like a fucking monster.

    pedigreeownspedigreeowns12 dni temu
  • Every fan of Hollywood Undead must comment this video: plworld.info/show/mmBnp8mcbWibdto/wideo.html

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  • Good song thon

    the Wallthe Wall12 dni temu
  • They gotta put the masks back on lol

    the Wallthe Wall12 dni temu
  • So, I would like to thank HU for introducing me to Ice Nine Kills. Now what if HU made a cameo in an INK song. That'd be fucking sick.

    Sir_GrimmSir_Grimm13 dni temu
  • Just need a track with HU x Em now and that would be a top notch collab O.O anything is possible now IMHO

    Adam BlockAdam Block13 dni temu
  • HU and Papa Roach, somebody punch me in my face, 2020 definitely needs this, hell any year would’ve needed this. Praise

    Joel VaughnJoel Vaughn13 dni temu
  • What if they did a collab with Ronnie Radke and Andy Biersack? I was listening to Asshole right before this and thought that might be a cool idea. Anyone agree?

    Another NerdAnother Nerd13 dni temu
  • The intro ater dannys mask fucking dope!

    whipple gamingwhipple gaming13 dni temu
  • Holy.... epic! I need more!!!

    Martin 912Martin 91214 dni temu
  • you guys are my best freinds big respect from marroco

    light manlight man14 dni temu

    Reapr HedgesReapr Hedges14 dni temu
  • Jacoby's voice fits perfectly to this

    erknujoki do vuhhxaerknujoki do vuhhxa14 dni temu
    • Facts!!

      LaneyLaney13 dni temu
  • it makes my insomnia happy knowing y'all are still out making music :)

    World's Finest FoolsWorld's Finest Fools14 dni temu
  • "Sellout" - Dictionary - Hollywood Undead. Deuce was better and had the idea. Now ya'll followed it but lack the punch. Just after the money now. So fucking sad.

    Ranimal GamingRanimal Gaming14 dni temu
  • Every year that flow just gets better.

    Jack StrangeJack Strange14 dni temu
  • respect to you guys hollywood undead the real gangsta mans

    light manlight man14 dni temu

    Jovi HumphriesJovi Humphries14 dni temu
  • I change my mind, 2020 is a good year, just because of this song alone

    Another NerdAnother Nerd14 dni temu
  • The worst lyrics of any song in 2020

    Frank KirkFrank Kirk15 dni temu
  • All the people i love in one song

    Andrew PalenciaAndrew Palencia15 dni temu
  • Im gonna be completely honest, a character i made worked for a group called the deadbites. I named the group after your song. Great work as always guys

    Elrath The MemesterElrath The Memester15 dni temu
  • Can't stop listening to this. Amazing guys!

    kennedykennedy15 dni temu
  • Awesomeness 😎🙏🏼💙

    Officer Dad LifeOfficer Dad Life15 dni temu
  • who has the dead bite mask on???

    Imma? Not!!!!Imma? Not!!!!16 dni temu
    • @Cubertral idk what to say to this but I feel like I should reply

      Imma? Not!!!!Imma? Not!!!!14 dni temu
    • not me

      CubertralCubertral15 dni temu
  • Best. By far the best.

    Danielle CoenDanielle Coen16 dni temu
  • What do you think is the Best Hollywood Undead Song?

    Sexy GirlSexy Girl16 dni temu
  • This is one helluva work out video 💪💪💪

    Christopher JacquezChristopher Jacquez16 dni temu
  • This is a sick ass collab

    Jon GarciaJon Garcia16 dni temu
  • I am sorry I thought all these bands combined would be explosive but I didn't enjoy a bit...

    Rishabh MalhotraRishabh Malhotra16 dni temu
  • Porra, vivi para ver essas 2 bandas fodas unidas, ficou incrível demais .... J.L.O

    by hugoby hugo16 dni temu