LGR - Cities: Skylines Campus Review

3 cze 2019
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Taking a look at the eighth expansion pack to Cities Skylines! Does the new university gameplay improve the simulation and is it worth the asking price? Find out in this overview of Campus!
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  • @02:18 "Stop it! Get some help."

    Freddy Fox 500Freddy Fox 50011 dni temu
  • This is a powerhouse dlc, i make so much money in campus, and the bigger the population, the faster the money.

    MitchMitch16 dni temu
  • 7:12 "Rushed Script District" gave me a good chuckle.

    MarkMarkMiesiąc temu
  • 4:56 thats some serious horsepower

    Howard YooHoward Yoo2 miesięcy temu
  • im having a bit of trouble with this one, none of my students will ever move in, so its always at zero and I don't know what to do but I've done everything you're supposed to

    Kalma ClemensKalma Clemens2 miesięcy temu
    • Make sure you have high school graduates, also, remove the normal college buildings, campus is a mid game buildings. Only build them if yiu have enough money

      MitchMitch16 dni temu
  • I regret buying this. I hate the ugly brick buildings and I just use workshop content instead.

    pine conepine cone4 miesięcy temu
  • ikr i noticed that too that sims 4 made the same thing after cities skylines did that kinda suspicious.

    MegaioxMegaiox4 miesięcy temu
  • Skylines is now the Sims 4 with the constant expansions luckily I got quite a few yesterday with a humble bundle but I wouldn't pay full price for nearly all of these. I'm expecting skylines 2 next year it's been 5 years since this game came out but its now on consoles so there's more money not it make a sequel

    Nakatomi UkNakatomi Uk4 miesięcy temu
  • This DLC IS GOOD BUT The pepple are not going in my cappisis? how to add rep?

    wadethewallaby2wadethewallaby25 miesięcy temu
  • Looks very nice, though it looks very complicated. Would be very worth it to try this DLC (I have to wait for a discount or limited-time free offer) and to make my city look even better. Thanks for the review, LGR!

    George LeeGeorge Lee6 miesięcy temu
  • what happens to the "University" building from the vanilla game? Can you replace them entirely with these zoned areas?

    lebagellebagel6 miesięcy temu
  • Fantasize

    demetri bdemetri b6 miesięcy temu
  • Our bodies mesmerize

    demetri bdemetri b6 miesięcy temu
  • 5:25 and 5:46 both had options of Academic Works for Trolleybus Technology! They gave an Easter egg to predict the future in Sunset Harbor!

    Ka Hei PUNKa Hei PUN6 miesięcy temu
  • waiting for graystillplays video gameplay about ruining lives of students in population of 500,000 university.

    Fandom TVFandom TV6 miesięcy temu
  • I love it!!!

    Antonio Lucio VivaldiAntonio Lucio Vivaldi6 miesięcy temu
  • Time for another review?

    SolidSonicTHSolidSonicTH7 miesięcy temu
  • [jazz plays all jazzily] best CC I've seen in a while.

    Masta VoMasta Vo7 miesięcy temu
  • Hey Clint, I'm patiently waiting on your "Sunset Harbour" DLC review 😊

    Cahos Rahne VelozaCahos Rahne Veloza7 miesięcy temu
  • Sunset harbor?

    stephen Binkleystephen Binkley7 miesięcy temu
  • I really enjoy all your content, but am already lookng forward to your review of the next DLC - Sunset Harbour!

    Terry ChapmanTerry Chapman7 miesięcy temu
  • I hope they come out with a "Traffic Accident Pack"

    No face manNo face man7 miesięcy temu
  • I want it so hard and industries bui i wam waiting for the Sales.

    Jovan PopovićJovan Popović7 miesięcy temu
  • Between you and Move the Mouse, I have been anticipating getting back into skylines despite I stopped playing back when After dark dropped. However there's a game similar to this but allows you to go into 3 person and drive around your town as the mayor. Not saying they should but it would be crazy if they actually managed to implement that idea. After hours of hard work just open the tab and go to a walk options and walk and drive amongst your citizens. Coding would be intense but could be done

    TheIceBreaker50TheIceBreaker507 miesięcy temu
  • I'm taking a break from the game but I know I'll be getting this dlc soon. After 5 years of release, I'm glad this game is still alive and well.

    xmodmodifierxmodmodifier8 miesięcy temu
  • hi

    NaxychNaxych8 miesięcy temu
  • Thanks for making this! I've watched a couple other reviews and still didn't know about campuses potentially losing reputation until now.

    Laura Genna MusicLaura Genna Music9 miesięcy temu
  • im gonna build the soviet union

    baikoliobaikolio9 miesięcy temu
  • I just found out that some businesses have the universities sports team name on some of the buildings.

    SharkboyryanSharkboyryan10 miesięcy temu
  • I wish this pack was a bit broader in scope. Like, I wish primary and secondary schools were also part of the equation, and other aspects of education. How about private companies such as tutoring institutes, foreign language institutes? Or other stuff like homeschooling policies? And then a whole thing about how all these different forms of education affect the populace and city.

    K-lebK-leb10 miesięcy temu
  • i regret buying parklife tbh...

    SUS a.k.a. Pink GuySUS a.k.a. Pink Guy10 miesięcy temu
  • i feel owning all these dlcs the game is starting to become too much micromanagement...

    SUS a.k.a. Pink GuySUS a.k.a. Pink Guy10 miesięcy temu
  • could you please do a ranking of all skylines dlc? pls

    Cristian PerezCristian Perez11 miesięcy temu
  • Spred the news sims 4 geting a universaty pack 17.11.19

    Stephen WareingStephen Wareing11 miesięcy temu
  • This review makes me more excited to incorporate these into my cities - while also making me more angry about industries. Parks was clearly well done & comprehensive as this one appears to be but damn, only 3 industrial sectors in that pack - and all three were already in the base game! Sh*t, I woulda been happy of they just added fishing/seafaring stuff in that pack.... Ooooh hopefully that they in a Oceanside/sea-life game pack

    Joseph C.Joseph C.Rok temu
  • School of Economics was NOT included in Trade specialization, but on Liberal Arts!?! Very logical, CO! And when it comes to (some) of those buildings. When you blopped that Liberal Arts Administration Building in place: It appears to have two storeys (+maybe attic?). But when you compare it to normal appartment buildings opposite side of the road, every store of those must ve at least 3 normal building store high tall!? Is that building just scaled on Blender (or whatever) to that size? ”Skyline of Angry Clashes”!? Ok! I got it! :D

    Timo TTimo TRok temu
  • Comparing his Sims and city skylines reviews

    Minions Of The Lord BagaliMinions Of The Lord BagaliRok temu
  • Im watching this at college. Is life a simulation?!

    SaurotitanSaurotitanRok temu
  • Honestly... I hope to see in C:S someday a mix between this idea of "paintabe districts" with airport-seaport zoning (SC2K), idea that is in execution by a lot of modders of the game. That would be awesome!

    ijpmacijpmacRok temu
  • I’m waiting for Paradox to release the map editor on consoles

    Ronald ReaganRonald ReaganRok temu
  • Yea, good Review.

    NomoosNomoosRok temu
  • EAGLES!!! @ 4:56. 😀

    OsK HzOsK HzRok temu
  • So research is for showing off and putting in a museum. Seems about right!

    Menry YamiMenry YamiRok temu
  • What do you think about Metropolisim?

    TuxpengTuxpengRok temu
  • There is nothing in my menu of campus area, somebody can help me please ? May be incompatibility of mods?

    Félix CorroyerFélix CorroyerRok temu
  • HOLY CRAP finaly a real reason to change my aspect ratio to 4k. this is the only normal video ive come across that was 4k 60fps. THANK YOU for making the rest of the content creators look like scrubs :)

    Brian StrangBrian StrangRok temu
  • I would prefer that they Overhauled the audio system in the game, it's a dumpsterfire. Come on, we are in 2019, at the peak of 11.2, not in 1992 with stereo.

    AlanDunaway3000AlanDunaway3000Rok temu
  • I can’t wait for this to be on console

    JackJackRok temu
  • Please Do A Cities Skylines Lets Play

    Kings Dominion NetworkKings Dominion NetworkRok temu
  • Sim City 2013: Pros=More Challenging to play with, very good soundtrack, vasty lively atmosphere, good expansion pack, superior sound effects Cons=To little space to build, limited customisation, only one expansion set, very bad AI pathfinding(traffic jam is a problem) Cities Skylines: Pros=Very customisable(allows you to build your dream city), better graphics, gigantic space to build, better AI pathfinding, lots of modding content, more expansion packs Cons=Slightly worst expansion packs, very dull atmosphere, very boring music, sometimes to easy to play(unless you're going for entirely green city) In the nutshell, Cities Skyline is good for unleashing creativity and fulfilling desires to construct the dream city as I wanted to do so. Sim Cities 2013 is good for challenging your management abilities and experiencing the lively atmosphere.

    Grand Moff TarkinGrand Moff TarkinRok temu
  • I’d totally take an airport DLC that uses the ploppable zoned area dynamic.

    Gar SaxonGar SaxonRok temu
  • Rushed Script district 😂

    RUFU5RUFU5Rok temu
  • "Unexpected weeklong trip" I guess now we know why, the Computer Reset video.

    Brandon GiesingBrandon GiesingRok temu
  • Even though it is very derivative of the previous 2 expansions, Campus actually does do one or two things better than those two. One of my biggest complaints with both Parklife and Industries is that legacy parks ploppables and legacy zonable industries weren't really forward-compatible with the respective expansion. It was one of the key points in a video critique I recently made for Skylines expansions: plworld.info/show/j5l_fp7HpJrKa8Y/wideo.html You couldn't place legacy park ploppables along paths in Parklife park areas, nor did legacy zonable industry produce or process any resources for the Industries areas. IMO, it basically made those legacy contents obsolete, except in rare edge cases where maybe you needed to place some in a location that wasn't big enough for a full area. Campus mostly avoids this problem. The university areas take in exchange students, which may prevent local students from attending university. Even if there's plenty of capacity left, I've noticed that many citizens simply don't go to the university. I'm not sure if this is a function of tuition being too high, or the non-attending students being out of the range of the university area's service area, or something else entirely, or some combination. In any case, from my experience with the exp so far, the university areas do not serve all your city's eligible students. This leaves the legacy university ploppables with a very defined and valuable role of acting like "community colleges" that explicitly service local students who can't (or don't want to) attend the bigger university areas. I just wish that the Match Day soccer stadiums could be converted into varsity sports... :(

    MegaBearsFanMegaBearsFanRok temu
  • Cities Skylines & Sims 4 should join to become ONE!!

    Alex JohnyAlex JohnyRok temu
  • Am I the only one who finds this game hella ugly?

    Sausage ManSausage ManRok temu
  • "Franklin School of the Farts" . I tip my hat to you.

    awesomeferretawesomeferretRok temu
  • Please tell me you will be doing a review on The Sims 4 Island Living 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

    Akeelah TFAkeelah TFRok temu
  • Can you unleash disasters on campus?

    dhhdjdhhdjRok temu
  • another parklife reskin

    JimmyJimmyRok temu
  • 1:15 ... i don't.

    Rizz CSRizz CSRok temu
  • Just another pointless paid DLC 🙄 But I'm glad to see a honest review from you!

    Tycoon FanTycoon FanRok temu

    blairblairRok temu
  • I can't wait for Paradox Interactive to make their own Sims Game.

    Patrick KmiecikPatrick KmiecikRok temu
    • we have ck2, that's better than the sims lol

      Michal BlaszczakMichal Blaszczak5 miesięcy temu
    • If they work hard, not like this thing in the audio department. Sims 4 has 7.1 surround sound and atmos support if you hook up your PC to a XOne.

      AlanDunaway3000AlanDunaway3000Rok temu
  • ima rank the dlcs. 1. After Dark 2. Mass Transit 3. Green Cities 4. Campus 5. Industries 6. Natural Disasters 7. Snowfall 8. Parklife

    AdrianAtGamingAdrianAtGamingRok temu
    • Parklife is much better than Campus or Natural Disasters. I mean, in real life all cities have big parks, not little boxes that act like parks.

      Radu RadonysRadu Radonys10 miesięcy temu
  • Can we get a island living review bro

    SayDatJaySayDatJayRok temu
    • Once it comes out

      LGRLGRRok temu
  • The hundred-thousand expansion makes Cities Skylines feel like The Sims or some EA game. It's no Train Simulator but still it's starting to feel more like an "Expansion Simulator" game

    The GuardianThe GuardianRok temu
  • Will you be doing an island living review for sims 4. Lol I base if I should buy things or not solely from your reviews😂

    Shemir WaltonShemir WaltonRok temu
  • Cities skylines should win the "underated game of the year" award who agrees?

    Glicks Prod.Glicks Prod.Rok temu
  • keep em coming clint, love your show

    Geoff WKGeoff WKRok temu
  • Hoverbus at 4:55 ;)

    DirtyHairy1DirtyHairy1Rok temu
  • Let's Go Owls!

    TheGameLecturerTheGameLecturerRok temu
  • I wish they add something revolutionary like it was in transportation. Maybe, city politics expansion pack or mafia expansion pack.

    Asher Paul TanAsher Paul TanRok temu
    • politics yes. mafia, add that with the politics stuff as well as car crashes, as well as other little stuffs that make the city more lively, like rush hour y'know

      AdrianAtGamingAdrianAtGamingRok temu
  • meh

    thebes1thebes1Rok temu
  • Sims 4 Island living review please

    Harda N.AHarda N.ARok temu
  • They might have released an education pack before the Sims 4 but their packs are about as uninspiring and almost as overdone as the Sims 4 packs. Tone it down folks.

    Dee Ca.Dee Ca.Rok temu
  • I’m ready for cities skylines 2

    Blake EvansBlake EvansRok temu
  • The last time I watched your channel was when you made a review on Sims3 Island Paradise

    Roman CusumanoRoman CusumanoRok temu
  • Big Question!! If I get all DLC for Cities Skylines, ps4, do they all combine together after buying the base game or are they their own packs and do they carry over one another?

    Leigh MerrillLeigh MerrillRok temu
  • C.O has literally cured my OCD.

    FermifireFermifireRok temu
  • Nice you like this game too

    JetJetRok temu
  • I would love some type of city life update: actual crimes being committed as seen in SimCity 4 and SC 2013, car accidents, etc. I think a politics or civic update would be interesting as well. All other notable city-building games functioned off of mayoral approval. This game doesn't. It would be interesting to see achievements and advances to how you govern your city. Local politics creates different scenarios, people actually have different mindsets based on where they live. Rallies, protests, demonstrations, etc.

    Matt MeduriMatt MeduriRok temu
  • Paradox needs to make a game like the sims tbh

    Aaron GameZAaron GameZRok temu
  • 4:46 "and american football" >distant "never meant"

    Internet ExplorerInternet ExplorerRok temu
  • Thanks for your viddy about the nitty gritty of running your city :) Hopefully they don't start sittin' pretty and release a pack that's really shitty...

    Clint HobsonClint HobsonRok temu
  • Traffic DLC? -More roads like 5 Lane roads or roads that can support trees bike lanes and parking all at once. -Overhaul traffic and make the AI a bit smarter. Make it where the could do U-Turns or wait to turn until cars stop coming. Cars move to the side or stop when emergency vehicles are approaching. -Add signs like no u-turns or yield near schools. Add street signs and no parking or add red curbs. -Accidents and just inconveniences. Car accident maybe a very slim chance a semi tipped over. A tree fell down on the road or the lights are not working. -New lights like traffic lights that have the regular three but with the turn left light too. Lights that you can change the length of how long the lights are green before it changes to red. These are the basics I think and there should be more that I can't think of right now. I live in Los Angeles and I am basing these ideas on the stuff I see on the road.

    Clorox BleachClorox BleachRok temu
  • I love your reviews bro keep it up.

    StimStimRok temu
  • Colessal should consider taking over EA.

    GummyPopGummyPopRok temu
  • Personally I'd prefer a overhaul of the ship and port mechanics.

    EdaxEdaxRok temu
  • not gonna lie that "hehe" at 1:13 fucking killed me, another amazing review pal, keep it up

    Lucas RytinaLucas RytinaRok temu
  • Thank you so much for all the Skylines reviews! They’ve been super helpful for me deciding which things to buy. Luckily with this series, there’s not really been any stinkers.

    QueequegQueequegRok temu
  • Been waiting for you to make this review!

    muhammad sanumuhammad sanuRok temu
  • I’ll wait for them to release a homeless pack, so I can accurately simulate downtown Seattle.

    Jared EmeryJared EmeryRok temu
    • @Horriblehoodie oh yeah west side and south side chicago in fact take every bad part of chicago.

      Sleep Paralysis DemonSleep Paralysis Demon15 dni temu
    • I hope they add the hood too

      HorriblehoodieHorriblehoodie4 miesięcy temu
    • Don't forget the great rio de Janeiro

      Champ Da GoatChamp Da Goat4 miesięcy temu
    • Like the shacks in Tropico

      MikehMike01MikehMike014 miesięcy temu
    • you mean Detroit simulator?

      Freaking RogerZFreaking RogerZ7 miesięcy temu
  • Welcome to the Gendry School of Technicalities

    Bharat PonnaluriBharat PonnaluriRok temu
  • muito legal

    GAMER asmáticoGAMER asmáticoRok temu
  • Make a video on windows me!

    MineMad.MineMad.Rok temu
  • I’ll get it eventually, probably on sale, but awesome summary!

    Jason LivingstonJason LivingstonRok temu
  • god are they running off ideas

    chris bobobochris boboboRok temu
  • I hope the next expansion adds future city theme to this game, like hover cars, robots, etc.

    Lukas 2.0Lukas 2.0Rok temu
  • What the developer didn't tell you is that you also have to buy $1000 in textbooks every year that you'll never use in order to play the game.

    Dean ChurchmanDean ChurchmanRok temu