We Bought A Vintage Pokémon Mystery Box! | 4 MORE eBay Mystery Boxes!

9 kwi 2021
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Today we are looking at a few random mystery boxes that we picked out from Ebay! Each of us got two minutes to find a mystery box on ebay.com to get it centered around something we might be interested in! We have so many things from Pokemon to tech, so you're going to have to watch them all!
00:00​​​​​​​​​ - Intro
02:36​ - Vintage Tee Mystery Box
08:30​ - Mystery Tech Box!
13:47​ - Pokemon Mystery Box!
17:12 - Russian Candy Mystery Box!

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    Ahsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBERAhsangamer 27 #4 IM NOT A NEW YOUTUBERDzień temu
  • American chocolate is renowned for its slightly tangy taste. That's because companies like Hersheys put their milk through a process called 'controlled lipolysis'. This breaks down the fatty acids and produces butyric acid, the chemical that gives vomit its very distinctive smell and acrid taste. Not directly stomach acid as Tanner said but now you know 😌

    ChefChefDzień temu
  • im my opinion the old dope or nope set was better, maybe it was because of the windows that made it feel more cozy than a square box maybe led lights help?

    galaxy studio charlesgalaxy studio charles2 dni temu
  • Heeeyy Representing Buffalo!!

    Katelyn EvansKatelyn Evans3 dni temu
  • Why did it just say text at one point

    Communism is when no iPhone !Communism is when no iPhone !3 dni temu
  • A group or family (esp. tourists) that shows up and crowds a beach at noon, which is when most of the surfers are leaving. Usually used in a demeaning way.

    Red BirdRed Bird5 dni temu
  • Thanks for standing up for Florida matt you are a true florida man

    Kim DunnKim Dunn5 dni temu
  • It's the random *text* for me

    PickashiPickashi6 dni temu
  • Please do a video with all snack! From different countries

    Rachel W.Rachel W.6 dni temu
  • nice

    Nathan SandyNathan Sandy7 dni temu
  • Funko is really good they can be exclusive and woth a lot in 20 years

    Benjamin FleishourBenjamin Fleishour7 dni temu
  • Microsoft! don't tell my girlfriend.... said tanner in a family friendly channel lmao

    PoojaPooja7 dni temu
  • Them: Bashing Funko Pops Me: Looks at my Funko Pop collection Also me: Sweats profusely

    Avery TaylorAvery Taylor8 dni temu
  • The agron joke is was making me laugh to death😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

    501st Man501st Man8 dni temu
  • as someone who collects pokemon, i am deeply offended.

    layƵerlayƵer9 dni temu
  • Bring back Brian

    mistabluntmistablunt9 dni temu
  • im dissapointed.Using Pokemon in the title without actual a mystery box of stufff.. just cards and some not that old.

    Marieke SMarieke S9 dni temu
  • I live in Buffalo!!!

    Alyssa GoldenAlyssa Golden9 dni temu

    Diligent ElZeeDiligent ElZee9 dni temu
  • Tanner slamming those Pokemon cards down on the table about killed me o-o if theyre as valuable and the page made em seem

    StarlightStarlight9 dni temu
  • So is wood a trump supporter I’m so confused by that remark

    Expression GamerExpression Gamer10 dni temu
  • I’ve watched every Lord of the rings movie it took 20 hours

    Unknown GamingUnknown Gaming10 dni temu
  • I collect pokemon cards but all of those that you got arts to good only the ones with the red numbers are the best

    Icy FOX OwOIcy FOX OwO11 dni temu
  • Omg I remember the DARE program. I'd love to have that shirt!! Just got to say you all are awesome. My youngest son and I watch your guys videos and it's one of the best times. To see him laugh and learn is just amazing....Woods Tinder thing lol I got off quick it was way to overwhelming for me. But Im willing take a shot at face timing 😊

    Jennifer ThomasJennifer Thomas11 dni temu
  • Thanks matt we are not all psychos

    ZBR Is an acronym for my nameZBR Is an acronym for my name11 dni temu
  • 4:01 that text tho

    KYNXKYNX11 dni temu
  • As man Russians

    Inner DemonInner Demon11 dni temu
  • Hi can you guys do another Pokémon one and doctor who?

    GleekNoMatterWhatGleekNoMatterWhat12 dni temu
  • Damn, woods missing out on that snap-on tshirt, that thing is awesome

    Sean JohnsonSean Johnson13 dni temu
  • Hi from Florida 🤟

    Joyful JeanaJoyful Jeana13 dni temu
  • Dope or nope you have offended the world of Pokémon how dare you Matt woods and tanner

    Alejandro GonzalezAlejandro Gonzalez13 dni temu
  • i have that go pro

    QuickSilverGamingQuickSilverGaming13 dni temu
  • Who else rewinded to see if It was really tindee

    Silver33 LafaveSilver33 Lafave14 dni temu
  • My hand is sore from scrolling tinder now, still not found.lmao, jk i live in Wisconsin

    SkyeSkye14 dni temu
  • Guy in Buffalo be like adapt Overcome survive

    Hollow KNIGHTHollow KNIGHT15 dni temu
  • I really enjoy the fact that Matt was just referencing Woods doing drugs during the entire DARE shirt thing. I legit always think Woods is a total stoner, and I would wear a DARE shirt while smoking not sorry😂

    Baphy BabeBaphy Babe15 dni temu
  • Is no one going to say anything about how Matt said hella times wood is a stoner

    Jordan DJordan D16 dni temu
  • I am Russian and those candies that they tried they are my favorite candies

    Annette AlforovaAnnette Alforova16 dni temu
  • I like how they r getting more adult jokes(sy)

    emirr _emirr _17 dni temu
  • it is stevn haking voiceing mat

    Jr EdrichJr Edrich17 dni temu
  • the aira sheeeees was funny

    FrozeEchoFrozeEcho17 dni temu
  • Now I knew after tainer and Matt couldn’t break it that’s why they called it Russian candy

    Fajr BekFajr Bek17 dni temu
  • Im in florida there`s a lot of crcodile`s

    Maximillian WheelerMaximillian Wheeler17 dni temu
  • Sorry, but tanner needs to tame his mane. It looks bad. It reminds me of people I know who don't take their job serious. Sorry, its not a good look for the company. I know a lot about this sort of thing, I think someone needs to wonder if he is ok. Even the most happy people need help. Please reach out Matthias. This makes me worry for him.

    sniperlif3sniperlif317 dni temu
  • “Pokemon cards are just paper with printing on it.” Isn’t that what books are too? Isn’t Matt writing a book right now?

    Caleb GazawayCaleb Gazaway17 dni temu
  • I hope dope or nope last forever freer

    Austyn MillenAustyn Millen18 dni temu
  • 5:00 fun fact: most burglaries happen during the day, then everyone is at work

    hi hihi hi18 dni temu
  • I’d have a FaceTime date with Woods

    Jaime SmithJaime Smith18 dni temu
  • 4:00 We stan "text"

    SANIYASANIYA18 dni temu
  • Mhm

    Tyler CaiTyler Cai18 dni temu
  • can i have those pokemon cards

    Sherilyn BennerSherilyn Benner18 dni temu
  • My brain stopped when Woods pulled out that finger heart....I appreciate that man 💜🫀

    Michelle AndersonMichelle Anderson19 dni temu
  • don't break your pokemon cards

    Micah LeBertMicah LeBert19 dni temu
  • I love how Mathias was like “I like Florida shout out to the Floridians.” I found it really funny because I live in Florida and I would rather go anywhere else on the United States map but here, Florida sucks.

    Tara GoldenTara Golden19 dni temu
  • Is woods actually a Trump fan? Or is he just being sarcastic with the watch? Lol

    Ran Dawg87Ran Dawg8719 dni temu
  • Those Pokémon cards were like 14x actual price. Oof

    ScuuberszScuubersz19 dni temu
  • Chocolate booty is my new favorite word😂

    Star FlightStar Flight20 dni temu
  • Dope or nope is like limbo for every one who hasnt been terminated lmao

    the yellow flash of pub gthe yellow flash of pub g20 dni temu
  • tanner wearing jeans without rips. whattttt😱

    hollsholls20 dni temu
  • The way Woods got excited for the D.A.R.E. Shirts is absolutely adorable!! ☺️🥰

    Kalani WagnerKalani Wagner20 dni temu
  • that 420 comment Matt made about woods made me happy

    sally Floressally Flores20 dni temu
  • I watched it regularly And thenI watched it and super slowIt is so funny

    Brady KrauseBrady Krause20 dni temu
  • Matthias' best English: "big brain, candy box boy"

    Jameson PalmerJameson Palmer20 dni temu
  • You love candy, Matt. Why arent you eating the candy?

    Rainbow Queen MeganRainbow Queen Megan21 dzień temu
  • Buffalo is a place, an animal and a verb. In fact "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is a grammatically correct sentence.

    Not WednesdayNot Wednesday21 dzień temu
  • A I would date woods if I was 18

    The Three MuskateensThe Three Muskateens21 dzień temu
  • 4:00 "text" *I couldn't agree more*

    zomisterツzomisterツ21 dzień temu
  • that nelson syphus reference thoo

    「Verified Guy」「Verified Guy」21 dzień temu
  • What's going on with get good gaming?

    Kenny Joseph NinanKenny Joseph Ninan21 dzień temu
  • These guys don't even know pokemon games

    Last LandLast Land21 dzień temu
  • Always funny

    Buddy SkateBuddy Skate21 dzień temu
  • Tanner: Is that Jimin? Me: Umm i don't think so lol

    Makenna WatkinsMakenna Watkins21 dzień temu
  • This is just my 2 cents but I feel from the time woods has come in it has all been sluggish there is no real conversation happening anymore and he looks high all the time

    Anubhav DattaguptaAnubhav Dattagupta21 dzień temu
  • Hope Woods is okay :(

    Alisha FaircloughAlisha Fairclough21 dzień temu
  • More drops please don’t even seem like y’all really like your jobs no more

    Tyler Name cameTyler Name came21 dzień temu
  • Y’all so lazy for making videos now 💯

    Tyler Name cameTyler Name came21 dzień temu
  • Plot Twist People Buy Funko pops from mexico because thats the only way they can get their weed during the pandemic. Addiction is bad D.A.R.E to say no. Woods I took Dare in 5th grade so I can relate man!

    Dakota The dark KingDakota The dark King22 dni temu
  • Alternate title: getting the world record for dissing as many fandoms/cultures in one PLworld video

    Boxes, crosses, and moreBoxes, crosses, and more22 dni temu
  • This channel went from dope to NOPE.

    J-055J-05522 dni temu
  • haha tanner said c++ get it programming pun lol

    Epicnoob 1002Epicnoob 100222 dni temu
    • Never!! Really??!!

      Bob MonkeypimpBob Monkeypimp21 dzień temu
  • i havnt watched this for ages what happened to the other bloke, the black one sorry cant remember his name

    FxnoncokeFxnoncoke22 dni temu
  • That Russia candy is probably just imported to America. A few minutes from my house there is a Russian grocery store that has almost all of the stuff you guys had.

    Кyle JamesКyle James22 dni temu
  • You guys should try to dope or nope some vat 19 items since they have a lot of questionably different items

    David RussomDavid Russom22 dni temu
  • Maybe you guys can buy something through Tmall, I assume it would be fun.

    Manson XiongManson Xiong22 dni temu
  • Matthias do you remember the Mobo Pro bro

    Retro AidenRetro Aiden22 dni temu

    Currupted DragonCurrupted Dragon22 dni temu
  • Heck yeah....Buffalo Biils!

    ShannonShannon22 dni temu
  • Flash to the past: "DONK IT" - 2017

    GalexGalex22 dni temu
  • Floridian check

    XDanceXXDanceX22 dni temu
  • I’m surprised woods is single he cute

    Madilyn BroughMadilyn Brough23 dni temu
  • When u come back to see if Michael came back and he's still not there

    Killua ZoldykKillua Zoldyk23 dni temu
    • @Bob Monkeypimp I- oh man 😔

      Killua ZoldykKillua Zoldyk21 dzień temu
    • He died of Coronavirus! There was a memorial video.

      Bob MonkeypimpBob Monkeypimp21 dzień temu
  • 15:36 me: 👁👄👁 hisoka is that you also me: LOL

    DiamondFlamesDiamondFlames23 dni temu
  • Video idia: you should go around asking ppl to draw things under 5 seconds if they finish there drawing the get the item the dree but if they dont draw it in time they get something random from a mistery box

    Tic Tac FroggyTic Tac Froggy23 dni temu
  • Man I just Love Hypebeast stuff man

    Blake PandaBlake Panda23 dni temu
  • My dad is a C++ programmer and he overheard the programmer joke and laughed so hard and I just was like what the...

    Kalalilly KalKalalilly Kal23 dni temu
  • Yo matt, you wanna boost some views and get a lot more subscribers and make a whole bunch of your viewers happy? I have just the thing.... hear me out... another abandoned storage unit video, the first one was pretty dope ngl, and if a you made a second, eel it can go two ways extremely terrible and all you get is 15k views and a couple of boxes of granny clothes, or, you get completely blessed with amazing Items which seems more possibly than before because the corona has made either storage rent hard to pay and also has made more things put into storage for space for other people coming if they need somewhere to stay, now this isn’t a perfect idea, but I think it’s a decent one, even if not storage unit just anything different than usual, I feel the viewers including myself need a little unique, and also I really like the mystery box idea, mystery openings have always been my favorite.

    Daniel GarnerDaniel Garner23 dni temu
  • Milton Hershey was the founder of Hershey actually.

    Cody AdamsCody Adams23 dni temu
  • I love pokemon

    Fin.BFin.B23 dni temu
  • I like how they are just skating around saying that Woods outright smokes weed

    Jackson GatensJackson Gatens23 dni temu
  • Matt it unsubscribed me after 2 years I remembered you I'm crying

    Nicolas OrszulakNicolas Orszulak23 dni temu